Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Tuesday Morning

Yes, I'm showing you some of the excitement of the evening right in the screen caps! Here's what's been happening in the Big Brother House of I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes:
  • Renny and Keesha think it's obvious that Jerry wants to take Memphis into the final two.
  • BB called an indoor lockdown -- Keesha and Renny started playing cards in the kitchen and the others were napping.
  • Surprise! BB gave them a grill. They also got a new hose, a flag, and while they were outside looking at the stuff, BB gave them all kinds of food for the grill.
  • At one point, Jerry screamed something about his body was shutting down and he couldn't take it anymore. It was in context to nothing.
  • A bit later, Jerry was saying how much they needed wine and beer.
  • Keesha and Memphis think that if Jerry wons POV, he'd do what he can to get Dan out over them..
  • Memphis, Keesha, and Renny talked about how mold is growing on Dan's bathing suit. Renny wants to steal it and wash it.
  • Jerry wondered if his reputation will remain intact when he leaves the house. Renny scoffed at him.
  • They spread the big cards out on the coffee table and played a game turning them over and matching the numbers.
  • Then the excitement started -- Memphis and Dan saw a huge spider in the backyard. They ran around catching moths and throwing them into the spider's web. Sure enough, the spider went after the prey every time.
  • Memphis, Renny, and Keesha talked about how Jerry picks his nose and they think he rubs his finds on the bean bag chair.
  • Dan came in and sat in the bean bag chair. The other three cracked up.
  • All are in bed as I post this.


Donna in AL said...

Am I first?

Crusty ole boogers from a crusty ole man! YUK!

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly.

Sydney said...

Yikes - That IS a giant spider!

Donna wouldn't it be great if you could meet up with Lynn1???? I want someone to come to Houston so we can meet up! Cha Cha -- and chance you went west to here? dla-- any plans to come visit your pals here (including me now, lol)?

Shall we shoot for all of us meeting in Vegas in say March (after all the holidays and our bank accounts have recovered?)

I want

Anonymous said...

The Booger man and Boogie should hang together. They have a lot in common.

Donna in AL said...

That would be great if Lynn1 and I could meet while she is here!

I never thought I would be near Las Vegas but it seems I may be going around November 2009. So don't count me out of meeting there if ya'll do around then!

RBennie said...

Good Morning all. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! I have a lot of catching up to do. I was at a BBQ on Sunday, so I missed the show. So I see the Renegades are still going strong. I guess things are looking good for a Dan/Memphis/Keesha final 3. I don't think Jerry has much chance of making it any further. Too bad for Renny, I wanted her to make it to the end. Out of Dan, Memphis and Keesha, I guess, reluctantly, Keesha would be my pick to win.

To all our friends along the Gulf Coast, I'm glad to hear that Gustav didn't do as much damage as we were concerned it would, although I know you are not quite out of the woods yet. Hang in there guys.

Sydney said...

I think Dan deserves to win. Memphis is playing strong in his way, but Dan reminds me more of a Dr. Will in that he is truly thinking it through, and getting everyone involved in his game. May come back to bite him in the end, as I agree with someone's list from a ways back that most of the jury will vote personally rather than on gameplay.

Boo Hoo -- want Renny to win.

Anonymous said...

EEEEWWWWW! Jackie, I should have eaten breakfast BEFORE I read this! Jerry is gross!

Sydney, glad to see you back posting!


ORKMommy said...

Wow, I don't check in for a few days and see what happens!

I'm so glad Memphis won the POV but I hate that Renny is the target! How did she take it? Does anyone know? Renny has to know that she would win against any of the HG's who are left so she had to expect to be a target...

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and stay safe you Gulf Coast folks!

Laurie said...

good morning everyone!

The grill and good food was good news for the house guests, wasn't it?

Good news for Lynn1 and all others who were involved in the latest storm. I pray they are safe thru the entire season.

sue said...

Hi Sydney, I left you a hello at the end of the last post.

this is a little off topic, but I wanted to tell you about something that is going on in Arkansas. At a minimum, 4000 people were evacuated to my town from the gulf coast, and put up in military barracks. They were flown in. I know that after the first 4000, more were said to be coming, but I don't know if that happened. They are bored and have no privacy. The barracks sound dangerous to me, but everyone seems to be trying to do what they can to get through it safely. It is not a vacation in any way, and I know they will be happy to get back to their homes. I have watched as the new people walk around our town, shop, have lunch. What makes me feel good is to see a local pay for the meal...or a cart load of things. Usually the local person slips up, either hands over some cash, or says something quitely to the cashier, smiles and walks away. There is no fanfare about it. No one is keeping receipts for tax deductions, it is people being nice to other people. It makes me feel good to see it.

Jackie, thanks for giving me a place to report that. : ) Sue

Laurie said...

Thanks for sharing that good news with us, Sue. I love knowing that people are helping each other.

Sydney said...

Thanks for the great story Sue -- You'd think the barracks would be a very safe place to be. It's really heartwarming and reassuring to hear how good the people of your town are, to do these small (but big) acts of kindness for the evacuees so subtly. I saw your hello on the last post. Thanks to all for their hellos too!

Laurie, you are posting as if nothing had happened. When do you go see the dentist -- or do you have an idea now of what will have to be done?

Petals -- I didn't know loneseven was your mom! I just saw the recent posts from L7 and thought how nice it was to see that familiar name again, haven't heard from them for awhile.

dla said...

Hi everyone!

Happy Tuesday! I am happy to hear that our Gulf Coast friends are safe, and look forward to more details as everyone is able to make it home. You are in my thoughts...

Sydney, welcome back!! I have no immediate plans to visit Houston, but you just never know. I will definitely let you know if anything changes, and would love to get together!

I hate to see Renny leave the house, but this is the time of our BB season where they begin to get picked off, even when we like them. And she sure would be hard to beat at the end.

I am still hoping that BB gave her info on the happenings in NO and with Gustav, but I may be hoping for too much... :(

Laurie said...

Sydney, I can't see my own dentist until tomorrow and the person I spoke to wasn't sure they did workers comp. I'll know more at 9 when the office really opens. Meanwhile I have a call in for another dentist, recommended by a friend. I have to go to Employee Occupational Health at work to get cleared to work this morning but they don't open until 8:30.

I feel fine now, except for my mouth which hurts to talk or eat. That's a big problem for me! I'm eating only soft foods and chuckle each time I smash a banana. heh heh heh I am fortunate to be a fast healer.

Anonymous said...

OMG....Whatever happens....Let that disgusting Jerry get picked off! Take his boogers and LEAVE!
He is such a weirdo. His family must be so emabarrassed.

Auntie Leigh said...

Sue...what a heart-warming story. People in the South can be so wonderful. Why cant our politicians be as good as the regular people out there that they represent?
And I think we have been saying that we wish we had a way to hear how people were doing once they have seen the show and realize what happened. I always wondered how awful it would be for Erica after she was all set to practically marry Boogie and all along he was using her and making fun of her and ridiculing her. I loved Dr Will but wonder what he sees in his buddy Boogie. Maybe you know, Jackie. Is there any way to find out any follow-up about these guys?
Glad to see my little blog-daughter, orkmommy. Where ya been, honey? My own daughter is getting jealous. Just what I was hoping..hahaha.

TerryinCA said...

Auntie Leigh...my thoughts exactly, I would love to hear follow ups on the past people of BB. Youa re in Santa Cruz? Love that area!
Sydney, hey that Nov 09 would be my birthday...maybe Laurie and I can come up to Las Vegas to meet you all ???
Sue, really proud of the AR people and what they are doing so privately...I like to think most of america does it privately..that we are warm hearted people who give and care.....I still like to practice that pay it forward when I can myself.

ORKMommy said...

Auntie Leigh - I don't have internet at home at the moment, so I wasn't checking in all weekend. Hopefully we'll get some kind of service soon!

jb said...

Interview with TV Guide and Ollie.


Anonymous said...


ORKMommy said...

Ollie is still an idiot!

delee said...

Over at Jokers Update there is an article by Marcella's:

Big Brother w/ Marcellas: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Very funny read!!!

Laurie said...

update on me: I was able to see my dentist today after all. He referred me to a specialist who will see me this afternoon. it's questionable as to whether I will be able to keep my teeth or if they will need to be replaced. I'm just glad the process was started today and I didn't have to wait until tomorrow. I'm not the most patient person in this world!

Anonymous said...

We need help, what your watching on TV isn't real, how can we know what is happening days before ya do? Please BELIEVE US!!!!!!

How can ya'll pretend ya'll didn't notice a reality show go wacko?? Why are we being punished? Please Hurry what did we ever do to any of you? My daughter is expecting a baby, my daughter Rebecca is only 21 she is being punished for my mistakes take me I don't care the guy Campos is the one he lives in Hutto Texas, was the olymics even real?? Why are we suffering people are dying of cancer, this stupid city is greedy, how can anyone judge a women whose Huspand had a DWI 22 years ago but elect a president who's admitted to taking drugs?

I know something bad is happeing there is a plane with a flat tired what I suppose coming to bomb us to shut us up! It's the damn oil, how the hell are the prices 3? Jackie please don't believe the Obama people how can Oprah support a man if she was molested? My daughter is only 21 she trusted so many people for what why

Anonymous said...

starria811 is a perfect example of how the educational system has failed. a child was left behind.

Nana in the NW said...

Hi all!! Labor Day is over so it's offically the start of fall.

Today I took my grandkids to the "meet and greet" with their teachers at school. Tomorrow is the
1st day. Gosh, summer went quick!!

Sue--that's great to hear about your community. I hope there are many more doing the same.

lynn1--I'm glad to hear you are going to stay in the hotel a few extra days. Enjoy the room service....you could have alot to clean up when you get home.

Sydney--WELCOME BACK!!!! We missed your insight and fashion expertise!

ork--your right...Ollie is an idiot!! I wonder how excited April will be to have him move in with her after she sees his "little"temper tantrum!

Laurie--mashed bananas....yummy!! Good thing it's not Terry because she like hers firm!! LOL

I hope the whole worker's comp. process and paperwork doesn't become too complicated.

donna--your avitar is soooo cute!! Looks like me(gray hair, fluffy body) sitting on the park bench watching the world go by......

chacha--we haven't heard from you....are things OK? Hoping you and your family are safe from Gustav.

As for BB:

I hate to see Renny go, too. She has added an entertainment to the house that has been missing for many seasons. I have loved how well D/K/M/R have gotten along. They are all in it to win the money but haven't resorted to the ugliness of the other HG toward people in their own alliance.

I saw a teacher today who only watches the show. She knows I watch on the internet, blog about the show, etc. The first thing she said...."you have to come see me after the open house and tell me what I'm missing!!"

After telling her about Ollie/April she about choked on her coffee and then about CKA. Her response was "I knew he was too good to be true"! She also wanted to know if the fearsome four was as much fun as they seem.

Gotta go--will check back later.

TerryinCA said...

Nana....you got that right!!!

Maria said...

Hi all,
I go back to work tomorrow (teacher) Its really hard setting that alarm after 2 months off.

My daughter who is now back at college likes to be surprsied, so she never reads the posts here. I had to pretend each episode I didn't know what happened!

It truly is a whole different show if you don't follow the feeds.

Glad everyone is ok following the storm. Now here comes some more. I live in PA so I don't see too many hurricanes.

Enjoy the show tonight.

loneseven said...

Hey all ~ I see nothing is new in the BB house. Well, Petals came over and spent most of the day with me ~ ya-hooooooo!! She sure looks good. She's lost a bunch of weight and I've gained 50 lbs. I smoked for over 50 years and stopped 3 years ago. Now I can barely haul by big butt around. Anyway, it was great to spend some time with my baby girl (Petals):) :) :) :) :)In anxious to see tonight's show. Seems like forever since last show.

loneseven said...

I should proof read my posts before I send. "I'M" is what I meant to say instead of 'in'. Anyway, I've been around ever since the first season of BB when Eddie won. Does anybody remember that? Petals was living with me then and she got me hooked on the show. Now, it's the highlight of my year!! Sure hope it stays on for awhile. Thanks to all you good peeps who remind my daughter that she has a Mom. Last year, it was Ork who usually snagged her for me. haha

Nana in the NW said...

loneseven--no problem....we've got your back!! Those daughters, they grow up, move out and think they should have a life of their own!?! LOL

My girls are 32 & 34 and both live about 8 blocks from me....the only reason I see them is because I watch their kids!! It could be worse...they could still be living with me and then I'd know EVERYTHING that's going on in their lives....ahhhh "ignorance is bliss".

I really do love them dearly. :-)

BTW--Kudos to you for quitting smoking after 50 yrs.!!!!

becky said...

Sue said (at 10:18)... There is no fanfare about it. No one is keeping receipts for tax deductions, it is people being nice to other people. It makes me feel good to see it.

It does make you feel good, doesn't it. The last time we evacuated we were in Boerne at our daughter and son-in-laws home.... with four dogs and a cat. The storm missed Corpus Christi so we decided to head back the next day. By then service stations were playing out of gasoline. Several people could tell we were evacuees and waved us to the front of the line to get gas. It made my heart feel warm.

Every church in San Antonio was full. We had stopped at a service station on the outskirts of San Antonio on the way. A little old lady approached us (I was about to wet my pants after six hours on the road) and wanted to know if we were evacuees and I told her yes. She wanted to know if we had a place to stay and I told her we did. She told me that she was there to offer some one with pets a place to stay -- in her home.

After Katrina one of the churches here took in 32families and set them up in their fellowship hall with tarps to divide each "apartment" for each family. Since my church is so small and we couldn't take them in we brought new packages of underwear and put them in a box. I took stuffed animals, clothing and games to the church out here that offered shelter for the families.

When one reads all the bad stuff that goes on today, it makes you feel good to be assured that there are good people out there.

Sue, thank you for sharing your story.

sharon said...

Hey guys,I thought I'd check in since I have been MIA for some time and let you know what I've been up to. I jut got home from the hospital last night where I spent a week in acute renal failure.You all knew I'd been battling that throwing up,diarrhea and all for weeks,going to the doctor and just getting sicker. She finally kind of threw her hands up and said she was stumped and I should go to the ER.I was one sick puppy when I got there,everything in my body was out of whack and my kidneys had stopped working.Luckily,I had some great doctors and they pulled me through without having to end up on dialaysis(sp). Now even though I have to pee every half hour and slosh when I walk,it's so good to be home in my own comfy bed.I'm still very weak and may not be on too much for a while but the only times I turned the tv on in the hospital were to see BB...is that sick???

Anne said...


It's great that they finally figured out what's wrong with you but a shame that it had to go this far.

Anyway, welcome back to the land of the Anybody But Jerry club - good to hear from you - get better!

loneseven said...

Welcome back Sharon. Glad to hear things are lookin' up for you :)

sue said...

becky, thanks for telling your story. It brings tear to my eyes when I hear of people being good to each other.

Sharon! wow, You know we have been wondering about you, I am glad you gave us an update. It sounds like you had a very rough time of it. Good to know a doctor who can admit they are stumped, though.

becky said...

Gosh, Sharon, you have really been through the wringer.

Check in when you can. It is more important that you rest and regain your health.

Waiting for the show to come on.

Jackie said...

Welcome back, Sharon ... I'm so sorry to hear about your health woes. That's serious stuff! Hang in there!

My gosh, we're all falling apart this year.

Donna in AL said...

Sharon, glad to hear you are better now.

I have a Katrina story to share when I have time to type it. Also, I usually think about posting it at the time Jackie puts up another subject.

dla said...


Welcome back, and take care of you! You were missed.