Friday, August 01, 2008

Big Brother 10 Into Friday (8/01) Dawn

Oh, I realize this isn't a live feeds screen cap. No. It's a duck. I took the shot at a local park yesterday and probably will make y'all suffer with an off topic duck shots entry later today or over the weekend. To relate this image with Big Brother -- I spoke to the duck and told him all about Jessie. The duck thinks Jessie is a tool and wants him out this week. Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Here's what's happened since April's big HOH win in that Big Brother House of Hos and Tools Who Pass as Hos. Er, I meant HOHs, of course:
  • Before I get to after the comp, I just wanted to touch on something I didn't mention in last night's crunch o' BB stuff I had to get done -- Dan was a hoot giving each remaining girl (Renny, April, and Michelle) pep talks as a football coach. I definitely didn't want to like the guy after reading his initial bio, but he's one of the most entertaining people in the house.
  • Everyone is very sore after the comp. Jessie has blisters and he's never had them before. I can't help but wonder what kind of temper tantrum he put on over the disqualification while they had the feeds blocked.
  • Michelle cried and cried some more. She's a tough gal, yeah. But whenever she starts crying, she loses all sense of the game. That's what happened in the comp. Once Michelle started crying, April knew she would win.
  • April told Keesha she won it for her -- a birthday gift.
  • Jessie whined that the comp wasn't fair, it was made for a girl to win.
  • I don't think he would be whining if HIS girl won.
  • Everyone is amazed at how long Renny stayed up. Even those who don't like her think she did a fantastic job.
  • Libra told Renny she takes back everything she ever said about having her on her team in comps.
  • Keesha still thinks the earthquake the other day was fake to lead into the HOH comp. @@
  • Jerry played up to April telling her he wasn't going to talk to Jessie, Memphis, or Michelle because they're liars and cheaters. April didn't seem too enthused about Jerry as they know he follows the power.
  • April told Keesha that Memphis tried to make a deal with her two hours before the eviction show started.
  • Jessie thinks that Keesha and Libra are mad that April gave her word not to nominate or backdoor Michelle. By the way, they're not mad. There are other fish to fry and their people have HOH.
  • April's HOH room had the usual family photos, goodies, and such. What's scary is that her CD was an Air Supply one.
  • Par for the course, she cried upon reading her letter from home.
  • The gals were talking about Dan's announcing and pep talks during the HOH comp. They jokingly referred to him as "America's Player." Kinda close to home, eh?
  • While Jessie is whining about the comp being set up for the girls to win, April thinks it was set up for either Jessie or Memphis or Michelle to win.
  • April is upset that Memphis is trying to latch onto Keesha.
  • Right now April plans to put up both Jessie and Memphis. She thinks if she just puts up Memphis against someone else, Jessie might win POV and save him. At least with both on the block, even if one wins POV, one is still on the block.
  • Keesha told Renny they should have put April up when they had the chance. Uh-oh!
  • Keesha doesn't want Memphis voted out. Sigh. And to think I once thought this girl might have game.
  • April bashed both Renny and Jerry. Not to their faces, of course.
  • Ollie moved into the HOH room. Are you surprised?
  • They're all sleeping as I post this.


becky said...

Great updates, Jackie. I too talked to the duck and he said this group of Big Boobs was quackers.

I am going to repost what I said on the last section because I would like to know a couple of things. But first, Keesha says she should have gotten rid of April? Why? She should have gotten rid of JessMe! I was beginning to warm up to her. Now I think she needs to return to the bar. Okay, again I state:
becky said...
Please tell me that April didn't promise JessMe a bye -- unless it was a bye-bye. I think I dislike him even more than Gnat. If April was that big of a fool she can share the Fool title with Keesha. Because of Keesha they wasted a week of being in the power seat. As much as I like not seeing naked bodies all over the screen, I have to admit this group of hamsters have the least BB skills of any group in the past. One more question before I go to my crate for being a bad girl -- Did this group of non-thinkers pledge to vote only as the HOH wanted them to do, no matter how stupid the reason?

8/01/2008 10:28 AM

Laurie said...

So the earthquake was fake and the HOH was set up to favor the guys according to some and the gals according to others? My, my. We do get delusional when held in captivity for days at a time.

I do wish they had aired Jessie's reaction to being disqualified. That would have been entertaining. Perhaps his pin head nearly popped off!

Didn't April promise Michelle she wouldn't put Jessie up? Hmmm... so the week of backstabbing begins!

Ollie is in the HOH room with April? Boy, didn't see that coming. She must be afraid to be alone ... yeah, that's it.

Good morning everyone and thank you, Jackie!! I'll take a gorgeous animal of any kind over those houseguests squinting or scowling ... The duck is gorgeous!

Laurie said...

Oh Becky, you brought up my other question. What's this thing with everyone going with the HOH? Is that a new "twist" or do they think that's the rule of the game?

That Fool title may have to be shared by the whole house!

Witt said...

Jackie, the duck is gorgeous. Can't everyone hear him saying "AFLAC"? ha ha

JessMe just gets more ridiculous. That competition designed to benefit a girl? HOW? Any reason to explain away the fact he didn't win. I wonder if the feeds were blocked to mask his reacion?

I hope JessMe is on the block. The me-me-me comments are bad enough, but there's no excuse for bad manners (making fun of Jerry,waving bye-bye to Libra, etc).

I'm liking Dan more and more, Jackie, and hope he can pull off the AP tasks. I don't know what teachers make in his state, but he's young so he can't be more than second year, so he probably can use the cash.

Happy Friday all!

Witt :)

RBennie said...

If Keesha keeps this up I'm gonna have to move her to the top of my biotch list! All of a sudden now she thinks she should have put up April? She should be ecstatic that April won. That win surely saved Keesha's butt from the block. Is Memphis going to be Keesha's new Steven now? Will she be gunning for April like she did Angie if Memphis goes home? It would serve her right if April gets wind of what she's saying about her and puts her on the block! How can this group single out Libra as the liar when they all are just as guilty.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, Keesha is pyscho. She really was super jealous of Angie being friends with Steven. She should be greatful April won HOH effectively saving her from going up on the block this week. Now she's bashing April because she likes Memphis (cuz Angie liked him first I suppose.) I really wanted to like her but she is clearly a bimbo!!! : ) Who would she rather April nominate, herself?

cha cha said...

all of these players are liars. You have to lie to play the game. My problem is its ok when the individual is lying but god forbid someone else lies "its on like donkey kong"(to quote michelle).

Don't I remember Keesha and April pinkey swearing...LOL..

I didn't like Dan at the beginning either but am really beginning to like him.

I do remember in the beginning of cutting deals on the ledge, Michelle was making sure that PH was safe as well. Towards the end before michelle quit she was jsut saying you swear on Boston.I didn't hear april saying jessie was safe as well.
The first thing Michelle told Jessie was they were both safe.

Anonymous said...

woopsie sorry Rbennie, I should have read your comment before I wrote mine, but I echo your sentiments

RBennie said...

LOL, great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just thought of something. Maybe Keesha was gunning for Angie (not b/c of their "friendships" with Steven) but simply b/c Angie befriended Memphis first and she really likes Memphis.
(I don't mean to state the obvious but for me that was an epiphany.)

Patty said...

Jackie-love your shot of the duck. Great work!

I thought the deal between April and Michelle is, April would not put up Michelle or backdoor her this week. I did not hear them speak of any deal for Jessie. Did I miss something?

The earthquake discussion made me roll my @@'s. Memphis said that he would bet anyone in the house $500.00 that it was a real earthquake and pay them the minute he got out of the house if he was wrong. Later on Ollie was looking for Memphis to make a deal with him, as Ollie thought it was a staged earthquke and not real. I never did see or hear if the deal was made...sorry Ollie if you shook on that you are $500.00 short in your bank account.

If April sticks with the plan of Jessie and Memphis on the block and one comes off, I look for her to put up Jerry.

You gotta love Renny! I don't buy Libra being sincere with her "sorry" to Renny for under estimating her in comps. I just do not trust Libra for anything she has to say.(JMO)

Dan was funny all night long. The house guest are looking at him like he lost his cookies, but are laughing with him. I hope Dan can pull the AP off and not be annoying by the end of the week.

Have a great day everyone!

lynn1 said...

Sounds like the BB Doctor needs to up the dosage of the house guests meds. Everyone of them is delusional!
I wished April would have limited her promise to Michelle to only not putting her on the block instead of that and not to backdoor her.

If she puts Jeesie and Memphis on the block and one of them wins and uses the POV or if someone else uses the POV to recue one of them who will she put up in their place? Unless she goes back on her word it won't be Michelle. I am guessing Jerry but with this group one never knows.

Jackie, I love the photo. I hope you will share more duck pictures with us throughout the weekend.

I hope you are feeling a lot better than you did last weekend.
I appreciate all the updates and your TV squad reports but please don't kill yourself trying to do it all when you are still recovering.

MEB, I hope you are feeling better. My Mom had similar surgery at age 81. She did have to have the bag. She had to take life easy for a couple of months before resuming "normal" activities.
It took several months for her muscles and iincision site to stop bothering her. Although she has Alzheimer's she is now more active than I am! LOL

MEB And Jackie I send both of you (((( ))))s and best wishes for a complete recovery from your surgeries.

RBennie said...

Dan's first assignment as AP should be fairly easy. I would think the first assignment would be to get a HG nominated for eviction and I would guess that Jessie would be America's choice. That should be a no-brainer, but then again you never know with this bunch.

Sydney said...

LOVE the shot, and LOVE ducks and taking pictures and writing about them myself....!

My fave of your photos though was from maybe last year --- the duck butts shot. Perhaps it can make a return showing, by popular demand?

Can't read now but will later... just wanted to say this for now Jackie! :-D

Jen said...

I had an evening out with my good friend last night and missed the show and the HOH comp. I was disappointed to find out April won HoH! She is my least favorite player in the house!!

From what I've read it is apparent Keesha's jealousy of Angie was her friendship with Memphis! She has definitely latched on to him now!

I can't believe the Catty girls are already turning on each other!! It should be an interesting week! It will be fun to see them take each other down week by week! I know others have said this before but they really are bad BB players!!

Ok I am done! Just wanted to say Hi and OH Jackie the picture of the duck is beautiful!! I love it!!

I'll probably not be around much these next two days. I am getting ready to take a BIG test tomorrow for my Principal certification. Wish me luck!! Off to study now!!


PlaidChick said...

Ohh April will tell JessMe "You're a pawn" etc etc to cover herself, and these idiots will vote out Memphis instead.

JessMe will lose another 6 pounds (gee I want whatever he's doing)

While all of them do diss each other, and what not, JessMe's arrogance is too much, calling Jerry father time, and telling Libra bye bye. At 22, and him being at the bottom of the food chain in there, I would of knocked him out cold. JessMe-- you have to earn respect. He's a leach.

Ohh I win comps.. how come you didn't win last night muscle boy? Wah wah wah... Craig is going to have a field day with that one, and boobie girl winning HOH.

Libra, Ollie and April need to overthrow Keesha because the second one of the guys she "likes" "feels sorry for" WHATEVER, she says she doesn't want them to go.

Dan go to work buddy, and if that blue piece of paper doesn't say JESSME on it, I will definitely be screaming foul!

Jackie I love the Aflac picture, that's what you should call him!

Sally said...

During next week's live show, when Julie Chen asks the houseguests questions, I hope she asks Jessie about the childish, rude way he's treating Jerry. Or maybe about why he thinks he deserves so much respect, when he so obviously doesn't respect the others. I just shook my head during his pompous farewll remarks to Angie--rambling on about analogies and similes made no sense at all! Evict that fool!

Love the duck, Jackie! What a beautiful animal. Glad you're feeling well enough to be out taking pictures.

Sydney said...

Great post Jackie. You Rock!. Hopefully you never get tired of hearing it.

Becky, you quacked me up.

Witt said: " there's no excuse for bad manners (making fun of Jerry,waving bye-bye to Libra, etc)."

That's what I said about Evel Dick but no one agreed with me, lol.

I too am disappointed in Keesha and agree with you RBennie. I thought she was smart. Ditto Angie, who they tried hard last night to edit into looking like she was playing the game, making efforts to turn the tides. Sneezing requires more effort.

I'm starting to like Dan too -- I was surprised he was so open to Steven as a gay man and then he looked so sincere when he opened the AP envelope last night.... haven't see the coaching footage but it sounds all good.


sharon said...

Here I thought the Nerd Herd had to be the dumbest bunch of hamsters on the planet,but,wait,I think they have been replaced! This group is stupid beyond words.They go ahead and vote out Angie,keeping the most obnoxious person in the house and now,with the HOH just out of her reach and Manchelle falling on her face,she cuts a deal with her "group's" enemy.I have to hold out hope that somebody,Renny or Dan might be able to think and actually do something to advance their cause in this game.Do they think they're all going to be standing as a group in the finale? let me tell you,when the "Bitchy Barbies" start turning on each other,this is going to get ugly(even uglier than Manchelle)!

P.S. Memphis,I must have missed your winning that HOH this week,too!

Vote Jessme and vote often!!!


Anonymous said...

Actually from what I saw on BBAD, Keesha was talking to Memphis and April got mad. April threatened to put Keesha on the block in front of Libra and Renny and Renny told Keesha. That is when Keesha said she should have put up April.

The way I saw it was April decided quickly to throw her power around.

BTW, in that conversation, Libra did defend Keesha to April.

IMHO, April is the one with the problem.

lynn1 said...

This is way off topic but I wanted to ask for your prayers for Devin Funck, the boy who lost his arm to a gator attack.
I do not personally know the boy or his family. They live about 2 miles from my house.
My neighborhood is not on the water but there have been gators captured less than 50 yards from my house.
If I ever saw a gator in my yard I can assure you that this fat old woman would move like an olympic runner.

monty924 said...

Beautiful picture of the duck! You can see all the detail in the feathers.

Hopefully April stays true to what she is saying and puts JessMe on the block. The house will surely vote him out this time if the POV doesn't change things. You only get so many chances people. Hear me? Hear me?


ORKMommy said...

Zoetawney - You just HAVE to make a Jessie pic with his face on Eric Cartman's BEEFCAKE body. I found a picture but it won't let me paste the link. Just go search for "Cartman Beefcake" and you'll find tons!

Every time I hear him use the word "respect" I think of Cartman and "YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTHORITY".

How can anyone take that guy seriously?

Anonymous said...

I think April should attempt to keep her word and put up Memphis and Jessie and not put up Michelle. That's only fair and she'd be furious if it was the other way around and Michelle had skrewed her. Besides she could use Michelle as a secret ally, make a deal with her or something and say that Michelle owes her or wtvr. If she's catty and puts her up and Michelle stays, she'll come after April with a vengeance if she is able. I don't care for either of them but I think that an alliance would show some game on April's partrather than pure girl on girl betrayal.

Neat picture of the ducks Jackie. What kind of camera do you use?

debbie said...

April and Ollie are going to be christening the HOH room all week!

I am proud of Rennie too, her staying power amazed me, I still go for her to win, I hope anyway, Jerry needs to close his mouth more, he talks too much and gives up alot of info, I get upset tho when the others scream at him like they do, I am old school at 49 years young now, and was brought up to respect my elders, I would never think of talking to him such as what Memphis did. Does being called a "womanizer" warrant such a pissy fit? No, get over it. Jerry is in his 70's you have not earned the right to scream at him like that. Talk to him, but to scream like that? No
Just my opinion
I dont really care for Jerry as a player, but respect is deserved , he is 70 something after all.

debbie said...


Go home Jessie!

Petals said...

Jackie & all ~
Please don't hate me, but I LOVE DAN! He was my favorite on the first night, and I'm so glad he flew below the radar this long. Now, as AP, he may develop a target on his back, but at least he'll have 20K.
GO DAN, you da man!

Brent McKee said...

I almost hate to bring it up, but there's one really good reason for keeping Jessme in the house and we all know it. Bring him to the final two and you are guaranteed to win, because in your guts you know he's nuts and that's exactly who you want to go up against before the jury.

Anonymous said...

Another Dan fan here. I expected to not like him, but he has very quickly proven himself to me, and I really like him, possibly the best of any hamster during any season. He's keeping his integrity without being pompous and preachy (ala Gnat, Amber) and he seems to be a very positive influence and keeps the fun rolling in the house. This group seems to genuinely have fun playing with each other, it's fun to watch.

I want Dan to win, if anyone ever deserved it, I think it's him - but it's not over yet, he may have to get down and dirty and I might not like him too much then. We'll see.

JB said...

I also like Dan as a player; he's doing well and has stayed beneath the fray. Having read their brief biographies early-on, I was fully expecting his politics to get in the way immediately and cause some problems (apparently very conservative).

This makes me think he's playing well because he has managed to keep it to himself which is probably difficult when there's nothing to talk about 24/7. Kudos to him for playing the game.

Sydney said...

you have a point Brent.... don't know that I can bear to think about Jessme for 3 full months though... unless he evolves as time goes on...

I kinda think n the house you either melt down or evolve if you make it close to the end/

Sydney said...

Lynn1 -- very nice of you to ask for prayers for this young man... Will do. I am out of the loop, haven't listened to the news for a few days.