Friday, September 05, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn

The bad part about when things get down to a small group in the house is that they tend to get boring. Sure, the Sumo was different. But since they got the clue telling them that there would be a luxury comp, it's been a lot of nothing since.
  • Since all they know from the clue which was under the Sumo is that the winner will be awarded an amazing trip which could impact the game, they're speculating.
  • They seem to think it's logical that one could go to Japan. @@
  • At other times they think it's an outing to a Japanese restaurant. But how could that impact the game?
  • Jerry tried to favor himself with Dan by telling him he always backed the HOH and voted they way they wanted.
  • The grill they got a few days ago was taken out for the HOH comp set up and not returned.
  • Three cards are missing from their deck of cards. Is it a clue? They want a new deck or the three cards back.
  • Memphis is worried that if Keesha wins POV, she'll vote him out. He thinks he would be safe if Jerry won it.
  • Jerry worked on Memphis telling him that the jury members have said if a woman makes it to the end, they'll vote for her to win.
  • Keesha is sure that if Jerry gets the veto, she's gone.
  • Dan's HOH room had lots of Monica pictures. Since he's a plant and she's fake, they were probably easy to PhotoShop. ;-)
  • Keesha cried all alone.
  • From a talk with Dan and Memphis, it looks like Dan might put Memphis and Jerry on the block. But nothing concrete.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.


Anonymous said...

Am I first? It occurred to me, there aren't any smokers in the house. Seems like there were a lot of smokers in previous seasons. Were there smokers earlier? I forget. Or is the BB house a "smoke free" zone now?

Sydney said...

why would dad put Memphis on the block? I thought his deal with Memphis was the real one. And little does Keesha know that Jerry wants to be in the F-2 with her because his whole alliance, which dominates the numbers in sequester hates her.

Sydney said...

I also wonder why the producers don't start coughing up the arts and crafts or things like a feast or BBQ grill NOW, so those who pay for those feeds could see something and fans could still talk about something.

IS it part of the strategy? Does dying of boredom or going a little bit crazier at the end some how aid the ratings or supposedly affect gamelay?

Jackie said...

Anon 8:52 -- Some of the ones out earlier smoked. Angie did as well as a few others I'm blanking on at the moment.

TerryinCA said...

oh sydney darling you are a bundle of questions this morning!
(I threw in the darling because I miss Renny already)
I cant understand why Dan would put up Memphis either, Jerry and Keesha,sure thing. Maybe he is thinking if one of them M/J he could put up K?
Or....if Jerry wins POV and comes off the block, Keesha goes up and Jerry is the vote to kick off memphis?
Anon 8:53 you are right, no smokers...that is different..maybe since Evel Dick they decided it was too hard on the "set"

sue said...

As I have mentioned, I only got to watch the last few episodes. So, I don't know the hgs the way the rest of you do. But, just seeing Renny last night made me want to start a topic of Renny's philosophy in the house.

1. Know that friendships are important,whether new or of longer duration, but family is first. She said that in her 'why not to vote me out' speech.

2. Don't let yourself go, have fun with makeup and accessories, no matter age or anything else. Have fun at life.

3. Open yourself up to feelings. anger, love, disgust, but have a point of view in all things.

Did I get her wrong? Can you add anything?

Anonymous said...

qWatched Renny on the early show and was dissipointed it was so briet. The full interview (10 Minutes) is over on bbdish.

Anonymous said...

I think Keesha, if she won Pov, should get rid of Memphis b/c Dan would take her over Jerry to F2 and Jerry would take her over Dan to F2. Memphis is a good competitor so it's worth getting him out IMO. If Keesha won POV and got rid of Jerry that would be wasting it and no way would she deserve to win. Of course, I'm still rooting for Dan for the win but we shall see.
Memphis should get rid of Keesha if he wins POV and Jerry obviously would get rid of Memphis. This is a great week for Dan. He OUGHT to throw that VETO.
I also think the luxury prize is going to be an incentive to leave the game. I think Rennie could have a chance to get back in potentially the final 3.


Anonymous said...

I have never cried in all the seasons of BB, but I truly cried big old tears twice last night. Renny really got to me. She was the most unique and genuine person on BB. Her and Keesha's friendship was something special too. In the real world a hooters girl and a NOLA socialite would be the most unlikely of friends. This is such a lesson about expanding our horizons and opening ourseles up to people. How refreshing renny was to this game was a treat for all of us! She did her family proud. Keesha is not to be stereotyped either. April makes my stomachs turn as much as boogie did. Speaking of Boogie, could his restaurant Geisha House have anything to do with the comp? Food for thought. I am so worried about the jury idiots picking Jerry if he is at the end. Thanks jackie. I hope someday Renny is able to see all the nice things written about her.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. I'm a little late today.

First off, I don't think there will be any bringing someone back into the game at this late stage. I'm leaning more along the lines that the winner of the luxury comp can possibly use the prize as a bargaining tool to stay in the game. There is some speculation as to why Dan would put Memphis on the block, but it really doesn't matter who he puts up. The only power winning HOH got Dan this week is safety. The power lies with the POV winner at this point as the POV winner will be the only one voting. As much as we might want to see Jerry gone, I think the smart thing for any of the other 3 to do is to keep him. Even though he seems to think he could win against Keesha, I don't agree. I think Libra would be the swing vote there, and I think she would vote for Keesha.

RBennie said...

P.S. - I thought Renny went out with a lot of class and she looked great.

Anonymous said...

I agree Rbennie, I guess it's just wishful thinking on my part to get Rennie back in there. I hope there is an America's favorite juror prize b/c she would definitely win that. She's a heck of a lot more likeable that crazy james from last season IMO.


Laurie said...

Sue, I like your list of things Rennie showed us. I would add "trust your instincts" to the list.

RBennie said...

LOL, Nina. Was there anyone likeable from last seasons? I can't recall.

lynn1 said...

I certainly hope that when Renny gets settled into the sequestor house that she kicks April's butt into next Tuesday if she says anything bad about the remaining house guests, Keesha in particular.
All Keesha ever did to make April hate her is to be classier, prettier and more likeable than April could ever hope to be.

I also hope Renny can save Michelle and Ollie from being consumed and spit out by April.
I am not a fan of Ollie or Michelle but I do feel they might be different from mean spirited April.
Michelle is starved for attention and positive strokes. I think all her cursing and bad behavior is due to ignorance not meaness. In some ways I think she was trying to imitate April as a mean girl. Her conspiracy theories are just dumb.

Ollie is a horny young man which is normal. I don't know that he is really a bad guy when he is not being influenced by April. I did not approve of or like his behavior when he got played by Dan. I wonder if he would have been preceived differently if he had never met April.

I think unless Renny can do some major damage control Dan and Keesha won't have a chance if either of them are paired with Memphis or Jerry in the final 2.

RBennie said...

Okay, I don't want this to sound like I'm trying to defend April, because I really can't stand her, but I have always been one to try to look at things from the other person's point of view. From April's viewpoint she and Keesha were always at odds and didn't really get along from the very beginning. How many cat fights did they have? Also April feels that her alliance went against her when she was HOH and didn't vote out Memphis like she wanted them to. She most likely blames Keesha for turning that vote around. So from her viewpoint she has good reason to dislike Keesha.

As far as Renny having any kind of influence over the juror's opinions, I don't think there's much chance of that. The people who are on the jury never took Renny seriously in the game and I doubt their opinions have changed. She might possibly be able to influence Michelle, but that's iffy too.

tbc said...

Good morning everyone!

I forgot to watch Renny this morning on the Early Show! It must have been total denial on my part about her leaving. I hope denial doesn't lead to delusion. I would hate to get sucked into the vortex of the Ollie/Michelle delusional duo.

Have a great day all!

lynn1 said...
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Laurie said...

Lynn, love the mixed metaphor. I agree that being with Rennie for even a couple weeks could help Michelle see another side of life. If she could receive some of Rennie's nurturing love, it would a great experience for her. Votes aside, Michelle needs to know there is life outside of her 'hood and there are ways of seeing and living life that she could learn from Rennie.

lynn1 said...

I screwed up my post so baldly I couldn't even understand it! LOl Here is a revised post.

rbennie, I agree with you up to a point. Keesha and April had issues throughout the game. There were a couple of times I thought Keesha was being catty and mean towards April.
If April doesn't like Keesha and vice versa that is no biggie to me.
I think the things April said last night about Keesha were just mean spirited and had nothing to do with the game.
If she had simply said I don't like Kessha and never will or I think she is phoney or even I hate her. It would not have bothered me.

I do think Renny could have an influence on Michelle if Renny can keep her from April's venom. Hopefully Ollie and April will spend all their time under the covers and Michelle will have to interact with Libra and Renny.
Regardless of how that impacts Michelle's vote, I think it would be a positive experience for her to be around 2 intelligent, strong and classy women.
Michelle will always remind me of the proverbial fishmonger's wife and I don't think in less than 2 weeks Libra and Renny can change her into a silk purse.

RBennie said...

I don't know how much bonding Michelle and Libra are gonna do. Remember Michelle blamed Libra for getting her precious Jessie evicted and was the HOH who got Libra evicted. Libra hugged everyone but Michelle when she was leaving the house. Of course all that should be water under the bridge by now, but look at who we're dealing with.

Nana in the NW said...

I only have a few minutes but wanted to write you all about my observations of last night:

*Did you notice Memphis's friend had on a v-neck T-shirt and one of those 50's hat? I wonder if that's part of M's clothing line?

*After reading Joker's the boys seem to be flirting with Keesha a little bit...maybe getting comfortable around each other?

*Mich. in the jury house--that's pretty arrogant when the first thing she says about the tape is "I look really good on TV" and then when Ollie comes in the house she runs and hugs him, almost pushing April out of the way!

*Keesha was really showing the cleavage last night. Dan asked M if she knew how revealing that top was...M responds "Yeah, she let the puppies out tonight" LOL

*Keesha lost the HOH because she hardly studied the pics. Renny and Jerry kept telling her to and she would look for a few minutes and walk away. Because she has a "promise" to F2 with all 3 guys she thinks she's safe.

*Jerry--the only nice thing he could say to Renny was "Thanks for cooking"!! What a MCP(Male Chauvanist Pig)!

Julie said the schedule would be:

Sun: Noms.
Tues: Veto and Eviction
Thur. Final HOH

Since the final HOH is 3-part it must be on Tues(after the show), Wed. and Thurs.

Throw in a luxury comp. Veto comp & meeting and we have a busy week coming up!!Yipeee!

As to sumo vote is they will be in costumes and compete for prizes(one being a trip). The "possible" impact on the game may be choosing for a clue(or immunity from the block) about POV vs. the trip???

Will check later......

Anonymous said...

I think Memphis approached Dan about going on the block so that Keesha would remain on board to get jerry out. She would trust them more!
I think Dans only chance is against jerry but just would rather not see him(jerry) in the finals
I just do not like JERRY at all.If jerry wins the pov he will send memphis packing.
against keesha dan would lose since libra, jerry, rennie and michelle would give keesha the money.
if dan versus Jerry dan could get memphis, rennie, libra, and hopefully keesha.
of course that is providing he doesn't piss anyone off getting to final two.
I really think dan is the longshot for a win.
Memphis seems in the best position if he escapes this next eviction.
I am hoping for a DAN/Memphis or Dan /keesha final two

I also think the luxury comp will be prizes versus POV \they will be tempted!
remember the mike boogie year, I think he took prizes over the veto and people were pissed.
I dont think dan would do that tho.


to all of you who have had medical problems of late, I wish you well, speedy recoveries, and an angel watching over you!

ORKMommy said...

I too was floored by April's comments about Keesha. Especially the ones about her gaining weight in her butt and being fat! If I had to pick one to look exactly like, I'd pick Keesha any day of the week. She's very beautiful and has a body I'd kill for whereas April is just skanky and way too skinny for my tastes. And her hair is just gross!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if maybe the HG that wins the trip can send 2 members of the jury of their choice on the trip and they won't be back in time to vote. That way they could try to make the jury more favorable to them by getting rid of 2 possible votes against them. It could backfire if they pick the wrong 2 or mess up someone else's jury if they don't even make final 2. Just a wild guess that sounded neat to me.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:45 pm- that would be sheer genious, BB absolutely should do that

It would help Dan so much; he could eliminate Michelle and Ollie LOL.

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