Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Monday, etc.

No, this isn't a current screen cap. I took it yesterday, but I know how much some of the readers like Dan in his shorts. I also forgot to mention that I had a live feeds report posted on TV Squad just about show time last night, as well as a recap/review of the show.

Here's the recent happenings from inside the Big Brother House of Insane in the Membrane:
  • Ollie tried to convince Dan to use the veto to save April. He mentioned $1,000 pay off in the BB gold bars she has. When Dan asked if he'd be upset if he didn't use it, Ollie said he would.
  • Ollie claims he just wants to know if April is going so they can spend quality time together.
  • Michelle asked Dan if he made any deals with Jerry to use the POV to save him. (Although Jerry apologized, Dan didn't say he'd use the veto to save him.)
  • Michelle told Memphis that Jerry said he didn't want to be there any longer. (Yeah, right.)
  • Renny once again told Jerry he wouldn't be going home (sequester) this week.
  • Dan thinks Renny screwed up this week by not putting up April and Ollie. (I think so, too.)
  • Renny and Jerry agreed that Memphis is not really any friend of Keesha's. They both think he's using her.
  • Ollie tried to convince April she needed to offer Dan the $1,000. (Nice of him to try to give away her money, then tell her later!)
  • Michelle and April think a female producer (DR) is nicer to Jerry than to them.
  • Dan and Michelle talked about going into an alliance with Ollie and April, but no firm decision was made.
  • April was evasive when Dan asked her who she'd put on the block if she stayed and won HOH. She says she has nothing against anybody in the house. @@
  • Keesha worked on Dan not to use the veto. I think she's more convincing than Ollie, April, and Michelle.
  • Memphis doesn't want him to use it because it's likely he'd go on the block.
  • Renny and Dan talked. She said she can see it in April's and Memphis' eyes how much they want the win. She thinks they'd do anything to get it.
  • Dan told Renny he didn't commit to anything with April. (True.)
  • All are asleep as I post this.


joy n said...

Ewww! Why would Dan even consider getting into an alliance with Michelle, April and Ollie? After the way he was treated by them and the things they said to him, this really surprises me. Except, I guess, if he went to F2 with any of them, he'd probably win.

ORKMommy said...

Here's what would happen in my BB world...

Dan would use the veto on Jerry. His reason..."forgiveness". This makes Dan look good to the other HG's and potential jury members and Jerry owes him a big one.

Renny puts Ollie up. Renny can blame her decision on the fact that she had to put somebody up and because Ollie & April are so close, it was the natural choice.

This insures that one of the A/O alliance goes home this week and Jerry is indebted to Dan.

ORKMommy said...

p.s. I also thought Renny was being a bit high and mighty last night when she told Ollie that the rest of the house would vote the way she wants them too. Didn't the mutiny during April's HOH prove anything???

Anonymous said...

lol orkmommy that would be nice; I think it's what Dan wants actually but Renny controls the nominees and Memphis is certain he would go up in place of whoever comes off so he'd kill Dan if Dan uses the veto

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Just finished catching up on all the weekend posts. Glad to hear Dan won POV. I'm with the camp that thinks there is no benefit to Dan to use the POV on Jerry. It will not change Jerry's opinion of him and I think the other HGs would think it was a blatant attempt to pander Jerry's vote in the end. April's going home no matter who she's up against, so he needs to just leave the noms the same and not rock the boat. I hope he really plays to win in the next HOH comp. The lose everything strategy was good up to now, but he needs to start showing that he is actually worthy of the win. So they just can't stop talking about Libra can they and, as usual, most of what they're saying is inaccurate.

jb said...

If I were Dan, I'd tell floater Ollie to go fly a kite.

And for $1,000? ...I'd be insulted!

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone. I can't believe Dan is even considering taking April off the block. That girl is a snake and he should know that. She will turn around and bite him no matter what she promises. I hope he's only stringing her along, and is playing the game. Funny that April had her Ollie approach him for her. She is an ASP!

How can Ollie and April tell Dan that he would have Michelle on his side? Isn't she in with Renny now? have O/A left the bedroom long enough to actually see what is happening in the house?

*sigh* I just want April out!

ORKMommy said...

Poor April. She's such a nice person!


Nana in the NW said...

"It's just another Manic Monday...."

I finally watched last night's show and just a few comments:

I was really crying when Renny got her HOH room. That was nice that the HG gave her a few minutes to herself.

I also cried when Ollie was running from the crows...but that's because I was laughing so hard!!

Oh that April is leaving they are showing everyone her showmance with Ollie.

Ollie actually sounded like he had been thinking about gameplay when he was talking to Renny.

I want to like Memphis but I agree that he is a user--has been most of his adult life--Keesha will have tread marks on her back as she walks out the door because of him! I think his only real alliance is with Dan and he won't take him to the end.

orkmommy--I want to watch your BB world, except most of the other HG don't like Jerry so probably wouldn't appreciate the fact that Dan forgave Jerry and saved him.

Dan's mom should be proud. You can tell he has been raised with manners and ethics. He is respectful to others and has been trying to stick by his morals. I notice little things...good morning greetings to Renny(like you would your own mom), opening doors, cleaning up after himself, etc. He does need to start playing to win!!

welcome back rbennie! :)

Gotta go take care of my Mom and Dad today......later

Anonymous said...

Orkmommy 9:46 PM... I love your world! Please let the HGs know!
Ahhhh...BB heaven!
Come on, Dan! Take Jerry off. You have so much to gain from this move. Renny, put Ollie up. And good bye, April!
Patty Q
PS Orkmommy, is your world on I need to move.

Anonymous said...

Nah Dan can't use the veto. Rennie obviously likes Ollie or she would have put him up in the first place. She would put Memphis up and then e/o would be against Dan except for Ollie, totally pointless. Dan cannot use the veto. If Dan keeps the noms the same, his mission this week is accomplished, someone that he isn't alligned with, leaves the house. What more can he possibly want out of one week of game?

PlaidChick said...

orkmommy, that is a wonderful world...

But Renny won't replace Ollie with Jerry, Memphis would go up. Renny does have some good instincts, but why she can't see the 2 headed snake in there--- Ollie/April--- is beyond me.

Dan Dan Dan... the kid just wants to be out of the spotlight. The BB5Drew play is starting to bore me. And it's too early in the game still for them to be laying around like dead hamsters.

Memphis and Dan sealed the deal last night with a handshake.. the Renegades. So I don't see the veto being used. Memphis also has a F2 deal with Michelle. Keesha is on the outs, but she thinks she's in.

RBennie said...

I think Renny's instincts are right on the money. Memphis is a much bigger threat to her than Ollie is. Once April is gone Ollie will be on his own and I don't think he will be gunning for her. Memphis on the other hand is just using Keesha and Renny, the only difference is Keesha is too blind to see it and Renny sees it quite clearly. He is in an alliance with e/o except April, Ollie & Jerry. But I think his true alliance is an alliance of 1.

Anonymous said...

I odn't know, I think Keesha is well aware of how Memphis is using her to stay in the game just like she is using him to stay in the game at least I hope she is. She certainly seemed to be on last night's show when she was talking to Renny about Memphis being the male April. I guess time will tell. Maybe she's doing to Memphis what Memphis is doing to her.


Anonymous said...

SO I read here that Memphis has an F2 agreement with Michelle. Has he given anyone else such agreements or implications?

ORKMommy said...

Memphis has too many friends in the house for Renny to put him up. She was all worried about making enemies and I think if Dan were to use the veto and Renny put Memphis up, she'd have a huge target on her back. I'm pretty sure she knows that too. She wants her HOH reign to be low key which is why she's gunning for April. I really believe she's too smart to put Memphis up at this point...

PlaidChick said...

Anonymous said...
SO I read here that Memphis has an F2 agreement with Michelle. Has he given anyone else such agreements or implications?
Memphis did a hand shake with Dan to the F2.. they want a Final 4 of Michelle, Keesha, Dan and Memphis.

Memphis and Dan are going to have to stop throwing HOH comps if they want that to happen. They said for example this coming week if it were Memphis, Dan and Keesha left in the HOH comp they would give it to Keesha because they know they would be safe.

I had to get rid of my April "I'm expecting" Avatar.. I like Holly better :P Wish i could find a pic with her neck brace on

Anonymous said...

Send April home. If you can endure her saying, Okay you squeezed them "Hello." Now squeeze them, "Good Bye."

Anonymous said...

What's up with the feeds today BB10 lovers?

monty924 said...

Dan and Renny had a long talk about April's bribe last night after most of the HGs had gone to bed. By the way, BBAD was a total bore because BB gave them alcohol way too early and most of them went to bed an hour before BBAD even went off.

Renny made a good point in telling Dan the risk of taking April's 5k outweighed his chance at going further to win possibly 50 or 500k. Dan played it off as a lot of money and he could use it. He wisely didn't mention that he already has 20k in his BB wallet.

I don't believe he ever seriously considered taking the gold bars. He just wanted to feel out the house for their reaction if he were to take it.

I love Dan and Renny, but those two will not make it to F2 in any scenario I can think of in my mind.

ORKMommy said...

Yo Dan...lemme tell you a secret...IT'S A GAME!!!

Take April's money then don't use the veto on her. If she's dumb enough to give it up and trust you, then she deserves to lose it!

I know, it's not the most Christian thing to do but then again, going on BB isn't either!

cha cha said...

POV NOT USED!!!!!!!!!
But April is now offering money to Dan for him to vote for her to stay

lynn1 said...

monty924 said... I love Dan and Renny, but those two will not make it to F2 in any scenario I can think of in my mind.

Monty I agree with you 100%. The only way Renny will be in the final 2 is with Michelle or possibly Keesha,Col KA or Ollie.
Memphis and Dan have to know that Renny is liked by everyone. Anyone going to the final 2 with Renny will probably not win.
I think for this week it makes sense to send April packing. She is a MEAN girl and she also could win HOH or POV if she stayed around.
I think next HOH needs to consider final 2 scenarios. I believe that is what Renny was doing but it was too early to do that she had to break up the Ollie, April and COl KA alliance.
I am not a fan of Col. KA or Michelle but I think I would save them. One of them needs to be in the final 2.
I don't think anyone likes Jerry too much any more and Michelle bless her heart is kind of the invisible woman.
I think that any player up against either of these 2 stands a great chance of winning it all.

RBennie said...

I think Dan did the right thing in not using the POV. There was really no benefit for him.

Orkmommy you are so bad - take the money and then vote her out anyway - If Dan did that, then I really wouldn't have anyone left in there to root for.

One question - did April split the money between Jerry and Libra like she promised, or does she have it all?

Laurie said...

Lynn1, how can you say April is a mean girl? Didn't she just tell us last night that she's a nice girl? Were you not paying attention? I'm sure she will tell us again how nice she is and how jealous everyone is of her ______ (fill in the blank).

So the nominations remain the same, eh? That is good news. I didn't think Dan would change them but you never know. April should be pretty darn desperate now. I wonder if she will offer her new clothes as bribes since she didn't particulary like them in the first place. I do hope Ollie gets his quality time with her before she leaves (insert evil laugh). *sigh* They should have set up a jar to put money in everytime they had sex. Then she'd have real money to buy her way off the chopping block.

Buh-bye April, you sweet little lady with such a big heart and nice things to say about everyone. It's too bad you are so beautiful and kind. *gag*

becky said...

Laurie said... (about A/O)
They should have set up a jar to put money in everytime they had sex. Then she'd have real money to buy her way off the chopping block.

ROFWMPLOL!!!! Laurie, that needed a spit alert.


ORKMommy said...


You should have quoted quality time. That's what we do at home when we need time alone. We say "quality time" with finger quotes!

I wonder how long it will take for the 5yr old to catch on?

Laurie said...

Sorry about no spit alert. I never know when my humor (sick as it is) will cause that. *grin*

We used to go to our rooms to "read". I can't remember when that code was figured out. I think about age 8 or so. I liked you idea of Dan taking the money and then voting her out anyway. He could win other people's votes by doing that!

ORKMommy said...

And...he can just go to confession when he gets home and all will be forgiven!

cha cha said...

Memphis just admitted to Keesha that he will use the car as an incentive to someone to continue in the game...

I knew that was comming. He is a total gamer

PlaidChick said...

OMG orkmommy-- CLASSIC..

Hey Will and/or Boogie so would of done that.

Don't yall miss Libra? It's been a snooze fest.

While there will be much waffling between now and Thursday, April is going bye bye.

I fear Ollie and Michelle will team up, but I think he'll probably continue to lay low. A lot of people are saying the "show" is over once April leaves because she's so entertaining... entertaining at what?!

If the BB gods play it out Ollie will win HOH and a DE should be happening. If Ollie gets HOH.. Keesha and Renny will go up.

PlaidChick said...

cha cha said...
Memphis just admitted to Keesha that he will use the car as an incentive to someone to continue in the game...

Who the Hell wants a car that only has 10 miles to the gallon? I would be selling that sucker on E-bay with current and alums signing it. Since April is the only one who gives a damn about the car, maybe he'll give it to her for his vote. NOT

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing about the car. April is the only one who cares about him winning a car. The value to her goes up 10 thousand every time she talks about it.

cha cha said...

I agree with you. I was just lurking in on jokers and saw that. It caught my eye.

Early in the game Memphis said he would use the car because he doesn't have one.

Ebay would be a great way to go. He could make some good money off of that and buy a hybrid...

ORKMommy said...


I LOVE your picture! Poor little Holly!

I do have to admit that I felt kinda sorry for April when they were playing monkey in the middle with her & Holly. When I was in HS, I had a stuffed cat that was a favorite of mine. My brother & his friends would always do evil things to it. I came home one day and it was hanging from it's neck on the sliding glass door vertical blinds cord! Poor baby!

monty924 said...

PlaidChick said...
OMG orkmommy-- CLASSIC..

Hey Will and/or Boogie so would of done that.

A lot of people are saying the "show" is over once April leaves because she's so entertaining... entertaining at what?!

Yes, they would have, LOL!

I won't miss April's ugly faces she makes, nor her bitchy comments then "let me up to your face Baby" sweetness. I won't miss her huge land a plane on it forehead, and I definitely will not miss watching her and Ollie go at it under the sheets. Her fifteen minutes of porn fame are up. Nuff said.

monty924 said...

I won't miss April's ugly faces she makes, nor her bitchy comments then "let me up to your face Baby" sweetness.

That didn't come out right, lol. "let me eat you up to your face Baby" sweetness.

I really should proof before hitting publish, lol.

Clementine said...

Dear Jackie:

Thanks so much for the close-up of Dan! Oh, if only you could zoom in and right up that pant leg, then we would finally have an answer...


Animal, vegetable, mineral... or DANANA?

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why BB did nothing to Ollie after his tantrum when Michelle was nominated. If they didn't want to throw him out they should take something away from him like HOH for two weeks. Any answers. thanks