Friday, August 08, 2008

Big Brother 10: Jessie on The Early Show, Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn

All of the loving happy houseguests gather in Michelle's HOH room. If you didn't know the history behind the hamsters, you would actually think they liked and were happy for Michelle.

After seeing Michelle's pictures from home and hearing her read her letter, Renny abruptly left the HOH room in tears. Maybe it's because she's missing her own family? Maybe it's man's inhumanity to man brought to light in the fact that Michelle has loved ones, too. I just don't know.

Here's what happened before the hamsters crashed for the night:
  • Jerry told Libra her own alliance doesn't like her.
  • Michelle, in a way, extended an olive branch to Libra. She told her that she would welcome her to visit the HOH room and, indeed, would be offended if she didn't come talk to her. She said she wanted to know more about her, where she comes from, etc.
  • April is still steaming about Libra. Ollie continues to instigate issues consoling his dear April while trashing Libra.
  • Michelle asked Dan why he voted the way he did. She thinks the girls are manipulating him. He tried to pass it all off as "I'm not any good at this game."
  • Memphis has fallen right back in with his former ally Michelle. When Jerry asked her if Memphis has been sweet-talking and charming her, she denied it.
  • Everyone in the house knows that Jerry will suck up to whoever holds the power. Right now he's tolerated for a vote, but that's not always going to be the case.
  • April told Ollie that she knows Keesha and Libra never liked her. She feels stupid and like they just used her.
  • April, moving on to trash Memphis to Ollie, said Jerry was right in calling him a womanizer.
  • Michelle's CD in her HOH basket was DoggyStyle by Snoop. That's fitting in light of her own comment in the "Living on the Edge" endurance HOH comp. (Bent over and saying, "It's been a while since I've been in this position!"
  • Dan consoled Renny, then it was Keesha by her side.
  • Although he's now in with Michelle, Memphis is still in the Keesha Kamp -- he told Keesha and Libra that he is going to try to get Michelle to put April on the block and he knows she'd have the votes to be evicted.
  • Michelle remains adamant that she wants Libra out.
  • Memphis tried the wisdom of splitting up the Ollie/April block by sending April packing, but Michelle is more on a Libra must go streak.
  • Jerry told Keesha that Dan had had a deal with him, Ollie, and April to vote out Memphis.
  • Jerry is sure that Memphis will target him and work to get him out of the house. Keesha told him that's not the case.
  • Keesha told Libra and then Renny that Jerry told her Dan had an alliance with Jerry, Ollie, and April.
  • April, Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle think that Libra is the puppetmaster and that Keesha would be nothing without her.
  • Michelle thinks Dan might be America's Player.
  • The HOH group -- April, Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle -- plan to not have anything to do with Dan.
  • Memphis told Dan that, of the little group, Libra is not really tight with Renny and Keesha.
  • April thinks Libra is the Omarosa of the house. (Now, that is a good one!)
  • Keesha had a long talk with Michelle. She told her that voting out Jessie wasn't a strike at her (Michelle), but a way to get back at April.
  • Keesha told Michelle that she expects to be put on the block this week, but thinks that Libra, Ollie, or April would be better targets.
  • Michelle told Dan that he was the only other person in the house that Jessie had trusted.
  • Libra and Michelle talked, too. Yes, talked, not screamed. Libra told Michelle that she was sure that Jessie was targeting her. She admitted if she had won HOH she would have put Jessie and Michelle on the block because they were after her in the game. She said she thought Michelle was in an alliance with Ollie.
  • Libra said that she (Libra) seems to get the blame for everything but Michelle told her she knows it's not all her doing.
  • Renny also worked on getting April nominated by pointing out that if April really didn't want Jessie to go home, she wouldn't have put him on the block. Then she added how April won't eat anything she cooks.
  • Renny also mentioned how April complained about Michelle always hanging out with the guys.
  • Again Keesh brought up how Michelle should take the BB gold bars as bribes not to put April and Libra up, then put them up anyway.
  • They are all asleep as I post this.
In other news, I caught the Jessie segment on The Early Show. Sheesh, these segments are getting skimpier and skimpier. The second Julie mentioned America's Player, Jessie guessed Dan and looked disgusted. He claims he's going to be happier at home than stuck in sequester or in a house where America wants him out. He thinks he should have been kept because he's "funnier" than Memphis. I think he thinks America has disrespected the Almighty Jessie.


Mom 2 My Bees said...

Please get Libra out this week. I can't stand her anymore...not that any of them are tolerable, but she just takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

Julie's question to Jerry about whether the military was harder than living in the BB House had me laughing.
My father was a Marine in the Korean War. There is NO comparison. Night time temperatures were often 30-40 degrees below zero in the winter especially near the Chosin Reservoir in Ko To Ri. The guys would wake up with snow covering them. Meanwhile the Chinese would attack at night and kill the guys right in their foxholes. So no one could get any real sleep.
The hot food froze within a minute of being served and coffee turned to ice if you did not gulp it.

So I found Julie's question so funny to Jerry as I have studied all I can get my hands on about the Winter campaign in Korea.


Anonymous said...

I was not a Jessie fan and I did not care who went home between Memphis or Jessie. I am not a fan of either of them. But having said that, did anyone else think Libra and Keesha's goodbye messages were Over the Top and mean spirited. After all, it was a goodbye message.

Even Dick's goodbye messages could be blunt but he would explain strategy wise why the person had to go.
Keesha and Libra did not explain why strategically they tossed out Jessie. Instead, they made it personal and nasty!!

I think HGs can play this game without having their goodbye messages so mean and nasty. !


AlbGlinka said...

Libraosa... not bad!

Both are a bit "deviant"--rofl...

Was JessMe as non-arrogant on the Today show as he was on BB10? Even Ms. Julie didn't seem like she could tolerate him.

Anonymous said...

I have to apologize for the long comment about Jerry and Julie Chen's questions. I am so sorry it was so long!
But since my father passed away, I am keeping my promise to him to record all his war stories and I am in the midst of doing that. Then came Julie's question.

I am to the point where I do not like any of the houseguests as they are playing this game too personally and not strategically.

So I find myself surprisingly rooting for Dan. I did not like him at first, now I do.

Renny is starting to sound too much like Keesha and Libra. I think Michelle would be smart to get Keesha out as Keesha is close to Rennie and Memphis and Libra trusts her.

I am one of the very very few viewers who cannot stand Memphis.
There is something sleazy about him, perhaps I cannot get past his history of being an admitted hustler of women. It is very close to being a con man or gigolo. But I could be too old fashioned. But something about him sick.


Anonymous said...

Put Ollie and April on the block. Split up the porn-duo. Sorry Craig!
Patty Q

meb said...

CG you have a blog where you have these stories about your dad's experiences in Korea. They sound like something I would like to read, if it's not personal for your family.

A very self-important college freshman attending a recent football game, took it upon himself to explain to a senior citizen sitting next to him, why it was impossible for the older generation to understand his generation.

"You grew up in a different world, actually an almost primitive one,"
the student said, loud enough for many of those nearby to hear. "The young people of today grew up with television, jet planes, space travel, man walking on the moon, our spaceships have visited Mars. We have nuclear energy, electric and hydrogen cars, computers with light-speed processing and...," pausing to take another drink of beer...

The Senior took advantage of the break in the student's litany and said,

You're right, son. We didn't have those things when we were young........ so we invented them. The on-lookers exploaded in applause!

OK..ON TOPIC: I think April just assumed because everyone did Keesha's bidding and voted out the person she wanted they would do the same for her. So glad they did a little thinking for themselves.

I don't really dislike any of the players. Least fond of Michelle. Most fond of Dan. He's just so cute in his antics for AP... I didn't feel that way about him until he started playing to the camera. Hey, he knows, even if he loses, he has his $20,000 plus his pay for being on the show. That'll be a nice little chunk of change.

I'm just enjoying watching the others. They are a hoot. And I think people sell Keesha short. I think she leads Libra more than vice versa. Libra is just so visual when she gets upset... lay low girl!

Renny is starting to "look" ugly when she's stirring up trouble. Her mouth twists in an unattractive snarl.

Anonymous said...

is americas player over..or are they going have have more for Dan to do??
-Jamie Mae-

Anonymous said...

sorry let me rephrase that ( I am a mess this morning) Is Americas PLayer over?..was it just a week thing or is Dan AP until he is out of the house?
-Jamie Mae-

Anonymous said...

Meb and others,
I thought Dan earned $20,000 for each AP task completed. Meb, are you saying that he gets a total of $20,000 for being AP?
Patty Q

Laurie said...

CG, I totally agree with your comment about Jerry. My dad was a Marine (once a marine alaway a Marine in both WWII and Korea. He passed just 5 years ago and was an honorable man right up to the end.

Personally, I can't believe a Marine would even go on the show, but I am really offended at his wearing of the colors while acting the way he is. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a few letters from the "guys" ... hooah!

Bless you for getting the stories down. My dad would not talk about it to any of us. While we understood his reluctance to tell us, it kept us from knowing about a big part of his life.

Please give your dad a big hig from me, another Marine daughter who is very proud of her dad's service and loyalty.

Laurie said...

CG, that should have read to please give your dad a big HUG from me. I mean really, what is a hig anyway?

Sassy <---- not quite awake yet

Anonymous said...

possibly the funniest thing i ever saw on TV was last night, while watching BB after dark...Jerry was going OFF on dan behind his back...and said he should BURN IN HELL.


wow, dramafest is full of drama.

Jerry also keeps saying "OH I DON'T TALK ABOUT PEOPLE, BUT...." and he does this over and over. i loathe him, but he will stay in too long because people think they can beat him.

-Susan in KC

Anonymous said...


he keeps going onnnnnn and onnnnn about how Dan is "hiding behind his religion" which is really in his craw.

he says this in his MARINES shirt and MARINES hat.

talk about hiding behind an image.

--susan in KC

cha cha said...

I believe that they said a different person would be AP each week. I could be wrong...But Memphis has already been called to DR this morning. No other people were called in there. There is an HOH lockdown for the food comp..Maybe everyone has to go seperatly..

Sydney said...

PattyQ -- I think he earns 20,000 for the whole week of tasks as AP, not for each.

CG I'd like to read them too and think what you're doing is so great.

And Carloine - I did think that about K/l's goodbye messages. I mean, we cry fake if they give lovey dovey ones when they were asses moments before but your example of how some others did it -- to explain their gameplay hits the right chord of authenticity and sportsmanship. I think K/L have neither. And I was surprised at Renny's reaction too... It didn't become her, lol

ORKMommy said...

We have to remember that the good bye messages are edited for the show. They don't really do a 2 second message and you can see that they edit them. We have no idea what was left on the cutting room floor.

With that said, I left this on the last post (then Jackie had to go and put a new one up!!)

Does Michelle remind anyone else of Julia Roberts' character in Mystic Pizza?

Anonymous said...

OK here goes It's a game people and like it or not ur not n the house 24/7 with people whispering so ur gonna be paranoid..rethinking everything anyone says...this is how they set up the game ....that said I have to say my thinking about Memphis and Dan has changed I like em both now... I loved Keesha but didnt like she let April talk her into putting Angie on the block and out of game ....Have u noticed that since Angie and Steven have gone the fun is gone ...Has Michelle even stopped to think April promised her Jesse was safe and then put him on the block where NO he wasnt safe ..would put April on the block ...Nuff said

Anonymous said...

9O my gosh Michelle looks nuting like Julia Roberts except she has big hair

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure they could pull off more Americas Player since anyone who had been it would know there was someone else in the house. A couple days ago, someone on the blog - sorry I forgot who - suggested that they may be using different twists from each season. That would tie in to the challenge with someone from each of the past seasons. I don't actually remember many twists that didn't involved people from the past or secret relationships - and they promised that all this season's players are strangers. Does anyone else remember some of the old twists?


Laurie said...

Has anyone read the books that have Stephanie Plum as the bail bonds person who works in New Jersey? (If not, you should, they are funny and good).

Well, I've never quite been able to picture the characters she runs into when she talks about the NJ women with big hair, big mouths, lots of makeup, and seriously tough attitude.

Now that I've "met" Michele I have a great visual of those gals. Yikes! I would not want to run into one of them anywhere!

On topic: I have to laugh at April saying she was disrespected and that people lied to her and talked behind her back. Uhm, isn't that what she was doing in the HOH room? Isn't that what the game is about? She is really underestimating Keesha, too. Keesha is one of those who can stir things up and then let the known troublemaker get the blame. Not that Libra is innocent, oh no, but she isn't the leader in that pack. I'm hoping she goes this week.

monty924 said...

8 minutes til ED and Jessie on Housecalls. I did call in sick today, LOL. ;)

I watched the Early Show clip and Jessie was just Jessie. Glad he gets to watch the show from home where we know at least two people love him.

ORKMommy said...

"9O my gosh Michelle looks nuting like Julia Roberts except she has big hair"

I didn't say she looks like Julia, I asked if she reminds anyone of the character Julia plays in the movie. With the big hair and the chip on her shoulder, Michelle could have played that part!

RBennie said...

I only vaguely remember the movie OrkMommy, but the hair is certainly very similar. That girl has enough hair for 5 people, LOL.

SharonS said...

Michelle is actually from RI, which is just a hop away from Mystic, CT, which is where Mystic Pizza was based. So, now that you mention it, she does remind me of that character -- and so do the people I see in stores and such when I travel through the area!

Oh...and I love the Evanovich books -- but I sort of pretend they are a bit classier than Michelle!

hungry said...

How can the food comp take this long.....

cha cha said...

Check out what I found out about the houseguests...Wonder which ones will take the luxury prize intsead of food.............

From the eyes and ears of CBS ...

In a surprise twist, BIG BROTHER 10 will bring back one Houseguest from each of the 10 seasons to participate in a competition that will be broadcast Sunday, Aug. 10 (8 p.m.) on CBS.

The former Houseguests who will return to battle against the BIG BROTHER 10 Houseguests are listed in chronological order by season: "Chicken George" Boswell, Bunky Miller, Amy Crews Ouellette, Jun Song, Jase Wirey, Janelle Pierzina, Mike "Boogie" Malin, Jen Johnson, Matt McDonald and Brian Hart.

The Houseguests and their competitors will participate in a fun current events game where food and luxury prizes can be won. The BIG BROTHER 10 Houseguests will be positioned inside the house, while the past seasons' Houseguests will be in the backyard. A former Houseguest will challenge a BIG BROTHER 10 Houseguest to guess if a statement made about a current event is in the news or not. If the Houseguest answers correctly, they win food for one day of the week or a luxury prize for the house. If they guess incorrectly, the former Houseguest will win a cash prize.

Donna in AL said...

Her hair looked good the other day when she had it straightened.

PlaidChick said...

I too am sick of the HG's playing this game too personally. Michelle needs to THINK. She could go to both sides, and say what are you going to do for ME to keep you in this game this week? She's so bitter about wearing the red unitard I SO would negotiate the gold bars for safety. All she wants to do is to get Libra out for JessMe.

In terms of lieing and scheming, I just can't stand the April group. Yes Libra is annoying, but she keeps it stirred up and that by doing that it doesn't bore us to tears. She's not the mastermind of anything, but because she can't keep her mouth shut, everyone thinks she is.

It'll be interesting to see where Memphis goes this week. I'm not convinced he'll stay with the Hippy group.

JessMe should look disgusted, Da MAN, Mr Know It All, the Winner of All, got trumped. What a wonderful thing

becky said...

From a previous thread....

RBennie said...I think Michelle will be as big of a basket case HOH as April and Keesha were, if not more so. They never seem to comprehend that HOH is only for one week and you have to deal with the consequences of your actions after that. It should never be about getting revenge for your buddy that got evicted. It should be about using the limited time you have HOH to further yourself in the game. Not to say that Michelle putting up Libra is a bad idea. If Libra would have won HOH Michelle would be on the block.

8/08/2008 11:16 AM

Very wise advice. Of course w aren't wise people involved.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie and everyone else,

I was really eager to watch housecalls today with Evel and Jessie live. I also decided to call in for who knows why.

They put me on the air (not something I'm going to be able to tell my real friends; I'm obsessed with BB and this blog. My question was to Jessie, Who do you think is playing a good game? I didn't have the heart to be mean. I told him we appreciated his entertainment value or something like that. Anyways if you guys watch it look out for when Gretchen says Nina from Brooklyn, lol.

Anonymous said...

i watched House calls and I heard your question to him..Good job..I got the feeling Gretchen didnt like Jesse much, and I think the feeling was mutual.
-Jamie Mae-

RBennie said...

So what was his answer to the question? Please don't say Michelle.

monty924 said...

Back from the JessMe interview on housecalls. It was confusing, funny, mind numbing, etc. All the above, lol.

If you didn't catch it, here are the things I found amusing:

* Gretchen's smirks, smiles and sticking her tongue out at the camera when ED and JessMe got off topic a million times.
* Gretchen pointing out JessMe's flawed 'analogies' (that he's so proud of).
* Gretchen calling JessMe out on not liking to answer questions, ROFLMAO. She nailed him good on that one late in the interview.
* Several irate callers, lol.
* ED was pretty amused with JessMe and not too hard on him.
* The blank looks on Gretchen and ED's faces at some of JessMe's train of thought and answers.
* JessMe trying to get Gretchen to get a caller back on the line, and Gretchen telling him, No that's not how it works here, ROFLMAO.

If you didn't catch it, watch it in the archives. Sheer brilliance!

Anonymous said...

monty I agree I felt uncomfortable just sitting and watching it!..I was cracking up laughing at most of it though.
-Jamie Mae-

ORKMommy said...

It's sad that Jessie doesn't get how dumb he looks and sounds. I feel sorry for him...NOT!!!

formerly anon said...

link to housecalls? I've never seen it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

When I asked my question, Jessie actually sounded intelligent. He gave a rundown of each player and what he thought of them. I have to rewatch it to figure out exactly what he said.

The callers before me were hating on Jessie and then some dude said how he liked Jessie. I didn't want to be mean so I just asked a straight up question. I mean he's on reality TV so it's not as if I know him so I asked about game play which Jessie fielded pretty well considering the heat he was facing from Evel and some viewers.

Anonymous said...

oh sorry, I meant to direct my response to rbennie


Anonymous said...

So glad Jessie is gone and really glad I probably will never have to hear him say "point being" again! That drove me nuts.

Funny how the group in HOH on BBAD last night were so sure Dan is AP, but didn't seem to acknowledge if that were true( and we know it was) that it was not Dan, but America that voted out Jessie!

Wish Michelle would get a brain and nominate Ollie and Bimbo Barbie. She so annoys me!

Should be a very interesting week.

monty924 said...

Hi Nina,
No problem. I caught your question and he did answer it well. He did think Michelle was playing a good game, and I can't disagree with that. She just needs to smart here and not nominate with her heart. Seeing that JessMe and she had already picked out the order of noms, it's not going to be April or Ollie that goes home this week. Sigh!

It should be April or Libra, but it will probably be Libra/Dan/Keesha.

monty924 said...

Formerly anon,

They've been pretty good about linking it early in the evenings this year. I'd check in a few hours. Last few years it never made it until late night and sometimes the next day.

monty924 said...

Jessie's order of nom's per the interview:

Dan and Libra
Either wins POV Keesha goes up
If Keesha wins POV and takes one down Renny goes up and either Dan or Libra goes home
So it looks like Renny will be safe.

At least they're thinking and playing the game. ;)

Laurie said...

Sharons said "Oh...and I love the Evanovich books -- but I sort of pretend they are a bit classier than Michelle!"

I was thinking of the people she describes in the mall or her nemisis whose name I can't think of right now. Stephanie is definitely classier than Michele!

I am really hoping Michele works it as HOH and finds out who gives her the best deal. If she sits up there and hold court and demands respect, I may have to put her head on the pinata!

Sydney said...

ANOTHER scheduled outage of Blogger... Jackie WTF are they doing this for, and so often? Do you happen to understand it?

Witt said...

I love the Evanovich books. I love how things "just happen" to the main character Stephanie, she keeps her gun in a cookie jar, and cars she uses get totaled or blown up. You laugh out loud when you read them, and yea, I don't picture Michelle when I read them.

Anon 4:22 -- you are so right about the non-logic the hamsters are displaying about Dan. If he was indeed AP, which they suspect, the VOTE ISN'T HIS...IT'S AMERICA'S!!! Duh.

As I reread last night's live comments, I must guys didn't miss a thing! I am in agreement with one of the posters, I really admire Jackie who can watch and live blog at the same time!

Happy Weekend, all...

Witt :)

ORKMommy said...

What I want to know is why they all think Dan is AP anyway? Why did that even come up? They didn't do AP last season, so why would they think they're doing it this season. I'm not a "BB rigged the game" person, but I'd be willing to bet the DR mentioned AP to get people thinking...

And yea, I agree that if they were smart they would have to figure that Dan voted the way he did because he's AP. They're all assuming he is and they all claim to be watchers of the show!

RyzandShyn said...

laurie said:
Well, I've never quite been able to picture the characters she runs into when she talks about the NJ women with big hair, big mouths, lots of makeup, and seriously tough attitude.

Now that I've "met" Michele I have a great visual of those gals. Yikes! I would not want to run into one of them anywhere!

The NJ girls of whom you speak would chew Michele up and spit her out again. Michele is just a Rhode Island girl with an (almost) Boston accent. She's not even as tough as a Statan Island girl.

sharon said...

Anybody find it the last bit coincidental that Manchelle is the only one that stayed awake to listen to the wake ups? The DR had to know,what with their infra red cameras,and was it another HOH made to order?

I think it may well be Libra/Dan on the block. Manchelle feels betrayed by Dan,when it was us,America,all the time! Good job,all! I wish it would be Jerry and April on the block.

RBennie said...

Sharon, I was thinking the exact same thing myself. I wouldn't put it past BB to put a little bug in her ear to pay close attention to those wake up calls. Maybe I'm just cynical, but her winning that HOH at this time is just too coincidental for me. I can't help but think that BB instigates and orchestrates alot, if not most, of what we see.

joy n said...

Sharon, rbennie, I also thought about how convenient that win was for Michelle. It certainly makes you wonder.

joy n said...

I watched House Calls and thought, this guy (Jessie) is a total idiot. Does he ever listen? His mind just refuses to hear what is being said to him or what is being asked of him. He lives in some kind of Dreamland where he is never wrong, never at fault and always innocent of anything he might be accused of.

Evel Dick had to explain to him that it wasn't just the houseguests families speed-dialing or whatever to get him voted out as America's Choice.

I'm not sure even now, that he grasps the concept of millions of us wanting him out. In his mind, it doesn't make sense. This lad worries me. It's so beyond immaturity.