Saturday, August 23, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Briefs

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Thanks to Zoetawny, we see how Dan prayed over his nominations. It's too bad he sold his soul to get HOH, though! Not all that much has happened since they woke up this morning. But since I expect a lengthy feeds outage for the POV comp, I figured I'd bring the news up to snuff.
  • They chose veto players. Ollie is the only one not playing. Jerry apparently got Houseguest's Choice and chose Michelle. That's because they all know Ollie is safe.
  • Ollie and Michelle have a new conspiracy theory -- Keesha and Memphis are boyfriend/girlfriend. Why else would she not get a photo of her boyfriend when she was HOH?
  • They've been on indoor lockdown since last night as BB builds something in the backyard.
  • They think it will have something to do with them flying about as the wake up songs were David Bowie's "Space Oddity" (you know the one ... ground control to Major Tom, etc.), Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon," and the theme from Star Wars.
  • Ollie is trying to make sure his buddies (Michelle and Jerry) don't spill the beans that he's supposed to put up the replacement nom if veto is used.
  • Dan has been telling his buddies he will put up his own replacement nominee if veto is used and it's likely to be Michelle.
  • Jerry has been to almost threatening when talking about Dan and even to him -- he's stupid if he votes him out, won't win the big money, etc.
  • Memphis still doesn't trust that Renny will vote for him to stay.
  • Bring on the comp already, BB.


cha cha said...

I am worried that michelle will win POV and not use it...Who will Dan really choose. I am sure it will be taking out Jerry...
Can you believe that Ollie is throwing Keesha under the bus....Go figure..I am sure Dan wouldn't put Keesha up...But we never know with Dan

PDX Granny said...

I just hate that we have to wait until Thursday to find out who goes!!!

Anonymous said...

ok, so i don't have the live feeds nor BBAD so can someone clarify something for me? i know the comp went on for a few hours but were either Ollie or Dan that desperate? did Dan really need to make that crazy of a deal?...couldn't he of held out much longer??


Jackie said...

Even those of us who watched can't answer that one. Dan now regrets he made such a deal. But we never saw the deal itself on the feeds. They were blocked for about 20 minutes after Memphis went down. They came back and we heard "deal?" and "done" and then Ollie went down.

Clementine said...

O/M/J are entertainingly clueless. I do enjoy reading about their strategizing (but I can’t stand to watch them on the feeds, or even listen to their whispering.)

Here are a few more “Dumb and Dumber” (and Dumbest) quotes from Jokers:

Michelle tells Ollie that she thought she heard Keesha say that Memphis slept with her last night. Michelle says I may have misunderstood but I swear thats what she said. That Memphis was in her bed last night (What Keesha actually said was Memphis is buried under the pillows over there. He didn’t sleep good last night)

Jerry is telling Ollie to threaten Dan that if he doesn't protect him, they won't give him a chance to win the big money.

Michelle says if she wins POV and Dan asks her not to use it, she will say fine but you have to vote the other side out.

Ollie says that April is probably shoving one of her high heels up Libra's nose right now (okay, that one might be true!)

Anonymous said...

I can believe ollie is throwing keesha under the bus, look at the relationship April and Keesha had. Ollie cant stand Keesha, her charms havent worked on him..or maybe he just saw Aprils big head first and was capitivated..who knows..
Jerry I think knows alittle of whats going on because last night he kept telling ollie and michelle make sure you win veto.
I cant believe the are stupid enough to belive Dan the almighty has their back.
And I still want to know what has Keesha done for Dan to get his "undying" protection..if anyone could fill me in I would LOVE it =)
-Jamie Mae-

dla said...

clementine, if April shoves her high heels up Libra's nose, what in world will she wear while she cooks?? :)

fa said...

I think that Dan believes two things, strongly, about Keesha:

1) that he can trust her and that she trusts him


2) if she is in the F2 with him, he'll win it

That's pretty much all he needs to know to be so loyal. imho.

Sydney said...

Joyzjenn-- Dan was pale as a ghost, facial expressions like he was going to pass out, struggling physically -- everything looked sore, he couldn't keep it focused for more than 10 seconds. He looked miserable so I think he was pretty desperate. THey were really cold too. I'm not sure he could think so well... he could think well enough to try to make deals with Ollie, but Ollie would not budge, so I think Dan got more out there until he prolly didn't realize he promised the whole HOH to Ollie.

Nana in the NW said...

Let's see if we can figure this out.....

*BB has been building something all night
*wake-up music was about space and flying to the moon
*it's been going on for 2 hrs.
*It won't be too physical after the HOH comp.

If it has to do with them suspended/flying we know Jerry will be the first one down!

Maybe there's a set-up of outer space with their names on stars and they have to knock out each others stars??

Maybe there are prizes AND names on stars and each take a turn knocking out the they choose a name or a prize??

OK I'm reaching....what do you think?

Prev. I posted that I wonder if the luxury of leaving the house will be to guest on Craig Ferguson with Julie. That would be really fun for a HG.

fa said...

sydney, while I agree that they were both physically compromised during that hoh comp, it's pretty clear to me that dan as far far better off than ollie, based on how they were acting within the first half hour of the comp ending

Dan was remarkably in good shape. Ollie was a trembling mess.

I was impressed with Dan's physical prowess. What I'm surprised at is how I haven't heard much from anyone about how *suddenly* Dan is mighty man, when before he was playing the part of little weak wimp who couldn't win a thing. Maybe somebody has commented but I just didn't see/hear it.

Sydney said...

Jackie-- I just read what you wrote in answer to Joyzjenn... I was watching on BBAD at the end so I'm not sure if that was the part that was blocked on the feeds.

Dan had been asking Ollie what is it going to take. When ollie said not intested man, I want to win. Dan, who didn't look like he could think clearly, thought a little then started from another direction, this time asking Ollie, "who would you like to see put up -- or who do you want safe" that kind of thing. And it progressed from there.

Compared to Dan's intense discomfort, Ollie looked like he could sit up there all day and suddenly he dropped. That must have been when Dan said enough that Ollie decided to give it up.

I wrote out on the post with all the pictures that night some of what they were saying just before that, the stuff Dan was trying that was not working on Ollie...


Clementine said...

Regarding how long this POV is lasting...

I'll guess that they are each completing the activity in isolation, one after the other, and the scores are revealed at the end. That type of comp usually takes the longest (other than endurance).

Maybe they are re-enacting the Honeymooners with Jerry as Ralph, Renny as Alice, Dan as Ed Norton, and Keesha as Trixie? That's all I got, folks :)

Clementine said...

Get it? Honey"Moon"ers? lol
I feel the need to explain my lame joke :)

I hope Memphis wins, so I know Michelle will get evicted. She annoys me more than anyone.

Anonymous said...

here is an excerpt from Aprils exit interview below:

"How do you think your friends and family will react to all the footage of you having sex with Ollie all the time? Were you unaware of how much the microphones and night-vision cameras picked up?
I have no comment on the fact that Ollie and I shared a relationship inside of the house. As far as the cameras and microphones, you often forget that they are there. We are still just normal people trying to live somewhat of a normal lifestyle."

Normal people? Normal lifestyle? perhaps at the "Bunny Ranch"


Anonymous said...

Clementine, you are so on about the Ralph, Alice, Ed, and Trixie!! How funny! Yes sometimes it's like watching the Honeymooners!

I can't stand Ollie and Michelle, and hope Dan puts one of them up! That would be so sweet!

Sue S.

Anonymous said...

who do you guys think Keesha would be more loyal to..Dan or Renny?..I sometimes wonder about that.
And I could almost see Renny feeling a little threaten by Dan if they start getting too close, just like she feels threaten by Memphis.
-Jamie Mae-

Anonymous said...

I have not read any coment that there is a double elimination this week.That will change all the manipulation.

Tessa said...

Clementine- I agree that this is probably a timed POV. I was thinking the exact thing when I read your comment. I am hoping that that would leave Jerry out on the quickness and Michelle out on the brightness factor. They sometimes are about putting events in order or morphing pixs. Any other ideas, anyone?

Laurie said...

Anon 6:00 - I think Julie said this week was a double elimination at the end of Thursday's show.

Yep, I just checked Jackie's blog from that night and she said "Next week is a double live eviction, fast forward."

sharon said...

I think it's really cheesy that BB can build all these elaborate sets (some for some really boring comps)and they are too cheap to spring for a birthday cake for the hamsters!They lock them away for months,away from their families and won't even acknowledge their day.Pretty cheap,AG!!But the booze sure flows when they want them tanked!

I sure don't want Manchelle to win POV and considering her track record,that seems unlikely,because then she can't go up and go away...far,far away from our sight!
I'm still shocked that she's got no man,when she can swear like a sailor and NEVER shuts her mouth. I so want to hear that sewer mouth as she walks out the door come this Thursday,followed closely by

Laurie said...

I figured it out. They sent them to the moon and the first one to get back wins POV.

Michele, being a space cadet, cannot figure out which planet she is supposed to return to.

Nancy from long island said...

I hope the POV is used and Dan put's up Ollie. Dan has to see the pecking order he comes up last regardless of which group he goes with. It is one thing to make a deal of not putting up Ollie but the rest of it is crazy especially letting Ollie decide one of the nominee's. If I was in his alliance I would not be happy with him.

nancy from long island said...

Keesha won the POV

Clementine said...

Keesha won POV!

Laurie said...

Looks like Keesha won POV. Way to go!

nancy from long island said...

I hope she uses the POV and Dan put's up Ollie will have to wait and see one can only hop

Laurie said...

LOL ... We were just minutes apart in our posting the winner. Too funny. Obsessed? No, say it isn't so!

Now, just what will she do? I say she takes down Memphis and puts up Michele!

Laurie said...

duh ... I don't know why I said she would put up Michele. It's not her choice. Wonder what Ollie wants her to do ... oh yeah, it's not his choice either, is it?

nancy from long island said...

Laurie I think she will definately take down Memphis but who will Dan put up?

Laurie said...

whoops! Now they are saying Memphis won POV!

Clementine said...

Oops, Jackie says Memphis won! That's what I get for reading Jokers :)

Anonymous said...

I hope Dan has the balls to put up Michelle so she can leave via the backdoor.

But she is gonna be one scary B**** on the block.

If Michelle leaves that will...

1-End any thoughts or worries of a Mem/Mi alliance.

2- Leave Ollie pissin in the wind with only Jerry, that is if Jerry doesn't run far from Ollie.

3-I will not have to hear her annoying baby talk anymore!

Ollie is probably already trying to figure out who HE is gonna nominate. Ha ha ha ha

C'mon Dan, backdoor Michelle, make Michigan proud!