Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Tuesday Dawn

Here are the latest doings from that Big Brother House of Society's Ills:
  • When Dan was coaching the Swim Club (Ollie and Renny), Michelle got irked that they made a secret of it when she asked about it.
  • Memphis agreed he wouldn't put up Keesha and Libra if he stays and wins HOH.
  • Ollie told April she wears too much make-up. Heh.
  • Ollie and April were laughing because they've been having sex and no one knows it. Yeah, right. The silly hamsters might not know, but we do. And, their parents know, too!
  • Libra, April, and Ollie once again talked about Dan. They thinks he's odd and possibly something like America's Player.
  • They know he's throwing comps. And he asks too many questions.
  • So they confronted him. He hemmed and hawed, got nervous, talked about his mother raising him, never having met a gay person before, and ended up going to the Diary Room.
  • Libra thinks that they made him very nervous asking him about himself. April and Ollie think he won't ask as many questions as he has been.
  • Olie told April he didn't want to be in the house with loud annoying people. April translated that into Libra. April knows that Libra wants Memphis to stay and is playing mind games with them about it.
  • April and Ollie had sex again. But, shhh ... no one knows.
  • It seems likely that Keesha, Libra, Dan, and Renny will vote for Jessie to leave this week.
  • Jessie doesn't know that.
  • All are asleep as I post this.


RBennie said...

Yea, first again! I don't know why I love that so much, LOL.

Good morning all. I'm glad to see it looks like the tide is changing and Jessie will be gone. I just hope nothing happens to change that.

Witt said...

I know I'll never be first to the blog in the a.m. but it's so nice to see all the friendly sn's....morning all!

Good morning most of all to MEB who is HOME!! YAAAAAAY! (((MEB))) Try to take it easy and really rest...

Jackie, loved the duck pics...they were adorable! I'm glad you may get some extra PT and hope it all works out just right.

Do I DARE hope that JessMe may be voted out??? I have plans for Thursday so I will have to tape the show and check it the minute I get home. This "vote with the HOH" is the most pathetic strategy I've ever heard.

I don't remember who said they'd have a crush on Dan, but I think I would too. He is funny and seems like a pretty nice guy.

Have a great day!

Witt :)

lynn1 said...

Jackie is recuperating and posting wonderful photos for us to enjoy.

MEB is home form the hospital and feeling well enough to post.

Some of the Hamsters may go against the HOH and vote Jessie out.

Tropical Storm Edouard did not become a hurricane and did not hit the New Orleans area. God bless all of you in Edouard's path.

I would say all is right with the world.

RBennie said...

Wow, great news. I didn't realize MEB was home and posting again. How did I miss that?

Welcome back MEB, we missed you. Take it easy and follow doctor's orders - you'll be 100% again in no time.

I guess I better go back and see which post I missed!

Laurie said...

Lynn, you are so right. All is right with our world!

Off topic: My daughter moved to Chicago in July. Last night she called us via Skype so we could share the big lightning storm with her. It was fabulous and scary! (Skype is a program to talk and see each other via the computer.)

On topic: Ollie and April think the others don't know? Is that even possible? They did it with Jerry in the room. They are up there together all the time? Maybe the houseguests just don't care!

The new JessMe Cow pinata is ready for whacking ... go to it!

Sydney said...

Do I say that Michelle looks nice this morning in the picture? Hair that way does good things for her.

How is it again that O/A think no one knows when Jerry was in the same room with them once (at least)?
I asked about this before a few posts back.... I don't have the feeds so... Are they banking on everyone thinking Jerry is still being a dirty old man if he says they did?

And DOES Libra want Memphis to stay? And why?

Sydney said...

woops Laurie, I should have read that just before me you wrote the same thing about Jerry.

Love the cow. You got the face on. WHat program do you do that in??????? I'm learning to do things for my blog. It was a goal this summer to get me writing every day, and to get more current with technology to learn to edit pictures and make little movies and upload them. So far so good, but nothing like you and Zoe know how to do.

Anonymous said...

What great news this a.m.! MEB is home! Jessie may go home! And we may get some rain from Eduoard! Prayers do work! Life is good!


Sydney said...

OFF TOPIC: Just read back over last posts comments. Thanks for the wishes for safety to dla and others who wrote.

Patty, the airlines are down for the moment in Houston, but the storm went a little north of us so we are just experiencing heavy rains right now, and will for much of th eday. I heard American Eagle, and some others will try to resume this afternoon, thi Jet blu just canceled everything today. But it's just a big rainstorm, no hurricane for us. When a hurricane hits land it immediately begins to decrease in strength, so even if it was aimed right at Houston proper, there is no need to evacuate from here ever. Even in Rita.

The power may go out, the gasoline disappears from the pumps, the shelves are cleared of water, mile, bread,batteries and flashlights, and there may be some flooding (no one has basements here, interestingly), but that's about it.

Laurie said...

Sydney, I agree with your comment on Michelle's look in that shot. Her hair is good that way and so is her makeup. She probably thinks she doesn't have much on but you can see her face and it looks good.

So, Ollie told April she wears too much makeup? Isn't he getting bold with his comments! Maybe he's trying to class her up a bit for that relationship they are going to have outside the house. Yeah, that's it.

I think Libra wants Jessie out and that's why she wants Memphis to stay.

IF the new alliance does vote for Jessie to go on Thursday it will sure make for good tv. Jessie has been much quieter this week, hasn't he?

I don't get why Michelle is continuing her self-induced exile. She can eat food and she isn't on the block. Is it just about the unitard? Or is it about finding a way to get attention from Jessie who seems to be her constant companion?

If she keeps this up and he goes out on Thursday she is really going to need a major Pity Party and she will be quite sure that "these things always happen to her". Poor victim.

TerryinCA said...

Rbennie, dang girl you are good!
MEB!!!! We love you!!! glad you are home, and how did I miss that fact too?????
Laurie WAHOO!! getting to talk your kidlet is always wonderful, but that Skype is something I need to do too!
Ok, maybe Ollie and April are doing something they THINK is sex? I mean, how naive are they? I feel sorry for his Dad most of all..thats gotta be hard to endure being the Pastor.
He's right, April does wear too much makeup and Im surprised Renny hasnt advised her on hair color...

Sydney said...

And Jackie -- I am SO psyched you have another month free before you have to go back to work. And that your PT may be renewed in as little as 2 weeks!!!!!! Great news! Let us know when you hear on that please.

Laurie said...

Off topic
Sydney, I use Paintshop Pro and highly recommend it for home use. It's user friendly and there are lots of online forums that will help you learn it. You can make small animations with it, too.

At work, I use Photoshop but it is way more power than most people use and is harder to learn. I use only a very small part of the things it can do as it is really for the pros.

Anonymous said...

I hope they vote Jessie out so you folks will quit talking about how much you hate him. It's about as predictable and A&O having sex. Blech! I am over it.

dla said...

Sydney & laurie, Angie mentioned on House Calls that she didn't know that A&O were actually having sex...

She knew that they "cuddled" at night, but said that April always made it back to her bed each night.

It certainly sounded as though the HG's really don't know that it is happening (on an almost daily basis, I might add!).

I guess Jerry has kept that piece of information to himself??

ORKMommy said...

Laurie - I used PaintShop Pro for years and LOVED it. It was powerful enough to be fun but not confusing. It's a great tool for home use! I use Photoshop now but I'm still in the learning phase.

Sydney said...

Thanks Laurie and dla

Laurie said...

orkmommy, that's a perfect description of PSP. Easy to use and not so confusing. Photoshop is great but it's a big learning curve. I've been using it for 5 years and still only use a tenth of what it can do!

anon 11:20, I feel I need to inform you that we are all very boring people with no lives and nothing to talk about. You should go somewhere else where you fit in. Buh-bye!

MEB, hope this morning finds you feeling rested after a night in your own bed. Our prayers are with you!

delee said...

Pre-season football starting, check and double check your local listings for Thursday to see if BB is being moved...

RBennie said...

LOL, that was well said Laurie! I was going to just ignore the nasty little comment, but your response was perfect.

Laurie said...

Totally off topic but funny.

At the end of the day yesterday I started the graphic of Jesse and the pinata. My real work at the time was getting the employee of the month pictures ready for the intranet.

This morning I opened up my work and started in on the employees again and who should be staring at me but Jessie as the pinata!! OMG, it really startled me and then made me laugh. Good thing nobody else saw it, eh?

becky said...

Laurie, loved the picture and your response to anon.

nancy in nj said...

hi guys! hey...lets talk about how much we hate jessie.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:20-- If you have something interesting to say, let's hear it. Don't hold back!

delee said...

Sorry Laurie, but I like cows and you had to stick that crappy head of JessMe on one. HAHA...Hyena would have been better!!!

Hope anon goes bye bye as we will talk about JessMe and A & O's antics as much as we want, regardless of their comment.

RBennie said...

Wow - I guess you told us! You should have just said you were his mom. We might have toned it down a little to spare your feelings, LOL. I'll let you take it from here Laurie. You are much more eloquent than I.

Anonymous said...

Other blogs attack the commenters as much as the show and there are plenty to choose from. What usually sets this blog apart is that if a crack is made, it's been directed soley at the shows and not each other.

But we're human. Anon, you did attack the commenters, and while you are entitled to your opinion, that kind of thing isn't the groove at this site. It takes a little of this to remind ourselves.

ORKMommy said...

Why is it that when someone wants to attack us they refuse to leave a name or anything. I was always taught to stand up for what I say and not hide behind anything. I guess our little Anon is very young and hasn't learned to stand behind what they say.

monty924 said...

Well, I take offense to being called elderly! ROFLMAO Last time I checked 45 wasn't an elder. I think I have around 15 to 20 before Anon can officially call me that. :)

Laurie, in honor of the new face on the pinata, I want to change my wish to honor Sarah (BB6).

"I want to hit those pinatas so f'ing hard"!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya... don't want to be ya - JessMe!

sandaroo said...

I agree with all of you, time for Jessie to be gone!!! Sick of everyone voting with the head of household!!

sandaroo said...

I'm pretty new at this, but love reading Jackies blog. It's awesome!!

Laurie said...

Sorry about insulting the cow like that. I would have used a horse and put his head on the other end, but I couldn't find a good horse pinata.
I have to go hobble my way to my jello lunch now ... I hope someone comes to feed me and I don't drool too much.

cha cha said...

ANON needs to go to those sites.
I guess everyone has an opinion on this blog...Its just that most uof us on here can't stand JESSME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I for one am one of those.
A&O are not far behind.....

Anonymous said...

No attack intended. I just like Jessie and figured Jerry was more your style.

monty924 said...

Some more Youtube fun to fill your time before the show tonight. I love these Renny clips. She's got to stay to the very end! :)


I had a friend like this for the past ten or so years, and I can say they are always the life of the party. Mine was 86 and just passed away this past May. I still can see her doing her jokes and impersonations like she is still here today. RIP girl!

sandaroo said...

Does anyone have trouble posting there comments here ??? I have to keep signing up for a google acct everytime.

cha cha said...

if you post your comment then go down to name/url you can put your name in and hit publish your comment. That is how I have always done it

sandaroo said...

Thanks appreciate the help as I said before I'm new at blogging!! Last Night on BBAD the world got a shot of Jerry in his tighty whiteys, something we all could have lived without I'm sure!!! (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Swim club in hysterical. Big, strong Ollie learning to swim. We are all vulnerable in the water aren't we? I pick Dan to win. He's my favorite.

Petals said...

Hey Syd, Jackie, Laurie, Rbennie, Ork & All!
Still swimming against the stream, I am the lone hold-out for the meathead, I see. I think his youth made him say & do ignorant things. At least he has an excuse.

I dislike Libra & April alot.
Dan's still my man. Hope he can cool his jets and fly below the radar again.

Laurie said...

Hey Petals. I do like that you can hold your own convictions! I like Dan, too. Even Renny is growing on me now that she has toned it down a bit.

I wish I could watch the swimming lessons. They sound like a hoot. I'm glad the houseguests are using time for something constructive like that.

Anonymous said...

Yay! petals...and a dog lover :)

sharon said...

(((MEB))),Sweetie,what a wonderful surprise to see a post from you!We have missed you soooo much and it's good you are home,sleeping in your own bed and away from that noisy hospital. Please take it easy and be patient. We are all still keeping you in our prayers.

Well,neck doctor says this lump isn't the same and to see my famioy docotr,cause it sounds like I have some sort of infection. So call her today and she's on vacation until Monday!!I'm going to have to go in and see somebody,cause I am in misery here.Still puking up almost everything I eat and the fever keeps coming back. I feel really lousy,it's 87 and humid here and I have a fever of 101. I turn the air on and freeze,am I a freak or what? I'm hoping something is done by tomorrow.

Good news,too,Jackie,about all your health issues!

I will be more than shocked if these hamsters go through with this plan.

Sydney said...

Sharon, this is not right. Your symptoms... if they are coming from the lump, that lump needs to be addressed thoroughly and like, now. I know they made you wait and wait -- and then I think the doctors said it was nothing and to come back for a check up in X amount of time... please refresh my memory -- did they say something else?

Anonymous said...

Michelle is copying Dan's teaching methods when teaching Jesse portugese. Almost verbatim. Poor gurl.

Sydney said...

I hit that before adding Sharon that puking up and fever has to be terrible, let alone in heat like that. Can you keep gatorade down? It can be easy to get dehydrated to boot.

I know not everyone is like this I urge you to get on the phone and tell that doctor's office you can't wait a minute to see someone (and preferably a specialist). I know the ER is a drag, but something is going on and the sooner it gets tended to the better shape you'll be in, no matter what. Sending you a giant HUG!!!!!!

Petals said...

Anon - Yes, this is my (late) son, Edward. Still the light of my life. And much cuter than I am! haha
Sharon - I'm with Syd - don't just let that go.
Laurie - I like the pinata cowbody on Jessie better than his own body (both are "beefy" - harharhar).
Poor lil Jessie...I think he has a big heart under tall that braun. Too bad he can't take one of his "I"s and put it in braun to create a brain.
(did that make any sense, or am I in my own little world...?)

dla said...

Sharon, please push the doctor. You need answers, and you need to feel better.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jesse is as bad as everyone thinks..I know he can be rude but he is very nice to Michelle...I almost wonder if its only because everyone else hates him except Michelle. And believe me if I was stuck in there with Libra and Keesha I would be making some rude comments also!
-Jamie Mae-

Sydney said...

It's brilliant Petals

Petals said...


Laurie said...

Gimme a B


Gimme a R


Gimme a A


Gimme a U


Gimme a N


Take away the U


Gimme a I


Whadda we got?


Brain! Brain!! Brain!!!

All Cheer!!!

Sydney said...

Jaime Mae -- After watching tonight's show, which is ALL I am watching this season, I see what you mean. I put some comments to that end on the live blog.
That's you and Petals on the JessMe Ain't So Bad train. And his mother...