Friday, August 15, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Since Renny Became Queen of the House

Nicely done, Renny.

For me, this is the perfect HOH at the right time. Unlike others, I think Renny will be her own HOH and won't expect everyone to vote her way. But then, her nominations won't include anyone put in there as a pawn. I think she'll put up two people she wants to go home and have a back-up plan for if the veto is used. At least, I hope so. Here's the skinny since Renny Became Queen:
  • Memphis is loving the fact that Renny is HOH.
  • April and Ollie are thinking their best case scenario is if one of them is up with Jerry, then one could win veto and save the other.
  • Memphis, Dan, and Keesha already feel safe for the week. They think Renny will target April out first.
  • Michelle told Memphis and Keesha that she heard the live show go nuts when Renny won. Keesha said they always applaud -- she thinks there's "Applause" signs.
  • Ollie and April hope Jerry doesn't attach himself to them all week.
  • Dan told Keesha about Libra approaching him for the vote and how Ollie tried to feel him out as to the vote (feel OUT, mind you, not UP ... no gutter minds, please!). Dan wasn't sure that the vote would go down the way it did.
  • Memphis and Keesha think they handled their side winning with much more class than last week's win.
  • I think they did, too.
  • April told Michelle that if Renny's smart she'll put up Dan and Jerry. Um, yeah ... right, April. I think that ain't gonna happen. I don't think she has any thought of putting Dan on the block.
  • Jerry took time out of his busy day to remind Michelle and Keesha that he kept his word to them. Already side switching, eh?
  • Michelle is a bit upset that Libra didn't say goodbye to her. I didn't notice that when I watched the show.
  • April and Ollie talked about Michelle "faking it" and how they know she made a deal with "them."
  • When Jerry defended his behavior as "at least everyone knows how I feel," they both thought it might be better say nothing at all if you can't be nice. They don't practice that all the time themselves, but ...!
  • Keesha mentioned in front of Jerry that she would never call someone a "two-headed snake." He didn't defend himself.
  • April is planning on throwing Jerry under the bus to Renny. I'm not surprised, but I don't think it would be anything Renny doesn't already know.
  • April thinks the Diary Room loves her, can't wait to see what she does and that no one would want to be up against her. She thinks Renny is close with Ollie and will go after Jerry for all the problems he's caused in the house.
  • Can you say delusional? Sure, Renny might put Jerry on the block, but I think she sees right through both April and Ollie.
  • Ollie says he will throw everyone under the bus. He will let Renny know that she's mistaken if she thinks Keesha has her back.
  • You and I know that won't work.
  • Memphis and Keesha think the Libra approaching Dan for a vote might have all been Libra. Oh, no ... you foolish tools!
  • Renny talked to Keesha about Memphis. She thinks Memphis is using them to get further ahead. (And, yes, he is.)
  • Renny told Keesha she has a pretty good idea who she wants to put on the block. She also thinks that Memphis would sell both of them down the river quite quickly.
  • Renny likened Memphis to a quiet April.
  • In her new HOH room, Renny cried at the photo of her mother.
  • Not long after Renny got her room, the hamsters were stuck on an outdoor lockdown.
  • April's custom-selected designer dresses arrived.
  • Renny talked to Michelle asking her if anyone had talked about getting her (Renny) out of the house and if Michelle would put her up if she won HOH. Michelle told her she wouldn't.
  • Renny told Michelle that if it came down to the both of them in the final two, she'd rather Michelle get the win. I think she thinks Michelle needs the money more.
  • Renny is still upset about being called a floater in the game.
  • For all of the nice talk, Renny told Michelle if she sells her out, she won't forget it.
  • Renny also questioned Michelle for her opinion on Memphis. Michelle had nothing bad to say about him.
  • Renny said she's going to go with her gut for nominations -- she wants April out. (Yay, I knew I haven't misplaced my faith in her!)
  • Renny says no one will sway her in the game -- nice guys finish last and it's time she got mean.
  • Michelle told April she knows Jerry was teaming with them (Ollie and April) to change the vote. She seems to think it was Jerry's idea and you know April and Ollie ran with that!
  • April, most likely with ulterior motives, gave Michelle a pair of the earrings she received with the clothes.
  • All are asleep as I post this.


Anonymous said...

Why were they locked out in the yard for so long?

meb said...

I'm just so happy Renny won HOH that I don't even care who she puts on the block (well almost). I am thrilled that she has mentioned April as a possibility. YAY!

Can't wait for nominations.

Anonymous said...

Finally......someone as HOH that has a mind of her own and knows how to use it!!! Go RENNY! Goodbye April or Jerry!

Anonymous said...

In the beginning, I thought Renny was all fluff and hot-air with a big mouth. Now it is obvious that she is intelligent! There's more to Renny than her BB10 first impression.
Let's see what you've got, Renny! Should be a good week!!!
Go Renny!
Patty Q
[AKA Elaine's daughter. Hey, Mom! Happy Reading @ Jackie's Blog!]

Delee said...

Memphis said he was moving in K/R's room and hoping to actually sleep thru the night. Also if A/O moved in there, I am sure that all would finally get it!!!

I am also wondering if J "really" knows what A/O are doing under the covers and is holding that info for a time like this week? Sure they seem close to each other but knowing about actual deeds will change how hamsters really feel. Also, I remember A telling someone that her and O did not game talk...oh please...

GO USA what a night for the USA.

debbie said...

Congrats Renny!!
Give April the boot, she and Jerry are getting on my nerves, and Ollie is the ultimate floater! I love Keesha and Renny as my favorite 2

tbc said...

So glad that Renny won. I am looking forward to her reign. As for Libra in sequester, I think she will enjoy the alone time. Having 3 kids close together, I know that I would too!

RBennie said...

Good morning all. Congrats to Renny on her HOH win. Dan totally threw the comp once again, but I think that was smart of him. I would really love to see April gone next week. I'm curious to see how Ollie plays the game without her influence. Although Jerry annoys me immensely and I would love to see him gone, I kinda think it would be poetic justice if Jerry went out on a week that Dan was HOH.

MEB have a great time on your trip.

dawn said...

I believe the smart move would be to put april and ollie up and see how that goes down. Guarenteed April will sell out Ollie like she has done everyone else. Go Remy

jb said...

"Ollie and April hope Jerry doesn't attach himself to them all week."

HA! He'll attach himself to Renny.

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!

I think Renny's quite smart and deep, and that she protects herself with that personality she shows to the world. Underneath that "crazy gal" is a real woman with real-life experience ... and we are about to see some of that now that she is HOH.

I, too, would hope she would nominate Ollie and April this week. It would be great to see them pitted against each other and perhaps see some truths come out.

I also hope Jerry does follow those two around all week. heh heh heh ... karma really is a bitch!

becky said...

From last night: Anonymous said... I wish those of u who are so good at the nicknaming would come up with one for April she kinda looks more like a lizard in the face than an ape I lol at yalls names
8/14/2008 9:49 PM

April does remind one of a lizard -- or some reptile. (Did you see that reptile side look she gave Renny when she was eliminated from the game?) I rather like lizards and don't think they deserve the "disrespect" of naming her after them. So I am for naming her Ms. Viper

I hope Renny puts up April and Ollie and let's the old coot know if he takes one off his a$$ is grass! I dislike Jerry, but want April gone more. It will be fun to watch those two throw each under under the bus.

I had wondered how long it would take Sgt KA to rush to HOH and kiss there? Looks like he didn't waste any time. What is funny is that his nasty display at Michelle winning last week and his Judas calling will come back and bite him on his old hide -- very soon. Wonder what he will say about A/O "disrespecting" him when they throw him under the bus.

I have demoted KA to sergeant because I do not think he was an officer and darn sure isn't a gentleman! A sergeant is used to people doing what they are told period. But I have never known an officer in any branch of the service (and I have had ex-military bosses) who were any where near a lecherous as KA. Someone posted that Col. was just what people called him. That is what got me to thinking.

lynn1 said...

I think Renny will put April up for eviction. She has said to Keesha and Libra over the past couple of weeks htat she does not like April.
I am concerned that she will put Memphis up since she has talked about it with Keesha and Michelle. I hope she won't do that.
In a perfect world she will put up Ollie and April. That would be sweet.
I know it is easy for me to bash April because "she is soooo pretty and smart,etc." but did anyone else notice her outfit when she was at the kitchen sink with Libra and Dan on the show last night?
The sweat shirt, shorts and stilleto heels. She looked so trashy to me.
It is good that she is getting some new clothes. Hopefully the new threads won't make her look like a cheap hooker.

Anonymous said...

O.K. we all know who we like and dislike, but who do you think Remmy needs to put up and solidify her place in the house? Memphis is strong and soon both he and Dan are gonna stop throwing comps and then the girls better look out.

Laurie said...

I'm pretty sure he wasn't an officer, too. He went in young and it appears he only served in Korea, so he didn't work his way up the ranks. He is just a big blustery old man who is annoying as hell on tv. I'm sure his family is cringing at home.

As a daughter of a deceased marine and the wife of a former navy man, I want to rip that cap and shirt off him every time I see him in either one. I'm pretty sure most military people would agree!

ORKMommy said...

If Renny is as smart as I'm sure she is, she'll put April & Ollie on the block with Jerry as the backup in case the veto is used. If she puts April & Jerry, there's a chance Ollie could win and take her off. Jerry is harmless and will vote however people want him to vote just to stay in the house. They can use him for a few more weeks!

As far as Renny thinking Memphis is using them...HELLO!!! This whole game is about using people. When the numbers are high, you have to use people to advance. Renny is using her alliance too!

meb said...

Thanks rbennie... getting close to Sunday...

donna in al... I have tried 3 times to reply to your email, but it says it's not going through. If you got it and my puter is just acting up, then good. If not, thanks for the sweet comments. I'm doing pretty good.

I like the "put up Ollie and April scenario" best, since at least one of them would go, even if one won the POV and took themselves off. I hope Renny sees that far ahead and I'm sure she does... she's no dummy!

Donna in AL said...

MEB, I have not recieved an email back from you. Keep trying.

I hope Renny puts up Ollie and April. Surely Jerry will not win the POV three times in a row. And then he can only take off one of them.

Anonymous said...

did you see april opening her gifts ( the clothes she won )..she didnt look to impressed with the clothes. All the other girls were going mad and april was like " I live in a hot state why would they give me a leather jacket" and " I am confused on the dress pants, Im not sure if I like them"..HELLO!!..if someone gave me expensive clothes I would be very happy..heck even if they are ugly you can always sell them on Ebay!
-Jamie Mae-

Patty said...

Why did it take so long for the lockdown? The only thing they had to do was set the oddles of gifts on the counter for April.

I myself do not believe April is a rich as she says she is. She hardly knew any of the designer of any of the prizes she received. Memphis knew them all. Of course that helps having a GF in the fashion world. April was such a fake. I say that BB gave her walking clothes. At least she should look nice on eviction night.

Memphis was so mad he had to go to the sauna room just to match his blood pressure. He later took a shower outside. Memphis was ticked all he got was the onion necklace and April got a lot of nice clothes and has no knowledge of the cost involved.

So, April gave Michelle a pair of earrings. I am sure that will sit well with Keesha and Renny. I think April just bought herself Keesha vote to get her out. Does anyone see another hugh fight on the horizon? Typical April to buy her way. The time has come for April to leave. It is also time for the couples to be split. Let's see if Ollie can actually play the game. Oh, it will be so hard for Ollie to see his precious April walk out the door.

Also, a shout out to MEB. I hope things are going well for you.

Jackie, I hope you are doing well also. Sorry for the long post. I have not been posting for a while, but I am lurking when I get the chance.

Hello to all the rest and I hope everyone is well.

Anonymous said...

One other thing. I did not care for BB to rain on Renny's spot as HOH.

JMO, they could have given April all her gifts later and let Renny have her day winning HOH.

Patty said...

The last comment was mine. I got quick fingers and hit enter too fast. LOL!

Anonymous said...

April does remind one of a lizard -- or some reptile. (Did you see that reptile side look she gave Renny when she was eliminated from the game?) I rather like lizards and don't think they deserve the "disrespect" of naming her after them. So I am for naming her Ms. Viper
rofl very good and Ms.Viper suits her...thank u for the nickname
Becky (I have a daughter named Becky):O)

Anonymous said...

but I am lurking when I get the chance.
...rofl yall r too funny

Anonymous said...

I am lurking when I get the chance.

rofl Patty u people make me laff
and I think I have figured out how to have a name here so when roomate posts on here yall dont think its me
lets see ifn it works

ORKMommy said...

April may be rich in the sense that she can afford to shop at stores like Limited and Banana Republic. She very much strikes me as a "mall" kinda gal!

I guess it's can take the girl outta the trailer, but you can never take the trailer outta the girl!

Anonymous said...

ugh. april must go.

and i am sure that her opening all her CLOTHES was awkward for even april. she must know that breeds jealousy. plus...she has won already so much, it would be easy for Renny to say the reason she is putting her up is because she has won so much. same with memphis, i suppose...but i hope she gets april out.

im going to FRET during the POV.

--susan in KC

Anonymous said...

Has April ever thought about the taxes she is going to owe? She will owe taxes on the $10k cash and probably on about $10k for the clothes. It won't matter if she gave part of it away or not, it is still her earnings.

That expression will almost be as good as when she tells Ollie she is late.

Donna in AL said...

Oh Orkmommy! LOL
Trailer in
Trailer out

monty924 said...

If Renny does indeed put April and Jerry up, I'm praying for a Jerry POV win again. Jerry would take himself down and Renny would put Ollie up. Yes, that's the ticket. Go Jerry... WIN THAT POV!

Petals said...

"Ollie and April hope Jerry doesn't attach himself to them all week."

Of course he'll be attached to them: free porn.

monty924 said...

The house has Giant Lollipops and Jerry is laying in bed looking all depressed. Looks like CKA might just be on slop again. ;)

Petals said...

Do we know if Memphis bats for the boys? Only a gay man would be so irritated at a chick winning designer clothes (IMHO).

Witt said...

Hi all,
My computer is feeling grumpy so I haven't posted but I've been lurking.

I was so excited Renny won HOH!!! I hope that means that Ollie and April are up for nomination. I feel confident Dan won't be up. No matter what happened the first week, Renny looks to me to be of the "still waters run deep" variety who has been watching and waiting.

MEB, have a very fun trip!

Witt :)

ORKMommy said...

Petals - Memphis was pissed because he won an onion necklace and April won clothes that she can't appreciate because she's white trash. He knows fashion because his girlfriend is in the fashion industry.

I can relate because someone at work just got a screamin' new computer and they can barely use a mouse and I'm still using a dinosaur that crashes every time I try to launch a program that I need to do my job! :-(

Sydney said...

WOW -- so much to comment on. I think this is the first time I'm truly interested to watch/read up on every moment other than the show.

All the way thru your comments show what it's like to have a THINKING person as HOH with a shred of maturity. I can't remember the last season that happened, even for one HOH.

Methinks you're right on with why April gave Michelle those earrings

Did someone say they think Keesha held off at the end of the comp so Renny could win? Can anyone think that fast in the middle of a competition? Did you say it Jackie, lol? And if not do you agree?

Hmmm,,,,Memphis as a quiet April. Hmmmm.....

Can't wait to see the kind of stuff the stylist picked for April-- are they what APril would like or what the stylist thinks she'd look good in? Are they trashy or classy?


Laurie said...

Ork mommy, I feel your pain. My sis got a new MacPro laptop and doesn't know a thing about computers. Ay yi yi. Life isn't fair!

On topic: Most of us think that April is using Ollie (and I think we are right) but wouldn't it be funny if it turns out he was using her, too.

Now that would be hilarious. I think he hides himself physically behind those hats and the way he walks and talks and everything.

I'm not so sure he is a naive as he seems. It could be that he's been using her (for obvious reasons) and just waiting for his turn to throw her to the wolves.

I would love that ... and then see him go next! Then, I'd like to see them in sequester to see how they are with each other after that.

monty924 said...

CONFIRMED! Michelle just said CKA is on his third week of slop. hahaha

Nana in the NW said...


this is such an "educational" site....I've never heard the term "bats for the boys".

So April got her thinks it was no "accident" as to the timing of BB giving them to her. Just another way to stir the pot in the house. And, of course, April re-acted just way the prod. were hoping...."I live where it's hot why a leather coat"...." a pants dress; don't know if I like it". Yeah, that's the way to make everyone happy for you! ;}

I hope Renny's age and wisdom will prevail and she will make noms. that will further HER in the game.

Hi Orkmommy(how do you wave in cyber-space?)

meb-have fun!!!

sharon--haven't seen your name for a few days.....hope things are OK.

pdx--is it hot enough for you? It's 94 here in Tacoma so you must be about 100!

Syd--can't wait for tomorrow to hear how you liked the movie....have to see if you teared up in the same spots I did.

Noms. should be happening soon.

Susan said...

Renny called Ollie up to the HOH room and now he's trying to convince her to put up Jerry. 'Cause he knows he & April are the targets.

Susan said...

Oh, I've been meaning to say hi Orkmommy! I haven't heard from you here until recently. Hope everything is good with you and your daughter (and mom).
~Susan from MA

Sydney said...

Olyimpic comedy, who knew?

Paul Hunt doing a routine in 1988 -- pretty funny --

ORKMommy said...

Susan - Life is good, how bout you? You can catch up on our latest happenings by visiting my blog (click my name to get my profile).

Hi Nana! How's the painting?

Sydney said...

Oh Laurie, that sounds briilliant!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie and all,

Do you guys have Dell computers? I'm so annoyed with Dell right now because the sound on my laptop stopped working. I called them and explained the problem and they were able to figure out that the problem was that my sound files have been corrupted and that a Dell technician can easily fix it. (They said that was not due to a virus.)

Of course, lovely DEll has a catch. My warranty is up so a technician won't help me unless I pay $50 or buy an extended warranty. I am not paying anything.

I was just wondering if any of you guys know how to fix sound files. (I already checked my sound settings and everything appears correct in that regard.)


Sydney said...

Becky - Ms. Viper is fitting. I like it.

Lynn1 --if Renny were REALLY thinking, she'd put April and Ollie up to split them up, not that Ollie seems like he'd be much of a threat if April were gone. But to not put both up means that if one gets POV they will take the one nom'd off. If both are up, then it's going to be firey if one wins veto.

Only thing that would not be good about that plan is if one got off with Veto and whomever she put up in their place got voted out by surprise, so both would still be in the house and Renny would be a target. BUT,would they have the numbers to get her out if they got the Next HOH and nominated her?

I could see Memphis and Michelle and others deciding better to get Renny out then because you;d lose sitting next to her in the end....

TerryinCA said...

I love it....Renny is great.
My opinion of Ollie is floater..or follower....I think if he was plaing April he would be bragging about it to the others have done in past season Showmances.....But Laurie I love the idea of them being in Sequester together...I would love to watch Libra welcome April to the house!!!

TerryinCA said...

Just wanted you to see a picture of Laurie and m husband and I on our recent cruise......

Nana in the NW said...

just checked in at Joker's to see what was happening...looks like the food comp. was held and Michelle ate crickets--ugh!
They got lollipops...Jerry's on slop for the 4th time....oh, and the girls are talking---April still hasn't had her period but says"What happens, happens!. Keesha said it was probably from stress. Now wouldn't that be a clue to the HG that A/O have been hooking up??

Renny DON'T PUT UP A PAWN!!! They always go home!

ork--the painting sucks. I only have 4 more shutters but it has been too hot to finish them. Now I have a BIG garage staring at me that needs painted. I may wait until fall when it's not so hot. My hubby says to wait until next year but that would drive me crazy!

Petals said...

Okay, I'd assumed that the April "being late" drama had passed. Jackie or anyone w/feeds: Is this still going on? Is she whispering about being late, still? Has she told Ollie?
Hmm... wonder if she was pregnant when she came into the house and that's why she was in such a hurry to have sex with the frist chump she met in the house. Ollie, the "inexperienced" guy, would be a perfect chump to hang a pregnancy on.
Orkie, you nailed it: April is trash.

Nana in the NW said...

petals--April was talking to Michelle and Keesha at about 1:30 today about still be late....pregnant before she came on the show??! That would be one way to always be remembered(if she let Ollie believe it was his)as a BB contestant. I haven't heard of her talking to Ollie about it. What a sleaze!!! Wouldn't be the first time a baby was used as a trap.....and isn't her twin pregnant??

meb said...

Sydney... I said that I thought Keesha held off to let Renny win. At one point after the question, she looked over and was smiling at Renny, like "go for it".

She could have just been waiting it out hoping Renny would get one wrong, but I just thought she was really pulling for Renny.

Who knows... jmo, for what it's worth.

Lucy said...

Nina, give the following website a shot.

These guys have plenty of information that is easy to follow and you do not have to be a "geek" to understand it.

Another suggestion: go to PC Pitstop and you can run a check on all components of your computer. The link is:

Good luck.

Petals said...

Nana - Yeah, I thought April's twin was pregnant, but I don't pay enough attention to her to know for sure. haha.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lucy

formerly anon said...

Lots of things:

1) Nina - I agree with above to check those links out. No need to pay Dell $50, ridiculous. Are you familiar with installing/uninstalling drivers? That would be the first thing I'd try (regardless of what Dell *thinks* the problem is). Remove the sound drivers and reinstall them. Ask if you need details, or visit links above (or google)

2) Remember when keesha found that condom in Ollie's draw? Remember what he said? "I've never used one and I never will!" (WOW, that was really a shocking statement, unless he's catholic)

3) Memphis ragging on April's glad rags is probably payback for her incessant whining about his 40-50-60-70-thousand dollar car.

4) Several days ago I heard April tell Ollie that she had planned to give Michelle some sort of jewelry from her prize

5) jerry on slop again, lol! awwwww, poor pitiful mean ole fart

6) Snape-ril (as in Professor Snape, Harry Potter, hmmmm?) Fitting no?

7) During the Craig Ferguson show, when Renny was talking about having lived in Scotland, were all the HGs able to hear what she was saying? Cuz if so, hello, she said her hubby is in the oil biz... = $$$$$$ (especially now) - has she ever discussed her financial sitz? Maybe that's why she wanted Michelle to win 1st (which I thought was very kind of her)

8) But Renny better put up A/O this week or she'll be disrepectin' me and I ain't in no mood for none of that! Grrrr

joy n said...

April is about as lowdown as they come. I hope she is as disliked all over the country as she is by us. We've seen enough of the "real" April to know how unlikable she is. I would love to see her get a reality check when this is over and she goes back to the real world, and finds that she has not been loved or admired, but despised.

Anonymous said...

oh yes jackie, libra hugged everyone but michelle, michelle just stood there and watched lol
debie in calif