Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Big Brother 11 Cast on The Early Show Video

I'll be posting more later, but here's the video of the cast reveal on today's The Early Show --


Margo said...


****BB POOL UPDATE*******

So far I have
Donna in FL
Donna in AL
Nana in NW
PDX Granny
Lars Eller
Karen in CA
Sue Gee

Does anyone else want to come out and play? Jump on in the waters fine. I was gonna say there is no "p" in our pool but we want Petals to participate so I'm gonna have to let that one go.
We have plenty of time I just wanted to get an early start.


RBennie said...

Thanks for that sneak peak Jackie. I have to say they don't make much of a first impression. Looks like the usual stereo typical bunch to me.

meb said...

Now that's some kind of tattoo(s). And the hair should look really good after chlorine from the pool gets into it.

There is a Natalie, let's hope she isn't a Gnat!

Laurie said...

So Brayden says "I've learned extremely a lot traveling" ... wow, I had to back that up to be sure it's what he said. Apparently putting words together correctly isn't one of the things he learned in his travels. And so it begins!

It will be interesting to see how the very smart woman does in the show. Sometimes the bright people have trouble in reality shows, or so it seems to me.

Jackie, thanks again for doing this. A reminder to everyone that if you are reading and enjoying this blog you really should be supporting Jackie with a donation to the cause. The link for that is on the main page.

meb said...

Rbennie, that is a beautiful rose. Is that in memory of last week?

I read in addition to Michael, Farrah and Ed McMann, there were a total of 6 celebrities who had passed away in the last couple of weeks. So sad. I hope their families have been able to find some peace throughout all this.

My age precluded my being a fan of Michael, although can appreciate his genius as an entertainer.

I did like Farrah Faucett, but as mentioned previously, her death was expected.

But I can understand the shock that some have felt by these deaths. I can equate that feeling of the one I had at the murder of President John Kennedy. I can still become emotional when they show clips of that coverage of the shooting and the funeral. It will remain with me forever.

Feral Cat said...

Hi Margo,
I'd like to be in your pool.
My name is Dave.
I'm a Big Brother/ Survivor/ Amazing Race fan.

Jackie said...

DAVE! I didn't recognize you in that cat suit! A blast from the past! I hope you stick around -- it's a great bunch here in the blog community and I know you'll fit in just great!

joy n said...

One guy who is 41 and the rest are in their 20's or early 30's? Sheesh CBS...

Meb, my memories of the time of Kennedy's assassination are vivid too. I was 7 months pregnant with my son and couldn't stop crying. There are certain moments that you know will be forever etched in your brain. The crowds of people crying in the streets. Jackie with her blood soaked suit. Walter Cronkite's voice breaking as he told us of the news of the president's death. Jack Ruby on TV shooting Oswald in front of all of us. John-John's salute at the funeral. That, to me, was one of the saddest times in our country. He was a beloved president, to be sure.

Margo said...

Dave aka Feral Cat what name do you want to us for the pool?


Brent McKee said...

Hey guys, you might as well stick me in the pool. Definitely an interesting collection of Houseguests/hamsters/prisoners. Right now I like Lydia (in that she seems like an interesting personality) and can't stand Braden - he gives self-absorbed jerks a bad name.

Margo said...

Welcome aboard Dave & Brent.

Margo aka The Pool Monitor

Sydney said...

HI All --

Margo, many thanks for being out lifeguard overseeing the Pool!

Jackie, I have tried twice to play the clip you posted but the little wheel just spins and spins.... Where else might I look it up?

Breaking news about Michael Jackson's will.
A) there is one, and
B) Thank goodness it actually looks in good order.

And we lost another actor just now. The great Karl Malden. Born in 1912 though, so he had a long, rich life.

You can tell I'm working from home and have CNN on in the background.

Margo said...

Here it is SYd


nomad said...

margo, please include me in the pool!

Sydney said...

Finally, I saw it. Thanks Margo.

I take it back -- I said somewhere that I thought chima looked really natural and beautiful at that in some media footage I saw but I was mistaking her for Natalie.

Seeing Allison Grodener... I don't likey.