Monday, September 01, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Monday Dawn

Keesha and Memphis were hanging out last night as I took these screen caps. Later today will be the big veto meeting. They should do it before Renny wastes her time cooking her friends a yummy dinner! Here's the latest from the Big Brother House of Biting Betrayals:
  • Renny again asked Keesha if she thought Memphis would use the veto. Keesha again (lied) said she didn't know.
  • When Renny finally asked Memphis himself if he was going to use the veto, he told her he hasn't decided yet (lie).
  • They played with the arts and crafts, making things out of Play-Doh while Renny baked a birthday cake for Dan.
  • Jerry wanted everyone to play cards.
  • The PoV comp had morphs of their baby pictures.
  • Keesha and Memphis talked about going into the final three with Jerry. Gee, it was a lot like when Dan and Memphis talked about going into the final three with Jerry.
  • Renny accused Jerry of talking about everyone in the house. He said she has, too! Ohhh ... excitement.
  • That put Renny on a Jerry trashtalk streak.
  • Dan still hides and leaps out at people. It still works.
  • Renny, Memphis, Dan, and Keesha ran all around the house chasing each other, tickling each other, and generally rough-housing.
  • Jerry, alone again naturally, went to bed.
  • Eventually the others headed to bed as well. They're all asleep as I post this.


Anonymous said...

I want a look at the jury house. When do they usually show this?

Anonymous said...

I really hope Jerry is not in the final three.

Jackie said...

Anon 8:37 - I think we'll probably see it this Thursday. Last Thursday was too busy.

RyzandShyn said...

Well, Yippee...what a relief to find out the Memphis is the veto holder(rather than Jerry)and read about his plans for it.
I guess our "Anyone but Jerry" chants will have to wait and see, which is fine with me.

I'm excited about the next couple of moves!

No apologies needed, Jackie. You were a good reporter and let us know what you saw/heard going on.

tbc said...

Have a great Labor Day everyone! Relax and don't labor too much!

We're off to see my Father today (Mom died in Feb) to clean up his house and have dinner with him. It's a great way to end the summer. The kids start school on Wed. Whooo Hoooo!

Can't wait for Thurs. live eviction.

Anonymous said...

What is the finale date scheduled to be? We are SUPPOSED to leave a week from today for our Disney World vacation - driving from Texas. Waiting to see what happens with Gustav & Hanna. Now this a.m. they said there are FOUR areas of development behind Hanna. I'll be going crazy at WDW, if we make it there, wondering what is going on with BB! I'll be "tivo"ing it, but I won't want to wait until the 22nd to find out what happened. Will have to take my laptop with me and depend on Jackie & all my blog buddies!

Hope everyone is safe this a.m. Hurricanes & Jerry - be gone!


P.S. If I didn't read stuff here, just watching the show, I would think Jerry is just a sweet old grandpa. That is certainly the way CBS portrays him!

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone. Jennasmom, I hope your trip works out and that you all have fun at Disney World. We are all praying the storms are less than expected.

I'm glued to the tv right now, waiting for gustav to hit New Orleans. Right now they are showing pictures from Gulfport, MS and say the rains will hit NO in the next 30 minutes. My prayers for all in the path and the wake of this storm.

When i was in Portland, I spoke with someone who only watches BB on the TV. Believe me, she is seeing a totally different show than we insiders are. I told her about Ollie's anger rant and she was totally shocked.

Witt said...

It's amazing what a little editing will do...if I didn't have Jackie I would have a whole different perception of this game.

Hugs to all our Gulf friends...I hope you are out of harm's way.

Jackie, as usual, you rock! I'm glad you got a day out with friends.

I hope Memphis uses the veto and Dan is removed!! I want him and Memphis to go to the final two. Won't Jerry blow a gasket, though, if Memphis uses the veto?

Happy Labor Day, everyone...

Witt :)

becky said...

OT Has anyone heard from Lynn1 or any of the others in the path of Gustav?

Something we do on the Beagle Board is have a Hurricane Buddy. A person in the group in a non-hurricane area buds up with someone in the path of a hurricane. They exchange telephone numbers, both cell and land off board. The Buddy is willing to accept a collect call. The Buddy posts when they hear from the person in the hurricane area. Sure helps to keep others informed on what is going on in danger areas.

Jennsmom, enjoy your trip. Have a safe one.

Laurie, how is your mouth this AM? I would be as much in the dark about Jerry and the person in OR if I didn't have this blog to tell us what is really going on. I wonder why CBS felt like they had to keep the public in the dark about the true character of April, Ollie and Jerry? They weren't that kind to previous HG, be they tramps, sluts, perverts or nasty.

MEB, when is your doctor appointment?

Jackie, kick back and enjoy today.

Laurie said...

Becky, the hurricane buddy is a great idea.

I didn't get a lot of time to discuss BB with my OR friend, since I discovered she was a fan while she was holding my hand in the ER. However, she was shocked at what I said about Ollie, and had I been able to share about April and Jerry, I know her jaw would have been on the floor. She may have needed medical care!

I'm doing so much better today. My whole body isn't aching today, and my mouth feels better. I have a kitchen full of soft foods so I can eat, too.

Prayers for all gulf residents, and for Renny who probably knows nothing of this.

Anonymous said...

I have to say these four have more fun and laugh more than any other house guests i can remember. They are fun to watch. The pillow fight is over on youtube already

Anonymous said...

I have to mention this cause I cant believe more people havent heard about it. Jerry told some story about buying a woman for a month during the Korean War. I didnt hear Jerry tell the story, I only heard Keesha talk about it after the fact. I really hope the kind grandfather edit stops, but I am not holding my breath. Jerry is a vile and disgusting SOB.

Last night he was talking about how Keesha is "horny" and during a game of guess my playdoh sculpture Jerry fashioned a "rolled up condom"

He is GROSS make him go away!
I am traumatized by him.

Addicted to BB in NC said...

I wonder if they will tell Renny about the hurricane? Can you imagine being in that situation? I can't I have a lot of family members in Southern Louisiana and most have evacuated. Some of the older more stubborn ones have chosen to ride it out. They live in Lake Charles, Cameron and a couple of parrishes that I can't spell! They should be getting pounded this evening! I can't imagine how Renny will feel when she finds out about Gustav. - oh, and on the Game note, I don't like Jerry, Keesha gets on my nerves, Memphis is just decietful, I guess I like dan, he has really "played the game"

ginnyjulie said...

Does anybody know where specifically in New Orleans Renny is from?

Anonymous said...

my son will only watch the show. I've tried to explain that there is so much more, but he says he doesn't want to know who wins things. I have got his wife reading jackie. There is one smart one in that house


Anonymous said...

Hi All, I'm a newbie here but I have a question. If Dan gets voted out, is it still possible for BB to bring him back? Or is it too late for that? I lurk here every day and enjoy all the comments. Thanks!

Nana in the NW said...

ginnyjulie--Renny lives in Metairie--just west of New Orleans.

jennasmom--The finale is Sept. 16th. I'm going to be gone on vacation, too. We are taking a road trip to Yellowstone and I told my hubby we have to be settled into the hotel by 8:00 that night!

becky--lynn1 was leaving NO yesterday morning and anticipated a long drive to the hotel they are staying at. She has her laptop and will check in when she can. At least we know she left and will be safe. I'm not sure about chacha or any of our other La. bloggers.

As for Jerry--another example of how disgusting he is: Last week him, Ollie and Memphis were talking about old girlfriends and Ollie asked Jerry to tell about some of his....his response
"I've been married 54 years I can't talk about that". It seemed obvious that he hasn't been faithful in his 54 years!

Yep, just a nice, old grandpa!!! NOT!!

I've decided CBS is thinking of what would make "good TV" and is going to wait until Renny is evicted, tell her about Gustav, and then bring out her family!! Just my own little conspiracy theory!

So far, the hurricane has hit land and is not causing the damage expected. The back side of it comes ashore later today....that could be a different story.

Today is Dan's BD. They should all have fun celebrating.

The POV ceremony will be today, also.

Auntie Leigh said...

Mamawolf, I think you are very lucky to have kids that watch the show. I wish my daughters watched. They don't know what they are missing. But now I have a "blogger-daughter", but I haven't heard from her lately. "These kids. They never call."
I am one who only watches the show and reads here and I have wondered alot about all the hostility towards Jerry. I even called up and voted for him to receive a ph. call from home and now I feel kinda foolish. Oops.
Still waiting to hear from Lynn. Hope she did not miss the show. And where is Sydney? I guess there are some people out there who have a life. Oh well. That is their problem.

Nana in the NW said...

anon 1:53--welcome!! glad to see you commented. As for your question:

I don't think there is enough time to bring Dan back if he was evicted(although that's very unlikely this week). The finale is Sept. 16th(Tues), which is a little over 2 weeks away. I think the schedule will be:

Sept.4-HOH comp.
Sept.11-Eviction and Pt. 1 of final HOH
Sept.12-Pt. 2 of HOH
Sept.12/13 Pt. 3(Usually endurance) and eviction
Sept. 16th-Finale

If anyone knows better than I please correct me.

Nana in the NW said...

auntie leigh--Sydney has been on vacation with her hubby--how dare she?? LOL. She should be back today. I'm with you about daughters...I have two and keep trying to get them to watch the show. They think it's hilarious that I have all you blogger friends and we spend the day talking about the show(if only they knew I talk about them too!) Isn't your blogger-daughter orkmommy? She's probably busy running her farm and taking care of Super O(her 5 yr.old daughter).

As sleazy as Jerry is I voted for him to get the phone call, too. I think it was more for his wife's peace of mind than his!

Have a great day!

lynn1 said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are fine. The trip which usually takes about 5 to 6 hours took 10. It would have been a couple of hours longer but we got off the Interstate and took back roads and 2 lane Hwys.
I haven't heard about my house but I believe it is OK. My house sits about between New Orleans and Waveland, MS. The TV reports are saying things aren't too bad in New Orleans but things on the MS coast look rough.
Sorry for not posting before now but I just woke up about an hour ago.
I sincerely appreciate everyone's prayers, good wishes and concern.

Nana in the NW said...

YEY!! Good to hear from you Lynn1. I was watching the news and a reporter was in Slidell and things didn't look too bad. The rest of the day will tell how much damage there is.

What a horrible day for you it must have been. At least your safe!

Susan said...

Happy Labor Day everyone. Be Safe, New Orleans.

I wish cbs would show Jerry as the nasty old man he really is. It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't such a hypocrite. He's said some awful things about people and always says he's NEVER badmouthed anyone and always kept his word. Does he believe himself & those lies? And did ya know, he's SEVENTY-FIVE years old??? @@

Susan in MA

Sally said...

ginnyjulie: I did a bit of googling and I think Renny lives on Aurora Ave in Metarie. That's a suberb northwest of New Orleans, south of Lake Ponchatrain. It's in Jefferson Parish, which I don't think was hit as hard by Katrina as St. Bernard and Orleans Parishes. Here's a link to a map if you're interested:

By the way, looks like her real name is Lorenza. I've been wondering what Renny was short for.

PDX Granny said...

Lynn, I'm so glad you posted! With all you must be going thru, thanks so much for taking the time to let us know you're OK. When I saw all the cars & busses on the road, I couldn't help wondering about the gas situation. Did you have any trouble finding it? I've been watching coverage all morning. Thank God that it's not as bad as it could have been! I just saw where it's now a Category 1 hurricane.

Auntie Leigh, Mamawolf & Nana; I know what it is to have a child who isn't in sync! In the past, my daughter has been into BB. In fact, she's the one who brought me kicking & screaming into the blog life! She has recently moved and now doesn't pick up the CBS channel in our area. Now whenever I try to say anything to her about the show, she just cuts me off and reminds me she doesn't know what's going one!! HOW RUDE!!! LOL

Susan, I'm with you! Jerry is a nasty old man and it drives me nuts that he's being portrayed as a nice old grandpa type. I just feel sorry for his families - and Ollies - that they need to see him like this. I must also say that if I were in that house that I'm not sure I would want the whole country to witness me! I hope I'd me more like Renny, but ya never know!!

Sally, thanks for the link. It was interesting to see the area Renny lives in. I kept zooming it out so I could get the bigger picture and match it up with what I see on the news.

Anon 1:53, welcome!!

Looks like the POV has started.

becky said...

Lynn, glad to hear you arrived safely at the hotel. I have been coming on several times today to see if anyone had heard from you.

Gracie said...

Metairie did not flood in Katrina. So far the levees seem to be holding........remember the flooding didn't hit until the DAY AFTER Katrina hit last its not over yet....lots can still happen and I am sure everyone that lives there and has evacuated is holding their breathe.........I think Renny will be ok......she lives in a good spot.
She has been lucky ( if possible) to have missed all the stress of all this and if all goes ok, really LUCKY. But, not lucky enough to win Big Brother I don't think. Seems she will be evicted this Thursday. I would have liked to see her at least make the final 2 and if up against any of the others she would have won......but I agree....... ANY ONE BUT JERRY! He is truly disgusting and should run for office with his ability to flip flop and tell a yarn. UGH!
I do love the fun this group has , excluding Jerry, and it is hysterical to watch them cut up.
I will miss some of them, for after the show, they all disappear and you never hear of them again.
Some of them you would have thought they would have killed themselves after watching the tapes.......really embarrassing stuff........ and they all thought they were SO LOVED......NOT!


PDX Granny said...

According to Jokers, the feeds are back, and Memphis did use the veto to save Dan.

Good job Memphis!!!

Nana in the NW said...

susan--I know what you dad is 75 and was in the military...he would NEVER act like that!

I often wonder if BB decides before the show begins who they are going to pick to protray as the nice guy, the slut, the mother, the hunk, etc. The same thing with Survivor....

pdx--I get those same looks from my girls...."Mom we don't watch so we don't care"! They just don't know what they're missing!!

Sounds like power is out in most of NO and surrounding area....biggest concern is the levees holding and tornadoes.

Anonymous said...

I don't want Jerry in the final 3 either. But really I just want a Dan win so as long as Dan wins HOH and/or POV next week, I'm good.

It would be nice if Rennie could be saved instead of Keesha.

I'd be curious to see what Dan thinks of Sarah Paline. He is the one who said in the CBS bios that he doesn't want a woman as President. Potential VP is getting just about as close as it gets.

Thanks for blogging Jackie.

pepsip said...

According to Jokers, Jerry is in the HOH saying " I've got to win the next HOH - I think I can play "

I didn't think he could play in this HOH. He might blow a gasket when he finds out he can't.

I really don't think K, M, or D really want to see Renny leave but know that they can't beat her in the finals. I'll be very sorry to see this group break up, they all really enjoy one another.

PDX Granny said...

I agree Pepsip. Of the remaining, excluding Jerry, they've all seemed to become friends and enjoy each others company. Such a great change over past seasons!

I'm wondering how close Dan & Memphis are when thinking Keesha might decide to try to save Jerry. As much as I want him GONE, I can see the wisdom in that. He has turned so many in the JH off that I don't think he could win no matter who he went up against.

In fact at this point, it wouldn't be a dumb move for any of them to try to go to F2 with him if they're looking for the easiest way to win. But if they really want it to be a contest at the end, then get him out!!

Sally said...

Gracie--that's so true, what you said about missing the houseguests after the show ends and never finding out what happens next. It would be fun to know "the rest of the story," especially about the houseguests who don't have a clue about what a fantasy world they're living in. Do they learn anything about themselves or do their delusions persist? Amber from last summer comes to mind, with her inflated ego, uncontrolled emotions, and dreams of acting and modeling.

pepsip said...

I'm not sure that going against J in the finals is a lock. He already has April, Michelle and Ollie . All he would need is one more disenchanted voter who feels betrayed and he could win the whole game.

Get rid of Jerry next!!!

PDX Granny said...

OK, I'm sitting here having another senior moment! I had to go to CBS to see who's in the JH.

If Jerry ends up F2, this is how I think it would play out as far as votes - but remember, I flip flop A LOT, so this is subject to change on a whim!

Of the 5 remaining HG's, the only one I can see voting for Jerry is Jerry, and he can't vote. Regardless of who'd be up against him, the other 3 would vote for that person.

April, Ollie & Michelle might vote for Jerry, but then again, they may not. He liked to think he was in an alliance with them, but I think it was more like he was used by their alliance than actually being welcome into it.

I can't imagine in any scenario I come up with that Libra would vote for him. She may have had her suspicions about Dan, but her feelings against CKA were much stronger.

All that being said, I'm still hoping they get rid of him. I don't want him going any further than he already has. I'm tired of him and his perverted ways!!

Witt said...

Dear Hubby and I were talking about this today, that when it gets to the final two, usually people do vote for the person who "played the game." I can't say that was Memphis (who won no competitions and orchestrated no moves). Keesha could get some votes (two HOH's and a POV) and Dan could get votes (who turned things totally upsidedown last week). Most people put aside personal feelings when voting (which is how Evil Dick won after saying such horrible things to people), wouldn't you say? As bitter as Ollie and Michelle are I don't know which way they'll go, but you never know?

Witt :)

Nana in the NW said...

witt--I do need to disagree about one point:
I think the only reason Evil Dick won was because EVERYONE loathed Danielle and felt she was only in the final 2 because Dick was her dad. If Zach had been in the F2 with ED the result would have been different. :-)

Michelle said...

Sally, I think she mentioned her name being Lorenza on Saturday night's Showtime After Dark. I am from NW Louisiana and we're due heavy rains/wind and flooding from Gustav starting tonight later.

I was talking to my best friend last night about what would happen and we both said Renny would be put up. It sickens me! I was wondering the same thing, if anyone has told her about the hurricane. She appears to be very devoted to her family and if they told her, I don't know that she would want to finish the show. Remember when 9/11 happened and Monica was told about someone she knows? She kept playing. It will be interesting. I still want Renny to win the game. God bless any of you from the south Louisiana region.

Michelle said...

They should start showing the Jury house this week or so I would think?!!

Witt said...

Nana, you have a good point. I would have voted for Dick, too!

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

please don't be mad at me; but... doesn't anyone beside me hope jerry wins? if he does he can make the last few months of his wife's life more comfortable.

if jerry doesn't win i hope dan does. he's done a good job of playing the game. and speaking bout jobs, he's going to need one when he gets out of the house. -jeannemarie

Donna in AL said...

I heard Dan and Memphis saying Jerry told them he intends to give the money away not use it to better his or his wife's lives. That is good too but I think the others could truly use the money. Jerry has also talked about his investments somewhat.