Monday, September 01, 2008

BB10: POV Meeting News

As expected, Memphis saved Dan with the veto. It's now Renny and Keesha on the block.


Anne said...

Oooohhh I do NOT want to see these two women turn on each other! They seem to really care about one another - but I suppose Jerry will enjoy stirring the pot....

loneseven said...

Thanks Memphis!!! GO DAN !

Michelle said...

I hate this part of the game. These two women are so close and you can tell it's genuine!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Memphis! Mauh, Mauh.

I like Renny... she's funny, but she does not deserve to win the money. I think Dan is the best BB player in history.

Dan for the win!

Anonymous said...

hopefully they won't turn on each other. I still want dan to win.they need to get jerry out before things get sticky


Laurie said...

I'm glad to hear that Dan is off the block. I wasn't sure Memphis could be trusted to do that. I hate to see Rennie go and think it should be Keesha. She's the better player, though, and they need her to maybe win HOH next week. Sigh... I hate to see the women be pitted against each other, though. They really bonded and have something special.

I do love that the foursome stayed together so long, and that it's been because the honestly enjoy each other's company. They've been fun to read about, too.

Petals said...

Whooo hooo!!! Rock on, Renegades!
Hello're looking exceptionally fetching today. Please don't blast me for watching tennis.

Petals said...

Hopefully, Rennie's wisdom and game maturity will help her reason with the hotheads in the jury house, and help them see that Dan was only playing a game. That he was not a floater, just a very good game player (duh - coaches need to know strategy). I hope she can lean the house toward Dan to a win in the end!

loneseven said...

Petals I will too blast you. I've been all alone with a sick dog for 3 days!!! One day I had a call from Nevada, MO and today I had one call from Blue Springs. Then you called briefly to tell me you've been watching tennis!!!!! for THREE DAYS???? Oh why am I complaining? I have a full life. NOT!!! I love BB and I'm especially happy that Dan got saved. Now the rest of the game I'll just be broken hearted because he probably won't win the whole ball of wax!! He has played the best game and not one time has a dirty word come from his mouth. He's the only one!! That's commendable. Petals, keep in touch with your Muddah!!

Anonymous said...

Jerry just found out he is not allowed to play in the next HOH. He is not a happy camper. Now he just needs to lose the POV and he is gone. Pleassseeeeeeee

Riley said...

I agree that Dan has been the best player this season. It has amazed me how the HOH has ruled the players so much this time!! Only Dan seemes to think on his own! And they have acted like his lying and backstabbing has been a new thing on BB! I mean, how often on past BBs have we seen promises made during HOH comps broken?? Nothing new!!

Anonymous said...

I would be really surprised if K and R turn on each other. I think they do really like each other and I agree with everyone who has said the fab four has been a joy to watch.

Even when they were plotting they didn't act bitter and nasty, like most of the others in the house.

I also agree that Col. Cocky needs to go, like yesterday.

I will be so sad to see Renny evicted. K and R have been my faves from early on. I really am glad tho that neither of them have to vote against the other.

I really don't care who wins out of M/D/K, but.... I unlike most here, do not really want to see a M/D final 2

I would like to see Keesha or Renny in the final with one of the boys. D and M trying to get the "renegades" to the finals reminds me too much of the bros before ho's attitude from past seasons.

I still remember how Dan kinda came off as a jerk when the show started, and seemed to only pull back on that because he had too. I do like him tho, just something about him at times.

I think it was the women who pulled that group together. Also it was Keesha and Renny who carried them up until Dan won HOH. M and D didn't even try to win anything until they absolutely had to, which I know is a strategy too.

I just think one of the women deserve to be in the F2, with....anybody but Jerry.



And how funny is it Jerry found out he couldn't play for HOH. Not so cocky now huh Col?? ha ha ha

sue said...

Do you think there will be a favorite player prize this season?

Anonymous said...

He cant play for HOH but can play for the veto. the veto winner has the only vote!!!! scary thought with CKA if he gets it!
So I hope Dan gets HOH then there is no way he will go home!!!! hip hip HOORAY go DAN go.
would love to see him in the final two.
I think he stands a chance against the colonel provided libra is not swayed by april et al
Dan has an OK chance against memphis and less of one against keesha since renny would be the 4th vote for keesha against DAN
I would love to see him go and then the 3 fight it out to the finish.


Clementine said...

I do think there will be an America's Choice, but I wonder if it will be Dan or Renny who wins it? What does everyone think?

If Dan wins the grand prize, he would not be eligible for the America's Choice and it would go to the person with the next highest number of votes. (I think.)



Any fans of Prison Break out there? I just discovered the Season 4 premiere is tonight from 8pm-10pm!

That's what happens when you live under the BB rock for the summer. You lose touch with the rest of the world. Maybe the same thing happens with tennis, Petals? :))

Tami said...

I would really like to see Dan win it all, because I believe he played that best, but as long as it is NOT Jerry, I am okay with the outcome. Jerry has been one of the nastiest players in BB history and I really don't want to see him rewarded for that.
I hate to see Renny go this week, but I think that is how it will go because the other 4 know that they could not win the money if she is in the final 2.

TerryinCA said...

whewwwwww...glad M honored his deal with D.....sad to see Renny go though...I still think M&D should split the vote so Col has to make the blood on their hands that way.
I just pray Dan gets HOH..cause if Memphis gets it, Im not so sure ...however I hope Dan or M gets POV....
thank you Jackie!!!

Anonymous said...

they just need to get rid of col. cocky. as soon as possible


nancy from long island said...

I am really disappointed that Renny will be going to the jury house. I would have liked to see her and Dan in the final 2. Jerry winning HOH really screwed thing's up this week. I don't like him but you have to give him credit he win's when he need's to. Obviously since he can't play in the next HOH he will be going next week. If he played smart he would have put Memphis up with Dan. He would have a better chance with the women in the house then the guy's

Anonymous said...

Technically Memphis already has blood on his hands, he used the POV on Dan which forced Renny to be on the block.

Splitting the vote could only potentially help Dan, and I don't think Memphis would be happy with that.

Also, I think they know that Jerry would vote Keesha out and keep Renny, and that doesn't fit the plan of "the renegades".

PDX Granny said...

Is it a given that if Dan & Memphis split the vote and CKA breaks the tie, that he would vote out Renny? I'm sure he likes Keesha best, but has he mentioned how he thinks he would do up against either of them?

If he thinks he would have a better chance against Renny, I can see him keeping her.

Personally, I don't think he'd stand a chance up against Renny, and don't really think he'd get rid of Keesha, but who knows how his mind works!

Wouldn't that be a shocker if that's what happened!!

Laurie said...

Hiya PDX! Are you enjoying your Labor Day?

Personally, I wouldn't think Jerry could win against anyone but he's proven me wrong many times this season. I do think he has a better chance of beating Renny over Keesha in anything physical. If the guys split the vote, it would not surprise me to see him vote Keesha out. She wasn't the target when he put her up with Dan, but the game just changed and his target may have changed with it.

Anonymous said...

Great point petals about Coaches needing strategy. Dan should use that as his campain speech before the jury. For Michelle and Ollie's benefit, he can explain how he is a REAL coach and that he played the best game b/c of it.


Petals said...

Clementine (and, ahem, Loneseven) ~ Oh yes, I only come out from under my reality rock for tennis. And that is a whole 'nother rock, lemme tell ya! Between Roger, Nole & Rafa, mmm.. I am in Heaven. Then I have BB, and Dan is a little slice of goodness himself. My mental-lust diet is is not going well this week, you know what I mean? haha.
As for the America's Vote for the extra $$, I believe it will go to Jerry. He'll get the sentimental vote, like the phone call. Especially after we saw him and his wife loving and cooing....

Anonymous said...

I know that I will be unpopular by this statement....but I dont get why everyone thinks Jerry is so bad...Wow..Look at Evil Dick, and people liked him..have you ever thought that maybe Jerry is getting a little senile..He is 75 years old, and I for one do respect my elders, unlike the houseguests...He always had an unfair advantage because there was noone who had the same interests as he...nor even similar life experiences...Come on, give the old man a break...

PDX Granny said...

Howdy, Laurie! I've spend a pretty lazy holiday weekend. For the most part, today has been spent bouncing back & forth between Jackie's, Joker's, Gustav and that book that's taking me forever to read.

I kinda agree with you about Jerry. I think he might stand a better chance of beating Renny over Keesha in physical comps, but I'm not so sure he'd actually beat Renny. He may have strength over her, but I think she has the stamina, and I think that's what counts in some of those comps.

Anonymous said...

campaign lol


Petals said...

F2 scenarios: Dan should win against any of the other HGs. Keesha/Memphis: Memphis played a harder game. Jerry/Memphis: Jerry won more challenges, and did his time on mostly a slop diet. Keesha/Jerry: see previous.

Laurie said...

anon 8:50, many of us tried to give Jerry a break. Really, we did. However, his continued potty mouth and butt-kissing, all the while wearing Marine shirts/caps, and stirring stuff up has completely turned me off.

I do respect my elders, the few that are left, and certainly respect military. However, I also think they need to keep my respect by acting in a respectable way. Jerry has not done that at all.

Do I feel sorry for him now that he's the only one left in his quasi-alliance? yes I do, because feeling alone is an awful feeling. However, that is of his own making. He got on the Ollie/Michelle train and that was a big mistake. Time for him to go and start getting regular sleep and regular food and find out who his real friends are. That will also make him sad since his friends only tolerated him and used him for votes.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am not sure how Memphis played a harder game than Keesha.

Do I think he could beat her in the F2? Yes, because Ollie, April, Michelle and hopefully Jerry are very bitter people.

But until recently Memphis was nothing more than a vote in that group. He was on his way out the door until Keesha pulled together the votes to get Jessie out.

Do I like Memphis? Yes
Do I think he could beat Keesha in F2? Yes

Do I think he played harder than Keesha? Not yet. He might by the time the show ends, but not yet.


monty924 said...

Happy Labor Day All!

I'm stuffed, sore from pitching horseshoes all day, which I stink at by the way, and sunburned. All and all it was a good Labor Day! :)

So I didn't watch Renny Youtubes all day, but I'm still sad my gal Renny is going... or is she? I wouldn't mind a last minute Hail Mary that votes out Keesha over Renny, but I don't see that happening realistically. Dan and Memphis are not likely to change their minds at this point. They have this all mapped out. One never know though how things could change.

I have an opinion to weigh in on regarding the difference between Evel Dick and Jerry. I don't even get the need to compare the two, but people do on here so here goes. Evel Dick was a dick. Evel Dick made no bones about who he was and how he played the game. Evel Dick did not go around kissing peoples (mainly HoH's) hind ends and then spew vulgar things about them behind their backs (Jerry re. Keesha). Evel Dick laid it all on the table and did what he did to their faces.

IMO there is no comparison between Jerry and ED other than they were both the oldest players from their seasons. Period!

Jerry is no Evel Dick and to compare his 'kiss hiney, play the dirty old man, floater to the end' strategy to what ED did in S8 is ridiculous. JMO and now I'm off my soapbox.

Glad to see lynn1 fared well and still praying for all the other Gulf Coast folks as the remnants are not over yet.


dla said...

Clementine, I am a HUGE fan of Prison Break!!

What did you think of the episode tonight?? I thought it was very strong, and laid out the potential for a great season.