Saturday, September 13, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Saturday Pre-Dawn

I hope they eventually change the amount of days that the final two spend alone in the house. The only thing of interest is the jury questioning -- blocked to the feeds. That happened last night. What are they going to do for four days? The jury has it worse -- after the questioning, they will all be individually sequestered and not able to discuss the vote until Tuesday (if I'm understanding that right):

  • BB gave them a bocce ball set and a kit to make their Renegades tie-dyed t-shirts.
  • After the jury questions period, Dan seems to be very worried about getting Renny's vote.
  • Dan also made a reference that "He has to get either April or Ollie's vote and he never said a word to them."
  • Memphis thinks the vote is a toss-up and a lot will depend on whether April and Ollie vote as a block or not.
  • Memphis also said he doesn't think he'll get Michelle's vote as Dan took her on the trip.
  • Apparently Renny asked Memphis what he did for her in the game and he told her "nothing."
  • Dan doesn't think Keesha is going to forgive Memphis. But Memphis said it was like firing someone -- as a friend it bothered him, but he had to do it.
  • Dan told Memphis that Michelle badmouthed him (Memphis).
  • Dan told Memphis about his computer work side business and how he makes money from websites and creating sites for small businesses.
  • Memphis says that no matter if he just wins the 50 grand, he wants to invest $25,000 in the Renegades clothing business. Wait until he finds out that the 50 is more like 25 after taxes!
  • They're both asleep as I get this posted.


Anne said...

Good Morning Jackie & All,

Happy Saturday! You are so right Jackie - boring boring boring! Good thing we always find something to chat about here.

At least Dan & Memphis have each other to talk to - being sequestered alone - no tv - radio - nothing? for the rest of them is like solitary confinement - I'd go mad!

Thoughts going out to our Sydney and the rest of the folks in Ike's path. Does not look good right now - according to CNN 4 million (could that be right?)without electricity and Sydney is is a high rise - hoping she is safe and has everything she needs.

Anne said...

On 2nd thought I am assuming alot.

Do the jurors get tv, radio, any contact with the outside world once they get to this stage?

delee said...

These 2 brain-f's and their clothing line. PLLZZZZ! They would make more $ with a low-interest savings account.

I do not care for either of them, so I would be happy to see both blow their $$$.

Daybreak coming to Texas, why do most hurricanes hit at night? Makes them more scary.
Sydney and all stay safe and yell at us when you can.

tbc said...

Why doesn't it end on a Sunday night? I can't even imagine being in solitude for 4 days. Are they put into separate houses/places? I forgot that.

sue said...

I can see Renny playing him a hard time in the questioning...just for fun. But, I also can see her changing her opinion because of Keesha's eviciton. As a parent I would accept my fate, but be angry if my child were hurt. But, I don't think Renny could ever vote for Memphis,even if she realizes that Dan was the power behind Keesha going.

Anonymous said...

well, im glad those two are in the final two..i would much rather see keesha and dan there, but memphis will do. ever since the 'womanizer' comment from jerry, ive kinda hoped memphis would rise above it. i think he did, he's a pretty decent guy. he did use keesha, but this is a game and not real life. im sure in real life he would never do that.

as far as questioning went.....i think they should worry more about finale night when the jurors get the final word in. the last second word they say, could totally make or break the least with this crowd. they are all so easily swayed. except renny, i know she will not vote for memphis, she saw him as a snake in the grass from the get go. maybe she'll see that as good gameplay, though?

if i were their families (d&m) i wouldnt be embarrassed. they didnt say horrible things like jerry, they dont truly think they are better than everyone in the world, like april. they didnt change their beliefs, like ollie. overall, their families will never feel as horrible as jerry's and maggie's and i would say evil dick, but i have a feeling his family is 100% proud. i know, im rambling.

they need to give up on the renegade clothing line, just stop.

Jackie said...

Anne - Nope. I'm sure they're given some diversions -- books and such. But no TV, news, etc., until they leave.

Lars Eller said...

Daybreak coming to Texas, why do most hurricanes hit at night?

******** 20 **********1512

Most hurricanes rarely strike at night! Thunderstorms across at night, it's much more deadly during light heated hours,,

I'm trying to recall what RenAGADES meant during the 1960's,

I recall the Memphis " hat " previous clue.
Goodwill ) Dell computers )

Jackie I will send you a photo of my cousin R..

I wonder if Dan & Memphis will add number's to they're shirts?
Maybe a 53 - 04? In 5th grade my Aunt's school teacher was Mr. C. Hendrix.
Her orange cat was called Chester, my kitten is pebbles, Royal named her's Puffer.

I recall Jerry slipping into the pool, last night R dropped cell phone into the water, thus has no access..Sprint was provider.

In 1995 - 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Johnson.

Lars Eller said...

R attended private schools at Hilltop Baptist Academy until 2nd grade..The color's we're orange. black, the hilltoppers, I believe near Cedar Park..

Witt said...

I knew I'd never be first, but in under 10 is good for me!

I'm glad it's these two guys in the final. I wouldn't have a problem with either of them winning, though I do believe Dan played the game better and actually made strategic moves. The clothing line cracks me up...but at least for them, they are in the house with someone they would actually want to spend time with.

I think Renny was playing Dan...I don't see that she would vote for Memphis, she's not trusted him the whole game.

(((Sydney))) -- the pics from Ike look scary.

As always, Jackie, thank you for all of your hard work to make the season fun for us, and thank you to all the great posters who make this the most fun place to visit!


Witt :)

Anonymous said...

Both Dan & Memphis played great
games, Dans was just a little bit better.
If they vote for the best player it has to be Dan

Laurie said...

tbc, good question. Why doesn't it end on Sunday night? The questioning is over and the voting could be finished by then.

The guys and their clothing line is just so funny. I guess anybody can become delusional in these circumstances.

Still praying for the folks in the path and in the wake of Ike.

Anonymous said...

Dan was a fun and amusing player.
He played the game from the start and Memphis just sat around and barely talked. Dan talks and makes BBAD and probably the feeds a bit more interesting. Memphis talked more at the end but did nothing for a long time. I hope Dan wins. I am voting for Keesha to win AC. I hope she does. I really like her. Keesha, Dan, and Renny were the nicest ones in the house. GO KEESHA GO!!!!

Petals said...

Happy Saturday E'One.
How are our peeps in TX? Can't wait to hear from any of you. Syd???

becky said...

Petals said...Happy Saturday E'One. How are our peeps in TX? Can't wait to hear from any of you. Syd???
9/13/2008 2:09 PM

We arrived home just a bit ago. We boarded up and left when it looked like the Corpus Christi area would be landfall. I pray all my fellow Texan's and those in the upward path of Ike remain safe.

I am really bummed that I missed Thursday's show.

TexasBlondie said...

Jackie - do you have a myspace page? I was reading the Big Brother 10 myspace page and they copied your post from yesterday - almost word for word. They even used your picture....Just curious.

Jackie said...

texas - That would be plagiarism. I'd be interested to know the address of the site and whether or not this blog is credited.

Anonymous said...

If Memphis thinks a total of 50K is enough for a clothing line to be introduced into an already saturated market he is dreaming; not to mention there is already a Renegades distributor. I hope he doesn't spend too much time on it before he finds all that out!

Sydney said...

Hi Friends --

At last -- Morning has broken and we made it through, aparently very lucky compared to the 2 million without power. The city is a terrible mess, and we are exhausted but know how lucky we are. I am pooped, but had been posting the details on my blog. Just now I was able to get messages from several of you in the comments there and via e-mail. May I say once again, how caring and great you all are? I think more of you checked in on me than the other people in my life, family included!

Thank you Jackie!

If you are interested in reading any of that, just click on my name and go to the blog entitled A New Yorker in Houston. Anne, I think you went to Adventures in Nature (I have 3 blogs for different subjects. For now, have to try to get some sleep. But I will post some of the pics and videos from driving around. If you stop by, I'd love it if you leave a hello in the comments.

Many people still need the prayers I'm sure you all were sending out last night. I think you should know that any you sent for me did the trick. We are rare in that we have water, air and can cook, and no major damage. Thank you so much! Love, Syd

Jackie said...

Thanks for checking in, Sydney -- I was worried but know you're spunky. I am surprised you have power. Watching the storm on TV, it looked like the whole city would be powerless.

PDX Granny said...

Syd, I woke up at 5:30 this morning (7:30 your time), and came here first to see if there was any word from you. Thanks for checking in and letting us know you're OK.

My heart goes out to those hit by this devastating storm. I'll continue to pray for all of you!

It sure does brings our BB addiction into perspective!

That being said, GO DAN!!

Anonymous said...

I have always thought Memphis was a couple quarts low. I don't think he has a clue about taxes, let alone the reality of rolling out t-shirts to sell.

I will be thrilled to see Keesha win the money.

April??? Hope its a Gotcha.

Anonymous said...

As it is now, BB is a snooze from now til Tues. So, I think for Sunday's show, instead of "new scenes" of old stuff & more rehashing of old stuff, they should show more of the jury & their comments. Also show the jury Q & A's. That way we could see more of the exchange between the jury & D/M and their reactions. Instead of waiting til Tues when we'll only see a few snippets of what happened. They could have D/M give their final speeches live & then have the jury vote. End the show there.
On Tues nite start the show with the vote & announce the winner. Then have more of a reunion show. That's when they could show new scenes like A&Os shomance & AG could tell us why they didn't show it on the show at the time & kept it a "secret" until A was about to be evicted. A could tell us what nice person she is & how she has all her dignity after they show scenes of her throwing her hissy fits & cussing & talking smack about others & having unprotected sex with a guy she just met.
These would be the shows I'd like to see. CKA could tell us what a nice guy he is & how he really played the game after scenes of him
kissing up to who ever was HOH, & talking dirty about Keesha.

Thank you Jackie for all your hard work even when you didn't feel well. You make the show much more fun & tell us like it really is, cause we know the show CBS puts together isn't even close to reality.


monty924 said...

Glad to see you safe and sound Sydney. The reports on TV look just awful.

Anne said...

YAY Syd is good AND has electricity!!

pdx granny you are sooo on the money - sure does bring things into perspective; I am counting my blessings.

Prayers and good thoughts going out for all those who face such tremendous challenges in the aftermath of Ike.

monty924 said...

The Renegades have had their moments today between all the boring times. I always enjoy the take on the other HGs at this point. They were in the pool earlier and talking about BB10 action figures.

The Jessie doll would have a string and when pulled, would rattle off nonsense arguments (or something like that), LOL!

They had everyone pegged pretty acurately. Funny stuff!

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...

Oh, and the Keesha doll would flip everyone the finger. LOL

Now they're playing with toy cars, boring and funny at the same time. :)

Zoetawny said...

Good evening all!


I was so worried about you after watching the news that I did go to your blog late last night to see if you posted anything...and you did. I also had to check it first thing this morning fearing the worst. I was so relieved that you were all right. Our prayers must have worked because you are one of the very few who have power. I did leave a couple of comments there.

I'm not sure if I should even tell you, but there are some nasty nude pics of Keesha on the net. Apparently she was in a low budget gory horror flick called "The Fear Chamber". There's a video clip of Keesha in this movie but I won't even post the link. I'm very disappointed in her to say the least.

Did anyone see the deadly train crash in the news? The area where this happened is fairly close to me and even closer to where my Dad lives. It was said to be the worst commuter train crash in the last 15 years. My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones and the many who sustained critical injuries.

Stay safe and tc~

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't invest any money in the Rennegade clothing business!!!!


Anonymous said...

saw the Fear Chamber clip of Keesha on youtube. You just see her breasts for about 4 seconds. No big deal.

TexasBlondie said...

Hi Jackie -

it is Sorry it took so long....

Anonymous said...

Sydney -
Glad to hear you are alright! Haven't had time to keep up with BB, but had to check in for news of you & any others from the area. We are high and dry over here at Disney World, but have no idea how we are going to get home. Hard to get back to the San Antonio area without going through East Texas. Hope all is well with any others of you in Ike's path.


Laurie said...

jennas mom ... So good to hear from you and know that everything is good with you and your family. Good luck getting home! Be safe.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Texas - I can't believe that person stole Zoetawny's graphic of Renny for her main page! I can't see the whole page because it's set to friends only. But I sent a rather nasty note for her to remove the graphic and cease and desist. If she doesn't, it will be reported to MySpace (not that I have faith they'll follow through). That's outright theft.

TexasBlondie said...

I am a friend so I will keep an eye out on it. I've read your blog for years and that just really made me mad when I saw it!

Jackie said...

Even the line with the "Let's hope for better hamsters" - that whole quote on the main page I can see was stolen from one of my BB9 TV Squad articles.

Sally said...

Go get 'em Jackie! Plagarism makes me angry, and while it's illegal, it's also rampant in this electronic age!

At least this person had the sense to steal from the best.

Would it help if Texasblondie sent you a copy of what's on that website, assuming she has access to it?

meb said...

Jackie... isn't there some way you can secure your site so people can't copy it.

I know I used to be able to go into Snopes and highlight what they said and copy it and paste it in an email so I could prove something going around the internet was was false (or true). (Didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that...thought I was proving their point of view). Then one time I tried to do it and it won't highlight anymore.

Can YOU do that? Protect your site? I can't believe they stole your pictures and everything.

Witt said...

Sydney, I'm glad to hear that you made it through the storm and that there was no major damage. Here in MD we are seeing network coverage (usually the most devastating footage) and it was looking pretty scary.

Jackie, just want you to know that I am outraged on your (and Zoetawny's) behalf for the lifting of your work! I'm sure the neighbors can hear me growling from here. I hope they remove their posts and it ends here.

I like KJ's idea about the reunion show. That is one thing I've always liked about the reunion show on Survivor, with all the clips and then immediate commentary from the contestant. BUT -- that would show that what really went on (and what we knew, thanks to Jackie!) isn't very close to what was shown on the air.

Happy Sunday to everyone!

Witt :)