Saturday, August 02, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Through Saturday 8/2

It's dinnertime at the Big Brother 10 house. Talk about dysfunctional families, eh? After all the excitement of the past few days, today was a bit more mellow. Here are the happenings from the Habitrail:
  • Libra, Ollie, and Keesha wonder if Ollie might have some connection or deal with Jessie as he seems so down on the possibility of voting him out instead of Memphis. Keesha thinks Ollie is worried about the three girls staying together at the end and he'd be out.
  • April said the Diary Room kept mentioning to her that she had given her word that Jessie was safe this week.
  • Dan told the girls that Jessie tried to pressure him to give his word he wouldn't vote him out. Dan said he didn't commit.
  • When the hamsters started talking about BB creating drama, we went to blocked feeds.
  • Speaking of drama, Libra wants Jessie to hit her so he'll get booted.
  • Ollie voiced his concerns about the girls not trusting him (Ollie) to Dan.
  • Memphis thinks that everything he says and does ends up being taken out of context.
  • Although he must know that the girls are suspicious of him, Dan was stupid enough to ask Libra if she thought America's Player was a twist this season. @@ Just when I thought we had a hamster with a brain.
  • Speaking of AP, Jessie must be America's target. Of course, that makes it easy for Dan.
  • Jessie thinks Jerry would be stupid not to use the veto on him. Say what?
  • Michelle has another idea on America's Player -- she thinks it's Libra.
  • Mind you, BB has not informed them that there's any America's Player.
  • Keesha told Memphis that Libra suspects Dan of being AP, but Memphis doesn't think it's so.
  • Jerry said he won't use the PoV and will go with April's nominations decision.
  • April and Ollie made their first entry on the brouhaha scene. Ollie is mad because April is suspicious because Jessie never bothered him as he has all of the others in their alliance.
  • She's mad because she thinks Ollie was rude to her when he interrupted her talk with Dan earlier.
  • Fight, fight, pout, pout.
  • They're still at odds.
  • But don't they have bigger fish to fry?


TerryinCA said...

Hi rbennie, I made it first!!!
Thanks Jackie, this is heating up isnt it?
I cant believe Jerry won POV...maybe NOW Jessie will leave???

Sally said...

Thanks for the recap, Jackie. You excel at condensing a day's activity into a concise synopsis.

I'm glad Jerry doesn't plan to use the veto. Why on earth would Jessie think that Jerry would decide to take him off the block, after how rude Jessie's been???

Now I hope Dan, etc., can convice April that Jessie should be the one to leave. Or better yet, they should all vote the way they want to and stop being lemmings.

Susan said...

Thank you, Jackie, for the updates. I just got home from work a while ago (work 4-midnight, as an operator) and it's so nice to come here & get updated.

HA! Jessie just told April he's respected everyone. That boy's nose should be really big. I like Memphis, and I SO want jessie gone, gone, gone.
I also think Keesha & Memphis are attracted to each other.

Does anyone else think the April/Ollie showmance is the strangest in the BB history of the house? They act like they don't even know each other except when they're in bed.

PDX Granny said...

I found a new site to watch the live feeds:

Click on Midas TV

I just watched an interesting conversation between Jerry and Dan. A little bit of game talk, with Jerry saying they need to stick with the alliance of 7 (A,L,K,R,O,D,&J??), just to keep themselves safe. Then when it's down to 7, the next goal would be 4 - the two of them, plus Ollie and April, saying Ollie would want to bring her along, making her the last girl to go. He believes the girls want it to be only them in the final 4.

He mentioned two strategic theory's - the Nixon theory and the Eisenhower theory. I can't remember what he said Nixon's was, but Eisenhower's was that it's better to have the enemy inside the tent and pissing out, than outside the tent and pissing in. Pretty good analogy, or is it simile? I better go ask Jesseme!

But aside from that, there was a bit of non-game talk, with Dan talking about Monica (girlfriend?) and asking advise from Jerry about buying a house. It was really kinda sweet listening him talk about his relationship with his wife when they were young, saying how they had no money, but didn't realize just how broke they were. The had each other, and made do with they had and were very happy doing it.

It was real nice to watch the interaction between them. No yelling, no swearing, no name calling - just nice respectful conversation and sharing of ideas.

How refreshing!!!

Sydney said...

jerry is not going to use the POV and is up the arse of whomever is HOH. He's floating bad.

Glad if Ollie is at least thinking ahead enough to make decisions now about when it's just he and the girls. but April could try to take him to the end.

I think it's not that dumb of Dan to ask who someone thinks might be AP. The rest of them are talking about. Wouldn't it look wei rd for him to not be guessing at it himself? If I were in his shoes, I'd definitely have considered doing that.

Anonymous said...

BB doesnt want us to know they are "creating drama"? Well, why do you think Jessie is still in the house ? I still think BB is pulling strings on a bunch of puppets. Notice none of the players are too swift in the brains department.

Sydney said...

Does anyone thing Renny might have had a face lift or some "refreshing"? I am a few years younger than her and my jawline isn't that taught, nor am I free from a kind of drawn look. I just thought of that the other night.

I too think that BB wants JessME in badly... hence the commercial advertising him to get people to watch, so it's no surprise to me if he stays this week, thank you DR.

becky said...

Jessie thinks Jerry would be stupid not to use the veto on him. Say what?

"Father Time" should laugh in his face!

This is the House of the Mouths. Not one of them can keep their mouths shut and not go blabbing to others what they should keep to theirselves.

Sydney, I don't think it was stupid of Dan either. I agree that it would be strange if he didn't ask.

As for CBS wanting the Drama King JessMe in the house -- don't ask us who we want out if you are planning on junking our request. As the PH would say, you are disrespecting us.

TerryinCA said...

Becky, you are so right needs to butt out of the decisions and stop trying to sway them....and why now toss in the Americas player....must be feeling a low ratings.....

Witt said...

Morning all!

So Jerry would be stupid not to use the veto on JessMe? He says that every week! I know Jerry is up the arse of the HOH, but JessMe does a pretty good imitation of doing it with the POV holder. Right now the only two I'd want to sit and chat with are Renny and Dan.

I'm sorry I missed the Pity Party for Michelle; I would have brought some spoiled peaches and bananas. Maybe if there is another party I can attend that one.

Petals, I'm so glad you're okay! Your angel certainly earned her wings. I loved the part about going to buy lottery tickets. :)

Looking forward to BB tonight!

Jackie, how's the knee? And how is our little duck dude?


Witt :)

Laurie said...

JessMe thinks anyone who doesn't think the way he does is stupid. It's part of his MeMeMe personality (and his age).

It looks like the Pity Party will continue throughout the weekend. Poor, poor pitiful Michelle never let up on her self-pity last night so we might as well keep going. It's not like the food and drink can go bad, right?

Wish I could go wake her up so she could be "the only one awake early on Sunday morning. Why me??"

Witt can serve her the spoiled fruit, sour grapes and all.

Anonymous said...

I agree syd. I thought rennie has good genes. Your thought is probably more on target. She looks damn good except when she makes the sour puss face. Eeek. And that voice still bugs, especially when she gets excited.

PlaidChick said...

Next to JessMe, I want Ollie and/or April gone..

Their relationship is indeed weird.. glad to see they had make up sex... GEEZ!!

Susan said...

On the feeds April said the DR was on her about keeping Jessie, then of course the feeds were cut. Naive, but I was surprised at that.

Laurie said...

Plaidchick, love the graphic! Wonder if he'll ever figure out you have to give it to get it? Prob'ly not.

Yikes, the word verif. is way too hard today. I cannot read these letters! Three tries so far and no luck.

Laurie said...

Well, it's a little after 11 and the houseguest are starting their day. *yawn*
Does anyone know why they tell them to stop singing whenever someone breaks out in song? I sing all the time and would find it very difficult to stop. Just curious.

PDX Granny said...

Hi Laurie. I believe the singing - or not singing as it is, has to do with copyright laws. CBS would have to pay royalties for any songs sung.

Nana in the NW said...

Good afternoon!! That was some party Laurie had...I had to sleep in this morning! My eyes are very puffy from all the crying! LOL And the sad :(

Yep, as predicted A/O had make-up sex. It must have been pretty graphic as Youtube blocked the video someone put up. They are indeed...he says he has feelings for her but it seems like she is just a convenient "booty call". Obviously, she didn't watch Gnat be made a fool of on national TV!

Did anyone notice how Jerry moved from room to room with April in her apron(with nothing on under it) and bikini bottoms? He was definitely getting an eyeful!

I hope Memphis/Keesha don't start something romantic in the house. They both have long term relationships outside the house and I would hate to see those ruined by what the isolation does to the HG.

I would guess Renny had some "tightening" done. Gravity makes your jawls sag and her's are looking pretty good!

Dan, the alter he really that naive or just playing dumb! He is trying hard to stay out of trouble and all the drama. I can't wait to see what task the AP player is going to have to do. I'm guessing BB won't even reveal he was AP to the HG until the end of the season....that would put a target on him because the others would know he had been paid to be AP.

pdx granny--I think you are right about the singing...they would have to put a gag on me(I'm always singing or humming a tune).

terryinca--did you love Mama Mia?? I'm going again this week.

Syd--you asked about Mama Mia and hubby's.....does yours like musicals? Did he listen to ABBA music? The group I went with had 4 husbands in it and they all liked the movie. Like I said before it's great entertainment and will have you dancing in your seat. My male cousin saw it and wants to go again. Just play "Let's Make A Deal" with your everytime for me(of course, I've been married 36 yrs. and your still a newlywed!).

Off to paint......yuck!

Laurie-your right--WV is long and all bunched together!

monty924 said...

Hey Laurie, I say we make it a Pity Party Jamboree or a PP Revival. Those go on for days so why not?

Ollie and April are creeping me out. They're getting more brazen (?) these days. And laughing about it. The producers aren't protecting April's reputation the way they did Chelsia S9. April's daddy must not be that important. In their make-up sex show Ollie was completely under the sheets but our dear April could be seen clearly. Sorry April's daddy. Ollie's dad is still probably in the dark. That's not my son. He wouldn't disrespect a female. @@

Petals said...

To kill time until the show:

Just for fun. hehe

monty924 said...

becky said...
As for CBS wanting the Drama King JessMe in the house -- don't ask us who we want out if you are planning on junking our request. As the PH would say, you are disrespecting us.


ITA, Becky. It wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last. Don't get me wrong, I wanted James to stay in the game S9 but Alex and America got screwed, or better disrespected on that one too.

JessMe needs to go this week. Period. I have a sick feeling that won't be the case though. Sigh!

Laurie said...

Thanks pdx granny. I thought it might be a copyright thing. Boy, would that ever be hard for me. I almost always have a song in my head that comes out of my mouth without me even thinking about it!

I do believe I'll continue to host the Perpetual Pity Party because someone is always on the pot, aren't they? Oh poor me ... you fill in the blank!

I watched a video of April in the Apron ... OMG she could not stop playing with her own boobs. Yes, I did see Jerry following her around. yuck. Ollie was tracking her footsteps, too. They make me ill. Seriously ill.

It doesn't sound like JessMe is bugging anyone right now. Seems he's hanging around with Michele. Maybe he likes that unitard look. Or maybe he's being a supportive friend. Is that possible??

Petals said...

So, anyone who has seen them: Are April's boobs real? They seem way too high to be that big, for her age. And braless too??? No way can they be real, right?

sharon said...

Laurie,I have some wilted little carrots,celery and some guac that's a little brown,will that do?
Gotta try and be healthy,so a veggie plate!

I would not be surprised to know that the DR is calling the shots and they intend for JessMe to stay and the whole flipping house will vote out Memphis. These people live in OZ,none of them has a brain!Doesn't Dan have to vote for the one we picked?

Petals,glad to know you were watched over by your guardian angel and that it worked out well.