Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Friday Daytime 7/31

After a night of being rained on, swung in circles, and being thumped by a disintegrating foam rubber covered diploma, many of the hamsters are licking their wounds and being a bit subdued today. Here's what's happened in that Big Brother House of Exorcist Projectiles today:
  • They've been speculating a lot on the "secret power." I know as I listened, this morning someone nailed the coup d'etat exactly. But I can't recall who it was.
  • I plea sleep deprivation.
  • Ronnie and Chima think the stray vote to keep Casey was Jeff.
  • Oh, c'mon. Jeff is so sweet on Jordan that their thought is ludicrous.
  • Natalie doesn't think it's fair that the Have Nots started a day early this week.
  • I'm sure she wouldn't have a problem with it if she was a Have.
  • Russell told Jeff that Jordan put his name in the cap for Have/Have Not and that he was chosen to Have Not, only saved when everyone said he had the comp so rough he deserved a break.
  • Jordan only put his name in there because she didn't want people to think she was playing favorites. She had decided it wouldn't be fair for the Brains (including Ronnie) to be on slop two weeks in a row, so left them out.
  • Jessie told Jeff he owed him one (or two or three) for going on slop after they threw Jeff's name out.
  • America chose squash and squid for the Have Nots.
  • Russell reiterated to Jeff that he wants Ronnie out this week and that he will be keeping his word.
  • Russell says he himself is a Christian and he was offended by Ronnie swearing to God and on the bible for lies.
  • He considers it an insult to his religion.
  • Jeff and Russell create their own secret alliance -- The Hot Guys Alliance.
  • @@ (Well, Jeff maybe. I wonder what Russell looks like with hair.)
  • Jessie got all grumpy about his food (or lack thereof).
  • Jeff thinks that Jessie should be glad that he has the squid and squash, not just BB slop.
  • Ronnie keeps campaigning for a Lydia ouster with Russell, Jessie, Natalie ... anyone who will listen to him.
  • I think it's behavior solely to deflect the target away from himself. I believe he might have vibes that Russell's not too keen on the dorkapotamous.
  • Ronnie told Russell that he's afraid that if he goes on the block, he'll go home.
  • I say, "It sounds like a plan!"
  • Ronnie threw Jordan and Jeff under the bus, too.
  • I think if we give him enough time, Ronnie would offer up his wife as a sacrificial lamb.
  • Russell told Ronnie he doesn't need to worry this week.
  • Russell told Michele that Ronnie's going home this week and she's the first person he's telling.
  • Lydia told Russell that his now ex-clique mates had said they were going to put him on the block.
  • Natalie and Chima trashtalked Lydia.
  • Same old, same old.
  • The nominations should be later tonight.
  • I do think Russell's ultimate target is Ronnie. How he'll going about doing the deed, I don't know. I think he'll put up Ronnie and perhaps Lydia.
  • But don't quote me on it.


Laurie said...

Would Ronnie be sent home or is it time for Exile Island?

Anonymous said...

I really hope Russell shows that he's a player by putting up Ronnie and Jessie. If he does not, then he's either weak or stupid.

We'll know soon enough.

RBennie said...

I think it's a little too soon for jury house yet Laurie.

formerly anon said...

Another brilliant quote the college educated Natalie, courtesy JU:

"oh, if you keep talking to that woman (lydia) it is gonna be world war 4 up in here"

formerly anon said...

And stunningly, Jessie makes a very astute observation (via JU):

"Ronnie would for sure go home if I or you are against him"

Russell, did you hear that? Russ? Hello?

Laurie said...

Thanks RBennie. I really want Ronnie home and never to be seen again.

fa: Great quote from the ever so brilliant Natalie.

My wv is icasms. Is that sex without a partner?

formerly anon said...


The HGs could use some advice and this is your chance to give it to them! Call the number below and give them your two cents -- from wardrobe to hygiene tips, your advice can have an impact, make them laugh, or just get under their skin. So be creative and your message could be played in the house and even air as part of the show!

Call 1-323-386-2350

Leave your message anytime until August 2, 2009 at 11:59pm PT.

formerly anon said...

LOL, looks like Jeff might be sweeping this thing (no big surprise there huh?)


Who are you voting for coup d'etat
Chima 0% [ 8 ]
Kevin 1% [ 14 ]
Lydia 1% [ 22 ]
Michele 1% [ 18 ]
Jordan 9% [ 161 ]
Jeff 81% [ 1421 ]
Ronnie 2% [ 35 ]
Russel 2% [ 32 ]
Natalie 1% [ 9 ]
Jessie 1% [ 26 ]

Anonymous said...


I have some advice for Natalie.....take a shower!

My wv is "atesin".....I won't even go there.

Anonymous said...

formerly anon, is that true? very cool, because Jeff is probably the only one with the balls to put Jessie on the block. Jennie, Jessie?

Nana in the NW said...

I just may have to call that number and leave a few messages.....Nat. take a shower!! Ronnie,delusional....Jessie to Lydia..."I'm not talkin' bout hookin' up or hangin' out, I'm just talkin' bout tonight" (thanks Toby Keith).

This is not a week for backdooring..just put Ronnie up there and let it play out! The chances are pretty slim of him winning POV and if he does then stick Natalie/Jessie up there!

We will know soon enough....

Becky said...


Oh, if only Russell would put up Jesse and Nastale. But he won't. And if one of the TH get HOH next week Russell can expect to be on the block.

Forget Ronnie... for now. He is a nasty little man, but Jeff and Jordan should promise Russell that they will put the little T up if they get HOH next week.

WV dectizer -- you don't have to be a dectizer to know this is the most boring group ever.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I really hope Russell shows that he's a player by putting up Ronnie and Jessie. If he does not, then he's either weak or stupid.
i agree! they are the two who deserve to go home the most. -jeannemarie

formerly anon said...

It's so weird, just one week ago I was ready to just be done with this whole show, and now, now that they're doing the coup d'etat, and now that I'm sure Jeff will get it, I might even have to go buy the feeds.

It just might get interesting.

It's sort of sad though that Russell's whole HOH will have been wasted, essentially, except for his letter from home and whatever other favers he gets from the desperate. I'm glad now that Jeff didn't win HOH, because it would have actually been worse for him if he had!

I just hope he's very careful about what he does with it, I think he will.

Actually Russell's HOH may not be wasted because Jeff may not use it this week, in fact, it might be better if he saves it for next week, that way he doesn't have to stress out at all about winning HOH or anything. LOL, yeah, I think the feeds for the next few weeks might be very interesting.

Quoted from CBS site re: coup d'etat:

"replace the nominations right before the August 6th or August 13th live show evictions"

Replace = gets to not only take down, but PUT UP

nominationS = plural! both!

Right before the live eviction, no time for strategery on anyone's part.

wv = yentleta

I got nothin, cept somethin' 'bout Streisand...

formerly anon said...

Ron + Lydia = Russell missed opportunity

Too bad