Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Big Brother 11 Cast Cheat Sheet

I'll be taking a closer look at the hamsters in posts down the line. However, I edited these images with their names, current location (well, real current location is either sequester or in the house!), ages, and occupations. I figure I can look back at this entry in the beginning when I can't keep track who is who. Or, is that who is whom? Only three are married -- Ronnie, Michele, and Casey.


Jennasmom said...

From 1st looks, I think I'm going to like Michele the best. She looks like a friend I had in college many, many years ago. And she's a neuroscientist & I was a microbiologist. Yes, I would probably be in the nerd group.

Jackie said...

Michele was born and raised about five miles from where I am, so you know I have to cheer her on!

Patti in kzoo said...

Margo,is there still room in the pool, I have a suit to were?
Patti in Kzoo

Margo said...

I will add Patti in kzoo to the pool

monty924 said...

So out of the loop these days... you would think that I've never watched BB or read Jackie's blog. Margo, if there's still room in the pool count me in.

I haven't digested the bios yet but it looks like fun hamster watching for the summer.

Thanks again Jackie! :)

Sydney said...

well, I saw some clips of Chima in motion on a media tour thingie and I thought she looked way more natural than she does in her pitcure... I mean by leaps and bounds.

Laurie said...

Well, it's true I am in the Nerd Herd.

The average age for the 12 house guests is 28.

Throwing out the youngest and oldest of the group changes the average to 27.

This ends my statistical analysis of the house guests.

gaylos said...

Can I get in on the pool Margo??

Margo said...

Gaylos I will add you to the pool only after you update us on the baby.

Margo said...

****BB POOL UPDATE*******

This is my final list - Did I miss anyone?

Donna in FL
Donna in AL
Nana in NW
PDX Granny
Lars Eller
Karen in CA
Sue Gee
Feral Cat
Brent McKee
Terry in CA
Patti in kzoo

cha cha said...

Why does laura already remind me of Jen Johnson?

Sydney said...

Hey Cha Cha! It is so good to hear from you. I got worried when we didn't hear a peep from you after the hurricane. How are you (if you don't mind filling me in a little)?

rozee said...

Me too! Somehow I am out of the loop as well. Any room for me?

PlaidChick said...

I posted to another post...

ME ME ME Margo!!

PlaidChick said...

The photo chops have officially begun:

Hits so far: Braden as Bruno

Ronnie as Harry Potter

Catonine said...

I got Ronnie in the pool, I think he seems ok :-P

I watched the video tour of the House today.

I was laughing at the hot and cold running showers [one has hot water one has cold] because on BBUK they have tokens that they use to buy amenities, like hot water for the day, or alcohol... stuff like that. I wonder if CBS is copying lol :-)

anyone know what a [wv] nestomma is?

gaylos said...

Posting this here, but hopefully Margo will see it. Just read your post about adding me to the BB pool only after a baby update! Lol! Thanks for adding me anyway and it was very sweet of you to remember my pregnancy...

I'm due end of this month (finally!!) I'm still at work, for another two weeks... So far so good... no swelling feet or anywhere else! But I am R-E-A-D-Y to have this baby! My back aches!

I'm looking forward to BB and esepcially the live feed updates because I know I'll be getting little or no sleep in about a month's time! May not be able to post much, but I'll definitely be following!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Where is the older lady to play house mother and create havoc? Even survivor had an older lady. To many of these girls look alike so far - sure hope there is some personality in the bunch. Us "older" ladies like to watch this show as well!