Saturday, August 09, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn

Yeah, Ollie is sitting pretty through the nominations. Even if Keesha or Libra are saved by the veto, his name isn't in the mix. It would most likely be Dan going up as a replacement. Here's what's happened since my last update:

  • Amongst other things, they did win a feast during their food comp.
  • Michelle is getting tired of being popular just because she's HOH, but thinks she would be on the block had she not won it.
  • Michelle is still ticked off about the "two-headed snake" remark regarding her and Jessie.
  • Everyone is on slop until their Saturday feast.
  • Dan's key was the last drawn from the box during nominations.
  • Michelle told him she did it for a reason. He has never won a comp, acts suspiciously, Jerry thinks he's America's Player, and he betrayed them by voting Jessie out.
  • Dan tried to defend his actions by saying he was told that April and company wanted to go after floaters next and he thought he was in danger of being nominated.
  • Apparently April's key was the first one pulled. Keesha thinks it odd that the person who put Jessie on the block was safe first.
  • Keesha told Dan that Memphis promised to save her with the veto if he wins it, but she's not sure if that promise is still good.
  • Dan said in the "celeb" food comp, Brian gave him hints by being overly fake to April and saluting Jerry.
  • Jerry told Ollie and April that Jen and Ryan had sex in the house. Oh, no ... he doesn't realize that Ollie and April are at it! @@
  • April, Ollie, and Jerry think the vote will be unanimous to evict Libra.
  • Renny is angry that she's considered a floater with Dan. She thinks a lot of people will go home from the house to find their actions have been looked upon as bad even though it is all a game.
  • Everyone ... well, Ollie, April, Libra, Keesha ... have all said that if the POV comp is a luxury one, they'll take the prizes over the POV. I doubt it will be a luxury one as they just had one last week. But it's interesting that the two on the block are saying it, eh?
  • Renny complained to Dan about Jerry's bad behavior -- grabbing boobs, bad manners, the way he plays the game so obviously playing up to the power each week, and acting all so high and mighty.
  • Michelle said she didn't put April on the block because her goal is to get Libra out. Too many people might vote for an April eviction over Libra -- it's more sure that out of Libra and Keesha, Libra would be voted out.
  • Keesha told Michelle that she's never been her target -- she wants others out of the house before Michelle.
  • Renny got ticked because when Dan said goodnight to Jerry, Jerry didn't even answer. She thinks Jerry is beyond rude.
  • Jerry is acting like Dan is a leper or something.
  • April told Ollie she wants Keesha and Libra to apologize to her. He told her not to bother -- they won't apologize because they have no morals. @@ -- like he's one to talk!
  • Michelle told Dan that if she had put up Jerry and Libra on the block, Jerry would go. She really, really wants Libra gone.
  • Dan says he wants the feed watchers to create a website -- Heh. Actually, I don't think he has any reason to worry about his job.
  • Dan once again said goodnight to Jerry upon going to bed. After a long pause, Jerry said goodnight to him.
  • Is all well in hamster land? I think not.


Anonymous said...

I was one of those who wanted to like Jerry, but I have to say I dislike him more and more with each passing day. I love the nominations and hope they stay te same until eviction night. I am rooting forDan and Renny, they strike me as just being really nice people. Ollie and April should be ashamed of themselves, sex is not a part of game playing. And Libra's explanation as to why she took the trip instead of the letter from her family fell short for me. I am sure her children are being well cared for but to not want to hear from them surprises me. Does she even miss her family?


Jackie said...

JK - I'd just as soon Libra go, but not due to the trip. On the feeds she talked about how she and her husband have had really trying financial times lately and how if she could get a luxury prize, she should go for it. Perhaps if her children were old enough to write, that might have made a difference. She knows if something horrible happens, BB will let her know. But her mother and husband have the children in good hands and it's not like the hopes and dreams of a child writing to the absent mother are the issue. That said, I don't think I would have left the children in the first place to even go on the show, but I feel taking the trip in lieu of a letter from her husband or mother wasn't a horrible thing to do.

Petals said...

Jax - You captured Ollie's essence as a non-presence which may float him to the final 2 or 3, sadly. Too bad all we've gotten to know about him amounts to 2 things:
1) he is a preacher's son
2) he has sex with April
(not necessarily in that order, natch)



Petals said...

And Jackie, I do agree with your analysis of the Libra/trip/letter scenario. I don't think Libra is the worst, most evil person in BB hx, I just don't dig her superiority complex.

I still like Jerry, that curmudgeon. Maybe cuz I have a soft spot for grandparents?

Renny's cool. I can see why she has such a great social life at home.

Dan's job in jeopardy? Heck no. In fact, I think he is doing them proud! GO DAN!

Anonymous said...

I want Libra to go over Keesha, but it would be more fun to see April go up if Libra won the POV.

I think April would go and that would really shake up the game. What would Ollie do in the house without April? Maybe he would actually have to start playing the game, or he could just follow her the next week to the jury. Oh, but he might like that.

Just do not like April, Keesha is right, the girl is fake.

Anonymous said...

Ok I just dont get it how come every season the people in the house only dress up for the live eviction ..I mean we can see them via computers and bbad show...I do love Renny & Dan Ollie blends into the wallpaper being a whipped male & a preachers son is his only standouts ...April I would love to see her at least on the block for several weeks in a row I mean we gotta have some one else to hate besides Jerry...We still have a lot of show to go so lets not spoil all the fun yet ...I like Libra she is beautiful and confrontationally good show...
too bad Michelle didnt put Ollie up there since April put her man on the block after promising he would be safe ...since when is the pawn ever safe? Y'all make me laff at the nicknames you create for these people...

Petals said...

Anon 12:02 ~ Ooooooh, you're right about Michelle should've put up Ollie. Which makes me wonder if Michelle (or anyone, for that matter) is even aware of the April/Ollie Bro-mance sextacular!

sharon said...

I bet,if Manchelle had April in the HOH room and told her either she or Ollie were going on the block,you would see April throw ole Ollie to the wolves so fast,your head would spin for a week.Don't like 'em,she's a plastic and he's wallpaper.

It's so funny that there are so many people M refuses to put up next to Libra cause she knows they'd be voted out instead of L.April,Jerry to name two.I'm questioning Memphis and just where he comes down in all of this?

For now,I just want Renny and Dan safe!Can't wait to see the food comp!

Sally said...

I wanted to like Jerry too--I'm really in favor of more age diversity on the show, But I fear Jerry may be setting that cause back. Don't think he's representing seniors well--who wants to watch a crude, crabby guy with lecherous tendencies and a HOH-hanger-on game plan?

Rennie, on the other hand, is advancing the cause of age diversity. After a bit of a rocky start, she's become a contributing houseguest, good competitor, thoughtful strategist and fun person. Didn't expect to like her, but I do.

becky said...

Petals said...
And Jackie, I do agree with your analysis of the Libra/trip/letter scenario. I don't think Libra is the worst, most evil person in BB hx, I just don't dig her superiority complex... I still like Jerry, that curmudgeon. Maybe cuz I have a soft spot for grandparents?... Renny's cool. I can see why she has such a great social life at home....Dan's job in jeopardy? Heck no. In fact, I think he is doing them proud! GO DAN!

I think Libra is a little too abrasive for her own good. Her mouth will be her downfall. As far as her taking a trip over a letter, while I wouldn't have passed up a letter from home doesn't mean that she was wrong. I wouldn't have lost that the precious time with my children to go on the show in the first place. At 29 I might not have been as wise. I don't think she realizes that her children will be grown and gone so quickly. When they are babies you think you have forever. When they go off to college you wonder how the time went so quickly.

I liked Jerry much better earlier in the show. You can tell that he is from another "previous generation" by his actions. (A) Former military officer -- used to giving an order and having it followed because he said so. (B) As no concept about sexual harassment. He is from a generation where men could get away with groping, nasty comments and belittling people. How many women my age (60's) had to learn to turn to protect their breasts because a boss thought it was fine to do what they wanted? I don't think he is any more dirty mouth than the rest of them. I think he is keeping the A/O nugget close to his chest until it is useful to him. Then he will let 'er rip.

I like Renny too. I am with many who are pulling for her and Dan.

I think Dan may have to answer to his (generalizing here) I can do what I want and then go to confession. Then all will be forgiven and okay. Not a message for a parochial school teacher to give to a bunch of teenagers.

Jackie I had to laugh and roll my eyes @@ at Ollie's comment about Keesha and Libra having no morals.

Anne said...

*Off Topic

Comedian Bernie Mac died this morning of pneumonia in a Chicago hospital.

Such a huge talent - such a tragic loss.

RIP Bernie - thanks for all the laughs.

Sydney said...

I thought your caption would say Ollie was praying, but apparently not!

Anon 11:31 Agree. Would like to see IF Ollie has game and what would happen to the house if April were gone.

Damn Anne -- just read your post about Bernie Mac. I knew he was sick but how can a relatively young man with the money to pay for great care die from Pneumonia???

Petals, I think Libra is actually playing but I just cringe around people who start shouting at people on a hair trigger. That would fit Jerry as well. And while viewers say it makes great TV, to me I turn it off. No appeal, just like watching too much dreadful coverage of disasters in the news.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you J.K. I wanted to like Jerry(mostly because of his age). I have always had a soft spot for senior citizens, but he does not come across as a nice person. I am also with you in rooting for Dan or Renny to go all the way to the end. My favorites almost never win. I always end up rooting for the lesser of the two evils. I really do not care much for the rest of the people in the house especially Jerry, Memphis and Libra. Ollie is okay, but he is almost non-existant to me. Either way, I am rooting for Dan or Renny.


Sally said...

I just noticed that the HOH blogs are now posted at the CBS BB web site. Jerry's has military references, Jessie is long-winded and uses stilted sentences, Keesha says that she and April are so much alike and April mentions no one else, not even Ollie.

Hope Dan and Rennie get to be HOH at some point, as I bet their blogs would be fun to read.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with Libra taking the trip and not the letter from home. As she said, her kids are well cared for and safe. And they're all under about 3, so none of them can really even communicate with her. Her husband and kids can see her on the TV and feeds if they want, so they already get from her what they can given the situation. To see her squeal over a letter isn't adding much to their lives.

And she already made the decision (right or wrong) to leave them to be in the game, the purpose of which was to win money and prizes. So don't squander everything - win money and prizes then. And after 3 months of taking care of the kids semi-alone, I'm sure her husband is very appreciative of the opportunity for a trip.

I don't much like her, but this isn't one of the reasons.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that everyone is pretty much starting to give Libra credit for playing the game. She is not the only one in the house that yells. Let's not forget Jerry, Memphis, Keesha, Renny, and Michelle. Pretty much everyone in the house has yelled. I think everyone is using her as an out. She is playing a good game. It's unfortunate that there have been so many lies on her in this game. I have never seen a season where people just target someone and lies this much. Everyone pretty much is throwing her under the bus. I hope she wins the POV and gets by this one.

Susan said...

I think Ollie is the biggest floater in the house. He has NO game at all.

As far as the colonel is concerned, just because he's old doesn't make him nice. I think he's a mean-spirited jerk. He tells everyone he never talks behind anyone's back! He even said he didn't say anything bad about Memphis! ("womanizer", that his job is not for someone his age-putting down being a bartender, etc.) Not a nice man.

I don't mind Libra going, I just hope April is next.

dla said...

Hi everyone!

Just a few thoughts based on the comments ~

I think Libra is extremely aggressive and confrontational, which you normally do NOT find in an HR representative. lol I don't begrudge or question her choice in taking the trip to Hawaii at all. She is there to play, and to win what she can. I completely understand and support that choice, and would have done the same thing in her shoes. They appear to be flat out broke with bill collectors calling, and she claims that is why they made the choice for her to play. Take the kids to Hawaii (or not!) and have some fun!

Jerry has proven to be extremely mean spirited, and without much memory. That makes me sad, as I was so hoping for someone more mature with G.A.M.E. I think in his case, actions speak much louder than words. And it ain't pretty.

If you have not yet watched House Calls with Jessie, it is an absolute must see!!! Talk about not having a grasp on reality... Whoa!! Poor kid. I think a big part of the problem in the house was that HE was playing a completely different game than the rest of the HG's. I am still unsure what game he was playing while they were playing Big Brother, and where he got his rule book. LOL

I want to see April out of the house, and I want A&O outed. Jessie confirmed that the HG's don't know they are "knockin' boots"... How is this possible?

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan Fans: It's a good angle. Geesh! LMAO!

Susan said...

Hi, dla; I agree about Jessie. He has his own take on reality. I know KIDS who have more maturity than Jessie. One of his problems is that he will not LISTEN to anything/anyone -he starts talking over everyone. He 'knows it all'. His take on the "analagy" (damn the person who taught him that word) where Rennie apologized after "smashing his car window in" and "waking him up" didn't make a bit of sense (on housecalls). I'm so very glad I don't have to see/hear him anymore. I'm surprised at Evil Dick for not giving him a hard time. I guess Janelle called Jessie "ugly" or words to that affect -we'll see Sunday.

The feeds were still out when I last looked (a while ago). I hope Libra goes home, then APRIL!!

Susan said...

Uh. Feeds are back, Jerry is bragging again, so it looks like maybe he won..? He wouldn't change anything - he's such a HOH kiss-ass.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up there are two of us using this computer Jackie ...
SO do not get mad at me for her postings ... I would use my name but I cant figure out how to do it everything I have tried backfires ...

joy n said...

Anon 3:27am - It's easy, just type it in at the end of your comments.