Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Daytime Tuesday 7/21

Russell takes some time off from his day of being Ronnie's worst nightmare.

As I mentioned in my previous report, the entire house has Ronnie's number ... even his bestest friend Jessie. True, in this game you have to occasionally lie. But you don't needlessly lie to everyone in the house. You know, they kind of talk to each other. The smug shall fall. Here's the latest skinny:
  • Jessie thinks that the show production must be involved in the Ronnie fiasco because one person couldn't have done that much to the house!
  • Maybe he's a PLANT ... like Dan last year. (Yeah, right.)
  • Jordan and Jeff are getting closer.
  • Is Ronnie's conscience bothering him? He had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. Maybe he was just repeating to himself ... "what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive."
  • Russell kicked in his Pick On Ronnie (Who Deserves It) campaign first thing this morning by greeting Ronnie with, "Good morning, rat."
  • Russell started following Ronnie around telling him he must suck as a gamer.
  • Michele said she felt weird being happy about other people's pain -- Russell picking on Ronnie. I do, too. But Ronnie is so a little weasly slime-bucket.
  • After Ronnie retreated to the HOH room, Russell set himself up right outside the HOH door.
  • When the others got up, they wondered if Russell was in cahoots with Ronnie as both were missing.
  • I like the expression "in cahoots." I have so few opportunities to use it in a sentence.
  • Jessie told Ronnie even though he (Ronnie) can't compete for HOH next, he could still win POV.
  • When Ronnie left the HOH room, Russell Pit Bull Terrier was right on his heels.
  • They made a slip and slide out of garbage bags. Lydia managed to cut the tops of her feet and shins.
  • Russ continued to follow and mock Ronnie wherever he went.
  • Then Ronnie cried. In the HOH room where no one could see him, of course. Now, it's sad. But he wanted to put on those big boy pants and be King.
  • Jessie told Natalie that someone else would have to go to bat to save Ronnie -- he won't do it.
  • And that's pretty much it.
Please remember to stop by the show's blog party post tonight. It will be up at 9 PM ET and beware west coast ... there will be spoilers. But you knew that.

Lydia looks at her slip and slide wounds.


Anonymous said...

i cannot stand natalie...dirty, jealous, liar...


Anonymous said...

that's what ronnie gets for trying to be a liar and deceiver. please show us a feed of russell dogging out ronnie???

RJM in SC said...

can hardly wait until tonight. Wonder if they will show Ronnie crying. then everyone will feel sorry for him!

Laurie said...

Oh Pat, tell us what you really think! :-)

It's funny to me that I hated Russell bullying the other people last week but I'm okay with him bullying Russell this week. What does this say about me? Yikes!

See you all tonight for the live blog on the right coast. That is 6 pm here in the left coast where the hamsters live. It was another HOT day today so I'll bring some sun tea and frozen yogurt!

My wv is BUTWI ... Ronnie is a butwi!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie is getting just what he deserves, he should have put Russell up when he had a chance but no he wanted to shake the house up, now look whats shaking, his pitiful behind, I dont feel sorry for him. I can't stand Russell because he has shown from the beginning that he was going to be a bully.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the houseguests were told to conserve water or something,(smile) and that's why Natalie dosen't bathe as often as she should, or maybe she is just plain nasty.

Dave B. said...

Jackie...thanks for keeping us up to date on the hampsters...YOU ROCK!

I don't feel sorry for Ronnie at all...he brought all of it onto himself. His immaturity is astounding.

WV is inuladst.
Is that a word?
If you list the HG from favorite to least liked....Ronnie would be inuladst spot.
I tink dat whoever come up wit da WV wordz izz under dee alcafuence of inkahol.

sizzie said...

ronnie had played so many video games he forgot that some game players can talk back to him.

Becky said...

What is happening to Pee Wee couldn't happen to a more well deserving person. Yes, you need to lie in the game, but you DON'T lie to everyone. I wonder if he still thinks he is better than Dr. Will, Janelle -- or heck even Gnat? I think the entire house turned him every which way but loose.

And Amber (I can't draw lines though word, the computer won't let me) cried.... oh, I mean and Ronnie cried. You get what you sow, old buddy!

If you have not read the latest on BB HOH Twitter - do. You will laugh at most of it. As Jed used to say about Jethro, someday I'm gonna have to have a talk with that boy.

Before I go, either Ronnie or Jessie wrote "I will end with this - PSHS 4N6 Rules.... we don't just forensicate ....we DOMINATE!!!11:18 PM Jul 16th from TweetDeck . Do you think he meant fornicate? If so, I bet it was Jessee.

Oh, and Laurie you are still A-OK. Russell picked an undeserving fight on Jeff. Ronnie earned his!

WV is "cleurr" -- I don't think a more blatant clue-rr could be given to Ronnie by Russell..... you are toast! I knew that when Russell was clued in on what Ronnie was doing that he would be on him like a duck on a June bug!

Laurie said...

New avatar for tonight! I tried putting tears on him but they don't show up in these small pictures.

Hahahaha ... my wv is cocones.

PeeWee is going to lose his cocones!

Becky said...

Dave B said: WV is inuladst. Is that a word?
If you list the HG from favorite to least liked....Ronnie would be inuladst spot.
I tink dat whoever come up wit da WV wordz izz under dee alcafuence of inkahol.

ROFLOL Excellent, Dave! Make youself a mark on the wall. It is fun to make a WV into something that sounds like something we have all heard.

My WV is "konsper". Ronnie tried to konsper with and against too many people!

Dave B. said...

They probably are real words....spelling by Jeff.

formerly anon said...

I found my favorite quote from this whole season.

Jeff: "Dood, who's f*ckin' cat is that?"

LOL, gaaaawd too funny.

Anonymous said...

After all these years I finally convinced my "sport enthusiast" hubby to watch BB....He's hooked!

WV: irrap

Have at it creative people


Anonymous said...

Yay! Spoil us!

Susan said...

Since the revolution (against peewee) the hg seem to be gaining personalities. It's about ternam (my 'word'). The Diva and Russell are talking, and she's an absolute riot.

Petals said...

Wow - alot happened since I was at the office!
I won't say "told you so" about the jerks in the house being a billion times worse than Jessie ever was.
Laurie - LMAO - how'd you find that avatar???
Anon - "irrap"? Isn't that what Casey does when he's not at his day job? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

That's wishful thinking!!!!!!

Sally said...

Becky wrote: "Before I go, either Ronnie or Jessie wrote "I will end with this - PSHS 4N6 Rules.... we don't just forensicate ....we DOMINATE!!!"

I think Ronnie made that comment, trying to be clever about his puesdo claim-to-fame forensics, by turning it into an abbreviation (4N6) and a verb (forensicate). Of course, trying to be clever and actually being clever are two different things.

My wv is palstv, as in Jackie's BB blog turns the show into Pals TV.

monty924 said...

Just to echo a lot of folks. I don't feel sorry for, or bad over, Ronnie's treatment since early this morning. He made his own bed in this... We all called it days ago and its just Kharma/fate coming back to bite his behind.

Ronnie's problem is that he is a gamer, but he tried to play an entire season's worth of game in just two weeks. Whoever said, "Dan Jr.", I had to LOL. Ronnie is no where near Dan's league. I just wish they would let ED interview him when he walks out the front door.

Jeff is screaming funny. I enjoyed the big fight so much I watched all 2+ hours of it when I got home from work. Love Flashback on one hand, but I miss all the current live stuff going on when I'm watching it, lol.

Here's to Team Evict Ronnie. That would be everyone in the house almost (still can't figure Jessie out).