Friday, August 01, 2008

Latest BB10 Live Feeds

Mikey, the Message Mallard, implores you to check out my latest live feeds report over on TV Squad! He also says those hamsters are all quackers.

Okay, I know. I'm being silly. It's been a long 40 hours or so for me.


debbie said...

THanks for the update Jackie!!
Like I said before, I just wish the younger ones would show a little more respect for Jerry, have your hissy fits but dont scream! I dont know what it is about getting your point across in a savage way like Memphis did.

debbie said...

Go Rennie
Get out Jessie
Shut up Michele
Pull em up April (the pants)
Keep it in your pants Ollie

joy n said...

Jackie, your duck pictures are just beautiful. I might add that Mikey is a wise duck.

I just read on TMZ that Steven (recently departed BB HG) has a site on EBay and is trying to sell the Univ. of TX shirt that he wore the entire time (Ewww!) he was on BB. It seems that his old truck blew up on the way to BB and he needs to buy a new one.

Last time that TMZ checked, the highest bid was $122.50. He has a long way to go.

Nana in the NW said...


My report on Mama Mia is two thumbs up. I can't wait to go see it again! The music is great, the flashback to 80's outfits is hysterical, and the scenery is awesome. I could hardly keep my hands in my lap and my bum in the seat! I was with a group of 18 and everyone loved it. Great entertainment and humor!!!

I'm glad April is HOH and not Michelle, but why didn't April just wait her out--she was ready to drop.
As for the HOH becoming the Love Shack I think that will only happen if April convinces Ollie the cameras don't run 24/7 in there. He seems to minding his P's and Q's with the knowledge that everything is filmed. Besides she's mad at him for saying Angie had "natural" beauty and didn't need to wear make-up...meow!

I can't figure out who Keesha is playing...Memphis or April. Just a week ago her and April promised to take each other to F2....hmmmm. What a difference a day makes!

Dan is hilarious and if he makes it through the week as AP I'll be surprised. The HG are already calling him the AP.

Libra needs to go. I hope someone gets HOH next week that will make that happen.

Noms. should be tonight? We'll see if Jessie loses it when he's nominated. They only 3 April has to choose from is Memphis, Jessie, and Jerry(although he is suppose to be in her all.)

Meb--I've been thinking about you....hope you are home and resting in your own bed!! xxooxx (((meb)))

Jackie--thanks for the ducks...they made me cluck!

flipflopsinthewinter said...

Debbie - great analysis!

I think I'm finding my favorites now...going with Dan and Renny. Glad that Dan is starting to "find himself" in this game!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it house guests from previous seasons are making an appearance this week. Do you know anything about this?

Sydney said...

Jackie -- did you see the avatar I was using just the other day.... it was a brown duck with a goofy beak blow up shot. It cracks me up every time I look at it, and so does this one. I am so glad you got out in the fresh air and was able to take a few pix too. No better cure than nature!

Sydney said...

Debbie -- spot on!

Laurie said...

Love that duck!
Everything else has been said. You are all so smart.
*air kisses*

Sydney said...

Just returning to look at the ducks again. LOVE 'em Jackie!