Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Daytime Sunday 7/26

It's Chima Queen's birthday!

The hamsters decorated her picture on the Memory Wall

A good time was had by all

Except Banana Man
(He's actually yawning.)

Other than the party, it's been a relatively quiet day so far. Here are my observations:
  • Casey needs to stop picking his nose and eating the proceeds at the kitchen table.
  • They had cupcakes and cake which were made by the hamsters, all were allowed to eat them for one hour. Chima didn't know it was going down.
  • Singing "Happy Birthday" isn't allowed due to royalties issues on the song.
  • Ronnie told Chima that being a Christian is about being the best person you can and treating people well.
  • He also lied and told Chima he never lied to her.
  • I doubt any Christian wants Ronnie representing them.
  • Jessie told Chima that Casey's been lying since he came into the house.
  • It still looks like Jessie is going to nominate Casey when Michele saves herself. Jessie says so (to some) and it must be.
  • Jordan and Jeff are still sweet on each other.
  • Evidently, the Ronnie/Chima/Natalie/Jessie bond is growing. No, Russell and Lydia are not in there.


sizzie said...

Hilarious party photos. Thanks

TerryinCA said...

Gosh that was one wicked party!
I cant help but think Jordan will go home and jeff will unleash fury on jesse.....

chris said...

I want Jordan to stay since I like her and Jeff together and can actually stomach those two being 'sweet" on each other. Lydia and jessie, EW,
that being said, if Jordan goes I think Jeff will keep quiet.
Jeff will be the next target anyway so it will not matter if he does go off on anyone or everyone.
Why doesn't he make a deal with Jessie and Natalie??

Susan said...

When Kevin & Lydia were talking, Kevin made a lot of good points. I think he got through to Lydia, that Jessie is using her. The muscles are eliminating everyone else, and they get stronger & everyone else gets weaker.

joy n said...

Eww! Casey!

Another Christian pretender - Ronnie

Wouldn't it be great if Kevin and Lydia turn on Jesse now? Russell just might go along with that uprising.

PlaidChick said...

joy n said...
Wouldn't it be great if Kevin and Lydia turn on Jesse now? Russell just might go along with that uprising.
Lydia is going to open her big mouth later to talk with Russell about things, and Russell will go running to Jessie and tell him everything. I love how Jessie keeps saying over and over: "I just want to last until next week." So he can say he lasted longer than 4 weeks in the game.

I'm getting really fed up with Natalie and Jessie. Natalie running around telling everyone what to do and how to do it. Jessie is even calling her co-HOH. I'm glad Kevin's eyes are opening up. Jessie has told his lap dogs he's putting Casey up, no one else knows. So I don't think we'll know until the veto ceremony is over tomorrow.

joy n said...

Oh, shoot!

Delee said...

Lydia's root are showing big time...BB give her some dye HAHA