Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Thursday Dawn

Okay, so Memphis won part two of the HOH comp and he'll face Dan in the final heat. Their plan is for Memphis to throw the comp to Dan so it will be Dan voting out Jerry. Since Memphis already alienated Keesha, at least Jerry will still think he wasn't betrayed. It's boring in the house now with the three of them, it should get even worse when it's down to two. Here's what happened after the comp ended:
  • Dan was so antsy to get out into the yard that I was almost ready to call Allison Grodner and demand they let him out. Sheesh.
  • As for the comp, there were cut-out figures of the houseguests. Jerry thinks the producer of the comp was getting tired of him for taking too long (51 minutes).
  • Once released into the yard, Dan found odd things like balls (one in the pool and another on the patio), juice boxes, and coconut.
  • Ted the spider was there, along with his girlfriend Debbie the spider. Now Jerry is into them even more than Memphis and Dan.
  • But when Dan went through the trash and found the cheat sheets for putting the comp together, the feeds were blocked.
  • Dan wanted to get the flag set up for 9/11.
  • It's apparently a cool night in California.
  • Dan and Memphis have delusions about how famous the Renegades are. They're sure someone has already stolen the domain name for their proposed clothes line. @@ I'm sorry, but neither of them are fashion plates!
  • At one point when Jerry was in the Diary Room, Memphis asked Dan to get his cross and swear that he won't double-cross him if he throws the comp.
  • So Memphis is leery, eh? I think Dan himself is a bit leery if Memphis were to win the final HOH.
  • Memphis told Dan that if he betrays him, he'll cut his head off. Yeah, sure.
  • Then Memphis suggested they just "rock it" -- no throwing the comp on either side, Jerry is going to end up knowing anyway. Hmmm...
  • Jerry talked about his medications and going to the VFW once a week.
  • Both Dan and Memphis tossed and turned a lot -- probably excited about today's events. But all are sleeping now.


Anonymous said...

Good morning all!

I'm routing for Dan all the way. Even more since his comments about 9/11. I think BB brings out the worst in people so if the negative things we've seen in Dan in the BB house are his worst actions, it's not so bad.

I have been wondering what Memphis is thinking continuing to promise safety to Jerry. What he's done by reassuring him over and over for days is much worse than what Dan did. I think Jerry will be choosing between two people who betrayed him and then could vote for Dan. Memphis might be smart to let Dan vote Jerry out.


bj said...

and you all though I was being funny about the Renegade T-shirt, well OK I was but they aren't.

besides paranoia now we know this house also makes you delusional.

PDX Granny said...

Good morning, all!!

I've been too busy at work to even keep up on all the comments the past few days, let alone comment. :(

But what I have read is all good, so I don't even need to comment on the show. I just want to wish everyone a good day!!

I hope I'm home in time to watch the show tonight!! Oh well, as long as CBS doesn't play with the time again, it's set to record.


RBennie said...

Good morning all.

Coming soon to your local K-Mart, Renegade, a new line of menswear for the distinguishing man with delusions of grandeur - brought to you by Dan & Memphis, the kings of delusion. LOL

Anonymous said...

Memphis is antsy because maybe he was planning to take Jerry and his conscience is bothering him enough that he thinks Dan might be planning a double-cross, too. The web we weave!



TerryinCA said...

I still want Dan to win, and I can see how they are both still looking at each other sideways...wondering.
Morning PDX!
Morning rbennie! Hysterical about K Mart!!
Morning Jackie!
And everyone else out there.
9/11...we all have our thoughts and memories...and hopefully rasing a flag too.
My son goes back to iraq end of October.

Petals said...

Aww Jackie. *sigh* Re the Renegades, What is it that deludes the HGs into thinking that the American public is so hooked on this show? Don't they realize it is just US, here? I love Dan, but geesh - am I gonna buy Renegade swim trunks or a Memphis cabana hat? No. Nor will anyone else, save their families.

But I do love Dan. And good for him wanting to remember 9/11. Did the producers allow the flag?

ORKMommy said...

Morning all!!!

I knew it would be Dan & Memphis for the final HOH! I also knew it would be Memphis throwing the comp to Dan so Dan could evict Jerry. I think I may be psychic!! comes another one. Dan & Memphis will sink their winnings into the 'Renegades' clothing line and loose everything! Cuz it's a LAME idea!


Jackie said...

Petals - The producers gave them the flag for Labor Day.

Laurie said...

If they could get their clothing line out my Halloween this year, they might make a few sales. After that, their 15 minutes of fame are d-u-n.

PDX, do I need to get back up there to give you an excuse to leave work on time? Come on, girl ... Get out of the office and watch BB with us!

On a serious note, our thoughts are with all of America today. Special thoughts for those of you who have personal involvement, whether on that day or now with the aftermath.

Laurie said...

orkmommy, I hope they don't throw the competition but just actually play to win.

Neither one of them can really trust the other. After all, it's a "business decision" in the end.

Patty said...

rbennie-thanks for today giggles!

Thank you Nancy and Laurie for your previous comments.

Nana in the NW said...

Good Morning all!

I have a VERY important question:

What time does BB come on in the Mountain Time Zone??

I will be in Yellowstone for the Sunday and Tues. show and I CAN'T miss them!! We will be traveling all day Sunday but I told my hubby I need to be settled in my hotel before the show starts.

I'm so sad I won't be able to celebrate with all of you after Dan wins on finale night. :-(

Dan and Memphis did a handshake with the cross and then D gave it to M to keep until after the comp. That cross is too special to Dan to not honor his word with M.

It is a beautiful day here so I'm going to take down my levelors and wash them and my windows!

Petals said...

Thanks for the flag note, Jax. I'm wearing my flag pin in rememberance for today, and I'm sure your observing as well. I living up there 7 yrs ago. Over here (the midwest), they are pretty much removed from it. No flags, no solemnity...


Laurie said...

Petals, I am across the country in San Diego. Perhaps it's because we are a military-based city, but 9/11 is a very big deal here.

There are several ceremonies today. The one that will be most emotional, I imagine, includes a 21 gun salute and a military fly-over at the Midway which is a retired ship. Victims' names will be read at this memorial.

Many more memorials are being held all over the county, from churches being open for prayers and candlelight vigils and walks in neighborhoods.

Flags are usually flown around SD, but even more will be out today. Please know that this date and what happened will never be forgotten in the lifetime of most of us who experienced the horror, whether personally or by television coverage. (((Petals)))

ORKMommy said...

9/11 is especially hard for me because my grandfather died on 9/8. He had battled cancer for a few months and it finally got him. We were mourning as a family when 9/11 happened.

RIP to those we lost and my quirky, Polish grandpa...

Laurie said...

Orkmommy, my heart goes out to you. I was already grieving, too, for a dear friend who passed earlier in the summer. In fact, I had an appt with a grief counselor set up for 9/12. Thank heavens, she didn't cancel that and I had a place to go with what seemed like unbearable pain at the time. Hugs to you and to all today.

sue said...

I think the person who is evicted last...making them come in third place makes for a Fruitless Exit. It has always been the hardest time to leave. They come thisclose to winning big bucks and suffer the let down of game interruptous.

For all the boredom in the house, I am still not sure who the F2 will be. So horray for not being predictible, even if just in a small measure.

sue said...

I was concerned when Jennasmom and family left for their trip to Disney earlier this week, but now it seems they will come home to Ike instead of meeting him in Florida. Sydney, Toms, jennasmom and others have homes in Texas. I am wishing all of you well.

Laurie said...

I sure wish they switched to having the cameras on the sequestered guests now. That's where the action is, don't you think?

Petals said...

Oh, yeah! I think the sequester house is rockin! And you know, with April & Ollie, if the house is a-rockin', don't ... well, you know the rest. HAHA

How are you feeling lately?

Petals said...

Sue - good one! Kudos for finding a way to use Memphis's phrase.

RBennie said...

I'm sitting 2 blocks away from the World Trade Center site right now, so you know my mind will be on 9/11/01 all day today. Even after all this time has passed, I still think about it at least once every day. I think the thing I remember even more than the day itself is the first day we were allowed back at work after the tragedy. I came up out of the subway to the sight of soldiers armed with submachine guns on every corner and a horrible smell that I will never forget. I thought I had been holding it together pretty well up until that point, but that was my breaking point. I started crying and couldn't stop for the whole time I was at work. Thank God we only had to work a half day.

Sorry for the downer, but it's you guys fault for making it so easy to open up.

TerryinCA said...

ok,ok,ok Laurie.....who gets to be Dan and who is Memphis for Halloween? We can trick or treat at the mall....or maybe even better K Mart.....Maybe PDX Granny can be Julie Chen?

Im sending you love Petals and hugs too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Nana in NW. That's good to know. I'm glad Dan intends to say loyal to the rennegades even though it means my idea about him taking Jerry won't happen. Memphis played a better game than Jerry so he deserves to be in the f2. But I do believe Dan should win the game so I hope he does. (I just hope Dan isn't making Ryan's mistake.)

lynn1 said...

Today is a day of remembrance, and thanksgiving. I am remembering the horror and the fear. I pray for those who lost their life and for their families,loved ones and friends who have had to carry on without them.
I am giving thanks for the many heroes and heroines that came forth on that day, and I am very thankful that we have not had another terrible day like that.

I also want to wish all the TX bloggers who are in Ike's path a safe evacuation. Please stay safe and get as far away form this storm as you can.

Here in SE Louisiana we are under a tropical storm warning. It has been raining off and on this morning as the feeder bans from Ike come our way.
I fully expect we will have high winds, rain and no electricity for a couple of days. I know it will be 100 times worse in TX.
God Bless all of you in TX.
God Bless the USA.

Petals said...

{{Terry}} Back atcha!

Hey - I want to dress-up as April for Halloween, but I just can't seem to find a costume of a cheap blonde with a guy stuck up my butt. Any ideas?

Petals said...

Awesome sentiment, Lynn. Ditto.

RBennie said...

I don't know if you can find that costume ready made Petals, but it sounds like it would be fun to make it yourself, LOL.

Petals said...

Rbennie - hahaahaha. Maybe painful, too. haha

Hey, can you hear the bagpipes & everything?

Petals said...

Lynn - you guys are lucky you'll miss the brunt of Ike, it appears.
Stay safe.

RBennie said...

No Petals, I can't hear them right now because I'm up on the 56th floor and the windows do not open, but I will hear them when I go out to lunch in a few minutes. I'm gonna take a little walk and see how close I can get to the site. I'm sure it won't be close at all, its most likely a mob scene out there right now.

Lars Eller said...

Sydney, Toms, jennasmom and others have homes in Texas. I am wishing all of you well.

9/11/2008 11:35 AM

I recall a local superintendent by the name of Ike Howard, he lived near a Baptist Church, I found it odd his home was the color yellow back in 1970..Of course it's no biggy nowdays, my aunt was 13, Ike didn't want her mowing school house lawns. But he demanded a hispanic guy named Rueben mow via a push lawnmower, I heard Rueben has colon Cancer.

My allergies increase during dry molded pollens within large trees, I'm sorry I shouldn't get off topic, I find it interesting my Uncle's fig tree is over 18 feet tall.

San Marcos ?

Hope Dan win's.

my uncle had a conference near San Diego zoo, I've only attended San Antonio Zoo.

My cousin R = SM

lynn1 said...

If you go as April do you plan to shave the front half of your head so you can get that Alien forehead look? ;>)

Petals, yes I am very happy that Ike is not coming here. I believe I would have had a nervous break down if I had to leave home again this week. Of course like my hubby says how could he tell if I completely lost my marbles! LOL

rbennie, I cried when I read your post about the first time you went back to work. You have the real American Spirit and I honor you as as a survivor of the finest kind. People like you with true perseverance are what made our country great.

sue said...

I don't know about Halloween costumes...I'm still trying to decide which of the hgs is the moth and which is the spider. : )

ORKMommy said...

Petals - Ummmm...she doesn't have a guy stuck up her butt, he's stuck up her...

Well, you know where I was going with that thought!

RBennie said...

Wow, thanks Lynn1, but I don't deserve all those lovely words. I was just one of the many who were running for their lives that day and believe me, if I had had any other choice, I wouldn't have returned to work down here. But you do what you have to do and I think the best way to show the terrorists that they didn't win is to keep right on living your life.

Lars Eller said...

Prayers for all who've lost a loved on 911..


In the event we no longer have power in Texas, We'd like to wish you a Happy B-day next week.

another close dear relative has a birthday on SEPTEMBER 17,

I can't wait for Oct. now that's my fun relatives birthday, I don't believe my relative is dove hunting.

Sally said...

Sue, Congratulations on figuring out how to use Fruitless Exit in a sentence! Not easy to do. Maybe Dan and Memphis should feature that term on some of their Renegade clothing.

In Dan's HOH blog, he writes: "If you've liked what you have seen so far, you haven't seen 'nothing' yet! I've still got ONE more trick up my sleeve, we'll see if I need to use it or not."

Wonder what he's planning....

sue said...

rbennie...I like hearing your references to where you work. I can't say 'enjoy', even 'like' seems out of place. It is too somber a subject to put a pleasant word tol. But your report tells us about something we don't see on TV. MSNBC ran their coverage as it played out on 9/11. They didn't have updated commentary, it was the anchors words when we didn't know what was happening or who was involved or where people were. I had to turn it off. The unknown was a part of our horror then, and your reaction to seeing that reality on your first day back shows how we were all living in some middle ground and wondering what would happen next.

Nana in the NW said...

Hey Petals--if you get that costume be sure to take a picture!! LOL

rbennie--your 9/11 story is so touching....and to have to go back there. That must have been a very anxious time for you and thousands of others.

Although I live on the other side of the country I remember the following days of no planes in the sky. It was a very eerie feeling and soooo quiet.

Sally--Dan's blog was written before Keesha's eviction so I'm hoping his last surprise was telling her about Michelle.

I'm glad to read M say he doesn't want to wear the bandanas at the final comp. There's no reason to rub it in Jerry's face that he was played.

Laurie--sounds like you are doing better...baked potato is a step up from soup! Did you and Terry see the Mama Mia movie?

Jennasmom escaped Ike in Fla. but I wonder what she will come home to?

Syd and all our Tx. friends be safe and evacuate when the warnings come!

Nana in the NW said...

I should have further explained the "no planes". I live close to Sea-Tac airport and McChord Air Force base. We are in many flight patterns so there is alot of air traffic. That's way it was such a glaring reminder our country was under attack.

Nana in the NW said...

I truly am obsessed with BB....I just got a phone call from a solicter...caller ID identified it as Dearborn Data first thought was somebody in Dearborn wants to interview me about Dan!!! LOL I NEED HELP!! Where is the nearest BB Anon. meeting??

TerryinCA said...

Petals!!! ROFL, if my ass would come off I'd laugh there too.
One year while I was working for Edison I came to work as a meter reader, shorts,shirt,hat, AND I sewed a dog biting my rear end, and a dog sewn onto my Im thinking we can get an Ollie doll from that competition they had with the voodoo dolls....and....
On Ike son and daughter in law live in san Antonio and she is Air Force...she is coordinating housing for the people that are being bussed up to SAT for the storm.
PDX - yes, we enjoyed the movie and sang our little lungs out..wish you could have joined in

Patty said...

nana-you should have picked it up and said hello this is dan!

Laurie said...

Whew, we go from laughter tears to somber tears here in a flash, don't we? What a group!

Rbennie, you account humbled me. I have no other words for your first hand tale of your experience.

Petals, your costume idea has me rolling on the floor. Oh the visual! I may go blind.

PDX, yes we did see MM and we sang like we were professionals. It was great fun.

nana, I'm doing better everyday. Last night I managed chicken breasts in very small bits. Kind of like you would feed a toddler with no teeth to bite or chew. (I like that image better than an old lady without any teeth). I stopped by the dentist on the way to work today and he said everything looks great and my fake teeth brought my smile back!

Anonymous said...

If we are all dressing for Halloween I am gonna get some tighty whities and go as Jerry.

RBennie said...

Laurie - Glad to hear your slowly getting back to eating solid foods (well sort of solid, LOL). I too wish I could have joined you guys at the sing-along Mama Mia - loved the movie (even Pierce Brosnan's somewhat less than melodious singing, LOL).

ORKMommy said...

Anderson Cooper's blog on is "...devoting many posts today to the anniversary of 9/11, with first-hand accounts, insight, and commentary dedicated to that day seven years ago that changed our world."

I read a few and have tears...

Anonymous said...

hi all! are we getting antsy yet? i know i am!!

quick question, i know that julie told ollie that dan was not a plant, but did she tell him about the week he was america's player?

i dont think she did, that wouldn't make sense. but i just dont remember.


RBennie said...

I remember Julie telling Michele that Dan was not a plant, but I don't recall her saying it to Ollie. She didn't say anything about America's player.

Anonymous said...

rbennie, yes, it was michelle. my bad. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Nana - I was living in Arlington VA about 1/2 mile from the Pentagon on 9/11 and was used to the constant sound of air traffic from nearby National Airport. The airport was shutdown for three months and I definitely remember noticing the lack of air traffic except for the occasional military jet doing 24 hour flyovers.

I had a flight out on the first day the airport opened and was happy for the return of air traffic in the background every day..


Nana in the NW said...

laurie and terry--not only was I singing along(all 3 times I saw the movie) but I was doing alot of chair dancing too!

No one in the JH knows about Dan as AP. That would sway votes.

Still nobody out there who watches the shows on Mountain Time???

((( Meb, Sharon, nancyinnj,joyn,Jackie,loneseven,)))) hug to all of you(and anyone I missed-sorry).

Syd--have you been keeping those tigers company today at the zoo? What's your situation with Hurricane Ike?

I've washed the inside of all my windows and the levelors!!! Valances are in the dryer getting the dust off and now it's time to put everything back together.

ORKMommy said...

Nana - go to and put in the zip code of wherever you'll be and it'll give you the TV lineup.

PlaidChick said...

I can't believe I lost interest in BB, but it happened. I figured Dan will win BB, and there isn't much "Ohhh and Ahh's left in any of them...

We're watching Ike closely as we might get high winds and rain depending how close to the east it gets to DFW... headache fun on the way...

Laurie said...

Nana, when you said chair dancing I read lap dancing. Ooo-la-la!

Our show was really a sing along, by they way, with words on the screen and everything. It was pretty cool.

Oh, we chair danced too!

PlaidChick said...

God Bless all of us on this day of rememberance... my Dad was on the phone here in Dallas with a friend at Cantor Fitzgerald whose offices were at the top of the WTC. My Dad is now retired from invenstment banking and trading, but I will never forget the look on his face when he came home that day.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Dan and Memphis competing for the final HOH is just so predictable.

The "renegades" getting a little too full of themselves...too predictable.

I want to see one of them screw the other just so it isn't sooooo damn predictable.

Just a thought, how do we know that cross has such a special meaning to Dan? Because he said it did? Hmmmmmmmmm Would not put it past Danny boy to make up a story like that just for strategy. That would be funny. Just sayin.

Also, I think Dan mentioning Brian, a guy he knew and had an alliance with for a WEEK is just strange.