Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Thursday and Craig Ferguson

Yes, at the top of this report there is the video of the houseguests' latest appearance on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Heh. Julie called out Ollie at the end for calling her "mama." The two screen caps are ones I took of Renny, Libra, and Keesha having late night slop snacks.

Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Society's Misfit Toys:
  • Jerry had a staring contest with Michelle's stuffed dog. The dog won.
  • Keesha told Michelle that she's worried about being voted out. She knows that April told Libra that she wanted to talk to her and she's still very concerned about that.
  • Libra went to Dan to try to get his vote (the Ollie, April, Jerry plan). Dan told her he'd have to know more about who's involved -- he wants names. When Libra told Ollie that Dan wanted names, they thought it suspicious. In the end they deemed the plan too risky.
  • Michelle talked to Jerry to get confirmation that he's voting out Libra. He told her it wasn't Libra running the alliance. He told her that he thought Keesha should go, but he'll vote out Libra.
  • Ollie, April, and Michelle think it's very suspicious that Craig Ferguson has never asked Dan any questions on their show appearances.
  • Michelle said if the vote is 5-1 for Libra to go, she'll know Dan is AP.
  • Memphis would like the HOH comp to be a pie-eating contest. Heehee!
  • They were called into the Diary Room to tape goodbye messages for Keesha and Libra.
  • Dan, Memphis, and Keesha talked about "some people" craving the attention on Craig Ferguson. They thought April looked ridiculous in the afro wig on the show.
  • Renny told Dan he's eventually going to have to face issues and stop hiding his head under his pillow.
  • April, Jerry, and Ollie tag-teamed Michelle trying to convince her that Keesha needs to leave this week.
  • It wasn't successful.
  • Michelle still says she saw the banner plane. (Which was a birthday greeting for someone NOT in the house. Why does she keep lying?)
  • Meanwhile, Dan talked with Michelle and told her there was no good reason to keep Libra.
  • Dan also told Michelle that Libra came to him with the flip the vote plan.
  • Renny, Libra, and Keesha gathered in the the kitchen for a late night slop feast. They have tried being creative with the slop. I bet that if they were told that chef Julia Child was a WWII spy for the USA, they'd think it was a fake news story.


Delee said...

I saw the article about Julia not just a cook!!!!

Delee said...

PS What is a site to watch the show tonight? Mine not on until 4:00am the way 1st HAHA

Anonymous said...

Just saw this on

PollVote on Big Brother.
Want to shake things up in the big brother house? Now's your chance. It's time for america's vote!

The next food competition will put half the houseguests on slop…but this week you have the power to give the house an unlimted supply of one additional food item.

Which food item would you like to give the houseguests for the week?

Giant Lollipops



nomad said...

I cannot get over how poorly this bunch is able to get along with each other.
The yelling and screaming at each other is practically constant, from what I see on TV!

BTW, sorry for not commenting more this time around, in a week my family is moving across the country, (to Vancouver Island) and there is so much to be done here to wrap things up!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Dan didn't fall for the keep Libra plan. I think it's funny that he wanted names on who wanted to keep her. That boy is no fool. I don't want him to be stuck in an O/J/A alliance. I think he has a better chance sticking with Memphis and Keesha and Renny of making it to the end.

Thanks for putting up the CF clip Jackie. I taped it but i didn't tape long enough and missed it.

jb said...

Dan was foolish to say yes to being AP. I like him, but he's not nearly slick enough to pull it off. (He just ain't no ERIC--who was a genius at it)

It's going to most likely get him kicked out--otherwise, I think he could'a won.

cha cha said...

Now that Michelle spoke with Ollie about the vote, I am sure they are going to make it 5-1 just so she has her suspisions correct. O/J/A are gonna get Dan trapped.

ORKMommy said...

I don't think O/J/A are smart enough to trap anyone. I don't think they could find their own way out of a paper bag!

I think we should call them the Judas Alliance! :-)

Anonymous said...

I voted for coconuts ... I think they'd be the most fun to play with.

On the switch to voting out Keesha instead of Libra, and then flipping on that plan to making one vote for Libra and blaming it on Dan ... I predicted this days ago. Just not here.

Kudos to Dan for telling Michelle what Libra said. She needs her eyes opened to the fact that her new found friends are not friends at all. Also that April did not NEED to put Jesse up and Jerry has no leg to stand on since he COULD have taken Jesse off the block.

Jerry was an officer? I don't think so. Just because they call him the Colonel doesn't mean he ever had any title. In fact, from his stories, he got in a lot of trouble with the MPs for getting in fights when he was in the service. He was not career military. (If someone has proof otherwise, I'd be happy to see it.)

The DR does not manipulate or influence them ,,, unless you think asking questions to get them to think for themselves is manipulation.

The whole show is about paranoia.

Go Dan! Go Renny!


Delee said...

Coconuts would be fun if they have bottles/cans, they could set up a bowling alley. Something for them to do!!!

I was anon who posted the poll, I hit circle too fast!

nancy in nj said...

i'm dan STILL AP or was it just for one week? i was under the impression that it was a one week "job" worth 20k.

cha cha said...

it was only one week. I think they will do it again at some point.

Does anyone think tonight begins double elimination? I can't remember what week it happened in past seasons.

I think that Michelle will always believe Dan is AP only because everyone keeps drilling it in her head. Remember everything Jesse said was true according to her. I think she thought he was god...

Donna in AL said...

I think they should get coconuts because it will be fun to watch them fight over who gets to the toilet first and who poops their pants! Since they are all eating slop, the coconuts and juice should "work" them pretty good.

joy n said...

I liked Julie's dress. She should stick to simple lines.

April was just begging for attention with that ugly wig.

What was Michelle's whole remark to Craig when he asked what he had to do to wear a leotard? I played it back a few times and still couldn't understand what she was saying. All I could get was, "I have a - - if you want one." Julie looked shocked and said she wouldn't touch that when Craig asked what she said. Anybody catch that?

Now they suspect Dan must be AP because he doesn't get questioned by Craig or Julie. Maybe he needs the Afro wig next week. It worked for April.

Jen said...

Good Morning all!!

Just watched the CF show! Joy I think Michelle said that she had a unitard in large if he wanted it! (I think)

I think even if Dan wasn't AP they would still be convinced that he was AP. Dan is just a nice guy that likes to have fun and therefore they think his AP. I think it's funny! He plays it off pretty well!!

Yes, the whole banner thing is just getting ridiculous!! Have you noticed that Michelle doesn't talk about the banner when Memphis is around!!

Tonight should be good! Happy Live Eviction Day!!

cha cha said...

She was saying she had a large that he could wear

joy n said...

Thanks, Jen and Cha Cha, the way Julie reacted, I thought it was maybe something totally different.

Anonymous said...

I vote for bologna! Even if they are all full of bologna...I'd like to see them plump up, have a zit or two, LOL! [Yeah...feeling nasty.]
Hang in there, Dan, Renny, Memphis, and Keesha. Take the Judas Aliance down! Oh..who do I give credit to for that name? Love all your comments!
Patty Q

Anonymous said...

I just turned on House Calls at the CBS site to catch up on some more BB10. I turned it off. I couldn't stand watching Evel Dick. He has no manners, no consideration for the next person that may sit on the couch. He has his big boots on the couch. Who raised this animal? He has walked through all kinds of disgusting stuff on the way into the studio. [You've seen any common city street. And ED is the biggest spitter in BB history.] Where have everyday considerations for others gone? Get that disgusting thing pig off of House Calls.

monty924 said...

I think Michelle said, "I have a large ONE, if you want it." She meant unitard but didn't say unitard. Julie and Craig picked up on that one right away.

Looking forward to the HoH tonight. Anyone but A/O/J winning would be fine in my book. See you all later.

formerly anon said...

Eww, will somebody please take the horrific sleeveless shirt away from Jerry and hide it in the toilet tank or something? Jeeez, I just can't stand seeing him wear it. And he loves to put his arms up over his head, yuck! I just don't want to see his underarms, ok? It's one thing when a young guy does it, but ewwwwwwwww! And stupid Michelle had to (WHY???) flatter him last night, calling his arms "big guns" (!!!) and he said yeah, well I work out 3 times a day ya know... EWWWWW he's just gross

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that when Michelle eats she chews with her front teeth?It's really gross and ill manered. (sp) Sorry, had to put in my two cents on that, I have a real pet peeve with people eating with their mouth open, Libra does it a lot as well. And btw, I cant stand Jerry either. He is a dirty old man, and his voice is like taking finger nails to a chalk board, YUCK!

monty924 said...

Correction... "I have a size LARGE if you want ONE"

formerly anon said...

On the "size large" thing - my first interpretation of Chen's take on what was said was that she was calling him fat. The second interpretation was she was calling him big. That Chen has a dirty little mind doesn't she? She's the one who totally steered that comment off track, cuz Craig didn't even hear it, and Michelle is naively clueless, just like Jesse.

formerly anon said...

So I watched a little bit of BBAD last night and this was pretty much what I heard from the A/O/J/M pool table club:

"Why did Dan vote like that? I mean, why would he do that? The only explanation would be if he was America's Player, that's the only logical explanation. But why did he do it? It doesn't make sense. I just don't get it. Why did Dan do that? Why would he vote that way? Why? I can't figure it out! It just does not make sense. What are we missing? Maybe there are two America's Players! Or maybe everyone else except us (A/O/J/M) are America's Players! Wow, then we are hot shit to have survived odds like that! But why did Dan vote Jesse out? I don't understand. It doesn't make any sense at all. Unless he's AP. That's the only thing that might explain it. But why did he vote that way? Why? I just don't get it. Why? Why? Why?"

Between the four of them, they don't even have one full brain.

I can't wait til, at the end, when they learn that Dan was AP (for 1 week) just watch them all say: "I KNEW IT!!"

formerly anon said...

Also, that was my first time watching Craig Ferguson, although it seems that I remember him from old Drew Carey shows (yes?)

When/where is his show? I mean, is it on TV or the net?

Jackie said...

Formerly - Craig is on every weeknight right after Letterman late night on CBS.