Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Late Night Monday Live Feeds

Yessirree, Bob. It has hit the fan. And it's messy, too. After the feeds being blocked for their Craig Ferguson bit and on and off through the early evening (their time) hours, there was boredom. But not so much anymore. Yep, IT has hit the fan. Here's the latest:
  • Memphis told Dan that the Diary Room told him he couldn't say anything to Keesha about voting her out before the veto meeting on the show.
  • The BB voice never said anything about it -- usually they pipe up with the fact that they're not to discuss their Diary Room sessions.
  • So, made up by Memphis or not? I don't know.
  • Memphis told Dan that he feels really bad about putting up/facing Keesha.
  • Dan and Memphis think the Renegades will go down in BB history.
  • They studied/went over various comps trying to get them straight.
  • Meanwhile, all alone in the spa room, it's dawning on Keesha. She says to herself, "Those [bleepers] are going to evict me!"
  • She confronts Memphis telling him that's why Jerry's so quiet -- he knows. Memphis denies that he's voting her out.
  • She accuses him of changing the subject every time she talks about it.
  • Memphis soon thought of something he needed to do and avoided her.
  • Dan asked her if she's seen Memphis talk to Jerry.
  • She kept going on about Memphis voting her out and how he's obviously made up his mind.
  • Dan played along, acting like he had no knowledge about it at all.
  • She finds Memphis and confronts him and he said he wasn't allowed to talk about it.
  • She cried. And once again asked Dan how long he's known. Neither Memphis or Dan answered her.
  • She told them Michelle tried to warn her about them and she didn't listen. She feels very betrayed, she's had their backs all along.
  • Once she left Dan and Memphis, they had a huge whispering session which was impossible to hear. "Houseguests, please do NOT whisper in the house!"
  • Yeah, I said that, not BB. But they should!
  • Finally Dan asked Memphis if he should throw him (Memphis) under the bus to Keesha. Memphis agreed, saying that she hates him now anyway. Meanwhile, he (Memphis) will convince Jerry that he and Dan have had a major fight to pull Jerry into thinking they're not together.
  • Bot went to their selected spider prey -- Dan to Keesha, Memphis to Jerry.
  • Dan threw Memphis under the bus to Keesha, then threw him in front of a speeding locomotive. And it worked. Keesha is now the hugest Dan fan in the world.
  • Memphis redeemed himself in Jerry's eyes and once again Jerry told Memphis if it's between Dan and Memphis at the end, he has his vote.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for the update. I've been watching on justtvnuts. I am excited about tomorrow. Dan made Keesha a fan. Dan talks a great game. I could not be happier with this turn of events.

Dan also intimated to Keesha that tomorrow he's gonna tell her about michelle and the beach. What do you all think about that move?

Good night all.

Anonymous said...

ps I do feel bad for Keesha and I got to be first which sadly means I have become a BB adict and I need to visit BBA. I need to talk about BB constantly. I have a final job interview tomorrow and I won't be talking to them about BB.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Because Keesha is sure Memphis is voting her out, she keeps saying that she's going to try and persuade the jury to vote for Dan for the win. Gee Keesha, that's the absolute wrong thing to say to Dan now, even if there were a chance, Dan will talk Memphis into voting you out because now he has an advocate in the Jury House. I sort of feel bad for Keesha but on the other hand I don't. She wanted Angie out so that she could have Memphis all to herself and unfortunately for her, it worked. She got him and too late she realized she doesn't want him. She should have listened to Renny-Roo when she told him he was a snake in the grass and voted him out when she had the chance.

Susan said...

I am so disgusted with Dan. He's making it seem (to Keesha) that it's all Memphis, but there he is, betraying her, while he "comforts" her. It's sick! How can he do that to anyone? He's letting her sleep in his bed so she won't have to deal with Memphis (she'd been crying most of the night). Dan may have played the most strategic game but he makes me SICK.

Clementine said...

From reading Jokers, it appears that Keesha confronted M/D in HOH about voting her out, M left "to get some water" but actually went to the DR, and when Dan came down, M said he wasn't allowed to tell her. And then M said to Keesha, "I'm not allowed to say anything, just that I'm sorry."

So, I'm still thinking that BB told him not to tell her (or confirm at this point) to save the reveal for the live show.

Not only am I disgusted with Dan for playing on Keesha's sympathies (yes, I know, it's a game!) but I'm also disgusted with BB for manipulating events that could effect the outcome!

Dan better be careful his ego isn't writing checks his body can't cash (in the endurance). (Is that the correct expression? It doesn't sound right, lol)

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but I hope they get burned by Jerry and he wins. And I cant stand Jerry.

They ended up being jerks in the end.

If there is an AC vote, I will vote for Keesha, they did her real wrong.

Also, I do not believe BB would say not to talk about it, I really don't. Chickens!

Anonymous said...

It's a GAME folks. Out wit, out play, out last. While I think Jerry should go home next and think Keesha should stay (more for loyalty then true game play), it is what it is.

No mater how upset I was, if I was on the jury, I would vote for Dan. The guy is the best BB player in history.

Does anyone else feel like smacking April everytime she opens her catty mouth? She lives in my area. I would love to go down and see her on the job (if she still has one) and say.... uhmm, no, I won't buy a car from you because of April.

TexasBlondie said...

Ummm - well I love Dan and I think he has done a fantastic job. Keesha should watch other BB seasons and see what happens to the 3rd wheel of an alliance - Think Drew, Diane and Cowboy. She is a woman and up until the last few competitions pretty fierce and she has Renny in the house - I wouldn't want her next to me in the end.

Dan and Memphis are playing a great game.

Anonymous said...

It would be funny to see Memphis and Dan's faces if Jerry wins it all. I don't like Jerry but it would be great to see him win. M/D are both schemers but Dan to me comes off as sneaky-smart and Memphis comes off as pond scum.

Every season there is a big "I told you so" moment in the game. Unfortunately, this season it goes to Keesha when Renny warned her about Memphis.

Sydney said...

Totally agree Celmentine... As Texasblondie says, they are playing a great game but I guess I still find it hard to stomach. This may be the thing that drives me to want to see Jerry win, just so Dan and Memphis can see how it feels to be on the other end.

So now Dan has a jury vote in K and Memphis has a vote in J so it is a gamble Dan won -- if they are Keeping Jerry, then Dan gets the vote of the person they are kicking out. HELLO! Memphis should not trust Dan (and Dan should not trust Memphis)

LOL Nina at 2:29
Anon 4:09 - good frigging point!

Patty said...

ALL ABOARD! Did everyone get their seat before the train derails? I have never been on a train. Are there seatbelts? I hope everyone is ready for the bumpy ride. LOL!

We know now that if it is Dan and Memphis in the house, Keesha will not be giving Memphis her vote. Me thinks Renny and Michelle would not vote for Memphis. Of course though, it can change like the winds.

Have a great day everyone!

my word verification is: conbbzs

I would say there are cons in BB house that a buzzing around. meaning wv:con-bb-zs.

Patty said...

Anon 4:09 I agree.Yes, there is a saying that goes like thid "Be careful what you wish for." Too bad Keesha is learning that way too late.

jb said...

It's a MISTAKE...they should take Keesha in case she ends up in the F2---she wouldn't get April or Ollie's (jerk) vote!

Jerry (would) get more votes. Big mistake.

Laurie said...

My new chant:

It's only a game
It's only a game
It's only a game
It's only a game!

I still feel bad for Keesha.

Anonymous said...

It's a game with a $500,000 jackpot so it's probably a tad more important than say, Monopoly.

I watched BBAD and when Keesha first confronts Memphis, Memphis tries his smooth WOMANIZING move of trying to HUG Keesha and she tells him to get the fuck away from her. Then she asks him straight up for a reason, and he tells her he "can't talk about it" which is bullshit because he can talk about it all day long with Dan and Jerry and just doesn't want to admit he's keeping Jerry because he thinks he can beat him.

While I do think Keesha brought this on herself (she was told by both Renny and Michelle that Memphis would screw her and she refused to believe them), I feel bad about the fact that she placed her trust in with an untrustworthy group. Memphis doesn't care about anyone but himself and Dan aligned with him because he was the odd man out for so long and was desperate for someone to pair up with.

I really hope Jerry wins now but if not I hope Dan and Memphis use the money to buy themselves new clothes.


Anonymous said...

I WANTED KEESHA TO WIN. I wanted her from the start of the show.
Gosh I feel so bad for her. I know it is a game but I am SICK that icky Jerry is still there. I cannot stand to look at him or hear that horrid voice in that creepy sleeveless shirt. Ewwww
I NEVER liked Memphis. Ever. No matter what Dan does, he is still fun to watch and does seem like a nice person. With Keesha gone...I am ALL about Dan!

Anonymous said...

Oh common ppl, don't you think you're being a little harsh on Dan. Dan had no power this week; his HOH gave him immunity that's it. Memphis really is the bad guy here, he's chosen to evict Keesha whom he made a f2 agremment with. Dan never made an F2 deal with Keesha and if Dan had been the veto holder instead of Memphis, he probably would have gotten rid of Jerry; Dan does not like Jerry at all (and I feel he's justified). Dan isn't even mean to Jerry. I would not be so nice to a guy who told me to burn in hell. That's bad. Did Keesha say Memphis should burn after she found it he was evicting her?
I just really like Dan. I thought he was nice to Keesha. I was watching the feeds a lot yesterday. Obviously he couldn't tell her about the rennegades; it's a secret alliance. It's still BB at the end of the game.

Anonymous said...

I actually believe Dan has a heart. I don't think he's as cutthroat as Memphis and I do think that Dan is playing well--probably better than anyone left in the game at this point. I'm just disappointed for Keesha because part of the game is trusting people and she had the misfortune of trusting people who had prior alliances which she knew nothing about. She trusted Memphis when he told her she was safe and all his other bullshit.

She should have stuck with Michelle and Renny.


jb said...

"I would not be so nice to a guy who told me to burn in hell."

...Not to mention if he called me a "judas"!