Friday, September 19, 2008

Big Brother 10 Gag Reel

Thanks go out to commenter BJ for the link to this gag reel played at the BB10 wrap party!


Nana in the NW said...

Hi all!! I'm home and left comments for many of you on the prev. post(please check it out). I'm soooo computer dumb I don't know how to copy and paste and all that stuff to move it over here! :)

This gag reel is so funny!!! I was laughing so loud Josie(that's my dog) kept looking at me like I was crazy! Even though it's 11 mins. be sure to watch it!

Thanks to jb for the link and Jackie for putting it up here.

Do I dare wish and hope that I might be first?

Nana in the NW said...

Yes!! Sometimes it is a good thing to be on the west coast!

lynn1 said...

Thanks for much needed laugh.

Michelle said...

These were too funny! Thanks for sharing with us Jackie! Good work as usual. :)

Jackie said...

They always cut the feeds when they sang. I'm shocked that Dan (25 years old) knows who Simon and Garfunkel even are!

joy n said...

This is really funny. Thank you BJ and Jackie.

Nana, left a message for you about jigsaws on previous post.

PDX Granny said...

Welcome back, Nana! Hope you enjoyed your time away.

I must agree with you - My grandson is a real cutie!! Only I must admit there are times that that "cute" is only skin deep!! He's too headstrong for his own good - or mine!!

I'm semi illiterate when it comes to computers but I'll try to explain how to copy & paste. It's actually pretty easy. In a nut shell, it's highlighting a selection, then copying it to a "clipboard", and finally pasting it where you want it to be.

There are several ways to do each step. Here are some.

To highlight:
For just one word, double click on the word.

For a larger size selection, one way is to put your cursor at the beginning of what you want to copy. Then, while holding down your left mouse button, drag it to the end. That will highlight a section.

Another way is after putting the cursor at the beginning to hold the shift key. While holding the key down, use the arrow keys to move over and down the section until the part you want to copy is highlighted.

Once you have a section highlighted, hold the control key down while hitting the "C" (for copy) key. This will put what you've copied, onto the "clipboard". Most of the time it will stay there until you either remove it by copying something new or by turning off the computer.

The next step is to go to where you want to paste your selection, putting your cursor exactly where you want your selection to begin. Then, holding down the control key again, hit the "V" (as in Velcro) key. That will paste the selection into the new space.

You can re-copy that selection as many times as your little old heart desires as long as it's on the clipboard. You can copy & paste in the same document, email, comment etc, or copy from one and paste into another.

If you inadvertently mess something up, all you need to do is hit Control and "Z" at the same time and it will undo your last step.

I don't know if this is any help, or if it just confused you more! Hopefully, it helped!! Now go practice! Good luck!

Lars Eller said...

I'm shocked that Dan (25 years old) knows who Simon and Garfunkel even are!

9/20/2008 12:01 AM

Good morning to all;
At the age of 15
I didn't know what the term " Jail bait " meant.
I've heard of Simon and Garfunkel But not really sure who they are?

bj said...

You are welcome for the link. It was to good not to share.

What was the Brandy 9000? Did I miss sometning during the season? Or were the editors just playing homage to one of their own?

Sydney said...

Thanks Jackie!

If Dan said he loved the Movie and has it on DVD, he prolly knows of Simon and Garfunkle only thru the movie?

Sydney said...

Lars- S& G are 2 guys --a musical duo who were really popular in the 60's. Their music was kind of folksy ballady, sung in almost falsetto. Many major hits -- you can sample on Itunes -- they have a greatest hits CD there

Sandiekay said...

Absolutely loved the gag reel...wish there were more!

Nana in the NW.......this is how I copy and paste....highlight the section you want...go to edit, select copy.......go to "write" mail, click your mouse in the writing section... go to edit again and select paste and click on your mail section again, click again and there it is. I am sure there are better ways, but since I am a real computer dummy it works great for me.

Anonymous said...

thanks jackie, absolutely hysterical!!
debie in calif

Anonymous said...

pdx granny

After you highlight all you want to copy, just right click on your mouse and left click copy.

Put the curser where you want to copy, just like you are gonna type, and right click again and left click paste

Jackie said...

Sydney - I was thinking he wouldn't know it because Sounds of Silence and Scarborough Fair/Canticle are on different albums than Mrs. Robinson. (Yes, I have all the S&G albums.) But I checked out the movie soundtrack -- yep, all three are there. I don't think I've seen The Graduate since I was a kid ... probably too young to see it.

Anne said...

Hi All,

Just checking in to see how everybody's doing. Nana glad you're home; hope you had a great trip.

Weather in CT is beautiful today - perfect pre-autumn 66 degrees.

Know this is a new thread but Jackie I Tivo'd Bonnie Hunt's show yesterday and loved it - even the interview with Elmo!

Sydney said...

sorry BJ, forgot to say thanks for the clip to you too!

Anonymous said...

That was great!

becky said...

Hysterical!!! BTW, they had an article in the paper today about how many applicant's go on Survivor and other reality shows, not for the chance to win the big money, but for exposure or publicity, that a lot of them are fame-seekers.

There were three that they mentioned: Jon Dalton (Jonny Fairplay) and how he became a hated household name (remember the granny that "died" who now earns a six figure income because his rep); Elisabeth Hasselbeck who became a co-hostess on The View; and Amber (our own little Womber) who stripped down to underwear for her casting call video.

Petals said...

KUDOS to BJ, and whoever the other brilliants minds-at-work that created that masterpiece! I wish I had that on DVD!
Thank you!!!

monty924 said...

Wow... haven't had a chance to post for the past few days but I've been checking Jokers daily for the interviews and videos. There were some great ones this year. I loved Gretchen calling April out, lol. Bunky probably had the best interviews though. He called Ollie out on the homophobic slur and he also called Jerry out on the comments he made toward Keesha. Of course Jerry denied it all. @@

I haven't had a chance to watch all the Survivor vids yet but will as soon as I can.

Bring on Survivor! :)

Anonymous said...

Part of this was hysterical, while part was pretty dumb. I liked the Mrs. Robinson part

What was the deal with the stapler?

Sydney said...

yes, what was that stapler thing? I was clueless.

monty924 said...
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Anonymous said...

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