Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Brother 11 News

Today was media day for Big Brother 11. They showed off the new house to press folks. And, here it is! Okay, I lie. It's a vintage Metro North train car I saw sitting when I headed into the city for dinner last week. If you click on it, a large image will open in a new window.

Anyway ... here's the skinny I picked up from folks who were invited to the media event --
  • Allison Grodner said it's going to be an interesting cast (doesn't she always say that?).
  • The media event had people from media, television, print, and the Internet living a week's worth of events in one day while in the new house.
  • Remember, I wasn't invited. (Sniffle)
  • The cast is all but finalized. They're not sequestered pre-show yet. I'm thinking we might get some official announcements perhaps midweek next week or Friday (July 3) at the latest.
  • This season's twist is supposed to be unique, but something everyone can relate to. Um, okay. I'm not so sure I can always relate to her brilliant ideas, but ...!
  • The house is eco-friendly and green this year.
And that's the big news. Just a teaser, I say!

People are waiting in anticipation of Big Brother 11.


Anonymous said...

I switched back and forth and watched part of the bachlorette. I hope the bachlorette is acting because if she isn't, she is the dumbest brunette on the planet. Can you enunciate "I have no life skills"? What a dope.

TerryinCA said...

Oh Jackie I am so excited to have the start of BB 11....thanks so much for covering it.
Alison Grodner is a strange piece of work, she has thought things interesting in the past that just turned out dumb.
We all shall see!

Catonine said...

Yea!!! Big Brother. I have been watching the BB10-UK because I am BB11-US Deprived.

Lars Eller said...

I've also been watching BB UK

I hope its a great cast this summer.
Thanks Jackie

Margo said...

****BB POOL UPDATE*******

So far I have
Donna in FL
Donna in AL
Nana in NW
PDX Granny
Lars Eller
Karen in CA
Sue Gee

Does anyone else want to come out and play? Jump on in the waters fine. I was gonna say there is no "p" in our pool but we want Petals to participate so I'm gonna have to let that one go.
We have plenty of time I just wanted to get an early start.


Divyesh said...

Looking forward to joining my fellow 'Jackie blog fans'...this summer!

We should have a name for ourselves...suggestions?

TerryinCA said...

Margo of course I want to be in the pool, just hope I dont get somebody dumb...hey I had coach on Survivor....

Delee said...

Thanks for the update, Jackie, waiting impatiently for the season to start...

Name for group...HousePeekers

Wonder how the "House" will be green. Since they are void of many electric products already(dishwasher-computer-radio-tv (yes one for BB messages).
Leaves for toilet paper, porta potty, sponge baths, no pool or hot tub, an ice chest no hot water...what else can they do? Maybe have someone petal a bike for electricity...HAHA!!!

meb said...

OK... things are heating up. Can't wait to see what they have in store for the hampsters. Looking forward to your post when you identify the contestants Jackie.

OK BB.. bring it on!!!

Laurie said...

DeLee, what if they can't use hair dryers, curling/flat irons, washing machines or dryers? Easy to hang clothes out on the line in SoCal. I know, I did it for years!

Margo, thanks for doing the pool.

My wv is opsitism. It sounds like the opposite of optimism. Not a good sign!

Delee said...

I agree Laurie, I thought about adding those, but did not want the list to go on and on. If I remember correctly for a few seasons they did not have a W/D and used a washboard and tub. What else do they have to do in that house?

PlaidChick said...


Something to watch after all the season finales of other shows.

I am sick of J&K+8, plus the whole thing is just sickening.

Could care less about the Bachelorette. After Jason's season, I'm done with that show. SOOO Staged.

RBennie said...

I am so ready for BB. Thanks for organizing the pool Margo. That will make it even more fun. Jackie I hope you are resting up now, cuz you are gonna be a very busy lady once BB starts.

Margo said...

Hey PlaidChick - long time no hear. Only 16 more days til BB!

I'm actually gonna start watching Americas got Talent tonight. And Closer, Royal Pains and Burn Notice started a few weeks ago so I've been watching those. The seasons are really short sh they are gone before you know it - but at least it's new.

I finally finished 30 Rock episodes stock piled in my TIVO. I still have the whole Lost season and 1/2 of CSI seson to watch. As well as 4 episodes or Brothers & Sisters, 2 Desperate Housewives and a few others. It has been REALLY hot so I haven't spent much time in my gardens over the weekend - so I cleared out more shows from TIVO.


PDX Granny said...

Jackie, what's with the bottomless doors on the vintage train? It looks like the bottom of them is level with the floor of the cars. Odd, me thinks! : )

Bring on BB!! I'm kinda bummed tho. I'm going to be missing the the second week because I'll be busy playing with Mickey & Minnie. But I'll survive! Have computer will travel!!

My WV is bodless. Could this be a hint of what the twist is?? They've had plenty of HG's who have been brainless, so it only stands to reason that some can be without their bodies now. LOL

Catonine said...

What does W.V stand for?

Donna in AL said...

Hey Jackie! Thanks for updating us. I've seen a couple of BB commercials and get excited about the new season. I hope they have come up with stuff that is more interesting than what they thought in the past.
I am watching Saving Grace tonight, I've missed this whole season.

PDX Granny said...

Catonine, WV stands for Word Verification. Sometimes the script that we need to type makes for some interesting interpretations.

This time mine is "bracer" . . . . as in Bracerself, BB is comin!!

Catonine said...

ah I see. That is like when i was post on Docartz a Lost blog adn the word Verification was locke.


thanks for explaining

Lars Eller said...

I was viewing the BB pool I know who is missing ( OrkMommy )
Hope all is well.

Lets guess names for BB housemates
Hmm I'm going with a

1/ Tom ( LOL _)
2. Dennis
3. Sarah or Sue
4. Lee
5. Stacy
To be continued

Sydney said...

Jackie -- I am curious as to what effects you used on these photos to make them look so cool.

And by going green, I was assuming that they used recycled paper products, and gave them laundry and dish detergent that was free of x, y and z... that kind of thing.

Here I was thinking I'm finally going to be free for the summer. If there wasn't this blog, and the fun to be had by talking about it here, I might not watch this year.... or at least religiously. I know that's blasphemy among this group of BB fans! But the season with ED followed by Crazy James and Chelsea and the other two kids who bonked all the way through killed something off in me... Maybe the cast this year will chance my mind.

my wv is colon one, lol.

Margo said...

I sent ORK and email to see if she wants to participate. I also had Monty924 and Zoetawny in my last pool. There was a Karen and a KarenJC so I don't know if either of them are Karen in CA who I do have.
I also had Leslie, Patti, Jeannemarie, Nomad, Rozee and Dusty in the TAR Pool.
I will just add Zoetawny cause I know she will want to play but she is so busy with her stepson and all.
I will be putting this request out a few more times before I pull names so I'm sure I will catch whomever wants to participate.

Hey GAYLOS how is the baby growing? Are we getting close?


joy n said...

Sydney, I'm with you. The last two BB's made me feel the quality was slipping a bit. But I'll be watching to see if they have a better cast. Just no more Gnats, please!

sizzie said...

Sydney, I didn't watch as much the last few years, but it didn't stop me from enjoying Jackie's and her posters. sometimes I would go to youtube to see some part that the comments made me curious about.

I missed the last season of Gilmore Girls when they were on the CW network and I stopped watching Reba (didn't even know it had continued). I have been taping reruns of both shows and have had fun with them.

Witt said...

Margo, I know I've been MIA for awhile but count me in for BB11 also! I've never missed a season yet!
Witt :)

Margo said...

So even before BB starts I read that Survivor is returning Sept 17 and Amazing Race starts Sept 27. Woohoo Fall is gonna be busy!

I have added Zoetawny, ORKmommy and Witt to my BB pool. It's gonna be crowded but there is always room for more as long as there is no running or rough housing.


Susan said...

Oh, I'm so exited to see everyone back here again. Looking forward to BB of course. I get REALLY hooked every season. Love the show. And I love coming here to Jackie's to read everyone's thoughts & comments.

Sydney said...

Hey Witt! Good to hear from you. You need to fill us in on what you do the rest of the year when you're not commenting with us, lol.

Margo, thank you so much for being the pool monitor! I know Zoetawny would definitely want to be in on it.

Hello to Susan too!

meb said...

So great to see all you guys returning to the fold. We missed you. It's like home coming week, right Jackie?

Let's get this thing going. They should be telling us who's who soon.

I too want to know...GAYLOS... how's our mommy doing? You have to keep us up-to-date.

Margo, I'm second, third, fourth (whichever I am) in saying thanks for doing the pool.

Witt said...

Hi Sydney! Great to see you too! The rest of the year, I am a teacher. I work with grades 1-5 (reading) and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do! I will really miss the group that just stepped up to middle school; I have been working with them since first grade, so I will admit I shed a tear along with them when they left. It has been great to see their skills blossom over the years. School is out for the summer, just in time for BB11! Hope you have been well; I look forward to reading all the posts!

Margo -- how will the pool work? Will we pick a winner at the outset or just chat after each episode?

Witt :)

Margo said...


How the pool works. Well we fill a cement pond with water. Add chemicals to keep it clean and then everyone jumps in and swims or some float with their chosen beverage. There is no need to heat the pool as the temp outside has been 95ish for the last week - so the water is like a bath. yuk. But it is better than nothing.

Kidding aside - I randomly assign names to the contestants before the show starts. People usually root for whomever they get no matter how bad. As you know we all have our favorites so you are always free to root for whomever you choose. When the contestant you have gets eliminated so do you from the pool. The last one standing wins bragging rights until the show comes on again next season.

I hope this answers your question. If you think of something else just ask. I will try not to be such a smart a$$.


Catonine said...

I would like to join the pool please.



Margo said...

Do you want to be Catonine or April in the pool?


Catonine said...

catonine please.

ps to the WV what does densiati mean?

Witt said...

No problem Margo -- on my last post I did write "don't worry, I won't splash anyone" but then deleted it. ;)
Thanks for doing this, and I'm looking forward to the summer!
Witt :)

PDX Granny said...

Hey Witt!! My eyes perked up when I read what you do in your other life. I know you're supposed to be on summer vacation now, but do you mind if I pick your brain?

My grandson just left kindergarten. He's quite the reader, having been put into a 1st/2nd split class for reading 3 days a week. He's already out reading most of the kids in that class. It amazes me the way he's able to sound out so many words. But I know that just because he's able to sound them out, doesn't mean he's understanding them or understanding they way they're being used.

I want to be able to get him some books that challenge him, but not be so far over his head that he doesn't understand what he's reading ~ even if he can read the words. Does that make sense?

Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!!

Anonymous said...

I love watching the hamsters.
But, I'm not to sure about the pool....don't like to get wet.

The Feral Cat

Feral Cat said...

Meow..I'm usually more of a lurker...but I may post a bit if the gang here is interesting to me.
Just don't try to get too close.
Maybe someone will leave a nice bowl of milk...or maybe some peanutbutter soup...purrrrr.

Hey Jackie...long time...good to see you're still going ya...


Witt said...

Hi PDX Granny! Great to see you too!
That situation is familiar; word recognition often develops before comprehension. Once comprehension catches up, it's off to the races!
There are several series he may enjoy. "Nate the Great" is a fiction series for young readers; Nate is a boy detective. I love that the character loves pancakes. There are many titles in the series. Magic Tree House is another popular fiction chapter series; the characters are tranported into different locales and historical eras. You learn lots along the way. He should also pick out some nonfiction that he enjoys (sharks, space, mummies, whatever) -- there are some good texts that are developmentally appropriate from the early levels on up. Be sure to browse the junior sections in your local bookstores; there is usually lots to pick from. He should enjoy the subject matter. He will probably mix independent level reading with instructional. Sorry so wordy...Have fun!

PDX Granny said...

Thanks, Witt!! I'm going to check these out. Nate the Great sounds like it would be right up his alley.

I already picked up a book on dinosaurs that he devoured. It was great because it spelled out the names phonically too so he could learn how to pronounce them.

Witt said...

Glad to help, PDX Granny... I love to see kids enjoying and devouring books! Enjoy! :)

Stephanie In Florida said...

I'm going to jump into the pool. I know myself, I will watch every single episode, check Jackie's page every single day, sometimes multiple times, so Here we Go! Come on Thursday!