Sunday, August 31, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning

The top screen cap is Keesha's hands working on making a ... um ... an ... um, well, I never figured it out. It's some sort of head. Dan is painting his frog in the lower photo. I know. Painting your frog does sound like an euphemism, doesn't it? Yes, BB gave them arts, crafts, and alcohol in an activity bucket. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Paint Your Frog Solo:
  • Heh. Before they got yelled at for talking about their Diary Room sessions, Dan said his mobile question was about why he yells in the DR. That drives me crazy and I've mentioned it more than a few times in my show posts.
  • Renny is rightfully worried that she'll be leaving this week. Keesha told her she didn't know.
  • Memphis read the instructions from one of the crafts -- Safe for use by five year-old and up. He deemed they could play.
  • Jerry kept saying the show always ends on a Sunday, but he also says he's pretty sure the show is ending on September 25 (which is a Thursday). He's wrong on both counts. It has been ending on Tuesdays recent years and Survivor jumps into the Thursday slot immediately following the Tuesday finale. For some reason, the latter season premiere has been changed from 9/18 to 9/25. But the season finale of BB is set for 9/16, a Tuesday. It's Survivor which always ends on a Sunday, not BB. Jerry should know that.
  • Because BB gave the kids activities, they spent a lot of time playing games and making things instead of talking game.
  • Keesha tried to work Memphis a bit for a shot at her and Renny staying in the game.
  • Renny told Keesha that Jerry can be a "peckerhead." Heehee, so fitting!
  • Keesha told Renny that Jerry has been saying "Renny is only out for Renny." Renny wasn't surprised. She told Keesha that Jerry has been saying a lot of nasty things about her (Keesha), too.
  • Keesha and Renny think that Jerry wants a final three with the guys. They're wrong. From watching, I think Jerry wants Memphis, Keesha, and himself in the F3.
  • Except for Keesha, all want Renny out because they know if she makes the F2, she's sure to have the jury votes for the win. Keesha still has the friendship/loyalty thing going but she would definitely lose against Renny, too.
  • Jerry was monotonous, full of stories about himself and the wisdom of the ages. Now, I normally respect older folks and I sometimes enjoy tales they can tell. But Jerry's stories all seem the same old, same old, over and over again.
  • Renny thinks Dan is sucking up to Jerry in hopes that he won't vote him out.
  • Renny put a scarf around her neck and fake strangled herself for the camera. It looked like when Archie Bunker used to do the same sort of thing between strangling himself or shooting himself.
  • Renny told Keesha she thinks Jerry is boring because he tells the same stories over and over again. Phew, it's not in my mind! Keesha thinks Jerry is arrogant. Yeah, that too!
  • All are asleep as I post this.


lynn1 said...

I may be first today! I probably won't get a chance to post again until we get settled into our hotel later tonight or in the morning.
We received a recorded phone call at 2:35 AM form the Parish president saying we are under a mandatory evacuation. Traffic is going to be a bear. We face a 6 hour trip under best conditions it could take 8 to 10 hours now! BUt we do have a safe haven so all is good.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jackie, et al!!!

Even if Memphis & Dan weren't in an alliance, the smart thing for Memphis is to make sure he & Dan are the F2...
Dan has upset more members of the jury house than Memphis.....
Even though my wish is for Dan to win, I don't think the jury house is that forgiving.


Delee said...

Lynn1 and all who will have immediate effect of Gustav...I watch in shock and say to myself this can not be happening again (I pray it does not). My 2 kids and I spent 5 nights in New Orleans over Christmas and were glad to see the rebounding and rebuilding. Could all progress be destroyed?

At least some good sense is being practiced this time with the early evac and I hope most heed that they must go. Reading articles that state, "NO, we will not go", I hope they have their affairs tied up.

Leaving will be a slow drive to safety, but hopefully you will be safe. How far did/will you drive? All who are heading to safety let us know you are safe as soon as you can.

Prayers, Hugs and Gustav go away!!!

Anne said...

The weather channel showed folks getting on buses and trains that will take them to shelters. I can't imagine how it must feel leaving your home, not knowing where you're headed and if you will even have a home to return to.

My heart is heavy right now; I feel helpless and all I can do is pray for all those affected by this impending nightmare.

tbc said...

To Lynn and all the others on this board in the path of Gustav:

Good luck and be safe. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jackie, you do so much for us and I know that I am grateful. You deserve some time for yourself...hopefully you had a wonderful time!

Last night my family and 2 other families went to the local baseball game....the team's name...The Renegades! (I have been giggling since they named themselves this).

Joy N - You will be missed. I hope all is well.

Have a great day everyone.

Anonymous said...

I never post just a avid reader.

Would love for Renny to stay and win. I am now in FL but from New Orleans, and still have family there, who are now evacuated, again.
All lost their homes to flooding, lived in Lakeview. I don't know where Renny lives, but all of New Orleans is really in BIG trouble with this HUGE storm coming, it is the water that will doom them, but the wind too, oh my God! What a horror for Renny to come out of the BB house to NO house possibly!

I can bet her family is sorely missing her at this time, for she would be such a rock of strenght for her family at this time. I bet they are missing her terribly.
She will take this well, but grieve over not being there for them with all this happening for sure.

Anonymous said...

do you think that they will inform the houseguests/renny about the hurricane? i mean, this is her family and house, not just random news. i would assume they would, how could they not?

Anonymous said...

I would like to think that the powers to be at BB use some sense and inform Renny about the hurricane. Gustav is the real thing that will effect her family, not a game she choose to participate in. She has a right to know what is happening so that she can decide to stay or leave.


Patty said...

lynn1 and everyone in the area of the storms and hurricane: I want to wish you a safe trip out and I pray that you return safe. Hopefully, you will not be faced with such devastion you had endured the first time around.

Stay safe everyone and know that many of us are thinking of you and sending many prayers your way.

TerryinCA said...

(((lynn1))) cant even imagine...God protect you! and everyone else in that whole region

I, too, think they should tell Renny...remember the last season when the guy left for a "family emergency" this certainly qualifies..More than that i think cbs should bring her family here to be safe and greet her when she comes out.

sue said...

Last season, or was it the one before, a hg's grandparent died, and they told him and, I think, he got to choose whether to leave the house or stay. Does anyone remember the details? I think it is Rennis's decision to make and not a produceers. I don't know what their contracts say, though.

Laurie said...

lynn, thinking of you and all the others who are in the wake of Gustav.

sue said...

Renny's decision, sorry.

Nana in the NW said...

I really hope they tell Renny today and, at least, let her talk to her family. Some examples of past times that HG were notified of crisis in their families:

*Ryan's grandfather died and they let him talk to his family

*Last season Josh's partner in the game(forget his name) left because of a family emergency

*A couple seasons ago a young man left because his cousin was killed in a college campus shooting

I know during 911 they didn't notify the HG but nobody had any immediate family killed.

I hope Renny had an evacuation list(as many of you do) for her family to use in packing. She will be sooo upset if something is lost in the hurricane because she wasn't notified and able to tell her family what to take with them!!

susan--please don't ever feel like an outsider here! We LOVE new commenters. Sometimes the comment area is so full it's hard to read them all.
And Thank You for using your name even though you are feeling uncomfortable. After while I start to know commenters personalities and it helps to not wonder which anonymous person a commentrer is. (If you followed that, way to go!! I even confused myself! LOL)

Today is the anniv. of Princess Diana's death....still makes me sad to think about.

Anonymous said...

I thought BB did notify the houseguests after the 9/11 attacks. I vaguely remember one of the women had a cousin that worked in the world trade center and, she elected to continue to play. I could be wrong, it has been awhile ago. Lets just all pray that where ever Gustav hits, damage of all types is minimal.


MCarr said...

Monica was the houseguest from 9/11 that lost her cousin in the WTC. She was told that her cousin was missing and was able to talk to her family. She decided to stay in the house with her family's support. I am sure BB will tell Renny about the hurricane and will allow her to talk to her family.

Anne said...

Laurie how is your mouth today? I hope the pain is subsiding.

Laurie said...

Hi Anne, my mouth is healing very well, thanks. We could almost watch the swelling recede yesterday. I'm down to just ibuprofen for the pain and expect to be finished with that soon. I know there's much more to come but I'll face that as it happens.

Anonymous said...

my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the path of Gustav may everyone be safe
bad news on the left coast ie or no BB listed tonight jerry lewis
if someone could post a link to a site where i could watch.

everyone keep safe
mamawolf aka judi or

Delee said...

I feel for Rennie...Will BB tell her about Gustav? Will they allow her to leave once she is voted out, like it looks she will be?
How will she feel if BB does not tell her that her home and family may be/are in danger? If they do tell her, all she will do is worry and become a basket case, whether in the cage or SH. This is a tough call for BB, and with three weeks or so left I am not sure what the right call is!!!

Delee said...

I believe Rennie is from Metarie LA...just north of NO, but on Lake P. Not the best place for what is coming...

Zoetawny said...

Just a short note...

Sending prayers to all of those in harms way of Gustav.


God bless and stay safe. We will be relieved to hear back from you when it's possible.

I would think AG would have a heart and allow a phone call from Renny's family considering the mandatory evacuation in New Orleans.



I know this is going to sound corny, but God bless us all.

Auntie Leigh said...

I saw somewhere just recently that Monica's cousin was never found after 9/11. I think they did tell the hgs about 9/11. Renny should be told, I think. But she should not go there! Everyone is evacuating. Including Lynn1. (Let us know when you reach safety, Lynn)
I was wondering too, about Dan yelling in the DR. I think maybe he is just being "Coach".
Can't wait for tonight. I hope Memphis saves Dan. All the hgs should want to go to F2 with Dan because he has antogonized pretty much the whole jury, hasn't he? Ollie, April, Michelle, ....those guys will be chanting "anybody but Dan" just like we were chanting "anybody but Jerry". Bye all...

sue said...

zoetawny, I know you have things going on that keep you busy, but it is good to see a post from you today.

meb said...

Everyone who is affect by Gustav, take care and heed what you are being told. Evacuate as soon as you can. lynn1, let us know as soon as possible when you get to safety.

Zoetawny...thanks for the hugs. They are greatly appreciated. I go Tuesday to find out what comes next and I'll keep everyone posted. And "God Bless us All" is not corny in the least. It's perfect!

Susan, you are certainly not invisible. I notice each and every time you post and am very interested in your comments. Hang in with us... we are family here and you are most definitely part of it.

Laurie... glad to hear you're almost over the pain. Sorry to think about what comes next. Know we are thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Zoetawny -- I second that! It's NEVER corny!


fa said...

I just read that about an hour ago on the feeds, Jerry was in the backyard looking up at a ? banner plane and he fell backwards into the pool! I had turned the feeds on apparently right after this, so I didn't see it.

But I bet it's on YouTube somewhere.

He's OK, so it's funny. Bet they show it on the show.

sue said...

Jerry falling in pool is already on youtube. He said he hurt his a** and that BB needs a fence around that part of pool so people won't fall in. I can see me doing just what he did, but I know I would still be laughing at myself if I did. I wouldn't be blaming the lack of a fence.

Laurie said...

Zoetawny, it's not corny to say God bless us all. We all need it, especially those in peril right now. thanks for the hug!

Meb, thanks for the good wishes. I took a rest this afternoon and it turned into a 3 hour nap. Isn't it amazing how our bodies shut down to concentrate on healing?

I keep thinking of Lynn and her family, along with all the others in the path of Gustav. Prayers for all of them that they are safe and out of harm's way.

TerryinCA said...

Laurie I am so glad oyou took a nap!
I just have to say being outside just now there are really fast forceful winds...and I thought about Lynn1 and felt a shudder go through me.
I cannot imagine, but I can pray.

PMS in Kzoo MI said...

youtube jerry pool

PMS in Kzoo MI said...

Also, does anyone know why I have to keep resetting my password. I am never albe to sign on with doing this step. Thanks for any help


Auntie Leigh said... has taken me about 2 seasons to figure out how to sign in to this site. Have you "signed in" up at the top right corner in itty-bitty print? Then, your settings can effect how often your puter can remember pass words. Most of the guys on this site are pros and can do all sorts of stuff. Meb is one. Zoet. another. How these guys do it all is impressive. I am grateful to have been so graciously accepted by them. It is almost time for the show on the East Coast but I wait and watch h it here, out West. It is going to be hard to wait this time, tho. Good luck with signing on. My daughter had to finally show me. And now I have a blog-daughter, too. Talk to you guys later. And prayers to all you Gulf Coasters. Be safe!! Poor Lynn1. I wonder if she is still stuck in traffic? Let us hear from you. girlfriend.

meb said...

I don't mean to be mean, but Jerry falling into the pool was funny! Thanks for the link pms in kzoo mi...

auntieleigh... that's also funny that I'm a pro and can do lots of stuff on the computer. Zoetawny however is the pro! Her graphics are wonderful. I wouldn't know how to put up a graphic if I tried. I don't even know how I got my "Roofus" avitar up and I haven't been able to change it since. LOL

As for having to sign in with password each time. That only happens to me if I exit the site and have to log back in, otherwise all I have to do is type the word verification. I usually just minimize the page and when I come back in later, I refresh the page to see if Jackie has posted something new.

Otherwise, I know how to type and click on "publish your comment"... but thanks for thinking I'm smarter than what I am. LOL