Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Friday into their Afternoon 7/17

A comp (or something like that) has been going on for hours as I get this typed up. We have BB trivia and a message that the houseguests are playing a "secret game." How special is that? We all know that once the feeds come back, someone will spill the beans. Maybe it's the Have/Have Not comp. Maybe it's nominations. I just don't know ... shh ... it's a secret.

BULLETIN: The feeds came back on at 7:07 PM ET. It was Have/Have Not. Laura is crying about getting railroaded. Dan was there for three hours. Jordan is crying, too. Jeff is trying to console them. Jeff is saying his answer was wrong. They had to make choices. He chose a cheerleader outfit. Laura and Jordan on slop, cold showers, and other Have Not stuff.

Jeff, "I already look like an idiot. I don't want to look like a superficial idiot."

Now the feeds are blocked again. Now up.

Lydia told Kevin that Jessie is still "hurt" over the way he was edited on the show last season. Poor baby. That set off a feeds block again.

Here's what went down in the house since the wee hours this morning:
  • Kevin was still trying to get everyone to believe that Casey was the one whose vote caused the tie last night.
  • He's also been planting seeds of suspicion regarding Jeff.
  • I think his game plan might be to get the house in so much of a tizzy that everyone hates each other while he sits and watches.
  • He thinks that show fans will forget about Dr. Will and put him up on the strategy pedestal instead.
  • Ronnie told Chima and Jessie that Braden told him that he knew that he (Ronnie) was the mastermind of the game.
  • Oh, give me a break.
  • I'm almost to the point of liking Jessie more than I like Ronnie.
  • I don't like Jessie.
  • Now, if so many people weren't onto Ronnie's lies, mastermind status.
  • But they all know.
This feeds block is much too long for a standard nominations ceremony even when they block for extra time hoping the hamsters won't mention it. I think this must have something to do with Dan's visit that Julie Chen mentioned last night.

When I find out, you'll know!


Anonymous said...

Jackie, as always thank you for your blog.

I have been a fan of BB since season 5 I believe. I don't think I have ever disliked as many of the players as I do this season. This is a nasty group...

Delee said...

Feeds back finally over 4 hours...this better have been super special!!!

Lars Eller said...

I'm almost to the point of liking Jessie more than I like Ronnie.
I don't like Jessie.


monty924 said...

The nominations haven't happened yet, but the Terd Herd is NOT happy with Ronnie.

Anonymous said...

So here's my thought today...let me preface that I am PISSED at Ronnie.

So - he's been playing it off that he's not the one who voted for Braden.

BUT! Isn't it going to be obvious that he was the mystery voter when/if he doesn't nominate anyone from the Jessie crew?

I can't wait to see who he nominates!

RBennie said...

It will be very interesting to see who Ronnie nominates. Right now we really don't know who he wants to be alligned with. I think it's really funny that he's putting himself in a category with Dr. Will. Not even close Buddy.

Jackie said...

Go harass someone else, anon. You're not welcome here. Where you crossed the line was by calling ME names (no, I don't have to put up with that on a blog I write) and not keeping things to the houseguests, not the blog writer or commenters.

BTW - Freedom of speech means nothing here. Go look up the definition.

PlaidChick said...

FlipFlop that's what we're all waiting for, to see who Ronnie nominates, because if it's all people from Jeff, Jordon, Casey, Laura, (he can't nominate Michele) they're going to beat him to death.

So apparently Chima was showing unsportsmanlike conduct after the comp. Imagine that. They (terd herd) don't think Jeff should be allowed to sleep in the Red Room with them because he's in with the populars. Ummm, Jeff, I know you like Jordon, but do what you said. Make it as uncomfortable as possible for them, and park your ass in there with them.

PlaidChick said...

Ohh and the Dr Will comment?! Ronnie has lost his frikkin mind.

Lars Eller said...

jackie's the Best!

meb said...

Jackie... you go Girl!!!

Aren't any of the hamsters talking about what they were doing for so long. I know the Have/Have Nots, but it couln't have taken that long, so it must be something else as well. ????

They may have been doing another competition for goodies... They've referred to someone winning and getting to see a movie.

Jackie said...

There were luxuries involved. Once I gather stuff for the later post, hopefully I'll have more details for people.

Becky said...

Cha Cha said...As far as Ronnie being a persuasive(sp) speaker. Whatever, he will shoot himself in the foot this weekend.

Cha Cha, I had my doubs when he tried to weazel his way out with Russell about spilling the beans about Braeden.

A persuasive speaker has to be quick on his/her feet and comfortable making an argument to support their point. Ronnie appeared very nervous, almost childlike. I say childlike because when my kids tried to lie to me when they were younger they had the same expression on their face. He had to know that questions would be asked.

Jackie, pay no attention to people who make statements and are afraid to sign their name. If a person is man enough to accuse someone of something, he/she shouldn't be afraid or ashamed to sign their name.

Anon, I am afraid you are barking up the wrong tree. If you don't like the way we talk or think (and that includes Jackie) go take your nameless name someplace else.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie ..well, I liked you at first but WOW what the heck are you thinking..I feel a blow up coming soon over his actions..
Thank you for the kind words over my situation with my jerk EX-fiance. After crying for a day in half straight I am able to form complete sentences. I think this is an improvement Even though I went to walmart today and saw bait and tackle and almost lost it right there in the middle of the you can assume my ex was a big fisherman...worms are making me cry..what has my life come too
-Jamie freakin' Mae-

meb said...

Jamie Mae... I'm not laughing at your situation, but that was freaken funny! Crying over a worm... I assume you're speaking of the ex... LOL

PlaidChick said...

Jamie 'freakin' Mae..

I was curled up in a BALL over my last breakup, pre-fiesty red-headed guy. And it lasted a what 5 whoppin months! I was D-U-N. All men sucked, I was ready to switch teams. So then I read the book "He's just not that into you." I boycotted the movie. The book? GO GET IT.

So you know what, go 'head and cry over worms, it's part of the process. If your blog buddies lived close to you, we'd take you out to get drunk.

Sydney said...

Jaime MaeI second Plaidchick's endorsement of the book. Just the concept totally changed how I selected and experienced my dating life... and within a year... I met who I married who is NOT a worm.

you all rocked in here today!

Add me to who'll go out for drinks on that one!

formerly anon said...

I have questions.

1) What happened between Laura and Jessie? In the early days, it seemed they were hitting it off to some extent. Then something must have happened, because now Jessie is 100% anti-Laura. Also, when they were in HOH for Ronnie's unveiling, Jessie made a comment about getting drunk and saying things you don't mean and Laura totally took that as a personal shot at her (I didn't think he had directed it at her, but I don't know the backstory). What gives?

2) What has happened between Jessie and Lydia? When I last watched BBAD, she was trying her best to get at him, get in his bed, etc (this was his first night as HOH) but I never followed-up on what actually happened, if anything. Anyone know? I see they are bed buddies now, but was she doing the Natalie/Matt thing?

3) Is Russell gay?

4) Jordan, while I like her, she's kind of, er, slow. One night she and Laura were in the kitchen with Russell, and she's talking about the camera adding 10 pounds etc, and she says she was surprised at how short Jessie was in real life. Russell says that he's the same height as Jessie. Barely a moment later Jordan again calls Jessie short. Then a little while later, Russell says to Jordan that she was mean to him, and she has absolutely NO CLUE what he's talking about.

formerly anon said...

Jeff and Laura nominated, as expected.

Gee, do you think they still wonder who the rat was?

PlaidChick said...

Formaly Anon:

1: In the first few days, Jessie felt Laura was sucking up to him as HOH and he felt like she was going to use her looks to get under his skin. He said in DR he wasn't into that. Then on Wednesday night, Laura went on the attack, and told Jessie that he better watch how he spoke to her, they were all talking down to her. He told her to get out of the HOH room.

2: Tuesday Lydia and Jessie hooked up. She gave him a HJ. She is all over him now. A lot of bloggers think Natalie has a lil crush on Jessie as well and she's going to go off on Lydia eventually.

3 I have no idea about Russell

4: Jordan, I don't know about her IQ or if she's playing dumb or what...

PlaidChick said...

Ronnie, the puss that he is, is hiding in the HOH room with his bullies.

Natalie overheard Russell and Jordan talking in the SR. She immediately reported to Jessie that Russell is trying to allign himself with Jordan, and that Natalie is done with him. She told the rest of the group that someone was in the SR lieing. I don't believe Russell and Jordan made an alliance

Here comes the BOOZE

Sally said...

I have Ronnie in the pool, but he's making it very difficult to cheer him on. I'll think I'll float quietly over in that far-off corner until he's evicted, then I can cheer on some non-delusional houseguest.

Jamie Mae, I too chuckled at your comment about worms making you cry. Things will get better, and I hope you have friends to lean on until you're feeling stonger.

Jackie, Hope you're doing well. I like the way you booted that harrasser, cooly and calmly slamming the blog comments door in his/her face. Thanks for always keeping this site so friendly!

PlaidChick said...

Sydney-- Loved that book. So opened my eyes on relationships and guys in general. There is really a person out there who moons over just you. If he doesn't.. he's just not that into you.

formerly anon said...

PlaidChick, thanks for the answers!