Saturday, September 06, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Bulletin - Power of Veto

What's that necklace Memphis is wearing? Yep, Memphis has won the Power of Veto. Something to do with stairs and questions.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully Jerry will finally be gone. He is one rude dude.

Anne said...


Let's hope Memphis does the right thing...fingers crossed.

Off to spend the day with my 3 year old grandson - lucky lucky me! Probably hang out there for the night so I'm not battling Hanna's rains on the highway later on. See you all Sunday.

Thank you Jackie for the early morning update. You rock!!

rozee said...

I agree!! As much as this group hates Keesha, Dan and Memphis, I think they are more annoyed by Jerry. They will be hating life in the sequester house even though they were in an alliance, I think Jerry was there by default. They needed his vote.

rozee said...

Has the sequester group really looked around to see who they are in with? I know they are not "willing" to admit what a GREAT game the other side of the house played! They just feel emotional hate towards them as they were outsmarted and outplayed. This group could be an advertisement for survivor! :-)

loneseven said...

Rozee, you said it!! It's kinda' scary at this point. Memphis may start to think really smart and begin to worry about the F2 and who he may have a chance to beat with the vote from sequester!! I'm so glad the final MIGHT be Dan and Memphis. I think Dan has played a terrific game. Memphis saved up until a couple of weeks ago and has done very well. Poor ol' crusty, grumpy Jerry just considers each win a good thing and I can relate to that. When you get over 70, you don't even buy green bananas!! Each day you wake up above ground is a major victory!! I'd sure hate to see him somehow walk away with all the money just on sympathy votes. GO DAN!!!

loneseven said...

OH, can anybody tell me real quick what the puzzle was with the cake, the gorilla, the bear, the bell, big ear, etc? I'm gonna have to go read 65 comments to see if it's there.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Memphis are the same as Ryan and Adam in my book. Dislike/disliked them all. Dan looks sleazy...but I know how this is going grin and bear it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, it looks like they might be thinking about taking Keesha out NOW and fighting Jerry in the final 3. AAAHHH!


Clementine said...

From reading Jokers, looks like Dan and Memphis are planning to evict Keesha, but stage some kind of fight first. They think they have a better chance of beating Jerry in the next comp (3 parts and they don't think he'd make it past the first).


PDXGranny, your avatar is a work of art! I prefer bananas myself, but a good hotdog off the grill is great on a summer day :)


Also from Jokers, Dan said he is down to 149lbs and he started the game at 161lbs. I thought he was looking smaller!

loneseven said...

Clementine, I agree. Dan looks like he's losing weight. Every show, I notice how thin he looks. In previous seasons, some of the girls got really fluffy but wore those bikinis anyway. Considering Keesha's assets, I have to give her credit for being prudent with her dress. If she started to dress in a provocative manner, ol' crusty would really be saying gross and disgusting things. Petals, try to come by and see me this weekend.

pepsip said...

c'mon Memphis - do you really want to spend anymore time in the house with Jerry?
Get rid of Jerry, if not for your sake, for ours the viewers.

Jackie - you have my deepest sympathy fot having to endure J as long as you have.

Anonymous said...

I just don't want them to leave Jerry in and have it come back to bite them in the butt!!!
I do not think Dan speaking with Michelle will help his case at all.
I think the renegades still stand a chance against Keesha in terms of making it to the final two since of late she has not done very well.
Jerry seems to get too lucky!
get rid of CKA


lynn1 said...

I don't know if Dan will be able to influence Michelle's vote or not. I do think he might get her to talk about how the jury is feeling about the folks left in the house. If she says anything negative about Keesha, Jerry or Memphis he might be able to keep the one they hate the most and increase his chances of winning.

I think reverse pschology would work with Michelle. She is so emotionally needy and not very savy. A little kindness would go a long way in getting info from her.

Laurie said...

Memphis looks so young with his hair all in his face like that. I'm glad he won over Jerry, but really wish Keesha had the POV.

loneseven, I don't think we ever figured out all the puzzles last night. At least, not when I was still awake.

Petals, go see your mom and give her a hot dog!

TerryinCA said...

Slap Me with some Mustard. Im a Horndog-----Memphis

Laurie said...

Lynn1, you are so spot on with the comment about Michelle. She is one needy girl and a little attention (and luxury) would go a long way with her. It's ironic that we just heard her say he can't even look at Dan. I wonder if she gets the right of refusal to his offer? That would be interesting.

PDX, your avatar is so subtle. I'm feeling a little vulgar with mine. I have to remember to change it before I post on my nephew's Semester at Sea blog. He knows I'm the crazy aunt, but this might just put him over the edge!

Off topic: They have now put yellow and black warning tape on the area where I tripped last week. Think that's an admission of some responsibility for my fall? Is there a lawyer in the house?

ORKMommy said...

As far as the game goes, they'd be smart to get rid of Keesha now and go to the final 3 with Jerry. If the show stays true to past seasons, the final HOH is a 3 parter with the first two being a "fastest wins" and an endurance. The winners go head to head with questions. I really doubt Jerry can win a timed or endurance comp against either Memphis or Dan, but Keesha could give them a run for their money.

Now, with that said, I don't want Keesha to go!

Laurie said...

orkmommy, I so agree with you. I wish the guys would go with their hearts but I'm sure they will go with game play. Of course, it means hurting a friend and living another week with Jerry.

I dunno, I think I'd take my chances with Keesha. She hasn't done well in the comps the last few weeks.

Off topic: I changed my avatar to a picture I took when PDX granny and I were out to dinner the first time we met. The hummingbird garden was so fabulous and full of diving hummingbirds. We laughed a lot in that spot, trying to get a picture of just one bird. I think we both managed to get a good shot!

Nana in the NW said...

Dan and Memphis have both said they don't want to get beat by a 75yr. old grandpa---the only way to guarantee that is to evict him!

I really don't think Keesha is strong enough mentally and physically to last in an endurance comp. She seems to have mentally worn out on the game in the last few weeks. Remember the swinging vines....her back was hurting and she voluntarily went down after 30 min.

So it sounds like most of you think Dan has made a deal to take Michelle on the trip?!

Off to my granddaughter's soccer game.

loneseven said...

Thanks Laurie :)

PDX Granny said...

Laurie, what a great shot!! As soon as I saw it I knew it was one of those dive bombers, even before I read your explanation! What a great time we had. :) I think it would be a blast if you could drag Terry up here, and we'd meet up with Nana....maybe even entice a few more West Coasters to join us!

Anne, have a great day with your grandson! I have mine with me this weekend. He's 5 and had his first day of Kindergarten last week. For all those that were talking about sending their kids off to school earlier this week, I remember it well! It seems like just yesterday that my daughter started Kindergarten. Where did the time go!! I know I haven't gotten any older, but I know those years are someplace!!

Laurie, you think my avatar is subtle?? LOL Clementine, it truly was a WORK of art. After creating it, I couldn't get it to upload because it wasn't the right kind of file. I finally just took a picture of my monitor and uploaded that! Terry, I just might keep it for a while - just 'cause it was so much work!! It's one of those where "ya had to be there" to get it. :)

Loneseven, last night someone came up with "Bury the hatchet". I wish I could remember who, so I could give them credit. I don't know that anything has been confirmed yet, but it sure made sense to me that it could have been the phrase. Especially now that there's talk of Michelle going with Dan.

I really hope the guys don't decide to keep Col. KA. I mentioned a while back that I thought that would be a good play on their part, but not anything I want to see. If he does end up slipping & sliding into the F2 I'm almost thinking he deserves to take it all. Wasn't he one of the first everyone was saying they wanted gone. They didn't even want him making it to the JH.

PDX Granny said...

Laurie, I'm assuming that if you know about the black & yellow tape, someone got a picture? Hopefully before the tape was put up as well as after!!

Petals said...

If/when Memphis removes himself from the block, thr smartest move would be to nominate Keesha. If Jerry is soooo hated, and Keesha SOOOOO loved, who'd want to take her to the final two? Geesh, you guys.
If Dan and/or Memphis have a brain, Keesha will be leaving this week.

Erika said...

Jerry is going home, Jerry is going home........... Wahoooooooooo

Susan said...

Truthfully, I can live with any of the three winning. They've played well, and they certainly, IMO, aren't as vicious as previous houseguests.

Too bad someone can't invent a new spray, called "Jerry-be-gone."

Anonymous said...

The jury seems ambivalent about Jerry and O, A and M HATE Keesha.

becky said...

I think they should get rid of Jerry. He has shown that in a bind he can be smart enough to pull defeat out of the bag. He is just crusty enough to do it again. Plus the jury is loaded with people that were taken out by the other three. Frankly, if they throw Keesha under the bus they deserve to lose to Jerry (as much as I dislike him). JMHO

sue said...

I didn't watch all season, so by rights, can't really have a good opinion of what D & M should do to win. knew I would have one, didn't you! Since I have only seen Keesha in a very few comps, I see her as a terrible player and almost withdrawn from the play. Maybe it is an act and she is waiting for her chance to win. But I felt like, during the Renny eviction, that Keesha was counting on Memphis to take her with him and was happy to be along for the ride. It is as if she thinks she gets a free ride into the final two. But, it also sounds like Memphis has told them all that he will take them. Does Keesha have any reason to believe him? As I say, that impression is built on very little what do you think?

fa said...

If Dan and Memphis keep Jerry, then they deserve whatever they get.

They may *think* they know what the final HOH is going to be like, but they of all people should know that BB seems to be tailoring the comps. If this is the first final HOH comp with a 75-year-old in it, who really thinks BB won't similarly tailor the comp to make it a more level playing field?

And the comparison of M/D to Adam/Ryan was just way off. Almost different species.

Much as I thoroughly dislike Jerry, if they keep him then I hope he wins the whole thing.

Laurie said...

Sue, I believe both Dan and Memphis have told her she will go to F2 with them. Actually, even Jerry hinted at that the other day in his obscure way.

Now, she shouldn't be believing any of them and she she should be fighting for herself. However, she seems to have turned into a couch potato, lying around and not doing much of anything. I don't think she can outsmart the guys but she could be better physically if she worked on it. She had it going on in the beginning of the season but she seems to have lost her edge.

Off topic: Elaine, I do have pictures of the ledge before and after the tape. Also, I have an attorney ready to work on my behalf. He's also a friend, so I feel good about that.

Laurie said...

fa, you said exactly what I was thinking! I do believe BB would adjust the comps if Jerry is in the F3. As much as we dislike him (most of us) he is good tv and the world sees him as a sweet old man. I do hope the Renegades see this and act accordingly. I mean, how many HOH and POVs has the guy alrady won? And how many has Keesha won? That is a simple decision in my equally simple mind. If they don't see it, they deserve what they get!

Clementine said...

Apparently, they don't know that April and Ollie were having sex in the house. For some reason, I thought they found out.

Dan told K/M that he was in the storage room with April right before her eviction. She was talking about her relationship with Ollie, and said "I'm gonna F- that man." (Dan wouldn't say the word, just mouthed it.) And Dan was in disbelief that she would say that after only six weeks. Oh, Dan, the deed was done Week One!

Keesha told M/D that Jerry said that Ollie told him, "She touched my (manhood) last night." I doubt Ollie or Jerry used the word manhood.

This is why BB needs an after-show like Survivor, so all the dirt can come out. What I wouldn't give to see Dan's reaction to a montage of A/O knockin' boots!

I bet all we get is Julie asking Ollie if April said yes to being his girlfriend. Ah, young love! Maybe next they'll go on their first date.

Anonymous said...

remember the mike boogie erica final 3
mike chose to immediately opt out of the endurance.
janelle got so flustered her hand came off and just like that janelle was finished.
the timed thing required lots of upper body strength.
she lost that and it was erica nad mike onto part 3
anything can happen in the endurance
i just dont want jerry there anymore.
since i like keesha i woudl rather she stayed.
frankly dan's best chance at the end is against cka but for that to happen dan would have to piss of too many other jurors.

oh well
just get cka out
then i am happy with any of the other 3 winning altho i prefer dan in the final two.


monty924 said...

Clementine said...
Ah, young love! Maybe next they'll go on their first date.

LOL! Can you imagine going on your first date AFTER you've already had sex a gazillion times?

I'm stuck. Do I want CKA to go the Jury House and bore the crap out of Renny, or do I want Keesha to go? CKA, CKA, CKA, CKA, CKA! Renny can hide from the old fart.

loneseven said...

I agree with everyone who thinks Jerry should go ASAP. I've read others say they were for Keesha, Dan or Memphis to win the big bucks (2nd place ain't bad either), but the say ol' crusty has been pulling the wins out of his a##, they need to get him OUT!!! I'm joining the chant ANYBODY BUT JERRY. Eliminate him next!!

Sydney said...

Clem adn Jennas mom I left you a message waaaay back on the last post.

Auntie Leigh said...

I think "the boys" (D&M) have a better shot at winning against Keesha. Many of the jurors have jealous grudges against Keesha. Yeah, the 75 year-old in the F3 would be very sympathetic and could end up winning it all. So, the guys are better off keeping Keesha. If the boys go up together, M wins easily over D. IMHO. This has been an amazingly good season with many really interesting and nice-seeming HGs.
And Laurie, I too am a "crazy aunt" and consider it an honor. Your humming bird is darling.

Sydney said...

I agree with you Auntie Leigh!

Witt said...

Hannah was not as bad as expected here in my part of MD...winds and lots of heavy rain but we didn't lose power. I did get SOAKED going in and out of work today; it didn't matter that I had an umbrella and a raincoat.

I think that Jerry shouldn't be in the final three. While he has won some POV's and HOH's, he hasn't made any moves, and has followed the current HOH like a feather in the breeze.

I hope Dan wins, but those babies in the JH are too upset that he beat them they probably won't vote for him. I think LIbra would actually vote for him to win.

I am all for an "after the final eviction" show like Survivor...I would like to hear some of them talk about the game!

Witt :)

Laurie said...

auntie Leigh, I love that you are the crazy aunt, too. My nephews and nieces call me the "funny" aunt. I had my kids very young and my siblings waited to have kids, so I had the time to spend with them and knew how much fun it was to play with them. It's so nice to be an aunt or a grandma, don't you think?I I didn't take any smack from them and make sure they knew I wasn't stupid, but I sure had fun with them. It paid off when they became teenagers and young adults. I am a trusted person in their lives. They know I can keep my mouth shut and they know I won't judge. They also know they will hear the truth from me. I love that role!

Get Jerry OUT!

Anonymous said...

OMG Dan is gonna take Michelle on the trip. THAT WOULD BE THE BEST MOVE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really really hope that's true. Dan would win the game for sure. He would tell her he felt bad for backdooring her but he had to do it cuz she's just such a competitor.

Anonymous said...

so that's what memphis looks like with his hair not gelled to high heaven?
i like i like...sorry guys, you can have your danana man...i'd like a piece of memphis...yummy