Saturday, September 06, 2008

BB10 and Hanna

This is a quadcam screen shot I took moments ago. Dan and Memphis are playing chess on all four cameras and not talking at all. BORING. I have had an update sitting in Pending awaiting an editor to come along at TV Squad for some time now, but I'm not sure when it will go up. There isn't a huge amount of news anyway. Memphis and Dan are still uncertain who they will vote out this week.

In Hanna news, I'm under a tropical storm warning and flood warnings here. The coast is getting rough, but since I'm about ten or twelve miles from the nearest shore point, it's not going to do erosion here! It's been raining steady, some trees down, and lots of street flooding so far and we haven't had the brunt with the heavier winds yet. I don't have to go anywhere and as long as my power stays on, I'm content to sit here with the rain coming down outside. I enjoy storms. The nearest stream (Green Brook) is a couple of blocks away -- it would take a lot more rain than expected to get that to come my way. So, I'm in for a cozy rainy evening. Heck, if the power goes out, my stove is gas and I have an oil lamp and flashlights. :-)


TerryinCA said...

Oh my gosh Jackie! Im so sorry you have to hunker down with this Hanna storm!
Is there anything we can do for you? My mind is scrambling to thnk of you have people who can come get you if need be?
My mind is as confused as M & D, Im not sure who would be the best one for them to vote out either.

Jackie said...

Ah, Terry -- Don't worry! I'm fine. My apartment isn't even the ground floor. I've lived here through worse storms, for sure. The absolute worst thing which might happen is if the power goes out -- that knocks my elevator off and I have to use the stairs! ;-)

My neighborhood has never flooded as far as I know. Huge street, lawn, and parking lot puddles, maybe. Since I have no reason whatsoever to go out tonight, I'm fine and not worried. By tomorrow, the sun will be out. (And my elevator better be working!)

delee said...

Glad to hear you are weather-ready! I only got rain over night and until early afternoon here from Hannah.

Ike looks like another monster who will hit where(?) in the near future. Cat 4 now.

Kids had lots of rain and flooding in the DC area, but they are fine, indoors watching NCAA football.

Weather Channel had on today if gas is used in your home not to use candles or a flame object if the power goes out. Guess that is if a leak is nearby it could cause an explosion. Flashlights should be used. Doubt that would be a problem in your case, Jackie.

Sydney said...

Hi Jackie -
Storms can be fun when you stay as safe as we tend to on the North East coast. I also charged up my phone, made sure I had Folgers coffee singles (I could have sold hot cups of that that for more than Starbucks in the NYC blackout when no addicts could get a cup of joe below 42nd street) and put batteries in my am/fm portable radio. I guess if we don't hear from you you could call me to dictate a post, lol.


Witt said...

Jackie, the worst we had in central MD was wind and lots of heavy rain. Hopefully that is all you will have and you won't lose power!

Thank you again for all you do...this is my favorite place to go for BB chatter!

Witt :)

Clementine said...

Isn't it a great feeling to be all snug inside while the rain comes pouring down? Well, for those people whose homes never flood, which I am lucky enough to be one.

I have a little battery operated TV that I love, because we do lose power frequently. But it occurred to me that it won't work after the final conversion from analog to digital broadcasting next Feb. I'm going to look around for a cheap little digital TV that can run on batteries. Betcha I won't find one.

One of my favorite childhood memories is huddling around the wood stove in our basement during big winter storms.

Jackie said...

I think the Weather Channel enjoys freaking out over storms. As long as my pilot lights are on with the stove, I'm safe lighting my oil lamp. It has seen me through many storms for a good many years. I remember it was a gift from my grandparents around 1980 or so for use in stormy weather.

Delee said...

Clementine, don't ya hate the "new" digital thing? Never thought of those portable bat-op tv's. If you can find a digital one let us all know but I bet they will be sky-high.

I agree Jackie, about the WC and freaking us folks out. Loved a gas stove when Opal blew out our power, had to have that cup of java in the morning. If it looks like a bad storm here and maybe power out during the winter, I fill my carafe with hot water for the am.

Witt said...

During Hurricane Isabel we lost power for 5 days in the DC area (wasn't THAT fun?) but I could watch Survivor on my battery TV and then make coffee in the carafe on my gas stove. There are certain things I just couldn't live without!!

Witt :)

Jackie said...

The wind gusts are picking up now -- my cat keeps looking up every time a gust blows the rain right against the windows. I have my police scanner on listening to the cops set up barricades through the city. But I'm cozy and dry waiting on my meatloaf to be finished in the oven.

Anonymous said...

Jackie you are right. You should be ok. I live in the Baltimore area and the rain seemed to end a few hours ago, it is just very windy still.

I hope Memphis votes out Jerry, that is if he uses the veto on himself. I am sure we will not pull a Marcellus. Hope it is Dan and Memphis in final 2


TerryinCA said...

Im glad you have reassured us Jackie..and Im glad you are all prepared.
I just dont know which would be best, Jerry or Keesha to go. shes got strength and shes smart...I want Dan an memphis to make it to the F2 cause have no idea who the jury would pick.....
Is there a possible tie? I think those two would split the money happily...

Zoetawny said...


I was just thinking of you and the storm's impact on your area. I'm glad to know it won't be too bad and you are prepared. Your oil lamp is very cool especially since it was a gift from your grandparents. Just sent you an email asking about the storm and BB graphic attached.

Thanks so much for the updates. I'm still confused about Dan's trip but thinking it could possibly be the VMA show tomorrow. Dan could have just said he was going to a private beach so as not to alienate anyone in the house because he didn't take them along.

Stay safe all you east coasters.


sue said...

A few years ago we had an ice storm in Arkansas and power was out for days (weeks for some). Many homes still had a land line for their phone then, but most had cordless sets on it. With no power, those didn't work. People were lined up at the stores buying the cheapest plug in models they could find. I know fewer people have land lines now...I wonder what the stats on something like that are? It seems a big expense to pay $50 or so a month for a phone that is seldom used. We still have both cell and the other, and mostly only receive telemarketer calls on the home phone. In fact, I think Dish TV and several credit card companies should chip in on paying my bill, since they use my phone more than I do.

I agree Jackie, home can seem especially sweet when you are inside during a storm. Let us know when it has passed.

Laurie said...

Jackie, thanks for checking in and letting us know how you are doing. As others have said, the news make things sound so awful. We all know that but we still worry.

Little story: One of my daughters moved to Chicago this summer to go to grad school. She's been enjoying the totally different weather, having lived in San Diego and Berkeley most of her life. Well, she blogged the other day about Gustav and it cracked me up.

Gustav: The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday (the hottest day on record in a while) that Chicago will see rain as a result of Gustav. Now, I don’t know about your geography skills, but mine tell me that Gustav hit Louisiana, which is a good 900 miles away from here. What the heck? True to the prediction, though, I woke up to cloudy skies, a strong southerly wind, and much, much cooler temperatures. It’s only 70 today.

As predicted, they got lots of wind and rain. She had no idea she'd be dealing with hurricane related winds in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

Tennis is not on tonight due to the rain,(Not that i was going to watch, I was channel surfing.) I swear I heard them say it would be on tomorrow night at 8:00. What do you think they will do with BB10?


Anonymous said...

Memphis needs to get rid of Keesha cuz that would help Dan. Anyways it might be in Memphis' interests to get rid of Keesha cuz if Keesha won the final HOH, she might take Dan since that would a be cake walk of a win for her. E/o on the jury would pick her over Dan to win (even a reluctant April IMO, since she'll feel obligate to vote against Dan for the sake of Ollie's disrespected manhood).
Thanks for the updates Jackie.


Petals said...

Sorry about the storm by you, Jax - it's really dealying US Open play. One of lover boys (Roger) won today, and I'm really hoping for an upset by my new young countryman (Scot) Andy Murray for a win over Rafa... Oh yeah, this is a BB blog.
Okay, so...
Dan RULES!!! And I don't really mind if Memphis or Jerry come in second.
Sorry peeps, I just do not despise Jerry like everyone else.
The VMAs are when? TOmorrow night? Did we decide that is where Dan is going?

Laurie said...

Hey all, I've been getting a few emails questioning if the site I created for us in the spring to chat about things other than reality TV will still be going after BB10 is over.

The answer is Yes! If you are interested, please join us at .

I just started a topic that touched a familiar nerve in me when reading a post. The post is about dealing with negative people in our lives.

As stated before, the blog is not in any way competition with this wonderful blog. It's just a place to talk about other stuff when BB isn't on.

Petals said...

Regarding the weather, Hanna has nothing on the newest one, they are reporting. He/it's going to hit the sweet spot (Gulf Coast/NOLA area) at a Cat 3-4.
Good luck to all you storm troopers. I used to be one of you.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I was so off topic lol. Rain storms in the NYC area where I am usually do not cause very much damage. We get flooding in our house occasionally but it's really hardly anything. I think NJ always gets hit worse than NYC though hopefully not too bad there either.


nancy in nj said...

hi everyone! you have entertained me for quite a while now! i feel like i want to tell all of you thank you!

the jersey coast got slammed with winds and lots of rain but not as bad as they originally thought. not much beach erosion which is always an issue.

sydney....funny you should ask about a pink cast....i am a pink freak....some of my pink things include: my luggage, vera bradley stuff, i pod, i phone, laptop, bike,.....gotta love the pink. having said that....AFTER the gave me the cast, they told me they had pink ones too. i was very disturbed i ended up with an ugly white hard thing. but it is that is good.

nana..i was playing around in the ocean with a boogie baord and a wave knocked me under and i let go of the boogie board and it slammed into my hand...sorta like slamming your hand into a brick wall without making a fist..fingers first. was it you who asked if i was on a surfboard? i got such a chuckle from that!! i could never get myself to stand up!!

Did dan really take manchelle with him on the lux comp or is that just rumor? i would love to see dan win but i fear he has too many enemies in the house. just PLEASE not jerry!!!

i agree with you all about keeping life traumas to yourself. when you get to be our ages....i'd say we all had our share of heartaches and traumas.

ok, i'll hush up now. jackie, thank you for your faithfulness on this blog. you, and the commenters made my days enjoyable.

meb said...

Am I correct in my count of the JH when it gets down to the F1

If Jerry gets evicted, then there's Jerry, April, Ollie and Michelle who would vote against Dan.

If Memphis or Keisha gets evicted, then the count would be M/or/K, Renny and Libra to vote for Dan. 4 to 3... Dan would not win.

If the final two were Jerry and Dan, it would leave April, Ollie and Michelle to vote against Dan, and Libra, Renny, Memphis AND Kiesha to vote for Dan. Again, 4-3 but Dan would win.

(This is assuming that Libra would vote against Jerry, I'm sure the other three would)

Thus, doesn't it make sense for Dan to take Jerry to the final two. If he doesn't, I don't think he can win. Am I right here???

Sydney said...

Witt- glad you made it through OK and are here to comment! Priorities, lol.

Clementine, if you find a little dig TV on batteries, let me know, as I'd like to get one too. Woops see delee asked the same thing -- great minds!

Jackie - you have a police scanner??? that's too cool!

Nancy -- can't believe your pink stuff! :-D

Anonymous said...

Re: Hurricanes

Don't worry unless you see Jim Cantore in your front yard! LOL

Jackie & all in Hanna's path, stay safe!

We are still planning on leaving Monday to drive from Texas to Disney World. Looks like we can get across before Ike hits. Now, whether we can get back home or not........that's the question! Our first night going, we are supposed to be staying in Baton Rouge. Luckily, our hotel is up and running fine, as is the restaurant next door. Much of the rest of the city is still in bad shape. The next night we are in Tallahassee, and then on into WDW on Wednesday. On the way back, we had planned to go to Destin, FL, and spend some time on those gorgeous beaches. They are right in the cross-hairs now for Ike. There is still so much damage all across the gulf from Katrina. Now Gustav & Ike. Enough! Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who may be in Ike's path. WE DON'T LIKE IKE!


sue said...

"Don't worry unless you see Jim Cantore in your front yard! LOL"

Jennas Mom, You are right, that is one of the signs that it is time to duck and cover! I don't understand why The Weather Channel and all the other news people think it is necessary to demonstrate to the viewer that the weather is bad by having a person stand out in it. It doesn't help the story any, imo, in fact I think just the opposite. I can't concentrate on what they are saying because I am sure they are going to be harmed. Do they think we won't understand a strong wind unless we see one of them flying away? Have a safe trip and be sure and tell us about it when you get back home.
Have you made the trip before? How many will be in your group?

Anonymous said...

Sue -
Yes, we've made the trip quite a few times. There will be 3 of us -- me, hubby & our 4 yr old daughter. This is her 3rd trip. We went when she was 16 months old, & again when she was 2. It's surprising how much she remembers! Hubby & I used to go out there when it was just the two of us and make it in 2 days. Too hard now. We used to always stay at the same hotel on the beach in Biloxi, MS, going & coming. It just broke our hearts the first time we drove through Mississippi after Katrina. Everything GONE. We could tell where the hotel used to be because the majestic oak tree had survived the storm. Will report the Gustav/Ike damage we see when we return.

Hope my tivo works while I am gone. When we booked this vacation months ago, I had no idea I would be missing the end of BB, Greatest American Dog, & America's Got Talent. Probably won't get to watch any of them, but I'll be checking in here when I can to see what's going on in the BB house!


Anonymous said...

ROFL @ Jennasmom...
spot on!!
you guys crack me up here!


fa said...

As for how the jury house votes: although they always swear and vow to not vote for so-and-so, in the end, after spending time with plenty of alcohol at the jury house, they seem to lighten up considerably.

People who said they wouldn't vote for Dan may well actually vote for him, seeing him as the best player.

PDX Granny said...

After reading questions about battery digital TV's, I googled them. This is what I found on the FCC website:

"Portable, battery-powered digital televisions are coming onto the market. If your portable television contains labels or markings with the words “Integrated Digital Tuner,” “Digital Tuner Built-In,” “Digital Receiver,” or “Digital Tuner,” “DTV,” “ATSC,” or “HDTV Built-In”, then you should be able to view digital over-the-air programming without the need for a digital-to-analog converter box. Please check with an electronics retailer for availability and further information on these products".

Lars Eller said...

Our thoughts & prayers are with you.

Lars Eller said...

As long as my pilot lights are on with the stove, I'm safe lighting my oil lamp.


I've checked pilot lights, I panic despite. I have short - wave radio, is there something in the air? My throat tends to burn, along with my ears.
((( Sydney )) Our temperature in early morning hours is below 70, highest reported was 86 although it felt like over 110. I cannot tolerate the sun nor can my cousin RennRie

My dad once said
" he wasted more time worrying, I couldn't understand why he'd worry over the smallest things.

Lars Eller said...

I'm afraid of trains and water, I'm feeling sick.

Anonymous said...

Sydney -
Now some of the Ike prediction maps are turning it more towards our Texas. You be careful over there in the Houston area!


Laurie said...

Good morning all. I'm up early here on the West Coast, so of course I am here checking in on the BB House and all the friends of Jackie. "Hi, I'm Laurie and I'm a friend of Jackie". You either get that, or you don't!

Jennasmom, godspeed with your trip to DW. We have a friend who flew out Friday for a 2 week vacation there. It is a dream trip for him and his wife. We keep hoping it isn't a nightmare.

All of you in the paths of Hanna and Ike are in our prayers.

I wonder if Dan gets his luxury comp today? I keep thinking it's a trick of some kind, like the beach is really a backyard set up or something.

TerryinCA said...

Good Morning All.....Ive been thinking about the beach thing...we have so many lovely beaches they could take him to, in just a limo ride from Santa Barbara all the way down to your neighborhood Laurie....maybe Im thinking 1000 Steps in Laguna..private, could be set up easily with dinner, great views...ya think?

Anonymous said...

I just have to say I was a little surprised during Rennys chat on house calls that she was in a wait and see mode on wheather she would want ot be friends or see keesha once they are out of the house.

It just proves to me that the situation in the house really does breed parnoia and makes you doubt your own judgement. If any relationship was honest it is that one.