Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dan and Memphis on The Early Show Video

And here it is ...

Watch CBS Videos Online

Jerry's interview with Gretchen is here -- they've disabled embedding. Ah, the kindness from Dan was saying goodnight every night.

Memphis interview.

Keesha interview.

April interview.

Libra interview.

Renny interview.

Michelle interview.

Steven interview.


Sasha said...

Thanks, Jackie! Really appreciate all you do! And to Zoe also...LOVED the Ted wins graphic.

For once, I'm happy with the win(s) including Keesha.

Thanks again, as we all know...


AlbGlinka said...

Jackie: thanks again and again for your tireless recapping amidst your physical rehab. You are a witty and dedicated soul!

Yes, there are LOTS of SF Bears... I'm not really active in *the scene*, used to be a bit more-- but it involves more beer drinking and Star Wars watching than I'm into!

On a BB Note: I wonder what Dan will be like when he's a bit more mature. He's a good guy, and obviously a great teacher and coach. His "suckupery" on last night's show was in part due to his youth, I think. I'm fearful that politically he and I might fight... but as a BB fan I'm very happy he won!

Lars Eller said...

I want my check!

Thanks Aunt Jackie : ) your the best!

RBennie said...

Thanks for the videos Jackie. I just spent way too much of work time watching all of them, LOL.

Sydney said...

Just thought I'd share these links --
Very good job by Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL (with AMy as Hillary):

And another with Gina Gershon:

Anonymous said...

dear all
special thanks to jackie for all your work. Zoe the graphic are wonderful. thank you to all who have made me come out of lurker status. Everyone has made me feel welcome. Im very happy with the winner. I felt dan really had a plan and worked it throughout the game. Loved it when gretchen was interviewing april and asked about the "intimate" details of her and ollies relationship. Won't they be shocked. I voted for renny on one computer (dh doesn't know he voted) and voted for keesha on another.
I look forward to joining everyone on survivior and amazing race


delee said...

OFF Topic

I do believe that the season finale of Criminal Minds is on tonight at 9p E. I know many said they missed it, so here is your chance. Season starts new week.

Gayle said...

Thanks Jackie and Zoetawny! You both ROCK!!

Jackie I sent you some email Monday.

Anonymous said...

Dan is a very nice guy and he is young but still a gentleman. I know I would LOVE his political leaning. I don't think he would push it on anyone. He belongs to the silent majority with manners!!

joy n said...

April, in re to Gretchen's sex question: they want to keep that part of their relationship to themselves? A little too late for that, sweetie.

joy n said...

Jackie, thanks so much for putting all the interviews within easy reach for us. Very interesting to hear what was said.

ORKMommy said...

All watched except Jessie, Ollie & Michelle. The only reason I watched April's was because of Joy's comment. Thanks a lot Joy!! :-)

Fun season, sorry to see it end but I will stick with you guys for the next set of shows!!!

OkieGal said...

In Jerry's interview, he blames losing the $25,000 on the hurricane causing the phone lines to be down so people couldn't vote for him....
I still think CBS did the rest of America an injustice with their editing....

However, I did enjoy this season much more than last.

Bring on Survivor & TAR!!!!

Anonymous said...

The only reason Jerry was even close to Keesha for AC, isn't because of down lines, but that a lot of people split their votes between Keesha & Rennie. I'll bet if you combined their total, Jerry wouldn't even be close. If anyone lost votes cause of Ike, it would probably of been Rennie.


PMS in Kzoo MI said...

Thank Jackie for the vids. Wonder why no interview from Brian, I think he was the only one.

joy n said...

April and Michelle are still on the delusional side. They really like it there.

Tom`S said...

It's a shame various media outlets have taken contents from Jackie's blog.
I'm certain many of Jackie's commentors are aware what they've written.

Whether we shared our family stories or not, it's only fair Jackie is paid for any comments that are stolen from her blog! I will not provide name of a local newspaper, whom obviously has stolen contents in regards to various personal accounts as far back as Sept 2006.
I will add had it not been for Jackie's blog, a personal vendetta vs a political agenda would have suffered without merit.

My family has always voted for individual party not by Party.

My Dad owned a Phillips 66 gas station. I had no idea it would spark a debate on a BB blog - Geezz
I didn't reveal this in Jackie's blog,
Mainstream media; please don't steal her contents.

Tom`S said...

My family has always voted for individual PERSON;
not by Party.

My Dad owned a Phillips 66 gas station.

Anonymous said...

comments were stolen from her blog? like OUR comments and stories? i certainly hope not, i liked using my name, but i might have to stick to anon :(

please tell me that isnt what you mean, tom?!

Jackie said...

Anon 9:34 - Don't worry -- the comments weren't being posted, only my posts about the show and Zoetawny's images.

Zoetawny said...


Thank you so much for posting all the interviews and video clips. YouTube is currently doing maintenance on their site and I wouldn't have been able to see the clips if it weren't for you.

I had been wondering what Jerry meant by his "kindness" comment and you answered it.

I can't remember a BB season that I was so happy with the winner. Dan is the man! It was a shock that it was a clean sweep 7-0. Guess even Jerry, April, Ollie and Michelle couldn't deny that Dan played the best game. I never would have thought that they would vote without acrimony. Ah, there is hope for the human race. ;)

Loved Renny's little speech when she put her key in. She really is something. I would like to have her as a friend.

I was happy that Keesha won, even though I voted for Renny. I hope she does something worthwhile with the money.

I had a lot to say right after the show last night but by the time I had an opportunity to post it was too late for me. Now, I can't remember what I wanted to say. ;)

So, I will just say how much I enjoyed sharing BB10 with all of you. Your comments were insightful and entertaining as usual.

Jackie deserves props for giving us this forum and for sharing her writing talents with all of us. I know it was arduous and demanding for her to keep us updated considering she was at the beginning of her own personal recovery. BB is a very grueling show to blog because of the live feeds and three shows aired each week.

I'm already feeling BB withdrawals. I hope the fall season will be good.

Are we ready for Survivor and TAR?

Sending prayers for recovery to those in the gulf.


Michelle said...

Just watched the finale interviews. April's and Michell's aggravated me the most. I have to say Michelle seems to be a real B*%#@^!!! I didn't like her at all on the show and don't know that I would like her in real life much either. April knows she and Ollie did the deed in the house and was trying to make herself look all innocent. Just my .02 worth. Renny's interview was great. I really wish this lady nothing but the best. I would love to cross paths with her in Louisiana at some point in my lifetime.

Tom`S said...

Anon 9:34 - Don't worry -- the comments weren't being posted, only my posts about the show and Zoetawny's images.

9/17/2008 9:56 PM


Jackie's right.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting interview with Dan - - including info. on the bio that had us all hating him at the beginning of the season.


Anonymous said...

There is an interview with briam over on under video, also Dan

Anonymous said...

Libra had an excellent interview.

I really like her more now than I did when she was in the House.

I thought the BB house became more boring once she was evicted.


Patty said...

Once again Jackie, you out did yourself this season. I would also like to thank Zoetawny for all of her fabulous graphics. Both of you brought many smiles to our faces with your words and pictures.

I say you both rock!

Nancy B. said...

Hey, Sydney! I was thinking about you and hoping that you fared well through Ike.

Nancy B.

PDX Granny said...

Reality fan, great interview with Dan. Thanks for sharing! He started playing the game in the interview process! Who'd a thunk!?!?

And it looks like April & Ollie really were able to keep their sexcapades secret! It was amazing to read that he had no idea they were knockin' knees!

I'm missing reading all the comments here! Hope a lot of you still checking in once in a while and let us know what's going on in your lives.

PDX Granny said...

Laura in Tacoma - If you read this, let me know when you're going to be in my neck of the woods. I'd love to get together with you while you're here.

You can email me at

Mianna said...

Was never a frequent poster, but ALWAYS read....and THANK YOU JACKIE for your wonderful BB blogs over the years. They just make the show worth watching and hanging in there with.

Many thanks for efforts...and keep up a healthy knee recovery!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see this?? It just went up on

In the first episode of BB10, Memphis won a sweet 1969 Camaro in a car-pulling contest (don't ask). Small problem -- "Big Brother" couldn't give the car away because the show didn't own it. We're told someone else actually held the title. In fact, the car had already been returned to the owner almost immediately after the contest.

Memphis the Mixologist was none the wiser because no one told him about the snag while he was inside the house. But on Tuesday, Memphis gained his freedom, losing to Dan, and learned the car he had come to treasure wasn't really his. Another problem -- the car has been repainted since it was on the show.

We're told producers are now scrambling to buy the car from the real owner. Sources say the real owner will turn the keys over for $24,000. A '69 Camaro online sell for anywhere between 7 and as much as 80 grand. Fact is, Big Bro doesn't have a lot of bargaining power, so they are more SOL than HOH.

We made several calls to "Big Brother" -- so far, no comment.


RBennie said...

Well that's really bizarre! Why doesn't BB just give Memphis whatever the car was worth. I'm sure he was just gonna sell it anyway. That really makes BB production sound like amateurs!

Anonymous said...

Oopsie, I might have split my votes btwn Keesha and Rennie. Thank god Keesha still won!!!

Thanks a lot for a great season Jackie!


Patty said...

Okay, refresh my memory...was it April that stated she left with her dignity? I would have to say the girl does not know what the word truly means nor did she ever have any to begin with!

Go on to youtube and watch the interview that Evel Dick did with April and Ollie. Just a bit of caution, there may be some content and language that may be offense to some. Dick put it right out there to them both in plain english and did not studder doing it, if you know what I mean.

I think Apil AND Ollie should just find a quiet little place in the corner of the world, never to be heard from again. If they think they a so called "cute" or perhaps "funny," they are not. April gives women a bad name!

Whew, I feel great getting that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

Just for kicks, I went back to your July posts about each of the hamsters that just took part in BB10. Bios and first impressions CAN be misleading. Ollie--an innocent! And poor Dan was on your bad list to start--isn't it a hoot how quickly he grew on everyone?! (Just blame it on the pain meds from your surgery!) Who knows, the English chap on Survivor might end up being your favorite, too. Nah, probably not.

Thanks for letting me lurk each day!