Thursday, September 04, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds and the Sumo

Nah, Jerry isn't the Sumo, nor did he do well with the Sumo. But he has sleeves! Yay! Here's what happened after the live show ended:
  • Dan was the only one really asking questions of the Sumo -- he asks if he wants something to eat and wrestling questions.
  • When the Sumo stood, Dan grabbed an envelope he had been sitting on. The note inside gave congratulations and said there will be a special luxury comp in which the winner will take a trip and it would impact the game.
  • Sumo Man left through the storage room.
  • So they're all still kind of clueless.
  • They're even up to thinking the winner might take a trip to Japan. Suuuure ...
  • Dan and Memphis did their little Renegades handshake thing.
  • Keesha was alone for a while, but then joined them. Then she said they should get together with Jerry. She felt bad that he was all alone.
  • Jerry cooked pizza and begged BB hoarsely for beer, a man's drink. He said that they had wine for the women last night.
  • Beside speculating on what the luxury comp is, they also now seem to understand the true timeline and when the show will end.
  • They're all getting along.
  • They're boring until we find out more about the luxury comp.


Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks Jackie,

Anonymous said...

Dan.... the only one who is always thinking! He is a very smart young man.

Dan for the win! Too bad the Jury House is filled with a couple catty women who will probably vote through emotions.

AlbGlinka said...

Woohoo, I'm commenter #1!

Just finished watching on the W. Coast. Happy for Dan, as usual. Jerry cannot win, please.

Renny's cool, I'd have my hairs snipped at her salon.

AlbGlinka said...

OOps I guess I spent too long typing, I only made it to commenter #3. :-(

Sydney said...

I am now thinking that Fashion Rocks has nothing to do with a Sumo wrestler. Besides it being interesting visually, they usually do themed things, so maybe Patti, anon and I are wrong being convinced that's where he's going.

Nana in the NW said...

Nothing is done by accident on BB--the sumo wrestler has something to do with theme for the trip. LMAO with them thinking they are going to Japan!! I thought it was a extravegance(sp) when they had a trip to Hawaii.

I'm too tired to figure it out.....maybe I'll have a dream about it!!

Lots of obversations about the show but will post them in the morning.

Night all...

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Dan! Sorry to see Rennie go. I would have liked it to have been an R/D finish. Anyways, I'm off to Scotland tomorrow using my American passport for the first time. I won't be here for the finale :-( but I will definitely be checking Jackie's blog every day, my brother has SKY TV, so hopefully I will be able to catch BB. Jackie, as always, thank you for all your work; Zoetawny your graphics are amazing as always. Talk to everyone when I get back.

May the best player win! (Dan)

Zoetawny said...

What a show tonight! I was crying and jumping up and down with joy almost at the same time.

It was so sad to see Reeny go. But, she made her exit with class and her usual unique style. Did you notice when she went through the doors to the audience she blew kisses with both hands. She's quite a gal and her family should be proud of her.

Dan winning HOH was like frosting on a cake. I was rather surprised that Keesha did so poorly. Dan is the man! He's been thinking from the beginning. He must be one heck of a chess player.

Memphis's girl friend is a cutie and seems to really care about him. I laughed when she said that he might be marriage material some day. At least she doesn't have unrealistic expectations. It was nice to hear Memphis say that he should put more effort into treating her better. It made me like him better to understand why he blew up at Jerry for the "womanizer" slam.

Niceeeeeee jury house, the house that is. It looks like it's up in the Hollywood hills or perhaps the hills on Laurel Canyon close to Studio City where the CBS lot is, very exclusive homes. The delusional 3, April, Ollie and Michelle are still the same. I'm sure April & Ollie will be too busy to spend much time with Libra and Michelle. ;)

When I first saw the sumo "dude" I thought Japan, so it must be a clue or theme of the luxury trip. I should know if there's a famous Japanese restaurant in LA but I hardly know LA. What about a spa day with a Japanese massage, pampering and fabulous dinner? Ok, I can't ever guess these so I'll just have to wait.


I read after I posted that you pulled a muscle in your leg. You must be working out very hard. Hope you're resting and letting that muscle recover.

You're very brave to have endured your dental ordeal. I hope the pain is subsiding and not too bad today.

I'm so glad you were able to get the care you needed and the delay in treatment didn't cause any serious repercussions.

I hope you are healing fine and feeling better each day. You've been through quite an ordeal.

I can't believe our crazy BB ride is almost over. All of you and Jackie's blog has made it even more fun. I only wish I could have spent more time here the last few weeks.

Take care all!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will have to perform some sort of task dressed in those oversized suma suits

Anne said...

Anonymous said...
I wonder if they will have to perform some sort of task dressed in those oversized suma suits

Ahh, thinking outside the box - could be interesting...

Can't help but think of poor Renny waking up today in the house with M/O/A. They should be very careful of the trash talk around her though; I don't think she'd hesitate to let them have it if they start on Keesha.

Happy Friday all - Hanna heading up the East Coast to give us a good soaker - hope that's all we get.

RyzandShyn said...

There were alot of big moments during last night's show that required cheering and jeering. It was a fun one.
However, I just have to say that my mouth is still hanging open over April's comments about her behavior in the house as compared to others...OMG!! Does she not remember that everyone could watch her 24/7? Too funny.
It's too bad that the jury house members are reacting on emotion instead of on game play. It doesn't look too good for Dan.

Anonymous said...

They said the luxury competition could change the game; I wonder if they would give the person that wins the choice of taking the trip or participating in the POV competition.

Anonymous said...

I'm going out on a limb here but I think Renny may get an opportunity to come back in the game. I think the trip is going to be a lure for one of the houseguests to leave the game early. I think Rennie goes back in if one of the others takes the trip or maybe Rennie will get the trip? Though I can't figure out what kind of trip that would be. I'm just saying this b/c BB said the trip could potentially be game altering and I would think that means the final players themselves could change. I also think maybe Rennie gets the trip if the other 3 turn it down.


tbc said...

Good morning everyone!

gaylos said...

I am just hoping that the luxury comp does not enable anyone to take the HOH from Dan. that is what I fear it will be. I prayed that he would win HOH last night because at this point I don't trust ANY of the others to ensure he gets to final three. I feel the same way about the luxury comp... I hope he wins it so that he is secure in his HOH.

Delee said...

Flight time non-stop from LAX-NRT is 11 hours and 52 minutes. Plus this leaves around 1130a from LAX.
Therefore, there is no way that BB would be sending them to Japan.

How could Keesia have been afraid of the sumo guy? That was so put on.

patakers said...

Sue and Auntie Leigh...thanks for your "welcome" comments. I hesitate to comment too much on political issues here..not sure it is the correct format, however I appreciate your encouragement. Pat A

sue said...

EileenM, A trip to Scotland would be near the top of my wish list...enjoy and let us know how BB USA plays to the locals.

patakers, I agree it is sensitive topic, and will get much more so in the coming weeks. But we can find lots of things to talk about. If you have lurked here, you will know we have some great discussions on pets and weather, along with TV etc.

Here is a link to about reality 'stars' and why they want on the shows. Jonny Fairplay says he gets large amounts of money just to show up at events so people can see if he is a real jerk or not. Of course, since Jonny F made the statement, we don't know if it is true or not.

Sydney said...

Anon 3:14 -- now THAT's a good possibility. Great thinking! The big famous japanese restaruants in LA as far as celeb sightings go would be LOI (where Paris Hilton, Lohan, Spears, Timberlake types go) or Matsuhisha, where lots of grown up stars go.

Thankfully it's not somewhere the Dolce Group owns. lol.

Sydney said...

EileenM and Anne -- Have a great time on your vacations!!!

Patakers, I was glad to read your comment. No one comes here for heated political debate but we have had debates of variying kinds on every topic in the world. That's why I hesitated to ask what ppl thought of Palin's speech.... it's tough, as I am trying to process the candidates myself and of course WHO do I want to have input from to help with that but MY FRIENDS AT JACKIE'S BLOG. A dilemma, lol.

patakers said...

I am on my way out of town for a couple days. I'll jump back on here next week and add a few comments. Again, thanks for the welcoming words. Pat A

Anne said...

Sydney said...
EileenM and Anne -- Have a great time on your vacations!!!

Did I win a trip? LOL I think I see what you're referring to....Hanna's headed up the East Coast; I'm already here! Unless there's another Anne here I haven't met yet....;>)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the trip is to the sequester house?? A chance to sway the jury??