Monday, September 08, 2008

Big Brother - Live Feeds Into Monday Dawn

This is a screen cap I took last night -- a close-up of Jerry's letter from home he got a while back. Here's what's been happening in the Big Brother House of Returning Prodigal Sons:
  • Dan was blindfolded for his trip which made him have motion sickness. Once he was at the helicopter, the blindfold was removed.
  • Every time he mentioned a second helicopter, the feeds got blocked.
  • Most of the times he mentioned signs or billboards, the feeds got blocked.
  • Any time he mentioned his handlers, the feeds got blocked.
  • He mentioned a second place was set at the table and he was hoping that someone would show up, but he was alone.
  • He mentioned being alone so much and so often that I'm sure Michelle did indeed take him up on the invite. A case of protesting too much, you see.
  • Memphis and Dan fed Ted.
  • Jerry started fussing about his neck hurting and put ice on it.
  • Dan and Memphis think that Jerry might be faking it hoping they'll think he's too weak to win a comp.
  • As for me, I can bet that Jerry probably has a lot of aches and pains which would disable Dan and Memphis if they had them. But, yeah ... I think he may be playing up the neck a bit.
  • BB spoke to Dan about "You are not allowed to talk about production:" when he mentioned the show staff had personalized parking spaces. @@
  • Jerry told Keesha excessively long stories about his childhood.
  • Jerry exercised while no one else did. His horribly sore neck didn't seem to affect his exercise regimen.
  • Dan said the handlers told him this was a good season.
  • Dan also said "Thank you, America!" to the cameras at one point.
  • As far as Memphis' vote, it's hard to tell. It's looking like he might go with taking Jerry to the final three instead of Keesha.


Clementine said...

First? :0

Good Morning...

I agree with Jackie about Michelle being at the beach with Dan. From Michelle's point of view, she would never pass up an opportunity for a few more minutes on camera as the center of attention. Even if she rationalized it by just going to tell Dan off. And I could see BB telling her about the trip to the beach, but not telling her which houseguest chose her. Oh, wouldn't she be all atwitter to find out!

Gloria said...

If Dan takes Jerry and Jerry wins then they will just have to lump it. Hope not! ANYBODY BUT JERRY!

Although when having to make the decision to win 2nd place $50K , which adds to Dan's already $20k a total of $70k, and $520,000 as 1st place Then none of us is going to possibly take the risk of taking Keesha IF she could POSSIBLY be the stronger of the 2 and win in the endurance AND with the jury votes. We have lives and other hours to our lives to think about other stuff, these guys have ALL the time in their days/night ( no doubt restless at this point) to think about it. So, I go with their decision, as much as I hate to see Keesha go out the door as #3. Being #3 real miserable downer of a # to leave BB house, talk about being SO close and leaving with just your stipend for all that time! Oh! yeah the E X P E R I E N C E. Well, for one BB houseguest, this may be true, for Keesha has weathered her time her far better than many many others in that house and come out extremely well in every aspect.
Some leave there and only wish they had some place to hide IF they were bright enough to realize it........remember Amber? Poor soul, I hope she is alright? She was truly messed up believeing she was exceptional. I felt sorry for her and what she had to see on those tapes!!!

Soon goodbye BB........will miss Renny the most!


RBennie said...

Good morning all. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I've got a lot of reading to do to catch up from Friday.

PDX Granny said...

Good morning, all, Happy Monday!

As I look out my bedroom window, I see the silhouette of Mt. Hood, with the pink sunrise behind it. It's going to be a beautiful day!!

Laurie, hope you first day back goes well. I'm sure if you get lost, someone will be more than happy to lead you to your cube!

Loneseven, I'll be thinking of you today, hoping all goes well with your hip.

Jackie, for your sake, I hope the HG's are a bit more stimulating today!! I look forward to finding out tonight!

Anonymous said...

Good morning.. I'm catching up on the BB coments after the weekend without internet. A few thoughts . . .
What would have happened if any of Keesha guesses for the luxury challenge phrase were right - would they have given her the prize even though she didn't actually say any of the phrases correctly? Don't count your chickens before your eggs are hatched? Where your sleeping dogs lie?

I think Dan was smart to take Michelle. She was a very emotional player and the most likely to be swayed.

Usually the last days of the show are so boring (no difference here) and I want to see lots more of the jury house but this group on the jury was so nasty and boring last week I don't even want to see them again - unless Renny spices things up a little.


ORKMommy said...

I said it before and I'll say it again. The final HOH is usually a timed comp, an endurance comp and then a question comp. I really don't think Jerry could beat Dan or Memphis in a timed or endurance comp, so they'd be smart to take him. The chances of Keesha winning one are much higher. Yes, Jerry has won his share of comps but they've mostly question based.

Dan was very smart to take Michelle. She's a very emotional player and easily swayed so Dan had plenty of time to schmooze her for a vote. Plus she can go back to the jury and tell them all how great Dan is!

RBennie said...

Although I think Michele would grasp onto any crumb that is thrown her way, I also think that whatever goodwill Dan might be able to squeeze out of her with a day at the beach can be easily reversed as soon as she gets back to jury house with April and Ollie. Also, according to whether the jurors know what's going on or not, wouldn't Renny be put out that Dan chose Michele over her?

Laurie said...

Good morning all ... I know you've all been dying to know if the west coast ever got the show last night. The answer is yes, but not until 10 pm. My tape started with everyone in the living room with the sumo guy. No problem. I think that means I only missed the recaps.

Loved the spider feeding. I hope Dan gets that piece of film. Oh yes, Jessie is a better gorilla than a guy on his own. Keep the furry suit, Jessie!

Elaine, thanks for the good wishes. I'm sure to find my cube eventually.

Sydney said...

What about the fact that all of Jerry's alliance is in the house. Would they not vote FOR him? They sure do still seem spiteful and would vote personally.

Who the heck is left in there?
Jerry's alliance: April, Ollie, Michelle (questionable - MIchelle could vote for anyone)

Vote on Gameplay:
Libra, Renny

According to TV guide there will be 2 more people in there before the vote, and those two could be any of the 4 in there now.... so maybe that evens out Jerry's current jury advantage

Sydney said...

What happens though to Keesha's vote or Memphis' vote if they (or BOTH) arrive at the jury house to find Dan had lied lied lied so barefaced to them about the trip?

While ultimately I believe they will vote for game play, the vote is awfully close to their getting kicked out of the game and losing their spot to get the money (I think Memphis will feel most bruised about this). Not much time to let the dust settle. Is Dan thinking about this backfiring?

ORKMommy said...

I think the members of Dan's alliance are the ones who will vote for game play. They may not like how he got to the end, but they'll respect the fact that he's there...even if he played them to get there.

The Bitter Betsy's are April, Ollie & Michelle. They'll vote for the lesser of two evils because they can't get past themselves to think rationally. Michelle may be swayed, but April & Ollie are lost causes.

Sydney said...

I mean, to get one more vote, what if he loses two -- Keesha and Memphis -- or someone else who was on his side in the jury house and now changes their mind to Memphis (that's if it's D/M in the f2 -- doubt they would change from voting for Dan to Jerry, if it were D/J in F2, regardless of what Dan has done).

Sydney said...

agree Orkmommy!

RBennie said...

I don't think the bunch that remains in the house is any more above taking things personally than the ones currently on the jury. Things have been going their way lately, so they haven't had much reason to "carry on", but let's not forget past behavior. Keesha definitely takes things personally and has shown she can be catty and petty. I think if Memphis ever thought Dan had betrayed him he'd be out for blood. I can only see Jerry voting for Dan if he is in F2 with Memphis and Jerry decides Memphis betrayed him more than Dan did. I can see Renny not voting for Dan because he didn't take her precious Keesha to F2.

Sydney said...

ALSO agree rebennie, lol! good points all

RBennie said...

LOL Sydney. I know what you mean. I agree with me, but I kinda agree with OrkMommy too!

ORKMommy said...

I'm sticking to my guns. I think everyone except Ollie & April would be able to get past any hurt and/or betrayal and vote for game play. I'll take it a step further and say that Renny, Keesha & Memphis would even respect Dan more BECAUSE of how he played them.

Michelle & Jerry are a crap shoot...

If I'm wrong, you can taunt me in the comments on the finale night! :-)

RBennie said...

And you know I will OrkMommy, and I expect the same from you.

Laurie said...

I can picture April and Ollie dashing in with disheveled clothes and, in April's case, bad bed head. They will both vote the same way simultaneously and then run out of the room. Their time together is coming to an end soon. No time to waste!!

Anonymous said...

Dan can be quite the charmer and quite persuasive.
Michelle might buy into it, I hope!
Not sure why michelle directed her anger at Dan for the jesse thing since april put him on the block!
I think Jerry is capable of pulling one out of his butt so i would not keep him.
Keesha has not done well in endurance so why the fear.
remember danielle, her dad was better in parts one and two!!
They should not underestimate CKA!!
I just want him out so badly.
As far as Michelle, I wonder if she is allow to share info about her trip with the other jurors since won't that sway them and especially the next person that comes in who will find out he lied!!

Clementine said...

Way Off Topic:

Hey, Sydney, there was a segment on Sarah Palin on the CBS Morning show and I thought of you. What I actually thought was, What would Sydney think of this outfit?

Any opinion on her "look"? I go back and forth. Who should she emulate? I personnally like the way C.Rice dresses. I could do without the Hilary pantsuits, although they've gotten more sophisticated over the years. At least Sarah's style is a contrast to Cindy McCain, who always looks so harsh to me.

ORKMommy said...


"Dan can be quite the charmer and quite persuasive.
Michelle might buy into it, I hope!"

Michelle goes with the wind. Whatever her latest best friend tells her to do is what she does.

Not sure why michelle directed her anger at Dan for the jesse thing since april put him on the block!

She followed April & Ollie and hated Keesha & Dan because they told her to.

Keesha has not done well in endurance so why the fear.

Keesha hasn't needed to do well in an endurance. If they keep her, she'll be fighting for her life in the house and I think she could pull it out.

Anonymous said...

What competitions has Keesha won exactly? Seems to me she has been out early in all endurance comps and hasn't done well in many comps at all. I recall she won once in a tie breaker with Jerry - with her guess of 500 when the answer was 1500 (not impressive)....once (with the flower garden water dripping comp) she was first out at 23 minutes but won by default cause everyone else was over the hour time. Is she really a threat in competitions? I think think D/M could be sorry if they keep Jerry. I think he could definitely surprise them and win - he has done it before. Plus if Jerry makes it to the final he would win votes just because he made it. PLEASE....ANYBODY BUT JERRY!

Anonymous said...

Also does anyone think it will come out to the general public (those who don't watch the feeds or read the internet reports) about Ollie and Aprils behaviour in the house. I thought I was going to throw up the other day when she talking about how she kept her dignity and pride in the house. How is that possible when she had (unprotected no less) sex every chance she got with a stranger she'd only know for a few days and allowed millions of people to watch her do it on the internet. Very impressive April - you should be proud of yourself - you're officailly the skankiest woman on TV.

RBennie said...

I do think Jerry has a fair chance of winning if he makes it to F2. I have to say, if I was on that jury and he made it all the way to F2 I would very likely vote for him to win.

Anonymous said...

If Dan and Memphis choose to evict Keesha, I hope that Jerry wins the whole thing.


becky said...

RBennie said... i do think Jerry has a fair chance of winning if he makes it to F2. I have to say, if I was on that jury and he made it all the way to F2 I would very likely vote for him to win.
9/08/2008 12:28 PM

I agree. If they keep Jerry over Keesha and he makes it to the F2, I would vote for him.... and I am NOT a Jerry fan. It would be a case of the old fox out foxing the young pups.

D/M had to vote out either Renny or Keesha. I think Renny can forgive that. But to throw Keesha under the bus? That old Southern mother hen will be out for blood --plus Keesha will be so hurt that the "boys" did not keep their word to her, that she will turn on them. Renny will also be hurt that Dan did not take her on the outting.... and believe me, old Southern Broads don't get mad, we get even!

The only way Michelle could be swayed to vote for Dan is if the day at the beach had happened the night before the vote AND he led her to believe he has a hugh crush on her (which she would buy). As for her vote.. Orkymommy hit the nail on the head when she posted... "Michelle goes with the wind. Whatever her latest best friend tells her to do is what she does."

I think it would be better for D/M to take Keesha to the F3 and then vote her out.

Hey out there to all of you. Laurie, can you eat yet?

Anonymous said...

I think Memphis belives he can beat Dan because Dan has made enemies on the Jury. I think Dan believes that he will beat Memphis based on his game play and the fact that Memphis already won a $50,000 car. Of course Dan also won $20,000 as America's player but no one on the jury knows that. Keesha is the reason Memphis is still in the game. He would have been voted out weeks ago if not for her. If Memphis votes out Keesha this week then as much as I despise Jerry I hope Jerry wins.

~ Donna

Sydney said...

TIm -- you would hope Jerry wins because you are a fan of his or his game or because you are a fan of Keesha'?

RBennie, why would you vote for Jerry in the end if he were in F2?

I'm looking for the other opinion of Jerry to help me out in case he does win, lol!

Sydney said...

Lol Laurie, just read that.

sue said...

Dan helping or hurting his game by taking Michelle is a good topic with spot on comments. Any good the trip did to Michelle, will have been undone by the time A/O have her back with them. I don't think April will ever see any point of view except her own, in any situation. She and Ollie (from what I read) wrap themselves in righteous indignation over just about everything. Perhaps they are a good match, after sex they will still have something to talk how bad the world is to them.
I don't know who else he could have picked. Michelle, Ollie and April are against him and if he took either A or O, then the one left would be angry at him (and jealous of their gf/bf)...I don't know of others on the jury. Michelle seemed like the default pick.
I go to cruise control when the 'why I should stay' speeches begin. I think they are a waste of air time. But, if Dan makes it to F2, I think we will see whether he is as good a spin doctor as he likes to pretend he is. He could excuse many lies and misteps, by simply saying his loyalty and alliance is first to those outside the house, and everything he did was to honor them. That, if said with the proper heartfelt facial expression, could sway votes to his game play and away from his lying throughout the game. Perhaps, if they are going to vote on game play, they will respect his staying true to himself, even if it didn't stay true to them. I think A and O votes are lost to him, no matter what he says. All is fair in love and war and he chose love over the BB battle. As I say, he is used to creating lies, so I am expecting a real performance if he gets that far.

ORKMommy said...

We keep forgetting that Ollie was not pissed at Dan for playing him, but for swearing on his mother, Monica & his school. In his post eviction interviews he said that what Dan did to him was no different than what he did to Brian in week one. Now, if Ollie has a set of balls, he'll vote with his own heart over what April wants and I think he'd vote for Dan over Memphis or Keesha!

Donna in AL said...

I agree with Tim too. I hope Jerry wins the whole thing if they vote out Keesha. I do not like Jerry but like Keesha I do feel sorry for him being alone in the house now. I know I should just think about how awful he has been but...

I wanted it to be Dan and Renny as F2 but when I saw him turning on her, I changed to Keesha and Renny for F2. I don't care how big a banana he has! I have felt like Renny about Memphis from the get-go... don't trust him and she was spot on.

ORKMommy said...

Donna - I don't look at Dan voting Renny out as turning on her, but as extremely smart game playing. Do you think ANY of them had a chance to win against her? I would have voted her out too. The point of the game is to be the last one standing for half a million dollars. What's the point of playing if not to win?

pepsip said...

Jerry told Keesha that he was the oldest man to ever be on a reality show and wondered how long his record will hold. While that may be true for BB, he is not the oldest on any reality show. Rudy was 76 when he appeared on Survivor All Stars. I'm not sure , as Jerry doesn't like to talk about his age, but I think he is 75 Ha Ha

RBennie said...

To answer your question Sydney, I said I would very likely vote for Jerry to win if he made F2 and I was on the jury, not because I'm a Jerry fan, believe me I'm so not, but I would have to give a lot of credit to a 75 year old man, who was not liked by a majority of the household, to make it all the way to the end. I didn't expect him to make it past the second or third eviction!

OrkMommy - I'm not too sure I believe Ollie was being completely honest in his interview. While I would like to think he could man up and shrug it off as good game play on Dan's part, I think to save face and not look like even more of a schmuck than he already did he said he wasn't mad about Dan playing him. Did that tirade of his look like he wasn't mad? I would be very much surprised if Ollie cast a vote for Dan to win (unless it's Dan and Keesha in F2).

ORKMommy said...

Rbennie - I will respectfully agree to disagree with you. If I end up being wrong, I expect a public flogging from you. Just make sure you do it in the first post of the morning AFTER the finale. I don't have internet at home, so I don't follow the live show post and don't generally read through the comments.

It's on like Donkey Kong baby!


RBennie said...

No worries OrkMommy, I don't usually follow the live post either. I'm not multitalented enough to blog and watch at the same time, LOL. If I turn out to be wrong I will say that I totally agreed with you all along, but was just playing devil's advocate.

Auntie Leigh said...

Well guys...I never did get to see the show last night but am trying to suck it up and go on with my life.
Does anyone but me think that a "luxury" of a helicopter ride to some beach in SoCal is much of a luxury? I think it is pretty lame.
Much depends on how much BB allows jurors and HG's to know about it, too.
I think now that most of the action would be in the jury house and wish we could "eavesdrop" over there a little more.
Dan is going to have a tough time getting votes out of those jurors, even tho he has played so well and really deserves to win. I think we may need to get prepared for a Jerry win. Wah wah wah. Anyone but Jerry.

Anonymous said...

I also don't personally like Jerry, but I think his game play has been underestimated. He's very sharp for an old man and I do give him so much credit for getting as far as he has and I just hope that if Dan and Memphis decide to screw Keesha, that Jerry ends up winning.

I also don't like how Memphis and Dan both seem to think it's ok to try to swindle Jerry out of his $4,000. It's just too much for me. Jerry is too smart to fall for it, but Memphis is really trying to get that money and I find that really unsavory and says a lot about his character or lack thereof.


Anonymous said...

i hate that they are trying to get jerry's money, i think its dirty and downright cruel...... however ... it is a game and i think we all forget that the more we get to know the hg's. they are voting out people based on what will get them to the end to win 500k. its a cruel game to begin with and they all 'out wit, out last, out play"...i know i know, thats survivor, but they do it here too!!

i guess im just saying, why not? if he falls for it, he lost that little game within the game. too bad for him.

ORKMommy said...

Don't forget that the HG's also thought about taking April's money and it's not the first time they've talked about taking Jerry's.

Jerry hasn't gotten this far on his game play, he's still there because they always had bigger fish to fry. Now, that's not to diminish the fact that he's won comps when he needed to but he's not there because he's some great strategist. And he comes up with some really off the wall stuff!

Rbennie - When I end up being right, you can justify it anyway you need to! :-)

Auntie Leigh - After being stuck in that house for 2 months with the same people, going to the grocery store would be a luxury to the HG's! :-)

Anonymous said...

Here is my opinion. I agree with a lot that was said but Don't count Renny out. Michelle likes her and even said so on House Calls. Ollie and April will be so busy with themselves, I don't think they will have time for April.

Ollie hates Dan. he was trying to save face because he knows what he did to Brian. He is seething inside. I have gone back and watched the show plus what I could on youtube abd Dan swore on all those things not to put Ollie up. I believe thats why he didn't. It was some time later when other conditions were added and then Ollie dropped with not swearing. But that could be the edit.

Anonymous said...

IMO Jerry has a better chance of beating Dan and Memphis than Keesha

he definately know the trivia

jb said...

"Now, if Ollie has a set of balls"

I'm think'n...Not so much. The only thing this hypocrite--otherwise useless individual--accomplished was to **** April.

I would have tossed him right off of the show for his behavior.

BJ said...

BB should have an after show like survivor or the bachelor. I would love to hear their opinions once they are out and know some of what has gone on. Any chance?

Sydney said...


Anonymous said...

I agree that Jerry's game-playing was not all that impressive. He's only there still because of the bigger fish to fry thing as was mentioned. His theories were as as dumb as Ollie's. I don't see Renny voting for Jerry over anyone. She really dislikes him.

Anonymous said...

If Dan was smart, he would tell Michelle that Jesse was in the house during the comp and seemed to not like either Keesha or Memphis.

meb said...

What if Dan offered Michelle the $10,000 that Libra took from her (Hawaii Trip) if she would vote for him but only if he wins the $500,000. He wouldn't want to give away any of his $20,000 in case he didn't win the 500,000.

He would probably play on how unfair he thought it was that Libra took her trip and he really didn't want to put her up, but he had no choice because otherwise he would have had to put up one of his alliance partners, and certainly she could understand that he couldn't do that.

She would probably fall for it, and then there would be another vote for Dan. If she double-crossed him, then she would get no money.

OFF TOPIC: Had my first Chemo treatment today. So far so good. Thanks to all who keep sending good vibes.

Loneseven... I've missed what everyone is wishing you well for, but include me in them. I saw it was something about your hip. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Tom`S said...

Perhaps, Keesha feels " I trusted the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

We came across Louisiana yesterday & saw the damage left by Gustav. Lots of roof damage & snapped trees in Baton Rouge. Torn up billboards started in Beaumont, TX. We are safely out of Ike's path, but it's heading toward TEXAS! My mom said the a.m. news said we could have 100 mph winds in San Antonio. Not that worried about my house, but all my critters are boarding at the vets office! Sydney & everyone else there in Texas - BE SAFE!

((((MEB)))) Keeping you in my prayers. My mom had chemo two yrs ago. It got rough at times, but she is doing great now. Just remember, that on the days when you feel really bad that means it is doing its job.

Ooooh! I hate missing all the drama! I hope they are just messing with Keesha & Jerry will be the one to go. Have to get to Tallahassee in time to see the show tonight! If they leave Jerry in, it might just come back to get them. He is a tough old bird.

Have a good day everyone!