Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Daytime Wednesday 7/29

I so long for this eviction to be over, a new HOH in place, and whatever the big announcement is. I'm assuming it will be the disintegration of the cliques or, at the very least, some sort of shuffling. Here are today's happenings from that Big Brother House of People I Don't Want Living in MY House:
  • Natalie thinks Lydia and Kevin will vote to keep Casey just to keep their clique together.
  • Small talk, breakfast prep, some exercise.
  • Boring.
  • Boring.
  • Lydia got mad because Russell accidentally hit her in the head with a ball.
  • Jessie got his HOH camera, lots of muscle posing and fake smiley faces.
  • Ronnie pointed out to Jessie that Russell really has no enemies in the house.
  • Russell has improved in that aspect. If others decide to go against the athletes (ever), they'll go for Jessie and Natalie first.
  • More small talk -- if people will recognize them when they get out of the house, who's popular or not (Ronnie thinks people will love or hate him -- he's half right).
  • Jessie and Natalie think Ronnie is more loyal to them than Russell.
  • They're probably right.
  • A whole lotta nuthin; going on today.


unpub said...

I agree with Jessie/Natalie. That's why I thought the only better move than backdooring Casey would have been to backdoor Russell. As I see it, Russell might be the only one capable of flipping the house. The rest of them consider it a moral victory to end up in the jury house. Mor-ons!

Flowers to my petals!

Joe in NY

Nana in the NW said...


I agree with you Joe....I thought this was a game to win! Where is the glory in ending up in the jury house??....because you get to vote on the winner??....well it won't be whoever has the "moral victory" of ending up in on the jury!!

I don't really care about Russell but at least he seems to be playing the game...not making enemies, being friendly with everyone, but sticking with the current power players(Jessie/Nat.)

It will be just our luck that Nat. or Ronnie will end up winning HOH...then we will have a repeat of the last 3 weeks!! It would be interesting for Lydia to win and see if she has the b*lls to put up her enemy, Natalie! Now that would shake up the house!!

I don't have feeds but it doesn't sound like this group drinks much, or is BB just not providing alcohol like they have in the past?

Jackie, thanks for "taking one for the team" and spending hours watching this House of Pitiful Players....and then reporting to us.

Orkmommy---"" HI "" missing you and Super O....also Barbwire!

I'm sweltering here in the NW 104 degrees!!! I know for those in the south this is the norm but us in the NW are not used to this. We are suppose to stay in the 90's for the next 4 days and have been there for the past 3 days. Thank goodness for my portable A/C!

I'm not cooking so I think it's Cheerios for my husband tonight for dinner!! LOL

Becky said...

"It's not fair, not fair, not fair," according to Ronnie on the commercial for tomorrow nights show.

I hope it is something that will help the GG.

Nana in the NW said...

BTW- I thought someone said the surprise was going to be that a player was going to get to talk to a person on the outside and get some inside information?? Was somebody just suggesting that??? It is time for and endurance comp...that should eliminate Ronnie and Chima quickly. Probably closely followed by Jordan and Michelle....please just be done with these cliques and let the games REALLY begin!!

Nancy said...

Nana, I would kill for that weather it seems like it rain's here every other day in NY. It rained 25 out of 30 day's in June. While this month is better it is raining again as I type this. I hope the twist is something good Thursday and it just isn't eliminating the click's. I don't think much will change if that's all they do. Very boring BB this year I hope they really shake it up.

Petals said...

Russell could flip the house figuratively and literally, haha! I can't imagine what twist is around the corner that could/will shake things up - anything will do at this point!
I'm thinking that whomever is voted out will be the immediate next HOH, and gets to nom 2 more GHs for an immediate eviction.

*shoulder massage to my Joe*

Delee said...

I love your idea Petals for the evicted to become the HOH and vote out someone immediately. But AG is probably not that bright...

Jackie, thanks for handling the boredom for us, but you could nap and not miss a bit of the non-action...

unpub said...

Thanks Petals, my shoulders have been sore all week due to my weekend gardening and chores.

It is interesting (at least to me) that a lot of the people who have been complaining that it is "unfair" for Jessie to be back in the house think that reintroducing one of this season's evicted HGs would be fair... I think your anti-Jessie bias is showing.

Personally, I don't think Thursday's big announcement will be all that rarely is. Modification/end of the cliques is probably about it. I also don't think ending the cliques at this point does much to change things: people have chosen their sides (except the floaters, of course).

In principle, it would allow Russell or Jeff to target Jessie, but I doubt Russell would make the move just now and it really all depends on who wins HOH anyway. It is always dangerous to turn on your people until after the floaters are gone. That's how the Nerd herd triumphed: the two power alliances took each other out and let the floaters end up as the only ones left. I think Russell, Jeff, and even Jessie are too smart for that. I think Natalie is waaaaay smarter than that. Lydia? Probably not, but I don't think she has numbers. Jordan? Poor dumb dear, will do as Jeff advises.

I think it will be an interesting week no matter who wins HOH.

I do wonder what Ronnie was whining about in the commercial, but it could have been footage from last week - BB likes to play that game.

Foot massage for petals!

Joe in NY

Petals said...

MMMmmm... I really like your last post Joe. Are you just sweet-talking me?
But seriously - I have to agree about the announcement not being all that major - I just keep hoping this season will improve dramatically, SOON.
Still love my Jessie - as always, I am loyal (to a fault).
Joe - who do you have in the pool? Or are you just observing from the hot tub? *wink*

unpub said...

Hey Petals, (double wink with a snap)

I don't have anyone in the pool, just hanging in the hot tub. Personally, I'm betting on Natalie. I like my women tough!

Joe in NY said...

hmmm...I'm all alone in the hot tub! I need a rubber ducky.

Sydney said...

Well, the sumpthin' going on today is your writing, thank goodness... otherwise I would have stopped watching seasons ago.

People I Don't Want Living in MY House. Such a good one -- and so true.

PlaidChick said...

OMG-- Petals and JoeinNY are the Jeff and Jordan of the blog, or are you two Lydia and Jessie? Hmmmmm...

Nana in the NW said...
Where is the glory in ending up in the jury house??....because you get to vote on the winner??....
No they just want their $750/week until September

Everytime you guys get hot weather, we get "cooler" weather in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

I too would like to hit Lydia in the head but not with a ball and I'm afriad it wouldn't be an accident either.

Petals said...


Anonymous said...

So that would be a blomance? I know it's not allowed to talk about bloggers but have y'all in the pool picked the group you would most likely be in the BB house?

wv*I am not being offle!

PDX Granny said...

Anonymous Nana in the NW said...

BTW- I thought someone said the surprise was going to be that a player was going to get to talk to a person on the outside and get some inside information?
I forgot all about that, but now that you mention it, someone did say that. Was it Julie? The heat has fried my brain and I can't remember.

I just looked at the temp in my back yard here in Portland. It's after 9:30 PM and it's 87! It's so hot here that the robins are picking up worms with pot holders.

Petals and Joe, sorry, but I don't like Jessie. Never have. However, I must admit that he's probably playing smarter than most of the others. Like you say, he has managed to keep his minions at his side and he's the main force behind picking off his competition.

Bleh!! I have such an icky taste in my mouth now because I just said that. LOL

Anonymous said...

It's so hot here that the robins are picking up worms with pot holders. <------- Dear Diary

TerryinCA said...

It would such a dream for them to end this clique business...but my heart is longing for Jordan to win HOH....and put up two athletes...

Anonymous said...

Anyone feel like Jessie threatened BB with some sort of lawsuit which is why he is back with an unfair advantage? On the feeds, Jessie is talking about Jase coming back on the Allstars because Nakomis backdoored him. Why would Jessie say that Jase would have a chance to come back because of a new twist in the game one year. Jackie, did you see that on the feeds? Now we have fish.

Anonymous said...

Natalie obviously has good experience as a gang member.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that no matter what the twist is...Jessie will not be HOH this week. With any luck, the new HOH will be someone who doesn't like either him or Natalie and who will put both their smug little butts on the block like Jordan or maybe Michelle.

Matt said...

...or the twist that "completely changes the game" is that the HOH can now compete in the following week's HOH competition. All of you rejoicing that next week's HOH can't be Jessie? Don't be so sure.

(I have zero reason to believe this is the case, other than this seems to be the Season of Dashing Jackie's Readers' Hopes.)

joy n said...

Jesse is playing a better game than last year but I still find it difficult to give him a ton of credit. The gg's are giving him pretty much free rein in the house and his funky followers are doing whatever he asks to keep themselves in the house. Once the floaters are gone and his cronies realize their necks are next in line, they will fight him for power. Then we'll see how Jesse does when he stands with only one or two "loyalists". This game ain't over yet.