Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Wednesday Dawn

Aw, a boy and his balsa wood airplane. Ain't it just too adorable? Here's the latest from the Big Brother House of Marine Renegades:
  • Memphis and Jerry talked about the problems they had hanging onto the ropes the way they had to in the comp.
  • Jerry thinks they should have had handles. @@
  • Dan and Memphis briefly talked -- they don't want Jerry to see them talking together until after the second part of the HOH comp.
  • Dan talked to Jerry about how much he likes and misses Keesha.
  • Having heard Julie say the finale is Tuesday, Jerry doesn't know why they'd drag the show out with the final two alone in the house so long. He's got a point there.
  • Dan played with two ping pong balls and his wooden airplane.
  • Jerry sucked up to Memphis telling him how much he admired how he was playing the game although they got off to a rough start.
  • Memphis told him he respected him, too. Sure.
  • Dan wants Memphis to convince Jerry to throw the second part of the HOH. Memphis isn't sure Jerry will do it.
  • As Jerry and Memphis drilled each other on practice questions, the BB voice told them that kerosene lanterns are good to have when you're camping.
  • All are asleep as I post this.


ORKMommy said...

Way to go Danno! The second part should be some sort of timed competition so I think Memphis is a shoe in!

I had a thought during the show last night. Since April hates Keesha so much, I think her & Ollie are locks for Memphis votes (assuming he makes it) because he single handedly took Keesha out of the game. So, in my estimates...

Libra - Dan
Renny - Dan
Michelle - Dan
Ollie - Memphis
April - Memphis
Keesha - Memphis
Jerry - probably Memphis, but who knows with that guy. If Memphis wins the final HOH & takes Dan over him, he could vote for Dan because Memphis has promised to take Jerry.

So, what do you guys think?

Jackie said...

I don't think Keesha would vote for Memphis to win.

ORKMommy said...

Darn...I meant to put her in the Dan camp. I think I'm still waking up!


Wintermute said...

I agree with Jackie. I think Keesha is a Dan vote because Memphis voted her out, and I also don't see her and Renny voting opposite from each other. My estimates:

Libra - Dan
Renny - Dan
Michelle - Dan
Ollie - Memphis
April - Memphis
Keesha - Dan
Jerry - Whoever doesn't win final HOH - if Memphis wins and doesn't take him, then Memphis has "betrayed" him. If Dan is worried about the jury votes but trusts Memphis, he'll throw part 3 to insure Jerry's jury vote.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. While I have to give Dan props for truly working every angle he possibly can, I was really nauseated by the way Keesha left last night. I feel like he punked her far worse than he did Ollie. At least Ollie knew he had turned on him, while Keesha left the house thinking Dan was an angel and Memphis the Devil! I can only imagine how much of an idiot she will feel like when she sees all this. The thing that truly surprises me though is why Memphis would allow her to leave thinking it was all his idea to evict her. How does that benefit him in the least? He should really be suspicious of why Dan had to whisper something to Keesha and give her something to read later. If he had a few working brain cells, he should have whispered in her ear too, LOL. I know Memphis thinks he's a major player, but the truth is, Dan is just leading him along by the hand. He comes up with an idea and then makes Memphis think he thought of it, brilliant. I would really like for BB to show us what happened when Michele got back to jury house. I really don't think she was won over by Dan but was just playing along. As far as who will win between Dan and Memphis, I think that outcome will hinge on what comes to light in the JH.

Anonymous said...

Dan has played a brilliant game guys.
Never forget this is a game.
He truly deserves to win it all.
Jackie great job this season as usual.

nancy in nj said...

morning all.

i have to agree with petals that this is a GAME...and it is a game that is set up in a way that truthfullness and loyalty "at all cost" will eventually get you evicted. if you are going to give up 10 (?) weeks of your life for a shot at 500k, then you have to be able to outsmart, outwit, and outlie the rest.

i am a dan fan, neutral on memphis, and yech on jerry....if dan or memphis win, i will feel some satisfaction that the winner PLAYED the game. if jerry wins, i will be bummed, but i will have to offer some kudos to an old geezer who hung in there and somehow made it.

not so sure they should have been counting so heavily on jerry not being able to hold his own in a comp. he has enough of a track record that shows he could possibly pull a win out of his butt. guess thats why the thought of him winning is so smelly.

cleminitine..thanks for the clarification on keeshas eviction!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree Dan has played a phenomenal game. He has thrown numerous competitions when he didn't feel he needed to win (he's obviously a strong competitor in competitions when he wants to be) and has let other people take the heat for most his ideas - that's brilliant. He deserves to win.

I don't understand why Memphis took all the blame for evicting Keesha and let Dan look like the good guy to her. I realize they are trying to hide their "renegade" alliance from Jerry but why would Memphis let Dan throw him under the bus like that? Dan gets Keesha's vote and what is Memphis getting out of the deal? I can't believe Memphis is so stupid that he isn't thinking ahead to the jury votes?

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone. I just finished watching last night's show. No surprises but still good to see the faces and the reactions.

It is good game play, and I do feel bad for Keesha getting the boot. Naive as it sounds, I wish the alliance had gone to the F3 and battled it out. Keesha would still lose, I think, but it would be a sweeter win for the Dan when he wins.

I did have to chuckle at Dan throwing the last challenge so Memphis could win. Memphis was so pumped that he won ... and he was punked. He is being played and doesn't even know it.

Dan should win just on game play alone. I'm just glad I'm not his girlfriend!

Laurie said...

Oops, forgot to say hello to Sharon. I'm so sorry you are feeling this bad and wish we could do something for you. Prayers for you, Sharon, that your body settles down and you can heal.

AlbGlinka said...

"if you are going to give up 10 (?) weeks of your life for a shot at 500k, then you have to be able to outsmart, outwit, and outlie the rest."

I totally agree with Nancy in NJ who wrote this. I've felt that Dan could be on Survivor, sans bugs (well, aside from the spider and moths!). Lying is usually part of any of these games-- if you don't do it, you're outta there!

Just the way he aggressively whispered in Keesha's ear as she was leaving last night showed his mastery. He is playing the game every moment he's in the house and obviously thinking out his moves way in advance.

meb said...

Commented on all this a couple posts back... Thought I was in here.

Again (((Sharon))), (((Laurie))) and (((Everybody who needs it)))!


Anonymous said...

I still think Dan might take Jerry b/c Memphis probably will tell Keesha that Dan also wanted her gone during jury questioning if Dan took Memphis with him to f2. If Dan skrews over Memphis; Dan is thinking e/o on the jury will recognize him as the true master of the game. It would be way risky for Dan but might reap a big reward. Whereas taking Memphis is a gamble who will win like Rbennie said depening on what the jury talks about. But with Jerry, I see the votes as unanimous.

E/o either would say Dan is the master, he outplayed e/o and took the useless dimwit Jerry to the end to show them all how he outplayed them so well. Or they'll say Dan you're a moron, you skrewed us all, we're giving the money to Jerry. Or they could split their respective feelings.

Ok I admit my theory is insane. But if Dan did pick Jerry, it would be interesting to see how Dan presents his case to win to the jury. Whereas with Memphis, Dan would just have to play the card that he was master of the rennegades which might not work out.


Anonymous said...

Oh yah and just to strenghen my case a little bit. I feel like winners who pissed off the whole jury are usually sitting next to someone that is so obviously carried by the soon to be winner. I'm thinking of Dick vs. Danielle (seen as riding Dick's coattails all game), Boogie vs. Erika, and Dr. Will vs. whoever he was with. Dan is most likely to win IMO if it is incontrovertible that he is far superior to the person sitting next to him. With Memphis at his side that isn't the case.


Anonymous said...

Oh and I also believe Ryan last year could have beaten Sheila with the jury but by staying loyal to Baller, he lost. I'm sure Dan remember that and will think twice about taking Memphis.


Anonymous said...

nina, i am faaaar on the other side. i think bringing memphis would be his ticket. at the end of the day they all have 'hearts' and would pick jerry to win, not a question (in my mind). they would pick him solely on the need for the money, not bc of his gameplay. memphis slid right through to the end without really playing any game. sure he won a couple veto's here and there, but he really didnt do anything. not that i can think of, at least.

jerry would beat dan
dan would beat memphis
and jerry would beat memphis


RBennie said...

I don't think there is any chance that Dan will pick Jerry over Memphis for F2 if he wins the final HOH. For 1 thing if he screws over Memphis in the end he will not get his vote, but then again, he won't get Jerry's vote either, so they kind of cancel each other out. But I also don't think Dan can afford for Memphis to get in that jury house and spill the beans on the whole "Renegades" alliance.

Now if Memphis wins final HOH, I think he just might take Jerry instead of Dan. I think he would earn major points with the jury for taking Dan out, but runs the risk of Jerry pulling out the win. Dan, being all about game play, should vote for Memphis even if he takes him out, right?

If Jerry, by some miracle, wins final HOH, he will take Memphis with him, although I think he has an equal chance of beating either Dan or Memphis.

bj said...

Dan and Memphis will be the final 2. There has been comment after comment about how smart Dan is. So now he has to have in his mind where he goes from here. He and Memphis want to be "The Team", better than Chill Town. They have already talked about a "Renegade" t-shirt line and public apperances.

Dan wants more than $500,000. and a win he wants the fame and all that comes with it.

Anonymous said...

haha bj. i dont think dan really WANTS the fame, but he'll soak up his 15 minutes as much as he can.

RBennie said...

I hate to break it to Dan and Memphis, but they are gonna be forgotten just as quickly as the rest of past BB HGs. The only past HGs I have any interest in seeing or hearing about are Janelle, Dr. Will and Kaysar.

Sally said...

I'm really not sure that April would vote for Memphis over Dan. She was so hung up on that increasingly valuable car he won, she might decide that the car and the 2nd place prize money is enough for him.

RBennie said...

I think not voting to keep her and what he did to Ollie will trump Memphis' winning the car in April's mind.

Anonymous said...

true, dan did screw over april and ollie, but he brought michelle on the trip and apologized to her. mentioning that she lost the hawaii trip and he wanted to give her someone like michelle that'll stick. and we all know how much michelle loves ALI...we may see dan's magic work in the jury house. we may not and he couldve totally screwed himself over by asking for michelle's vote on the trip. we'll see....

RBennie said...

Okay, I know Michele is not the brightest crayon in the box, but even she had to see through Dan taking her on the trip for what it really was - an attempt to sway her vote to him. Even if she does decide to vote for Dan, I don't think she can sway April or Ollie to do so. He should most likely already have Libra and Renny's vote. I don't think Keesha can sway anyone's vote either. She could actually have the opposite effect.

tbc said...

A lot of great comments today. I don't have much to add. I do feel as though that choosing Jerry over Keesha will give Jerry the win. He will surprise them all. He has shown us that he is good at competitions, especially where guessing amounts are concerned. I'm still in the ANYBODY BUT JERRY camp. If it does happen, Memphis and Dan will really feel stupid.


tbc said...

Oh, and did Dan tell Keesha and all of America he thinks she's hot???

Patty said...

I believe Dan has played the game the best. I think that he should be the winner. He has been able to remove the blame from himself and place it on someone else. He does this not behind the person's back, but out in the open. Has he been totally honest with his words, NO. Just remember he is headed straight to confession when he gets out.

Dan has outplayed and outwitted Memphis, right down to the last eviction. He never promised Memphis that he would let him win.

Maybe since Memphis has not been HOH, he feels he has a fighting chance to go to the end and win. Well, Dan is one up on him IMHO.
I see it as a 4-3 vote with Dan the winner. Jerry, April and Ollie for Memphis and Keesha, Renny, Michelle and Libra for Dan. I guess Jerry could come to the dark side and the vote could be 5-2, but I am think a 4-3 vote myself.

Well, it is all coming to a close. I am looking forward to another season of BB, where I can start out loving one, only to dislike that person at some point in the game. LOL!

Thank you Jackie for a fun place to stop by for a chat and good friends. I know I lurked more than I commented this season.

I have had a full plate this year with a mother who has Alzheimer's and my dear friend who is battling cancer. Both of them needed me so much, so I had to be there for them. Sadly, my mother is not getting better, but my friend is holding her own with her battle with cancer. I can only hope there are better days ahead for both of them and myself.

bj said...

Sorry, but I probably should have said Dan wants the notoriety. He always wants to make good TV. These two have made a study of BB and know all past HG's and I think they think everyone else does also. Which makes them, in their minds at least, famous.

In the least I am sure they both hope it will be a springboard to something good.

And who knows it might help with Keesha in her movie career or Renny a hosting job or something. What Dan (and I think he does) and Memphis (and I think he doesn't) needs to remember is you have to be liked by the public also. Winning isn't everything. Maggie who????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A Renegades t-shirt? That's funny.

nancy in nj said...

what a beautiful here in the northeast....

patty...i understand being the caretaker. aside from three children and three grandchildren, my mother also has alzheimers, and my 82 yr old father is trying to take care of her..which means i am taking care of both. they are in a retirement home sao that is a help with meals..but for everything else, it is me. i don't mind...but at times it is hard.

i have watched every big brother since the beginning. lets see who i remember.....janelle, will and boogie, evil dick, yea....james and his HUGE, um.... not much of a 15 minutes...

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm wondering if Memphis (should he win HOH) might take Jerry to the Final 2 over Dan. Jerry would seem more beatable. If Dan and Memphis go against each other for HOH, their intensity in the competition could reveal their strategy.

Anonymous said...

now i know you are all lying....bc no one could ever forget gnatalie and her big eyes and small brain. 27 letters in the alphabet? haha

im so thrilled with this season. it completely made up for last season.

RBennie said...

All this F2 talk has me thinking about past F2s which led me to thinking about Daniele Donato. Do you guys remember her whiney tantrums. She had 3 things that she said all the time and I can't remember the third one. One was "this sucks" and another was "I hate these people", does anyone remember the third, and I think its the one she said the most. Oh wait, it just popped into my head "this is so frustrating". God that girl drove me insane.

sue said...

If Dan and Memphis are the final two, I will be interested to hear Dan's speech to the jury about why they should vote for him to win. He has been collecting reasons for the jury not to vote for Memphis. In the POV 'game' where Memphis said who he would vote out, in the last POV when Memphis is the one who took out Keesha...he probably has done that from the beginning of the game and will have lots of examples. It will be interesting to watch Memphis' reaction when Dan gets down and dirty to explain things clearly about who has been playing the best game. It will also be interesting to see if the jury agrees it was good game play or if they see themselves as used by a con artist. Either way, it will be good TV from the Boogie/Will perspective. I think Memphis might be blindsided by what Dan has planned.

Anonymous said...

dont forget rbeenie--danielle also had that annoying valley girl accent..."my daaaaaaaaad", that may have preceded every sentance she ever said in DR.

i am very interested in how dan will spin this against memphis in his final speech. (I'm pretty sure he will bring him, either of them would be fools to take jerry) let's hope that memphis is caught so far off guard that he won't have much of a rebuttal. he doesn't seem quite as quick as dan is, but who knows! he could surprise us and the jury with that final speech (hehehe)

ORKMommy said...

"I don't understand why Memphis took all the blame for evicting Keesha and let Dan look like the good guy to her. I realize they are trying to hide their "renegade" alliance from Jerry but why would Memphis let Dan throw him under the bus like that? Dan gets Keesha's vote and what is Memphis getting out of the deal? I can't believe Memphis is so stupid that he isn't thinking ahead to the jury votes?"

I think Memphis IS looking at the jury votes. By evicting Keesha, he's showing that he's putting the game above his personal friendships AND he took out Keesha whom April & Ollie hate. Michelle left the house on the April/Ollie team and he has no clue that Dan had a chance to schmooze her for a vote on the beach. He's probably thinking that sending Keesha to the jury will cement a vote for him with April, Ollie & Michelle. All he needs is Jerry & he wins!

RBennie said...

I can see what your saying Orkmommy. It would be worth it to Memphis to lose Keesha's vote in order to gain April, Ollie & Michele's votes. Now if he really is looking at it that way, he has to ensure that Dan is the one to evict Jerry and not him. Like I stated earlier, I don't think Michele was really swayed by Dan, contrary to the assuredly heavily edited version of their trip that we were allowed to see.

monty924 said...

Happy Wednesday!

Keesha's Early Show interview if you missed it.

I think the votes will be Keesha, Renny, Libra, Michelle and possibly Ollie for Dan.

Jerry and April for Memphis. Or Dan could win in a 6-1 vote with Jerry being the lone vote for Memphis. JMO

Susan said...

Wow, Dan's gameplay: have everyone else do your dirtywork. I don't like him. They could have been honest with Keesha but Dan was having too much fun playing games.

Anonymous said...

Just a few thoughts.

1~ Hated to see Keesha go, but she was able to leave with dignity, real dignity, not April's form of dignity. I had wanted to see Reeny and Keesha in the F2 for awhile, so this as Keesha would

2~Memphis must be a moron to sit back and let Dan reap the benefits of him evicting Keesha. Waiting for that light bulb to go off there.

3~Hands down, Dan has played the best game, no doubt. I think he is planning moves ahead. If you look back, I think the reason he "protected" Keesha when he had the "deal" w/Ollie was all strategy he could use later.

4~That being said...I really don't want to see the Renegades (stupid name) in the F2 together. Want to see one of them get the boot and feel the pain. ;) Preferably Memphis. Something about how these boys act when they get so close to the end irks me.

5~ Not sure if I would trust Memphis to take Dan to F2, as far as game play, Memphis has none compared to Dan. What would his speech be? Seriously. Was his big move keeping Jerry? Not impressed.

6~ If Memphis wins and evicts Jerry, he has pretty much lost the game. Jerry would never, ever vote for Memphis to win. That would be Dans 4th vote right there.

7~If they do have an America's Choice, I would vote for Keesha. Originally I would have voted for Renny because she was so much fun to watch. But I think Keesha got screwed, she didn't win anything along the way, and I think she was the one who had some of the most vile things said about her by the other houseguests.

8~ Finally, this season was far better than last. The "fab four" were extremely entertaining to watch.

Anonymous said...

well all my company is otherwise occupied so I have a minute. I think that mem is playing up jerry for his vote as dan played Keesha. the breakdown as I see it is
renny dan
keesha dan
michele dan
ollie mem
april mem
jerry mem
libra dan (with keesha and renny)
I think they look at libra as the swing and are not sure.
now i may be naive but i think mem and dan will go to the final 2
jerry has to big a chance of getting the sympathy vote
thanks to all for all the new while i can't watch and making me feel so welcom


Sally said...

I'm wondering whether April will really blame Dan entirely for breaking his deal with Ollie. I'm sure she thinks she's a much more astute player than Ollie (or anyone else), and she might think that Ollie was dumb to make the deal in the first place. Since she wasn't in the house to observe the deal happening, she might not be as upset by it.

Also, Renny may be having an impact on some of the people in the jury house. I suspect Renny's spending time with Michelle, as April and Ollie are probably preoccupied with other thngs. Renny's preference for Dan over Memphis, combined with the island outing, might be affecting the Michelle's attitude.

It's fun to speculate.....

Lars Eller said...

Daniele Donato. Do you guys remember her whiney tantrums. She had 3 things that she said all the time and I can't remember the third one. One was "this sucks" and another was "I hate these people", does anyone remember the third,

Whatever is the 3 rd
Our phone systems are down!!

flipflopsinthewinter said...

I truly believe that having everyone else do you dirty work is how you win the game. Dan has done that better than anyone else in the house!

Yeah, not happy that they kicked Keesha out. But thought it was pretty slick how Dan somehow managed to stay out of it.

Go Dan!

fa said...

I also don't think Michelle was swayed too much by Dan. Dan was coming from the perspective of someone in isolation in the BB house.

We don't know too much about jury house, but we do know that it's not anywhere near as bad as bb house, in terms of psychological effect.

Dan was hoping to play some sort of savior part to Michelle, and if she had been inside the house when he threw her this bone, it might have mattered. Now it might just be taken as another huge insult and could backfire

Laurie said...

I am loving all the discussions. At least we care this time around!

I was just thinking that Memphis should sell his car fast while it's still worth $300,00!

Patty, my heart goes out to you. I'm sorry about your mom and I hope your friend continues to imrove. I've been where you are and it's hard. I hope you are able to take care of you in the midst of all this. People say that all the time, but that's because it really is important.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I don't agree with the sympathy vote is that it would be so absurd. Who would just give 500 grand to someone who is old just for being old. It's never been done before in BB history. None of them even particularly like Jerry and they aren't going to think Jerry outplayed them since they know he didn't. They would think Dan outplayed them and would give Dan the win. I would just love to see it play out that way for some reason.
flipflopsinthewinter said...
"I truly believe that having everyone else do you dirty work is how you win the game. Dan has done that better than anyone else in the house!" That's why I think against Jerry that gets highlighted a lot more so than against Memphis who is going to claim to be the mastermind of the rennegades. Memphis isn't a total idiot and he would tell Keesha that Dan wanted her out too during jury questioning imo.
Honestly, I just think Dan should win the game b/c his game was the best of the season.

RBennie said...

I'm really conflicted when it comes to Dan. I do feel like he deserves to win because he has outplayed everyone else by far, but I would also get a lot of enjoyment out of his losing. I just didn't like many of the things he did to get where he is. I really think he enjoys making people look stupid. Yes, of course, they do it to themselves if they fall for it, but that doesn't make it any less distasteful for me. I guess its because I always hate to make anyone feel badly. I just think he could have accomplished the same things without some of the stunts he's pulled. It's not just Ollie who's gonna be left feeling like a dunce in his wake, add Keesha, Memphis and Michele to that list. Surprisingly, Jerry is the one who has been the most suspicious of Dan all along and hasn't always fallen right in with his plans, at least until now, he does seem to be falling for this fake fight between Dan and Memphis, but I think that's more because he trusts Memphis than Dan.

ORKMommy said...

We have to remember that Dan is a young man without the life experience of some of us. At his age, he thinks his ego is the biggest thing he has going. As he grows older, he'll realize that stepping on people to get what you want isn't the best way to go through life and money isn't everything. He's just young and ambitious and $500K to someone like him is everything. He doesn't realize that hurting people to get what you want makes the winning very bitter.

Words of wisdom from this "old lady"!


ORKMommy said...

With that said...

As a single mother, I wouldn't think twice about offending a bunch of strangers to win $500K and make my daughter's life better/easier!

tbc said...

Dan is playing this game well. I am looking forward to Thurs. night to see how that pans out.

Sally said...

Dan's playing a "game" called Big Brother and everything he's done is well within the rules of the game. Since the game runs on manipulation and deception, I don't think it's fair to hold a person's lies, schemes or broken promises against them.

However,I don't think it's necessary or appropriate for the houseguests to be prejudiced, demeaning, crude, vile, or downright mean to each other. Some of the players, including April and Jerry, fit nicely in that category. Dan does not.

I do wish Dan had done a few things differently. Even if he and Memphis couldn't tell Keesha she was going to be evicted, they didn't have to lie to her when she asked them directly. And I think some of Dan's teasing of Renny before competitions, was a little mean-spirited.

But for the most part, I think he's planned and played a very smart game.

ORKMommy said...

Boring day at work! Which would explain all the comments I'm making!

To continue with Sally's comment...

We also have to remember that we can sit outside the house and say what we would/wouldn't do if we were playing all day long, but that doesn't mean we would/wouldn't actually do it if we were playing the game.

I like to think I'd play a clean game but when it comes right down to it, I'd probably end up being more like Dan. Then you could all congregate here at Jackie's and comment about what I'm doing right and wrong! :-)

flipflopsinthewinter said...

Totally agree, orkmommy.

I'd like to think I would be a Renny in the house. But truth be told I'd probably be making people mad left and right! I know I would be talking about people all the time - and probably get caught in too many lies.

Hmmph...Jury house for me.

Anonymous said...

"As he grows older, he'll realize that stepping on people to get what you want isn't the best way to go through life and money isn't everything." Ooh, harsh. 'To go through life?' How do you know he does such things in his life? Stepping on people is fair in this game. That doesn't have to mean he does so in his "life".