Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Brother 10: The Evel Dick Interviews

You're being warned -- crude language ahead. It is Evel Dick, after all. But what he does, you don't see Julie Chen doing. He asks the questions and makes the statements YOU are thinking ... albeit probably not in the same words.


Delee said...

Gotta love ED....

Sydney said...

Why do I think TAR is starting tonight? I would see something here if it was. Better check TV guide.

Thanks for posting these Jackie. I have to find a moment to watch them but I assume he outs April and Ollie........!

Delee said...

AR next Sunday 28Sep at 8pE, but but but probably late because of "football"!

bj said...

Jackie, I liked the interviews better with Bunky rather than ED. He hit hard with Ollie and Jerry but the language is better. Here is the link

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackie, those were cool.

I'm gonna miss all of the BB stuff on the blog. I don't plan to get into survivor b/c I'm not into outdoorsy athletic stuff and I don't want to become addicted to that show.

However, I plan to stop by the DWTS page so I'll check in with e/o then.


Sydney said...

Nina -- we also do a Bachelor chat if you're into that, lol. You will be missed!

Sasha said...

Thanks for posting those, Jackie. I had watched some of the Bunky ones earlier and our friend Jerry actually denies saying stuff we all know he said. Ummmm, Jerry, even if someone didn't have the feeds, it's on youtube for all to see and hear. He REALLY has an incredibly high opinion of himself that I do NOT share.

Ollie is his usual fast talker in his interviews; he would make me totally crazy in real life, he thinks he's such a charmer.

And April, what more can be said? She's trying to play coy when we all saw what she and Ollie did for all to see. Hey, 'fess up both of you. You did it, move on.

LOL the same advice I must give myself...BB10 is over...move on. It's hard to just quit cold turkey!! Especially not checking in here all the time.

Sigh. Enjoy Survivor and TAR everyone, I'll see you next BB (and the occasional "newsy bits").

Thanks again, Jackie. And a shout out to Zoetawny...keep in touch.


becfky said...

Sydney said... Why do I think TAR is starting tonight? I would see something here if it was. Better check TV guide...... Thanks for posting these Jackie. I have to find a moment to watch them but I assume he outs April and Ollie........!

Did he ever out them? I was ROFLMAO!! He said that is all they did! He also told April that she was the bi*** of the house.

Anonymous said...

Hello, everyone! We got in from our trip last night. Saw lots of hurricane damage from Gustav & Ike. Made it home through it all with no problems. Thanks, Sydney, for the good info!

Well, I stayed up half the night catching up on all the BB shows I "tivo"-ed. Was not nearly as much fun as watching it with all of you!

I am ready & waiting for TAR & Survivor!

Sydney said...

yup Becky -- He totally said it to them... just like Jackie said, he brought up eveything all of us have been saying but no one in the media has....

Jennasmom -gladyou finally got back. Did you take the I-10 after all or have to divert the longer way?

sue said...

Hi Jennasmom...glad you made it home safely. Lots of us were asking about you (in Jackie's comments) while you were gone. I hope you had a great time in Florida.
I am watching the Emmys, which is not something I usually do. I am hoping Mad Men wins some.

joy n said...

You can always count on Evil Dick to tell it like it is. April still trying to explain away her bitchiness.

Watching the Emmy's, too, hoping Jeff Probst wins tonight.

Sydney said...

I'm hoping for Mad Men too -- Just saw one of my old clients lose his nom to one of the guys from John Adams... he looked very nice, even if I didn't dress him this time, lol.

And as for Reality shows, I truly think Project Runway is one of the best out there. And Survivor for me deserves one because it, imho, was the godfather of all of em.

Sydney said...

Doh! I assumed with Jeff Probst as a host his show was nominated. But when I saw TAR was, I thought, Project Runway or TAR??? Both quality TV. But before I could ponder further TAR WON!! Yay

And John Adams. Was such an amazing piece of art. HEy they are even trying to cut off Hanks speech. That's a first.

Sydney said...

Hope Probst gets the Emmy for hosting his show. He is such an integral part of it.

joy n said...

Just watched those Bunky interviews. Ollie and April are still blaming their "outbursts" on others and editing. They become even more unlikable everytime I "see" them.

Wasn't surprised that TAR won the Emmy again. I believe they've won every year since that category was first announced.

Now for Jeff to be recognized.

joy n said...

Thanks, Jackie, for the ED interviews and thanks, bj, for the heads-up on the Bunky ones.

Sydney, John Adams is doing well tonight, as they should.

Sydney said...

Did anyone see In Treatment on HBO?

joy n said...

Jeff Probst so deserved to win tonight. He's so good at it. I'm happy for him!

Sydney said...

Darn, Mad Men or Dexter? Has to be Mad Men, as it just has far greater appeal to the general public...

And yes! Jeff won. Well deserved!

Sydney said...

Hey JoyN -- just you and me in here, like it often is, lol!

Glad :-D

sue said...

Sydney, I thought of you when I saw him (your client) in the audience at the Emmy's. You should have been there for MTM to give her a wrap or sleeves. I loved seeing so many familiar faces, but it was sad in some cases. So many good shows.

PDX Granny said...

I'm here too!! I keep popping in and out for updates on the Emmey's. Since they just started here on the west coast I haven't been commenting on them.

I've been spending a good part of my weekend watching the the various interviews from the wrap party. I LOVED how Evel Dick pulled no punches when it came to calling out Col. KA and April & Ollie!

I don't know which astonished me more - That he quoted April's "undercover" comments, or that Jerry denied saying most of what we all heard him say!!

Sydney, I have to tell you, I've really appreciated your New Yorker in Houston blog. It's good see what's going on there on a more personal level, rather than just what we see on the news. Thanks for taking the time to post!! You're an inspiration to us all!

delee said...

AR won its 6th Emmy in a row and that set a Emmy record...HIP HIP HOORAH!!!

Jeff P won for reality host.

How lucky are we all for watching these shows?

RBennie said...

Good morning all. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I can't wait for Survivor on Thursday. I really hope this will be a great season.

RBennie said...

Oh, and thanks for the ED interviews Jackie

Nana in the NW said...

Good morning!

These interviews are great!! ED was his usual self....not mincing any words and calling everyone out!! Did he interview Michelle,Jerry and Keesha too? He seemed to really like Renny. They would give each other a run for the money in the house toghether!

I watched some of the Emmy's and Mary Tyler Moore looked anorexic! With the way her arms looked I would guess her legs are similar.

I'm not sure I liked Probst hair longer. I hope that's not the way it will be during the show.

Tonight is DWTS!!! Can't wait to see all of them.

RBennie said...

Thanks for the DWTS reminder Nana, I almost forgot!

Nana in the NW said...

just heard from Orkmommy and I'm IN!!! Watch out, I'm ready to kick some butt....I love a good competition!! LOL

This is going to make watching the show so much more fun. Thanks Ork!

ORKMommy said...

Morning all! Hope you had a good weekend!

I got everyone who emailed me into the pool. If anyone left me a comment asking to get into the pool over the weekend, please email me at I'd love to go back and read all the comments but I just don't have time.

I've gotten a pretty nice response to the Survivor Pool and since I don't want to leave anyone out, I've decided to just assign as many people as I need to each castaway so that we can all play. There's no money involved so it'll work out. We can play in teams this way.

If you haven't gotten in and would still like to, email me at

Thanks all!

p.s. LOVE the ED interviews. Although I didn't need to know exactly what April said in the throws of passion, it was nice to see someone finally out them!

Anonymous said...

Sydney -
We came home the I-10 route. Highway was fine & gas was available in most places. Lots of remnants of wind & water damage along the interstate. Even saw a car on a rooftop near Beaumont. Gas prices were much lower in the hurricane areas than in Florida! The only place that really seemed to have a gas shortage was the Tallahassee area - don't know why! All the rest stops in Louisiana were closed, & most of the restaurants along the highway were closed. Hooter's was the only thing open in one town! Luckily, we ate a big breakfast at the hotel in Lake Charles & didn't need to stop for lunch. We didn't get a drop of rain in our area. Lawn was crunchy & brown. Glad to be back home!

meb said...

Great idea orkmommy... the more the merrier... Hope I get one that lasts longer than first eviction. LOL

DWTS... OMGosh, I didn't realize it was on tonight either. Thanks nana in the nw for the reminder!

I've changed TV's, so I have to go in and reprogram those that I want to record, and DWTS was not one of them yet cause I had to wait for it to come on. Again, thank you. I would have been upset to miss it.

Oh, off topic, my doctor cancelled my chemo treatment this week cause of the outpatient thingy I'm doing next week, so YAY! He's just being on the safe side (infection). I'm with him... lets skip them all. HA!


joy n said...

Sydney, I went off line right after my last comment last night. Just wanted you to know I wasn't ignoring you. Glad others came on to keep you company. Happy for you that Madmen won!

Meb, glad to hear you're getting any kind of break from chemo!

Nana, I'd forgotten DWTS was starting tonight, too. Thanks for reminding us.

Orkmommy, can't wait for Survivor to start. This pool thingy is gonna be great fun!

ORKMommy said...

I need 14 more people in order to have a team of 2 for each castaway. Pass the word peoples!!! I'll keep this open until 5pm CST on Thursday.

Thanks all!

Nana in the NW said...

orkmommy--mayber you could tell us who has signed up so we know who needs a "gentle nudge" to come on board!!

Those who are programming DWTS it's a 2 hr. show tonight and tomorrow and then Wed. is elimination!

anon 2:02--I'm guessing that's you Jennasmom. Glad to hear you got home safely. Hope you had a great time in Disneyworld.

meb--Glad to hear your drs. taking pre-cautions with the Chemo...that makes a nice little break for you too.

RBennie said...

My tv guide shows 8-9:30 for DWTS.

RBennie said...

Glad to hear you're getting a break from the chemo MEB. How's it been going so far? I know you came through the first one well.

Darlene said...

Hi All!

A while back someones computer crashed and she had to rebuild it. After that she couldn't get the sound to play on videos. How did you fix that? I'm having the same problem. Computer crashed this weekend. Hubby got everything all reloaded. I went to the bottom right hand corner and raised the sound there. I can go to CBS and play videos fine there. Just on Jackies site is where I can't get them to play. They were playing fine there before crash. I can't play ED "interrogations" lol or Survivor clips. Help!
Thanks! :)

ORKMommy said...

Darleen - I can play the videos with sound in Internet Explorer but not Firefox. Wierd...

Ok, this is who signed up for the pool...

Joy N
Pdx Granny
Lars Eller
Nana in the NW
Nancy in NJ
Katie in Chi
Caroline - NJ

We need 13 more now...

Delee said...

tvlistingaol shows DWTS is 121 minutes then Boston Legal starts. Guess we will see which is correct.

Meb, glad DR is taking a cautious approach.

Jenna, can not wait for WDW in Oct when the crowds and weather are better...I hope! Glad you made it home and it was ok.

ORKMommy said...

Meb - how come you're not in the Survivor pool yet?

Laurie? Do you want in?

Nana in the NW said...

orkmommy--thanks for the list. FYI--delee is on there twice. I assume that was an oversight.

Here goes my "gentle nudge"...



I know you all were around last season(except Laurie)....don't desert us now!

I know Sharon commented last season on Survivor but has been ill for awhile and checks in when she's feeling better. Do you think we could add her in the pool if there's room?

Have we convinced Loneseven she wants to join us in Africa?

Anne said...
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Anne said...
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monty924 said...

I'm here, I'm here, lol. I've so busy hunting down the after BB stuff that I haven't posted much.

I'll join the Survivor pool... but I won't root for a dweeb, lol.

There are four more interviews with ED posted on realplayer SuperPass. MOBB hasn't added them yet to youtube, but I'm sure they will be there soon. There's an interview with Brian, Jessie, Jerry and Angie. Jerry's was surprisingly good.

Getting ready for DWTS tonight. I'm not sure who I'll be rooting for.

Lucy said...

Thanks for the "nudge" Nana in NW. I haven't been posting as much as last year as I have started a new teaching position this year - Guidance Counsellor in an alternate high school. Very rewarding and busy.

I will try to be more active in the survivor posts since I am officially in the pool.

joy n said...

Off Topic - Bachelorette news. DeAnna and Jesse are downsizing their wedding plans. From, DeAnna says, "I think we want to enjoy ourselves and our day versus having to talk to a bunch of people all day long. So we're dwindling it down."

Now maybe I'm being a skeptic here, but a few short months ago she was gushing all these expensive plans and places she expected her wedding to be. Could it be that ABC did not come forward with a Trisha/Ryan pay-for-it-all kind of deal for Deanna and that's the real reason for the down-sizing? Could it be she has used up most of her 15 minutes and she still not "famous"?

I don't know, I still think maybe Jesse should!

monty924 said...

I posted this on the Gag Reel thread...

The four new interviews are up on youtube. Go to the link below. Tell me what you think of the interview with Jerry. I thought he did pretty well with ED.