Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Big Brother 11 Bulletin!

I just saw a blurb that the Big Brother 11 cast will be introduced this morning on The Early Show. I expect the website will be updated later today. It's my day off, so I will catch The Early Show and update here later!

UPDATE: Gack. The oldest hamster is 41. There is a gamer who can name all of the houseguests all of the seasons in order. He also led debate teams. My money would be on him for the win if I had to name a winner now. Lots of pretty (young) faces, a gay guy and a bi-sexual gal.

Once the video of the segment goes live either on YouTube or CBS, I'll post it here. Later on today, hopefully they'll update the website. I'm not so thrilled with the new hamsters. However, watching them implode as the season goes along should be fun!

UPDATE on the UPDATE: The hamsters are now on the official CBS website. I'll be analyzing them, snagging images, and sharing thoughts in my next post.


Marty said...

Hey Jackie! Love your blog! I just wanted to let you know that the pics and biographies are up on Also, there is a pic with a ? in it. I heard a rumor that Shiela from BB9 is coming back ( I do not know if you believe it but this is kind of odd. Coincidence? Haha, well keep up the good work on your blog!

Marty said...

The CBS website said that the "12 strangers" were announced, which implies that there will be one that we all know. There are 14 pictures on the wall in the house, and there are 13 seats at the table in the house. The mystery person on the CBS website will be announced July 7th.

Becky said...

Hey, Jackie! This is OT, but just want all of your readers to know that your personality is as delightful and entertaining as your writing and photographs. I feel privileged that I got to meet you and RBennie while I was in New York.

I swear that your city is my favorite vacation location. But want you to know that leaving your cool (even cold at some times) weather and walking off the plane to over 100 degrees was miserable! Thirty degrees is a LOT of difference.

Now, back to on topic, I am looking forward to the new season of BB. I will check out the hamsters later today. I am still wading through emails and have yet to do all the laundry I brought back.

Jackie said...

Becky - It was fantastic to meet you! But, I'll have you know, since you left town, it's been 90 and still rainy. Eep.

Whenever you're here on the east coast, we'll have to get together. I had so much fun with you and RBennie!

Feral Cat said...

looks like a lively group

the tattooed lady looks interesting

Feral Cat said...

Chima looks like she has a plastic face?

Lucy said...

Excited for the new BB season. My first look at the new hamsters makes me think it will be an interesting season.

Feral Cat I agree with you about Chima's face. In her bio they call her exotic, I would say she looks more artificial than exotic.