Sunday, February 08, 2009

Survivor Tocantins Castaways Part Three

Welcome to the last group of castaways! Once again, I apologize for the slow-loading pages with all the videos. Once I get the last group in for The Amazing Race, the huge video pages will start to drop off the main page and the blog will load quicker. If things aren't loading right for you, try going by individual post. It seems that the CBS videos are causing a lag time. Parts one and two can be found here and here on the blog. Onto the castaways ...

Spencer Duhm (must have been fun growing up with that last name!) at 19 years old is the youngest castaway ever on the show. He's a gay student from Lakeland, Florida. While he comes across as very mature in his video, I'm not so sure he's my favorite for the win. Yes, he's very poised and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. But I have some sort of nagging doubt about him that I can't explain. I'll have to watch him in action.

Stephen Fishbach, age 29, is a corporate consultant from NYC, NY. When he said he looks like a Muppet, I had to snicker. I'm all too aware of a soul-sucking job and wanting just to go away from it all to write. But has he really paid his dues? I mean ... Yale and only 29. I'm sorry. I don't think the rat race has claimed enough of his soul yet for an early retirement. That aside, if his strategy works as he's planned, he could go far in the game. His thoughts of being eaten are a bit off base. That is unlikely to happen on the show. But could he win? Maybe, but maybe not.

Look! It's SYDNEY! Yay! Blond and into fashion and design ... kind of like our own blog Sydney, eh? This Sydney (Wheeler) is 24 and from Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm kind of liking her. She's a very pretty girl, but she looks like she is made of tough stuff, too. She's a model who's currently living in San Diego and hopefully will be a fine representative of our very own Sydney. She seems to have a good game plan and could do fine physically.

Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George is 37 years old and from Nashville, Tennessee. While the CBS website describes her as a "former pop star," I've never heard of her. She's worried about people finding out who she is and to whom she's married. Um ... to be honest, I've never heard of Sisters With Voices even if they are "Grammy nominated." Nor do I follow football and would have no idea who her husband is -- former NFL running back Eddie George of the Tennessee Titans. Nor have I read her book. Maybe I'm just living under a rock, but I kind of doubt folks are going to be recognizing her as some sort of star. With her delusions of worldwide fame aside, I like her strategy and she made me giggle about living off her stored fat. She could do well in the game.

Tyson Apostol, age 29, is a professional cyclist from Lindon, Utah. The CBS website lists him as the fan favorite so far. I just can't get behind that. His favorite castaway is Johnny Fairplay? Yikes! That would put him at the bottom of my list. I don't think Fairplay played the game well at all and he creeped me out, too! Tyson is in good shape and might do well. But I'm almost hoping not just because he's a Fairplay fan. Ew.


Delee said...

I liked all the groups before this one...ok I think we need to root for Sydney!!! Others not so much.

I remember Eddie George, but not her. There was a photo of him...shaved head and covered with scars from football on his arms, was an artsy photo. All I know.

Can not wait, thanks Jackie

Sydney said...

GAK -- I need to find time to read all of these! I will before Thursday (or just after --insert cheeesy smile).

It would be a hoot if I happened to be paired with Sydney in the pool but we shall see what chance brings my way....

my wv is: Matchum Match 'em up Orkmommy!

Patty said...

I too had to giggle about the gentleman looking like a muppet. I guess I will now refer to him as the "Muppet Man"

I know I am putting my head on the chopping block, but I love football. I know who Eddie George is, but I agree with most, I have never heard of Tamera or her group. She sounds like she could be the "mamma" of the group. Watch out she just might put us all in our place!

I hope Sydney is as cool as our Sydney here. If so, she would win.

As usual, it is way too early to pick a favorite. I start out liking someone, only to be asking myself, what did I see that made me think I would like that person?

Jackie, sorry to read you are having some knee problems again. I hope things go well for you. I would like to commend you on all the pictures you post. I love the Train Station pictures. I am happy to see Roofus is still in the pictures also. You do an awesome job Jackie.

Zoetawny-I hope things are okay your way. I always think of you and wonder how you are.

MEB-what great news for you. I am so happy for you.

Sorry for not posting in many months. I still come in and catch up on the happenings when I get the chance. My mother's Alzheimer has certainly been a journey.

I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

Sydney said...

(((Hey Patty )))- SO good to hear from you. I understand how really tough having a loved one with Alz can be. Hope you are holding up ok.

Margo said...


DWTS news - did you hear that Julienne will be back this season after all - dancing with her country music boyfriend, Chuck Wicks. I'm not to excited about any of the so called "Stars". So totally not interested in Denise Richards or Steve-O.


Lucy said...

My first impression of Tyson is that he thinks he is better than everyone else. The weather will bother everyone but him, not eating will be a problem for others but not him, and on top of that he is "better looking," athletic and smart. He may be fan favorite on the CBS website but I put him in my least favorite pile.

~~Silk said...

Photo and story about Taj and Eddie at

becky said...

Jackie, thanks for the bio's. I read them. Don't even want to try and download the videos with my computer creeping along like it is.

Sydney, it would be a hoot if you were slected as Sydney's person

Zoetawny, I might not tell you often, but you do a wonderful job.

Just think. Soon we will have AR and S to keep our little fingers busy.

Patty, I am so sorry to hear about your mother's Alzheimer. My 90 yr mother is losing more and more to dementia. It is sad when you become the parent. Cyber hugs to you.

Sydney said...


I want to comment on this but I only remember half the names... I think it will be interesting to watch the young Olympian compete. I hope that we don't see her take the top spot from day one and blow everyone away. I'd like to see her be great but grow, and have a chance to wonder who might be there in the end for several weeks.

Lil' Kim will be interesting for a different reason. I'd say she would make Etdya's costumes look modest, but maybe her time in the big house has changed her a little.

With both these ladies being under 5' tall I truly wonder who they will dance with and how big a problem that size difference will be. Wonder how tall Toni Braxton was last season.

I think it would be funny if Denise gets voted out in the first few rounds. They seem to be promoting her as the most visible "star" outside of Julianne Hough. But I don't think she has that much of a fan base at all.

I'm of course delighted to see Julianne will be back. Would this show not be taxing on a relationship? Does anyone know how long they've been together? I know dancing couples might not have a problem, but I hope it only strengthens things for them. They do start with the advantage of chemistry though.

Hope Lawrence Taylor has a groove in him.

Would love to hear more about what everyone thinks.

Margo said...


Max is teamed with Denise - so as much as I hate to say it we NEED to keep her around.


Paz said...

Three Points:

1) Spencer is a profuse sweater. I could swear that his sweat stains got worse as the interview continued.

2) Taj was from SWV (I actually didn't know the acronym was) and they had the song "Weak." It was an R&B favorite of the 90s. Jojo made a cover of the song a year or so ago.

3) I don't know if I could stand Denise Richards, unless she is exactly like her character in Drop Dead Gorgeous. I would love to see her dance in a 50s outfit and Macks would be Jesus.

Petals said...

This group seems to be alot like the last one, same sprinkling of cute young men of various sexuality, token hot-but-still-tough girls. Athletic, accomplished black woman, etc. We're missing a "Bob", tho.

Caroline said...

For all the SYTYCD fans....

It appears from the chatter on that Chelsie Hightower will be one of the new professionals on DWTS this season. It doesn't list anything about who she will be partnered with and it's not 100% confirmed, but lots of people are talking about it.

There have also been a few mentions of Dmitry Chaplin (season 2, I believe) being the new male professional. But I'm much less confident that this is true.

Caroline said...


Thanks for the news about Julianne. I hadn't been very excited about this season cause the celebrities were lacking. Your news inspired me to check out abc and now I'm so excited about the professionals competing, I could care less about the celebrities.

Zoetawny said...

Afternoon all!


Thanks so much for all the videos and research on our fav shows. Since I don't have much online time I greatly appreciate being able to come here and read all the details in one place. I definitely pay close attention to your "picks" when I'm watching the shows. I hope the recent cortisone shot is giving you the pain relief you needed. Be well!


Good to see you here again. Hope you are settled in back home now and can relax a bit. Can't wait to see who gets "Sydney" in our pool. ;)


Good to see you back. I'm sure dealing with your Mom's condition must consume much of your time. Your Mom is fortunate to have such a loving and caring daughter. Hope you are coping the best you can.


Thanks for the compliment. Jackie's blog and all of you posters motivate me to find time for some creativity in my otherwise hectic and trying life.

I know I've been MIA a lot these past few months but I think of all of you and hope life is being kind to you. I've probably missed it but where has "joyn" been?

Tonight I will be watching AI, Lost and Damages. Can't wait to read your comments on Survivor.


FancastFan said...

Jackie, I was trying to find an email addy for you but hopefully this gets through. Your readers may be interested to know there's a live online chat with the first player booted off Survivor: Tocantins on Friday, 2/13. This season will be hosting live chats with the contestant voted off Survivor the day after the episode is broadcast on CBS. The first chat for Survivor: Tocantins is Friday, Feb. 13 at 12 noon (ET)/9 am (PT).

The chat is at

It should be lively so ask away about what happened to them, their take on the other contestants, etc.


Jim (for Fancast)