Thursday, August 21, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Thursday Dawn

The feeds have been so boring that I messed with a screen cap of Jerry last night as I watched the hamsters. Original screen cap above, tampered with below. Oh, I know I'm no Zoetawny. I can't make anything move.

Here's the latest news from the Big Brother House of Lonesome Losers:
  • Ollie thinks BB wants to bring out the ugly in people. Well, yeah ... if it didn't, the show would be a snooze!
  • Michelle decided she would refrain from cussing for the day. She made a valiant effort.
  • Keesha has been feeling sorry for Jerry -- she thinks the stress of the game is wearing on him. Uh-oh, will he be her next "cause"?
  • They went into an indoor lockdown expecting it to be for Craig Ferguson (which indeed was a repeat last night).
  • Ollie told April he was playing for himself and trusted no one after April asked him if he trusts Renny.
  • Ollie thinks the HOH comp will be endurance. I'm not so sure.
  • Ollie asked April to be his first girlfriend. Apparently all the others he's bragged about were just for sex, I guess. What an honorable man!
  • Dan told Keesha and Memphis that he finds it interesting that Ollie is suddenly complaining about Jerry. Well, duh.
  • The hamsters found out that Craig is on "hiatus" as they put it. I didn't catch April's reaction on the feeds. She had to be crestfallen ... it was her next big shot at making a fool of herself ... er, gaining Hollywood stardom.
  • Dan made everyone squeamish talking about slaughterhouses and how animals are killed for food. In its own way, BB is a bit of an abattoir.
  • Memphis said "they" (DR, I assume) ask him a lot of questions about Renny. Hmm ... the DR knows that Renny doesn't trust Memphis ... are they planting seeds for him?
  • Ollie zipped April in her suitcase and wheeled it around shocking Keesha and Jerry. Now, that was funny. I hope it makes the show!
  • Renny told Keesha the DR asked her about her (Keesha's) laugh. Heck, just ask ME, BB! Every time she starts laughing, I have to jump to turn down my speakers before the neighbors call the cops!
  • April said the DR told her that she's a "new revised Janelle." Blech! So not true from everything I've seen! I was never a huge Janelle fan, but April is nowhere near the player and more like ... um, I don't know. Just not Janelle.
  • BB told them they aren't allowed to talk about production.
  • Ollie told April he wants her to call him Brian when he leaves the house. I know that his real name isn't Ollie, but I forgot it's Brian.
  • Dan continues his antics -- scaring people and general goofiness -- making the others laugh and Renny to comment that she doesn't know what's wrong with that boy.
  • April and Ollie had sex ... again.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.

Random off topic note: I'm all hyped for a new show tonight! You know I'm a cop show buff kind of person. Tonight is the premiere of Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force on A&E. Normally, I wouldn't be all this psyched about the show, but it's my county's car theft task force featured for the entire season. I've been hearing of their work for years and saw them in action once. There's a write-up in the Star Ledger today about the show. Since Hopkins ended, my slot is open. Yay!

Great minds think alike added note: Heehee. I just opened my email and found this in it from Zoetawny!


Anonymous said...

With Dan's feeling on women, does anyone think he thinks a women deserves to win.

RBennie said...

Good Morning all. I see there's not much excitement going on in the BB house. Wouldn't it be nice if, for once, eviction night wouldn't be so predictable. We have not been surprised yet this season, and tonight won't be any different. So long April. I'm sure Libra will be glad to see you, ha ha.

Jackie, I've been seeing the previews for that new show "Jacked" and it looks like it might be worth watching. I will check it out.

ORKMommy said...

Jackie said " slot is open."


I know, I'm childish! :-)

nancy in nj said...

morning all. another incredibly beautiful day here.

i am pretty curious to see how the O/A "relationship" plays out after bb. hhmmmmm....i can see "brian" now...."guess who's coming to dinner?" wow!! can you imagine his parents having to meet april for the first time..after having been able to watch their son "courting" her in the bb house? oh to be a fly on THAT wall!!!

i like renny..i just hope she starts to really watch her step. i see her becoming a huge target.

keesha keesha keesha...don't fall for jerry's "poor me" garbage.

dan dan banana man....still routin for ya!

and april another janele???? SPIT SPIT SPIT UGH!!! sacrilidge!!

hahahaha my verification is....lotffpg!!

Jackie said...

ORKMOMMY! Go to your room! Gutter mind!

RBennie said...

Orkmommy - you remind me of my daughter who giggles every time she hears the word "panties" - don't ask me why - LOL

RBennie said...

As far as April being anything like Janelle goes, the only thing they have in common is that neither is a natural blonde.

ORKMommy said...

I was a Beavis & Butthead fan for a while so I revert to that mindset occasionally.

I can't believe I just admitted that!

Laurie said...

Jackie and Zoetawny, your graphics and your sychronicity of thought were great. The "I'm a streetfighter" comments were ripe for picking, weren't they? Good job!

I didn't watch the show when Janelle was on but I've read a lot about her. She should be quite insulted that April said she is the current version. No, April, you are you and there's no getting out of that one.

I can't wait to see who Ollie/Brian is when he is on his own. I so want to see something from him other than his shuffling around and hiding under his many hats. Show us some game, Ollie!

I don't want him to win, I just don't want him to go straight to the sequester house. I want Michelle to have a chance to comfort Ollie, cuz you know she's going to go there!

Off topic: PDx Granny, I'll be at
851 SW 6th Ave. for my training. Is that anywhere near where you work? I'd love to meet up with you one evening next week!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if ollie is looking for a sugar momma because one night on bb after dark or maybe the show i cant remember but april was saying how she is excited and cant wait to take care of him..i am not sure how much money april makes but ollie is pretty much using her, I cant believe she cant see it.

Keeshas laugh= ok well my mom and dad watch BB , and the after dark show also. my dad is always saying how he thinks Keesha is pretty, but her laugh makes him feel like he might throw up..I agree her laugh is WAY worse than mine, in my own opinion.
-Jamie Mae-

RBennie said...

Off Topic - Did anyone see Project Runway last night? They had to design outfits for drag queens. They were way over-the-top fabulous. They have a very good group of designers this season. There hasn't been too much drama yet, but I'm sure its coming.

Sasha said...

Jackie, your bon mots are always appreciated but I have to give extra props for finding the perfect sentence in which to use "abattoir"!! Very impressive!!

Oh and Ollie usually just refers to women he's been "dating" (euphemism if I ever heard one)but ya see April wants to be his "girlfriend". LOL...guess that makes her feel like she's still such a nice girl. Oh, and pretty too. Much prettier than Keesha.

Anonymous said...

Love the black eyes on Jerry. Guess he is not much of a street fighter or maybe we haven't seen the other guy

Sally said...

Why do so many BB houseguests think their show participation is going to lead to some sort of fame and stardom? The show sure doesn't showcase any talent or beauty, and tends to focus on undesirable character traits. I can't really think of any contestant who has gained fame, beyond BB circles. Or maybe some have that I'm not aware of?

Laurie said...

rbennie, I have Project Wunway on tape and will watch it tonight. From the previews it looks like it will be a good one. No real drama yet but sure some gossiping and opinions about everyone else, yes? My favorite moment, last week's "I have impeccable taste" and the laughter that came after that comment!

Petals said...

Grrrr - April, them's fightin words when you mention my Janey! Believe me, hon, you are NO JANEY!

Petals said...

Oh, Jackie - wanted to add kudos to you for "abattoir".

cha cha said...

There is no way to compare April to Janey...Janey was the best.So awesome.

BB houseguests to stardom--
Dick seems to have done well for himself. I know many people didn't like him, but I was one of the few who LOVED him. He has housecalls, his show on Realplayer(which he isn't totally happy about-tweaks for next season) and a project that is getting attention from the big 3 networks.

On another note--Think tonight will begin Double elimination week?


Petals said...

Cha Cha - Don't forget about Dr Will & Mike (blech) "Booger" Malin and their success with all those LA hotspots.

Wonder what happened to Kaysar?

cha cha said...

Yeah but those two had businesses before hand. Sorry I didn't count them. I should have.

Is King Kayser doing housecalls this season. I am back at work and dont get a chance to watch. I used to watch in the evenings. Why does work interfere.
I used to have the feeds but with me at work I can't watch them. I am so cheesy I have Jackie's site up first thing in the morning, then read comments all day along with Jokers reading updates through the day.

Laurie said...

Jackie, abattoir sent me to the dictionary!

cha cha said I am so cheesy I have Jackie's site up first thing in the morning, then read comments all day along with Jokers reading updates through the day.

You mean this isn't normal behavior? I join you in the cheesiness. Terry in CA joins us, too. She wants me to call her as soon as Jackie blogs the eviction and the HOH tonight.

We all have real lives, I know, but this blog and BB (in that order) make summer much more fun!

Laurie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RBennie said...

I don't think Kaysar felt very comfortable in the limelight. He was probably really shocked to learn how many women were lusting after him - and yes I was one of them - LOL.

Sasha said...

LOL I don't count Mike Malin for much of anything. JMO. And he/Will had businesses beforehand.

In answer to the Kaysar question, he does join Gretchen as a guest host once a week. Sorry, but I'm not sure which day is his. This season rather than one guest host with Gretchen, there's a different one each day. Daniele (Dick's daughter), Sheila, Bunky, Kaysar, and Evel Dick each take a day.

Anne said...

Cheesy & proud of it!

I check in at 5 in the morning with my coffee, again around 9 with my breakfast (thanks Orkmommy for the breakfast visual ;>)- again in the afternoon with lunch -and then again in the evening (working my buns off in-between.)

Definitely perks up my day...

Patty said...

Great graphics Jackie and Zoe!

cha cha said...

Yay...I am not the only one who loves BB in the summer time. I must say that this is really the only show I watch that Jackie Blogs about.
I do check in from time to time during the year but when it comes to summer this is my first site in the morning.

dla said...

April can only WISH that she is the new Janelle...

dla said...

rbennie, I loved Project Runway last night! It was a great episode.

Unless one of them makes a blunder of epic proportions, I predict the mousy girl will be the next to go... What do you think? She has been a near miss week after week.

Donna in AL said...

OMG, I am cheesey!
I log on as soon as I get to work and keep the blog up all day, checking in several times an hour. I log on when I get home and just keep checking back as I surf the net.
I was told I was obsessed last year but now that I've gotten the rest of the family into BB, they all ask who won, what's going on, was the POV used?

Jackie and Zoe, I love the graphics! How are you feeling these days, Jackie?

{{{{{MEB}}}}} we miss you

RBennie said...

Hey DLA, I know, I loved last night's show. Drag queens are fun aren't they? I agree with you about the mousy girl who's name I can never remember. She hasn't really made anything that impressed me yet, and poor Daniel is delusional. Overall though, It think they are a very talented bunch.

monty924 said...

Abattoir... I had to look that one up myself, LOL!

Now for some Youtube fun to get you in gear for tonight's HoH comp. Word is that it will be an endurance comp and I'll do good to make it til midnight. UGH! Leaving for a weekend vacay tomorrow. :(

Interjections by Keesha (to the old Schoolhouse Rocks cartoons... I loved those :) NSFW - Use headphones if needed.

cha cha said...

according to the hg's over at jokers there was jungle type music this morning. They think it is endurance and they have to hang on to vines(ropes)....songs were Jungle Boogie, Hang on Susie, and one more Michelle coulsn't remember...
Its very funny, Michelle is talking like she is winning this veto. She keeps saying that Memphis and Dan will go up..Of course this is to Ollie and April..
Michelle is reminding more of Wamber..Very Dilusional(sp)

AlbGlinka said...

Ollie is one of the most boring people I've ever seen on a RE:Ality TV show... if more were like him, my addiction would be cured I think. Thankfully I do not have to see the sex.

Dan, on the other hand... I've tried to restrain myself, but: yummy.

ps: no Project Runway post-show spoilers please, I don't see it until my friend gives me a tape on Friday night, as I don't have Bravo! ;-)

Tom`S said...

April and Ollie had sex ... again.
They're all asleep as I post this.

And then Jerry sat by and watched, Jerry needs to join April and Ollie already!

I believe April and Ollie have evenly plotted.

IMO it's beyond me if Renny actually believed Ollie in regards to Memphis, Geez his girlfriend of 2 mins is on the block.
My dad wasn't a minister, he instilled strong values in all of his son's, I can only speak for myself, my Dad's strongest belief was respecting our Mom.
I realize men get tempted, but it's annoying listening to Ollie/April.

I miss my Dad, taken to soon. I guess it annoys me my younger brother takes his anger out on a car that he agreed to sign over to a relative, this relative brings the worst in him, she knows it, I suffer. Haha Nooo don't want to hear about the car anymore, if his vehicle is what get's my brother rattled, then fight in order to get his car back. My ears hurt. It was a good week.. I better look at photos, my ears are seriously throbbing, April isn't close to Janelles range. Sorry for my rant. Maybe i should start drinking, although today I realize it doesn't solve anything.

Anne said...

tom's said: Maybe i should start drinking, although today I realize it doesn't solve anything.

Tom, rant away. It's much healthier than drinking and no side effects...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Jackie said:
The hamsters found out that Craig is on "hiatus" as they put it. I didn't catch April's reaction on the feeds. She had to be crestfallen ... it was her next big shot at making a fool of herself ... er, gaining Hollywood stardom.
rofl man do you have her pegged
and I was a Janelle fan and ugh APril is nowhere near a Janelle
I have been watching since season one and while I was wrong about Will ( I hated Shanon ) this isnt something I am wrong about April is multi talented she can hug ur neck stab u in the back kiss ur hiney all at the same time
I love Survivor tho
and I like ur messing with Jerry's picture he does have a blown up view of himself

Sydney said...

Jackie -- You are kidding me that that's what Zoe sent!!! I can't believe it!

Nana in the NW said...

Joker's has a link to Renny's HOH blog--interesting reading. She gives her take on all the HG.

Tonight we find out it's time for America to choose who gets a phone call from home. The winner will receive the call on Tues. show. I'm pulling for Dan(unless he wins HOH). As much as I don't like Jerry it would be nice for him to talk to his wife. When you have been with someone for 54 years this has to be a long 40 days for him...especially since she is in ill health.

I finally figured out that Keesha's BF is really an ex-BF. He moved out two months before she left for the show. That explains why there were no pics. of him in her HOH.

I watched a video of Renny, A, and O from yesterday. They were talking about relationship vs. romance. Ollie insists this is much more than that...says he's moving to April's town but won't live with her because he doesn't want to get on her nerves...LOL. She wants him to move in...she makes good money and can take care of him.....hmmmmmm....sounds like "control" him to me!

Renny seems to REALLY like Ollie and talks about how well she knows him from their talks early in the show. I missed that!

Sounds like a good HOH tonight--probably endurance--are you rested up, Jackie??

Sydney said...

Stared at abattoir for quite awhile, then finally looked it up. At least something about BB has stretched my mind (thanks to you J)

RBennie -- Yes, of course watching Project Runway and loved last night. This year and last they had such talented people... it really is the best of these kind of shows imho. One of the things I like about it is that the designers mostly help each other and haven't been hideous -- a little bitchy is fine, but it's kind of like we're all talented, may the best win.

Nancy in Nj -- All I can say to your comments are right on sistah

Call me naieve, but when I saw April tell Ollie she could nto wait to take care of him, I thought she meant as in making dinner, running his bath, that kind of thing. And while no ILY's have been said, am I the only one who thinks they have a real relationship -- or at least APril thinks so? I haven't seen Ollie talking about girls he had sex with so maybe I'm way off.

OFF TOPIC: Leaks for DWTS: Kim Kardashian, Lance Bass (supposedly paired with a male dancer), Tonic Braxton, Brooke Burke, Mark McGrath, Misty the volleyball star

Laurie and PDX Granny -- I want to come too!!!!!

Why don't April and Ollie SAY SOMETHING to Jerry if he's looking like GET OUT, or can we have some privacy please? I know all of America is watching but it's easier to let that go in the dark in the house...but Jerry si RIGHT THERE. Seriously, can someone who has the feeds tell me what is going on with that?