Thursday, September 04, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Thursday Dawn

See, when there isn't much to report, I can fill the space in with screen caps I took last night! Here's the latest from the Big Brother House of Bad Wardrobes:
  • Memphis, Keesha, and Renny talked about how Dan never changes his clothes ... and never washes them, either. Ew.
  • Memphis wants to destroy Jerry's t-shirts with the cut-off sleeves.
  • Renny walked in on Jerry as he was urinating, then mimicked him one hand on the hip off and on.
  • Jerry screamed for beer even though BB gave them wine.
  • Jerry said that he wrote nice things about them all in his HOH blog. I guess we'll see about that!
  • Renny told Keesha she shouldn't worry about packing because she (Keesha) won't be going home. Keesha packed anyway. Renny packed earlier.
  • The Diary Room called them in one by one.
  • Jerry keeps scaring Keesha by reminding her there could be a tie vote.
  • Keesha feels guilty that she didn't win POV -- if she had, she could have saved herself and Renny with her vote. If it were Dan and Renny or Memphis on the block, Jerry would definitely vote Dan out in a tiebreaker.
  • But it wasn't meant to be.
  • Memphis told Keesha he likes the lose-lose situation for Jerry this week. He can't play for HOH and they can't let him win POV.
  • All are asleep as I post this.


Petals said...

First! This is fun...

Yes, they are BORED!

Petals said...

And... (insert tomato-throwing here) I still have a soft spot for Jerry. I was a grampa's girl,maybe that's why. I just don't find him as despicable as everyone else does.

PDX Granny said...

Good morning, all! Just checking in quick before going to work to see if anything's happenin'.

Silly me, I should have known better!!

Have a good day, everyone. Laurie, I'll be sending you good thoughts for today's trip to the mouth doc. That is today, isn't it? I read so many comments last night that I don't remember who wrote what when!

Petals, I really want to like gramps, but it's hard. Although, in his defense, when he's sitting and staring at different HG's, he's probably not even seeing them. He's just having one of his senior moments and is trying to remember where he is and what he's doing there!

RBennie said...

Good Morning all! Just a quick hello. BB is too boring to talk about. What else can we dish on? Did anyone see Project Runway last night? I watched the new ANTM last night and they have a transgender model!

ORKMommy said...

Morning all!

That's all I got...


Sydney said...

Still Sad Renny makes it all this way then is powerless. Just occurred to me right now, maybe she should have been more of a deal meister or an alliance maker?

I'm glad Keesha packed too, she should, period, but especially she should to make her friend feel better. I wish she'd tried harder for that veto -- did she not try hard? I can't remember her time, just that Renny's was sooooooo bad 28 minutes or something and Dan and Memphis were 2 minutes and a second apart. SO Keesha's time -- was it more like 11 minutes?

PDX Granny, that's hysterical about Jerry. And Petals, I just can't get that nice grandpa thing out of his crude staring, sexual remarks to the girls and horrible swearing. But I'm glad you can! Everyone needs someone to pull for them and you're a great asset to the old lech.

HAd anyone with the feeds gotten an explanation as to WHY our seemingly mature, clean cut Dan has NOT washed his clothes? ANd how long has it been -- a few days too long or the whole show?

RBennie said...

The unwashed clothes thing is very weird indeed. If he seriously hasn't washed his clothes since he's been there, you must smell him coming a mile away, LOL. I'm not fanatical about much, but clean clothes is one of my pet peeves.

tbc said...

Good morning all. Wow, dull as ever in the house. I am looking forward to the live show. I want to see the jury house. That should be fun.

Have a great day!

P.S. Kids are back in school!!!!!!!

RBennie said...

Yesterday was a very important back-to-school day for me. My daugther started her first day of college. Where did my baby go?

Nana in the NW said...

Syd--re:Dan washing clothes. Dan has washed all of his clothes except his swimming suit(which he wears everyday,all day!). His theory is that he swims in it everyday and the cholrine in the pool is stronger than bleach so his suit is "washed" every day!! Renny threatened to take it in the middle of the night and wash it. I have noticed in all seasons many of the HG will smell a shirt before putting it my house if you have to smell than it's time to wash it!!

I was also glad to see Keesha pack. Renny questioned her about why she was doing it and her response was "I am not that cocky. You never know what's going to happen".

It was sad last night for those two. They have been together for 59 days and have formed a lasting friendship. I believe Renny will be sure they keep in contact.

BTW--Keesha's time in the POV was 5:21

I also liked to hear Dan say that being in the house has made him realize that he needs to be helping his Mom more around the house--DUH!! Maybe she still does his laundry and he doesn't know HOW to use a washing machine!

It is a beautiful fall day here. The crisp mornings, temp. in 70's(not a cloud in the sky) and cool evenings.....I know I was the one complaining about summer being over. Oh well, just like BB I reserve the right to change my mind!! LOL

tbc said...

Wow, college. Mine are in 7th, 6th, and 3rd grades. I don't know WHERE the money for college will come from down the road, even with their funds set up!!

I wish her luck. Where does she go?

sue said...

rbennie, I remember that the day I dropped my 'child' off at college and moved him into his dorm as being as emotional as his first day of kindergarten. It is a step in the right direction, a milstone, but can be of mixed emotions, too.

RBennie said...

Thanks TBC. We're in NYC and she didn't want to go away (I was very happy about that) so she goes to New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan where she's majoring in Advertising. On her first day yesterday, her first class was cancelled and her second class let them out a 1/2 hour early. She called me and said "I think I'm going to like college".

sue said...

I have to clarify my comment about dropping my son off at college. He loved it, 100%! I was the one of mixed emotions. : )

Anonymous said...

College! I don't want to think about that! My little one is starting pre-Kindergarten and I'm sad!


RBennie said...

I know what you mean Sue. But I think the thing I can't believe most is that I'm old enough to have a kid in college, LOL.

RBennie said...

Don't even let me get started on tuition costs. I had to write the biggest check I've ever written in my life, and believe me it was hard to part with it. I told my daughter to take advantage of absolutely everything the school has to offer, cuz God knows we're paying for it.

TerryinCA said...

sydney said
And Petals, I just can't get that nice grandpa thing out of his crude staring, sexual remarks to the girls and horrible swearing. But I'm glad you can! Everyone needs someone to pull for them and you're a great asset to the old lech.
Im am ROTFLMAO........that is so how I see it too.
When we would comment about the washing machine staring, I would recall how he would sit and stare at April and Ollie under the sheets together...and I thought to myself.....maybe he thinks there will be re-runs?

My daughters trip off to college was highly emotional too...and after she got her degree was married, 18 years, three kids, I still can recall what an adjustment that was....dont think I ever got used to it!

tbc said...

I grew up on L.I. and now live "upstate" near Poughkeepsie, so I am very familiar with NY Inst. of Tech. I love her comment!

I definitely don't want to think about tuition especially with two in at once - luckily it's afew years away!

RBennie said...

Wow TBC I can't believe you've actually heard of the school. People constantly confuse it with City Technical College. It's nice to know someone's heard of it, LOL.

Anonymous said...

nana in the nw:I'm soooo sorry to give you a shout out and then disappear;have been way too busy to get back here.Plus it's football time!FINALLY!Anyway I check in when I can. I'll watch football tonight(Thurs)and since bf makes comments ALL thru BB I will check in tomorrow. Enjoy the show. I'd love to meet(call?) since we are so close to each other. Laura

terry said...

Way off topic, but about taking your child to college. when my oldest started, she is a junior this year, i did the most drastic thing, I applied for a full time job, the house was just too lonely even though I still had another at home. I had worked part time (30 hrs a week) and volunteered, but decided it wasn't enough. I sent out my resume and got a job the next day. Now I'm not sure I was quite that bored, but still I make time for bb.

One week post op for a total abdominal hyst so really wishing bbad was a little more exciitng. That's all i can do right now is watch tv.

thanks for all the comments here, something to keep me busy.,

Petals said...

Devil's Advocate time: Maybe, just maybe, Jerry isn't really ogling the girls OR the washing machine. Maybe because of his time in the military, and time with his sick wife, have allowed him to be able to just "ZONE OUT". Maybe?

Does no one else watch tennis???

ORKMommy said...

Zoning out is fine, but if you're the one in the line of fire it's creepy!

Maybe he's just napping with his eyes open! My grandpa used to do that ALL THE TIME!!! And it really freaked us out!

Anonymous said...

Jerry went on a little rant last night about how Ryan and Adam last year were so "vulgar" when it was just the two of them left in the house. That he couldn't believe CBS allowed them to talk that way! Went on for quite a while on how offensive it was.

Pot - Kettle - Black.

He did something else, too. I can't remember what it was. I was only about 15 minutes in to BBAD - and he had already done two things that made me want to shake him.

Oh! I remember. They were talking about maybe this show being a "throw back.". I think it was Dan's suggestion on maybe they went old school this season, and didn't have any big twists. Keesha asked what the term "throw back" meant. Jerry explained it as "you know, like a fish that you don't want - a throw back."


Drives me nuts.

TerryinCA said...

oh no, I think Jerry has proved that having old people with dementia on a tv monitored show isnt such a good idea either...
I used to think to myself, sheesh all the hot boddies, bikins spilling out...and then they bring in Jerry....Now Renny isnt that old but she has class and was herself.

Sydney said...

aaah RBennie, we had my husband's youngest (23) go off a few weeks ago for his final semester after spending the summer with us, like he did last summer, doing an internship. And his other son, soon to be 26 had 2 years yet to go. Our retirement drawn nearer and our funds swindle, and we make our decisions about money based on their financial needs. We're at that point where it will be SO GOOD to have them OUT of college, lol, even if we get weepy to see them go. :-)

Nana- thanks for all that - Keesha's time and Dan's washing habits. I'm jealous of Laura that you get to meet up!


Sydney said...

what am I? Drunk? Look at all those typos. I'm blog-slurring!

RBennie said...

Don't ask me why, but I was just thinking about two of the most used phrases on BB "It is what it is" and "with that said". I don't think we've hardly heard those at all this season! We've had plenty of "thrown under the bus" though, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Note to Dan:

Open lid

Add soap (just read the bottle for the amount)

Sort clothes by color and weight add to hole in the middle of machine

Turn knob to amount of minutes

Push or pull to start.

If he is a teacher, therefore a college education this should be a snap.

meb said...

OFF TOPIC: Everything is right with the world... well it is with me anyway. I got the results of my last MRI on Tuesday and my Oncologist told me I AM DISEASE FREE!!!!! I still have to go through the Chemo as a precautionary procedure. Unfortunately it's every two weeks for 12 treatments. That's 6 months. Crap!

But the reason I didn't post this from Tuesday is because I learned from the OBGYN that I have to go in for an outpatientproceduire called a Hysterscopy. And for the sake of the men who read this blog, I won't explain it, but the worst thing is that I may have to have a hysterectomy, and the least a D&C. But it fouls up when I can start the Chemo I think, and that's what I was trying to find out before I posted here.

However, I saw where Sydney was going to chase me down, so I figured I better show up and report.

You can still email me Sydney... love hearing from you.

I have been reading everything here tho, and you guys are really funny. I have actually been laughing out loud.

Laurie, with all you've been going thru, how do you keep up your sense of humor! Get rested before returning to work. Let WC pay for your time off as well they should.

We had our grand opening for our new business: Cary Nutrition, and we've had a great response already. Sydney, if all goes well, this will be my second parttime job. Smile.


RBennie said...

MEB - how did I miss that you might have to have chemo? I thought you were out of the woods and feeling fine. You know you have the support of everyone here. With your spirit and positive attitude, I know you'll come through this just fine.

Pretty soon we're going to have to rename Jackie's blog to General Hospital!

Laurie said...

meb, so good to hear from you. I had that procedure done prior to my hysterectomy 20 years ago. My thoughts are with you. (((meb)))

I did lose my sense of humor for a bit yesterday, but it's back. I'm a Pollyanna by nature, plus humor is a good way to get through the tough stuff. I know you know what I mean.

I'm sure looking forward to tonight's show. Not that the outcome isn't 90% sure, but you never know in the BB house. Right?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has the feeds, what did Renny say to make Memphis so upset with her? Just read it in Jokers. Memphis quote was she better stop running her mouth. Keesha even said something to M as he was so upset.

Anonymous said...

Did renny get hair color and not Keesha?

sharon said...

Just checking in real quick. It's not a real good day today.Thanks to you all for all the thoughts and wishes!

Dear MEB,when it rains,it pours sometimes,eh? Best of luck with everything. You are in my prayers!

I'll be watching tonight

RBennie said...

I just tried to get on Jokers and the site wouldn't come up. Is anyone else having a problem with it?

fa said...

petals - re: Jerry -- you must not have seen him that one evening when he was sitting outside with Ollie, talking the worst smack I've ever seen about Keesha. I believe he had been drinking.

I heard him talking the other night about how he had seen BBAD last season and how he COULD NOT BELIEVE the vile horrible things that Adam and Ryan were saying about Sheila.

My mouth just dropped wide open when he said that, because what he was saying about Keesha that night to Ollie, was on par with anything those other jerks were saying about Sheila.

After hearing him that evening, I could never have any soft spot for him whatsoever

Sydney said...

Hi All--

Meb, I wrote you and then signed on here to see your update. I had just been gone and was able to see from other comments that you said you were getting some news on Tuesday, so was just sending you a cyber hug. SUCH GREAT NEWS to be disease free. And then, the GN news, ah... life always seeks to achieve a balance any way it can does it not?

Laurie -- I don't blame you at all for losing that humor here and there. Though if I could eat ice cream by prescription, that would bring mine back in a hurry. Hang in there!

Rbennie, I checked over at Jokers and it's up and running fine so you must have gotten on it now too. I scrolled back several pages and I can't see anything the two said. It does have a long thing where Renny is telling Dan and Memphis as a mom/therapist what they need to still learn to grow into men. Maybe something came out of that to upset him?

TerryinCA said...

(((meb))) so happy for your good prognosis, will be praying for the upcoming tests and the chemo...

Laurie said...

One good thing about Jerry: he is a good example of what not to do whether old or young.

Don't tell long-winded stories.
Don't give advice when it isn't asked for.
Don't try to act like you are younger or hipper than you are.
Listen twice as much as you speak.
Don't think you know it all, no matter how much you know.
Respect yourself and your family in everything you say and do.

loneseven said...

Pardon Petals sympathetic comments re: Jerry the crusty ol' grump!! Any memories she has of her grandpa (MY Dad) could not possibly resemble in the least anything about Jerry!! I never in my life saw my Dad wear shorts!! And he never said ugly words and talked badly about other people. She was a grandpa's girl, but it was nothing like this sicko perv. crusty ol' grump!! God, I hope that nothing really strange happens and Jerry makes it to the end. That would be terrible!! But certainly not the first year that strange things happened and allowed the least favorite houseguest to walk away with the big bucks.

Anonymous said...

I watch the feeds free at and know from watching that Jokers leaves much out in their reporting. So whatever Renny said was not reported

Anne said...

Laurie, Sharon, MEB, and anybody else going through trying times - health or otherwise - don't you think your sense of humor has a lot to do with being able to cope? I think the ability to laugh in the face of adversity is a great gift and helps to keep things in perspective. I swear sometimes if I didn't find things to laugh about/at (including myself) I'd start crying and never stop.

On to BB - I like Keesha but if I had to choose I'd rather see her go tonight than Renny. ANY chance Renny will be saved?

Back to work - had to take a quick break and check up on you guys. See you tonight!

Sandiekay said...

I believe Dan has several of the St. Mary's T-shirts as he asked the girls to all dress in them when he was taking the pictures for his blog.....although many of his pictures didn't show up on the blog. I don't find anything nasy about he hasn't washed a bathing suit that he wears in a chlorinated pool every day... what is the problem? Most likely wants it to be a bit of trivia for BB10. GO DAN!!!!!

Sandiekay said...

excuse the typo...nasty, not nasy.

pepsip said...

I understand your feelings about college. It wasn't too bad when my son started school ( he has since graduated, married and earned his masters ) as he went to a university that is close to our home in Ohio. It was much more difficult with my daughter as she spent the last 3 years at Rutgers in NJ. I was still okay until this semester when she went to Florence , Italy to finish her final semester of school. I know she'll be okay, but you always worry about your " baby". The one consolation that you have is the pride you have in your child upon graduation.

On BB- Jerry has spoken things that were just as bad as anything said last season. I don't approve of any of it so--


Donna in AL said...

I whole-heartedly agree, Anne.
I sure wish those guys would vote out Keesha tonight but I don't think they will. No one could win against Renny. I like Keesha too but Renny is my favorite. I would have rather it been Jerry or Memphis leaving tonight.

I have two sons (24 and 26) in college at this time and living at home with me. The good thing is they have grants and I don't have to pitch in much. Their dad is "supposed" to pay half but since he didn't pay child support half the time anyway, he does not offer to help with anything!

sue said...

Sharon, hang in there. We worry. I don't know if you are alone at home or not, but know that we all think of you, even when we don't hear from you. Sue

Anonymous said...

With all this talk about college I can't wait for homecoming!I'll wave to PDX GRANNY on my way to McMinnville. What a small place the NW is! LOL Have a wonderful dayeveryone. Laura

Laurie said...

I just remembered something that happened yesterday that I wanted to share with you all.

While I was sitting waiting for the Novocaine to take effect in the surgeon's office, I was thinking of all of you supporting and surrounding me. Of course, I don't know many faces, so I mostly saw avitars. I smiled at the puppy, and saw Elaine with her tiger, the lovely rose was there, along with meb's kitty, Terry in CA's face and her grandkids, the granny on the couch, all kinds of images that comforted me and made me stay calm. Then I see the tomato butt ... and I started laughing out loud. I think it was my only laugh yesterday, but it's made me chuckle several times today!

Nana in the NW said...

My Goodness!! What a talkative bunch you have been today! I just need to stay home and hang out with all of you!!

Bear with me as my comments are "old topics" here but I want to add my 2cents--

I had always been a "stay-at-home mom when my children were growing up(part-time jobs while they were in school)so when my daughter went away to college she was thrilled and I was crushed. The school was only 1 hr. away(and she lived on campus)--I cried all the way home. Just as I had adjusted to that she announces she is getting married and moving to Hawaii in 8 months. The day she left for Hawaii I went to bed and didn't get up for 5 days when my friend came over and forced me to get up. My poor hubby didn't know what to do!

Since most of our savings went to college the wedding was paid for with a credit card(I don't reccommend this!) That took 2 yrs. to pay off and then my other daughter got married!

meb- I was happy to hear the MRI was clean!! I had a hysteroscopy done 6 yrs. ago. It was a same-day procedure, little after effects and solved all the "female" problems I was having, although I did have to go on Horomone Replacements. The thought of chemo sucks but better to be safe than sorry.

jennasmom/tbc--start saving now! College is sooo expensive. My husband and I have started GET(guaranteed education tuition) accounts for each of our grandchildren(9,8,6). If you are a grandparent and your state offers this I highly reccommend it. We try to put $1,000 each year in with the hopes of having their first two years of college paid for. Our daughters both work hard but I fear they will not be able to set aside college money. At least this will get the GK started and then they can get loans/scholarships/grants.

terryinca--re:old people shouldn't be on monitored TV.

That made me laugh....thinking about all the times we talk about having a Senior version of BB!! I can just imagine what the young viewing audience would say:
"Why is that old lady pulling hairs out of her chin"

" It's only 10p.m. why are they all in bed"

"Look at the batwings on her arms"

"If we have to hear another story about her grandchildren"


joyn--if your ya!!

sharon-- :-( sorry to hear your having a bad day. Is it a setback or did you just push yourself too hard? You go back to bed and let your family take care of you!

laura--I definitely want to meet up!! Please e-mail me and I will give you my phone number. My real name is Joyce

I am excited to see who wins HOH tonight but more excited for Sat. to see who wins POV--that will determine the F3.

Welcome to our new friend from Alaska! :)

delee said... know the saying the Good News and the Bad News, I guess no one evers mentions the Middle/So-So news. I would say that is where you are now. It is wonderful that you are clear as of now, but the chemo and the hyster thingy fits the middle.

Prayers and hugs are heading your way.

Nana in the NW said...

petals, I'm sorry to rain on your parade about Gramps, but Jerry did the breakfast dishes and didn't use ANY soap!! Who does that?! He probably picked his nose and went to the bathroom right beforehand!!

BB prod. changed all the pics on the memory wall to the HG during comps. and had a sign that said HOH competition....hmmmmmm

Off to pick up the grandkids from school.

monty924 said...

Happy Thursday Live Show Day,

Wow, too many posts to comment on. Meb, Sharon, Laurie... hugs and hang in there.

I'm hoping we get to see Renny's family tonight. I don't think they showed them the first time she was on the block. It was obvious that Brian was going home. I think they'll have enough time to show the Jury House and Renny's family. Anyone else want to see them?

I'm praying that Dan wins the HoH to secure his spot in the final 3. Other than that I don't really care if Memphis or Keesha wins POV as long as Jerry DOES NOT!

Off to make dinner and I'll be back for the live show.

Anonymous said...

Hi all..I have been around but haven't posted yet this season. I am in the Anybody but Jerry camp!
Rbennie, my daughter just started her 2nd year of college. She goes to the University of Miami and majors in Advertising and Art/Graphic Design. She may do a minor in business as well. I am going through the empty nest syndrome(although my older son is back home again) As much as we want our children to grow and have a great life it is hard when they leave. She was home for the summer but I didn't see her much as she was staying with friends that lived closer to her job.
Laurie, i was so sorry to read about your misfortune and can relate to the story. My daughter was in Costa Rica surfing this summer and had an accident and wound up chipping 10 (yes 10!) teeth. 3-4 of them were really bad and she finished getting them fixed right before school started. She was extremely lucky as ther wasn't any root or nerve damage. We are hoping that because it was an accident that her medical insurance will pick up the tab!
I am so looking foward to this evening and hoping that anybody but Jerry wins HOH!

Donna in FL

Clementine said...

Way back up there somewhere, Sydney was talking about Keesha's time in the last POV comp, and did she try hard enough to save Renny...

Or did Renny try hard enough to save herself?

Anyway, they both got totally drunk about an hour or so before the POV comp, so I'm not sympathetic. I even remember Renny saying something like, she just gave up the $500,000 for a bottle of wine, but it was worth it.

Even though I love Renny, it doesn't bother me that she's going tonight, because you must win comps when it counts or you're toast (unless you're Dr. Will, and even he competed in his first season).

She coulda beena contenda! Sheesh!


I've seen Dan washing his clothes. I think the swim trunks are his comfort blanket away from home.

Keesha started the whole "Dan is dirty" talk awhile back and keeps it going. Meanwhile, she wears the same grey sweats all the time. I'm tired of looking at them.


Spend some time with older men like Jerry where cognition is slowing down (and I have) and you would recognize a lot of his behaviors are typical. I'm not defending his trash-talking or meaness! And it's not dementia, but it is part of the aging process. This I do recognize:

- Self-centered perspective. It's more a matter of losing your ability to relate to others. I'd guess he probably had this tendency to begin with, but now it's gotten worse. It's not so bad with close family/friends, because he'd have familiar topics to discuss. But it comes out more with strangers.
-Speaking of which, repetition of stories and ideas. For example, he repeated the story over and over about hearing someone behind the walls (BB staffer) laughing at him after he fell in the pool. That was probably either his imagination, or greatly magnified due to his embarrassment. The repetition is his way of processing and dealing with the anxiety.
-Staring. Petals was right, it is a matter of "zoning out." It's very common.
-Hypersexuality. I've seen men his age go from kindly old grampa, to making the most inappropriate remarks imaginable. Doesn't happen to everyone, but it's not uncommon.
-Losing the ability to "filter" what comes out of your mouth, as opposed to what you're thinking.

As I said, I don't think this excuses bad behavior, but it's not all due to a conscious decision to be an a** on his part.

And I'm just as tired of Keesha and Memphis constantly ripping on him. There's a difference between expressing annoyance with someone and vicious gossip about them. I guess it makes the time go quicker or makes them feel superior or something.


Alright, I'll be stepping down from soapbox now, before someone knocks me down.

General Hospital, for sure! Maybe we could get our own wing, and name it after Jackie!

Sharon: feel better, darnit!

Laurie: Ouch! Ice cream has amazing recuperative powers!

Meb: I'll celebrate the good (great) news for now! Hurray!


Is it showtime yet??

meb said...

Thanks EVERYBODY for your kindness. I would name each of you individually, but I don't think there's enough room. You're all just great and I'm happy to be part of this blog family.

Jackie you make it happen. Thanks again and again. WE could name it Jackie's Clinic.