Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Big Brother 10 - 9/09 Show Live-Blogged from the East Coast

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Zoetawny caught 'em dealing in the house! The show has started here on the East Coast and this entry will be updated as it airs. Comments, as always, are welcome! We're recapping right now.

Jerry made play for Memphis' vote. So Dan and Memphis scheme. Memphis says he'll be happy to send Jerry out the door. Dan says they're only safe if they win the veto. Julie has a nice pink slinky top and black slacks tonight.

Dan and Michelle's island giveaway, will it change her mind or seal his fate? (Michelle last said she wanted to do him bodily harm.) He notices gas is going down as they go by a station, he loves his helicpter trip. Over water, worried about Michelle.

She reacts well, surprised, but well. He prays. Anything I can use to win this game, I'll do -- says Dan. Michelle isn't sure to believe him or not and tells him she thinks he's working on a vote from her.

He tells her that the four all knoew and she thinks it does put thinkgs in perspective for her. When he asks if she thinks if he has any chance of winning, she tells him no. She does say if it's down to him and Memphis, she'll work on it.

Stairway to Veto -- We've seen this kind of comp before. They go up a step for each correct answer putting the answers in one step at a time. I have no vested interest in winning this competition - Dan. He says he might bring back the art of the throw. Dan is deliberately slowing down so that Memphis will win and have the blood on his hands.

Memphis wins!

Jerry says he needs Mmephis to save him, but doesn't trust him. Keesha says she needs Memphis to honor his word more than ever. Dan and Memphis do their little Renegades dance handshake.

Dan wants to make a plan which will almost guarantee they get to the final two. They're leaning towards keeping Jerry in another week because they think he's weaker than Keesha. Keesha is taking the probability of being put up on the block okay until Memphis says "At least you didn't unpack."

Ah, her epiphany is coming. She knows they're going to evict her ... she goes to the HOH room and directly confronts them about evicting her. Memphis can't even look at her. She says she can tell by the look on their faces. She wants to be told beforehand. When she says "you guys" Dan protested. She says the person who votes her out won't get her vote.

Memphis goes to her. She shuns him. "Are you going to at least tell me or tell me why?" "I just said I'm sorry." She cries. She goes after him crying. Dan just sits there. As she rants, Memphis looks miserable, almost like he's going to cry himself. Dan looks like he's scheming in his mind.

Dan goes and works on her, tells her he's trying to find a way to keep her.

Julie checks in -- shows film of gorilla at luxury comp - monkey business. They all laugh at the Jessie reveal. Keesha said she wouldn't have been as giddy had she known. Memphis - fruitless exit? No idea, but had to guess something. Congrats, Dan - trip? Awesome -- helicopter, private island, lifetime experience. Jerry - 4th time on the block, he says he's made an offer to buy the house.

Live veto meeting -- Memphis with no speeches from Jerry, uses it to save himself, Keesha goes up. Jerry: Great ridde, honored. Keesha wants to say nothing to Memphis but thanks Dan for being there for her the last few days. (Dan's ploy worked.) Memphis says the decision wasn't easy - business plan - evicts Keesha. She hugs Jerry and Dan. He gives her something with a message at the bottom. Finish it? Hmmm.

In the house, Dan still plays the Mad at Memphis card. Julie asked Keesha what Dan said -- she said he took Michelle on the trip. All the toy says is HOT on the bottom. Memphis? Shocked, figured it out because Jerry was too calm. She says she thinks Memphis was scared Dan would take her to the end.

Goodbyes -- Soprry, only thing which made sense for me, forgive me. Jerry: Your alliance wasn't good to the end. Dan: If Memphis sent you home, I tried to keep you. She admits Memphis is playing the game.

Part One of three part HOH -- Wing and a Prayer -- They're wing walkers balancing on planes. Wind, elements, they have ropes to steady themselves and helmets. The winner of this round advances to the final round and the other two duke it out during the second round. Winner of the second round then goes up against winner of first.

Julie will be back live Thursday for final HOH, Sunday never before scenes show, Tuesday live finale.


Melissa said...

so this is live but she is going to see who WINS the POV, not won.....this is so weird!

Clementine said...

melissa: I think the live part of the POV is the ceremony, not the comp.

Why is the online TV Guide not listing a Thurs show? Is it on everyone else's TV schedule?

Love it when there's no WV!!!

Crazy hair Dan is back in the DR!

Melissa said...

ahhhh, gotcha! thank you!
I cant waity to see the Michelle part!!!!

fa said...

Have they shown the jury house yet and I missed it? (not tonight I mean, but before)

Donna in AL said...

where is everyone?

Anonymous said...

michelle seemed cautious but he totally won her vote


Clementine said...

We saw Michelle and Ollie arrive at the JH. April and Michelle were bashing Keesha for being fat, jealous little wankers that they are.

Dan, you silver-tongued devil!
To quote Manchelle: "Me and Dan were always friends in the house" ROFL

I think Monica should be afraid of how well that boy lies, like a dog, like a rug, like a possible BB winner!

No I'm kinda excited for Dan to pull this off again :) I'm so fickle

Anonymous said...

No one can trust Michelle.

Clementine said...

Donna: I'm surprised there aren't more people here tonight, too!

Nancy said...

Clementine, Don't worry the show is on thursday at 8 live with another eviction. I almost don't want to watch bcause I know Keesha is going home. Dan really is such a good player without doing all that in your face stuff that Evil Dick did. Evil did make great TV.

Clementine said...

Thanks, Nancy!

How did Dan know to hold off winning so long? What if Keesha or Jerry got it? Could he see where Memphis was on the steps?

Donna in AL said...

I don't want Keesha to go!!!

Jackie said...

I hope people know it's 8 PM tonight, not 9!

Clementine said...

Wonder if a few people out there forgot that the show was on at 8 instead of 9 tonight?


Clementine said...

Jinx, Jackie!

Clementine said...

Oh, thank goodness, no POV speech from Jerry

Uh-oh, spoke to soon, the thrill, the agony, and things like that, lol

OMG, Keesha, you're going to regret that! Did you hear the audience gasp?

jb said...

I'm kornfused...Why Keesha?

Clementine said...

Now Dan is trying his acting 101 skills on Jerry, make believe he's mad at Memphis

So smart of Dan to tell Keesha about Michelle. If she were to find out at JH, she'd be pissed.

What's with the HOT duck? A little flirt/compliment to keep him in her good graces?

Maybe something inside the duck?

Anonymous said...

Keesha played this game very naively. But the boys may live to regret saving Jerry for another week. I believe Memphis is planning to get rid of Dan.

Jerry's goodbye message to Keesha was a bid for her vote.

Melissa said...

Clementine, i was thinking the same thing....peel that HOT off and maybe something is under it. It makes no sense otherwise...lol

Clementine said...

Dan totally deserves to win after this. From a game standpoint, that was awesome.

That being said, if I were Keesha I would never forgive him (personally). He made her look like a complete fool.

Melissa said...

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Hope to see you there...

Clementine said...

Are you ready for endurance, Jackie? I forgot you would have a long night! Thanks in advance!

Jerry looks pretty funny on that plane.

Both Dan and Jerry wearing windbreakers.

Jerry has been insisting to Memphis to wear his extra windbreaker, wonder why he didn't?

Clementine said...

Hello to all of the possibly confused people joining us at 9pm!

Anne said...

Dan lies too easily.

I remember one of the first things that came out of his mouth was that he'd have to do some things but would "go to confession" when it was all over, and the statement rubbed me the wrong way. As if anything goes and once I go to confession it'll be ok.

I understand it's a game and all, but those lies just roll off of his tongue and he takes it to a level that's not (IMHO) really necessary.

Melissa said...

I do NOT see Jerry lasting to long.....then what, he gives it to who?
They still need to have Jerry think they are mad at each other.

Anonymous said...

Jerry should go down quickly.

Lynnze2 said...

Lynnz said....

I believe M & D planned all of this out..They've made K & J's vote (if all goes as planned )The jury could be split 3 to 3 with Libra deciding..Brillant!!!

Anonymous said...

Nope I disagree. Dan is furious with Memphis. The renegades are over IMO and Dan is taking Jerry to F2 if Dan wins the HOH, ditto for Memphis taking Jerry as well.
I luv Dan and I am rooting for him 100% like you all didn't know that already LOL. That episode was fantastic.

Melissa said...

Nina, they wer e pretending to be mad....atleast thats what I know...anyone? Opibnions?

Clementine said...

Nina, I'm with you and back on the Danana train (see me back here in the caboose?)

But Dan and Memphis had this good cop/ bad cop thing all planned out with Keesha and Jerry. Memphis was bad guy to Keesha, and Dan is bad guy to Jerry. It is all an act. Dan's not really angry with Memphis.

Anonymous said...

I think Dan finally realized that there was a possibility that Memphis would take Jerry in the end anyways just like he found it expedient to dump Keesha who he also had a deal with. Dan is SMART. But I think he should have waited until he won the final HOH and then dump Memphis, IMO.

Anonymous said...

It's a planned act for Jerry's benefit. D & M have planned this every step of the way. Keesha had to go. Jerry has to go next. Lynnze2 is right on!

Anonymous said...

I still really don't think they were pretending but I could be wrong. Dan does not want 50,000 with Memhis. Dan wants the big prize and if he's the f2 with Jerry, he'll get it. It's all or nothing for Dan, if you ask me.
But I don't really know lol. I'm speculating.

Anonymous said...

That ending was incredibly exciting either way it turns out in the end!!! Dan also made Keesha happy which I appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Feeds are up Jerry is already out-amf

Anonymous said...

Do you really believe any of the jurors would vote for Jerry to win? Nobody liked him. Everybody used him as a vote. Period!

Anonymous said...

Hah! Jerry deserves to win absolutely nothing.

Nana in the NW said...

Melissa--I thought I read a few days ago that they agreed to stage a fight over evicting Keesha. They were plotting today about a password to use during the comp.