Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening

How's this for excitement? For the longest time, Dan and Memphis played chess barely speaking on two feeds and Jerry napped on the other two. The big news of the evening is that they did another Craig Ferguson spot tonight. Craig's probably going to be confused where everyone went during his two weeks of vacation. Here are some other noteworthy (or not) happenings in the house this evening:
  • Both Keesha and Memphis are creeped out by the way Jerry stares at them. I think I would be, too.
  • Jerry spied on them some more with the spycam in the HOH room. I wonder if they could feel his eyes watching them.
  • Renny read the bible, Jerry napped, and the guys played chess. I think Keesha was napping off camera at the time. It all made me want to nap!
  • Renny gave Dan a few cooking tips.
  • Jerry droned on about investing money and his own investments.
  • Renny packed.
  • Memphis picked. His nose, that is.
  • They did the Ferguson spot and apparently all just wanted it over with and were irritable by the end of it.
  • Yawn.
  • Ferguson wil be a bit delayed here because the Republican National Convention ran over. I love it -- Palin's speech ended a few minutes ago and now they're replaying it on the local news. Well, duh ... do they think they're Big Brother with the recaps or something?


Jen said...

Am I the first one to comment?

Jen said...

YES!! Score!!

It's been awhile since I last commented since I am back at school! Hope everyone is doing well!!

I am really bummed Renny is most likely leaving tomorrow. I understand why since no one can win against her but It's still a major bummer!!

Jackie said...

Yes, Jen. You win the prize -- a date with JERRY!

Or not.

Sydney said...

Jen! I was wondering yesterday how you were and was going to check out your blog this evening if we didn't hear from you!

Sydney said...

ewwww jackie! lol

Laurie said...

Hi Jen, how's school going? Are you into the routine yet?

I'm sad that it isn't the main group in the final four. However, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Can't wait to see the CF show and see what the small group have to say. None of the ones left were the camera hogs!

Oh jen, sorry about your prize. Maybe you can trade up and get something better!

Gayle said...

Sydney, I responded to your question about Sarah Palin's speech on the previous post. I didn't get into her speech and WILL be voting for Obama.

monty924 said...

I have an opinion on Sarah Palin's speech, but won't share my politics on the blog. ;)

Having grown up in a small town myself, I appreciated what she had to say. I'm not sure if this ticket has what it takes to win the presidency, but I give her props for going out there and delivering a fantastic speech. She didn't really get rolling until the Hockey Mom's/Pitbull joke.

sue said...

monty..I agree politics are too sensitive a subject for here, but I wondered if the pit bull joke was part of the rehearsed speech, or an ab lib on her part. I couldn't tell. I thought the body language on stage with McCain noteworthy, also, Sen. McCain talked to her husband. but then, I am always trying to pin point body language, even with hgs.

Nana in the NW said...

Syd--sounds like politics is not a popular subject here, but I will send you an e-mail about my thoughts. That being said, I had to laugh at the Tina Fey/big hair comment. During her speech I told my husband, "A stylist is going to get ahold of her and change that hairstyle"!

Nancyinnj(pa?)--didn't you break your arm doing something like skiing/surfing/?. Sorry to hear you ended up with a cast. Is it your right or left?

laurie--that sounds sooooo painful!! I think staying home in your jammies and being pampered is the perfect medicine!

Is anybody watching America's Got Talent?

Jerry is driving them all crazy(and his loneliness is driving himself crazy). He still have another week in the house!!

If we get to vote on favorite player Renny has my vote!! She added great entertainment to the house that has been missing for many seasons!!

monty924 said...

I don't think the joke was scripted like the rest of the speech... I saw that as her own humor.

These speeches are all the same during the conventions, and I watched the DNC first. Its about party lines. I pay more attention during the debates.

TerryinCA said...

oh Jackie...please dont make her date one should have to do that!

PDX Granny said...

Yes, Nana. I'm watching America's Got Talent...kinda. The little girl, Kaitlin, must have been told to just say Thank you, no matter wht anyone said. She was sure cute.

I'm also catching up on comments. I haven't read anything since before the show on Tuesday. The house is boring, but not Jackie's!! I can't remember what everyone said, so I'll pull a Laurie and just say I agree.

That being said, I want to go to Vegas too!! Or maybe since most of us are Renny fans, we should head to NO instead! Wouldn't it be fun to meet up with her there and have her as our personal hostess! I just bet we'd not be bored!!!

Susan said...

Craig is on, Julie should be on soon.

monty924 said...

I would meet up with anyone and everyone in NO, especially to party with Renny.

Staying up late to watch CF then off to snooze.

Susan said...

I don't care if Dan wears the same thing every single day. But I DO wish someone would take Jerry's red stupid muscle shirt and burn it. Then grind the ashes into oblivion.

Nana in the NW said...

susan--your funny! Don't suppose it has anything to do with the body in the clothes? I'll probably never get the image of Jerry in his red muscle shirt, jeans shorts, and socks pulled up to his knees out of my head!! UGH!!

pdx--the little girl Kaitlyn is cute as can be but certainly isn't the most talented--but who would dare to buzz her? That was funny watching her "Thank you, Thank you".

I loved the man who sang The Impossible Dream...what a voice!!

Off to bed. School has started here so my mornings are very busy!

sue said...

monty said:I pay more attention during the debates.
I agree completely! I have to admit I have willingly listened to more speeches from both sides this year than ever before. And now I am looking forward to debates..usually I find something else to do on debate nights.

monty924 said...

CF was very funny... but I can't take watching Renny and Keesha crying and hugging on the feeds. I'm out of here. Nite folks. :(

Bye Renny... I will miss you!

Anonymous said...

Susan I totally agree burn the red shirt LOL it will be on ebay in a month.

Angie in KC

Petals said...

Re: politics ~ I don't mind saying that I may have to move to Canada or Scotland (Switzerland) in November, if my party doesn't win. Yes, I'll take my toys and leave the sandbox. heehee Besides, who can watch conventions when Rafa & Mardy are playing into the wee hours?

If I remember correctly the house always turns into a yawnfest when the numbers dwindle, right?

ahjustamemory said...

Dan, Memphis, and Jerry are so boring together. If Renny goes today, they should just throw in a double eviction and get this moving more quickly.


Luvmrcr said...

RE: Petals RAFA oh my! I went up to see him on Saturday and as great as he is on t.v. in person even more so, yum. Match of the tourney tonight Roddick vs. Novak. Go Dan!

Anonymous said...

The joke was written into her speech. I read it online about 5 p.m. yesterday when they released parts of her speech. It was all well written and well rehearsed. I'm from Alaska and my son lives in Wasilla. Let me tell you this lady is not all she says she is.

Pat A

jokats said...

Hey all good morning!!!!!
Jackie, Can you please post the Ferguson clip? I missed it last night. Thanks, Jo>^..^<

sue said...

Pat A, thanks for your answer to my question. I just watched the June 2008 speech she made at a church. I hope you stay around. Jackie's is a great place.

Auntie Leigh said...

Pat A....Please say more!! Everyone on this site is loving and tolerant so ...give us the dirt!!
Things do start to sorta drag as it gets to the F4 and less. Still, we have enjoyed a great season. I don't hate Jerry because I only watch the show but do want one of the others to win. Dan really has played well and is fun to watch! Chow4now. A.L.