Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BB10 TV Squad Doings

My show review post is up at TV Squad and there will be a special live feeds HOH comp update up there soon. The latter isn't much more informative than what you had here, but I had to get it up there, too.

Multi-tasking is so much fun! Thankfully, the BB house will be quiet tonight. But now you know why I've been quiet in comments.


Laurie said...

Busy, busy, busy!
We love our Jackie!!
Thanks for all you do ... cheers!

monty924 said...

Hi Jackie,

You do a superb job on here as always.

While I was watching my recording tonight, I couldn't help but laugh at the Survivor commercial. One of the survivors describes himself as an analytical, intuitive, patheletic guy. Is that a word?

What was he saying? Does he think he's telepathic or did he mean he's a pathological liar? Too tired to even look it up, lol!

BTW his name is DAN. Watch out for this guy. :)

Anonymous said...

I really think that Dan will take Memphis to the final 2 but I'm not so sure that Memphis will take Dan. Especially not after Keesha saying that Memphis doesn't have her vote. He probably has figured out by now that Dan will also have Renny's vote too. Of course maybe he is counting on April being upset over Dan screwing over Michelle and Ollie but I think April still hasn't forgotten about 500,000$ car and would vote for anyone to win over Memphis and what April does Ollie will do. And if Memphis is the one to vote out Jerry Dan will have his vote too. Libra I think has had plenty of time to get over being voted out of the house and might just vote for Dan on gameplay rather than personal reasons.

It just occurred to me that Dan might be manipulating Memphis...into throwing the third part of HOH comp. to him so that he can have the blood on his hands for voting out Jerry and thus, Memphis will get Jerry's vote in a tit for tat for Keesha. But what if Dan is playing Memphis too? What if he doesn't vote out Jerry. What if he just doing it so that he can be the final HOH and vote out Memphis. Now that would make Dan the best player in BB history. Even better than Will although I still like Will best. I can't help it; he's so cute.

Susan said...

Maybe it's just me, - Dan is the best player, but he disgusts me. He even kept up the act on live tv when Keesha was evicted and he told Memphis (for Jerry's benefit) "I'll never take you to the end now.. NEVER." He's ENJOYING deceiving people and playing with their feelings.

They could have been straight with Keesha & told her she was going instead of keeping up the charade (and don't tell me about rules, they pick & choose the ones they want to enforce). Wait until Keesha figures out the "renegades" alliance all along & Dan was the one who was REALLY playing her.

fa said...

Susan I was thinking that too, what happens when, during the Q&A before the voting when the jury gets to grill them -- if Memphis is there and if he's smart, he'd be quick to make sure Keesha et al know that Dan was also in on that -- then I wonder what Keesha would do?

I think she'd still give it to Dan.

I just hope Jerry is not in the F2, even though I said I hope he wins it if they send Keesha home tonight. I take it back -- I want Jerry in that worst of all positions, the number 3 loser -- no time in the cushy jury house and no prize either.

Dan will win as long as he's in the F2. It's still iffy to me whether Memphis takes him or J to F2 - Memphis knows it's safer to take Jerry.

Petals said...

G'morning. Just watched last night's show, and still love DAN. I've read alot of blogging about some people's feeling Dan is "using" or "playing" Memphis. Well, it had to be one or the other of them doing the dirty work on Keesha; Memphis won POV, so the dirty work was his to do.
Is Dan "enjoying" being manipulative and deceptive? Heck no, I don't think so. But that IS part of winning this game, and he's doing what he has to do.
Everyone have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Yes Petals, It was Memphis' job to do the dirty deed on Keesha. And why did he do it because Dan made sure he won POV so that Memphis would have to vote Keesha out. Don't get me wrong. It was good game play. It was excellent game play. I find that refreshing. People don't go into the BB house to make friends or to find Love like last season. They go to play a game. It's like chess but with real people. Everyone who goes in that house knows that there will only be one winner and no matter how much they need the money or how much they want the money, it doesn't mean that they automatically get to win it. They have to earn it. Most players get too emotionally involved in the game and that's their mistake. When you play chess, you don't feel sorry for the other player if you check mate. You don't feel sorry for someone who lands on your Park Place with 3 Motels in Monopoly, you take the money and smile.

At least this season there is someone in that house who is determined to win and will do what it takes to win. By the way, Dan didn't have to offer Keesha a shoulder to cry on. I think he did it because he truly likes her.

sharon said...

Jackie,thanks so much for the outcome of the HOH.I knew if they got Jerry to drop,those other two wouldn't waste any time ending the game.

I'm lurking,but not on much. Still having a really hard time eating and not throwing up,I fear I may end up back in the hospital if this doesn't get better soon.Hope everybody else is good and doing well.(((MEB)))

Anonymous said...

Deep Thoughts.....

I do not think Memphis will take Dan if he wins. I think he is too money hungry and his game will be that he took out Dan.

Dan took a huge risk in sending out Keesha-but he is thinking 3 steps ahead, talk to Michelle, talk to Keesha- getting all these people on his side.

If you remember Jerry said he wanted to sway the jury, but previous 3rd place finishers never go to the Jury House. They even say so in interviews afterward that they are sequestered in a hotel somewhere for the duration.

I just think Memphis is going to screw Dan and Dan will laugh and be surprised that he was outplayed. He will respect that and give Memphis a vote.

Dan Memphis

Just thinking....
(Oh and I think Keesha will calm down and vote for Memphis in Reality)

Memphis knows he will not win the money if he keeps Dan.

Angie in Kansas City

sue said...

Sharon, I am so glad you posted. I just stopped in to read the comments, but don't have much to say about the show...then I saw that you were here. I wish you well, hang in there. Sue

meb said...

Sharon (((Hugs))) back at ya. I'm so sorry you're having such a time of it. Hang tough... it'll be better soon... Promise!

I agree with Petals and those who say that Dan is right on with the way he is playing the game. He's there to win, and the way to win is to do whatever you have to do to survive.

How else do you get ahead in BB if you don't play the game. Making friends is great, but you don't enter the house to make friends and often you have to do things you wouldn't ordinarily do to accomplish your objective. You can tell Dan is a good guy, but he likes playing to the camera to let us know how smart he thinks he's playing the game. Some people are turned off by this... I think he's funny at this... keeps me amused anyway.

Dan is one of the smartest players I've seen in the game and I've been watching since BB3. I sure hope he takes it all the way to F-1.


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