Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Dawn Tuesday 7/21

This is the latest staying up yet being sober group I've ever seen in the Big Brother house. Jessie, Casey, and Laura are still up in the kitchen talking the evils of Ronnie. Casey and Laura have seen through Ronnie for some time. Whether Jessie is actually realizing that Ronnie will play him as quickly as he's played others, I just don't know.

Here's what's been happening in the late night hours:
  • Laura told Ronnie that she would have been a better ally for him than Jordan.
  • Ronnie told others that Laura's spreading lies.
  • Jordan thinks they want her and Laura against each other.
  • The HOH bunch is adamant about voting Laura out.
  • Lydia wants the NBK (Natural Born Killers) to be only herself, Chima, and Kevin because the others talk too much.
  • The HOH group is falling apart trust-wise.
  • That one segment really wanted Russell backdoored.
  • Natalie says Russell wants Jordan out.
  • Despite personal differences, everyone is agreeing that Ronnie is a liar.
  • Russell confronted Ronnie about his lies and called for witnesses.
  • Ronnie got shouted at a lot as he stood on the balcony.
  • Ronnie retreated to his HOH room.
  • Every hamster in the house wants Ronnie out next week.
  • Since the confrontation, Ronnie's been hiding out while everyone talks about him and his lies.
  • It's all good, eh?

Maybe if she showered more than every three days, she wouldn't have to pop pimples on the live feeds.


Petals said...

Well...I was sorry to see that 2 decent chicks are pitted against one another on the block. Either will be a loss, as I kinda like them both (what I got to know about them).
The bright side is that Ronnie is the next target. He is the StayPuff Marshmallow Man.


I'm not really sure that Jessie will not try to work with Ronnie behind everyone elses back. He has been trying to sneak and talk to Ronnie but is afraid he will get caught. Jessie also told nat that he is going to talk to Michelle and ask her not to throw the HOH comp.

cha cha said...

The one night I fall asleep early the good stuff happens. I stayed up till the end of B B A D . The only fight was with Nat against the rest of the Turd Herd.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Jackie..you always crack me up!! Everything will be so much better when Ronnie is GONE!! The sooner the better!!

Laurie said...

Good morning everyone! I'm just now watching Sunday's show. I wasn't going to watch it since I know what happened, but I decided to get to know the players a bit better and form my own opinions ... Yeah, well, so far no change and the show is almost over.

Chima has moved up on my "fecal roster". She is everything I can't stand in a person so far.

JimmyB said...

"Maybe if she showered more than every three days, she wouldn't have to pop pimples on the live feeds."

Jackie--that was too funny!

Witt said...

Jackie, thanks for the great posts! Even though the hamsters aren't doing much, you manage to make it fun reading and put us right in the moment. Also, didn't Ronnie ever hear the saying "what goes around comes around"?

Witt :)

P.S. Granny -- how's your grandson?

Becky said...

Good morning all! Loved the shower comment. And Witt, so true, so true. Also he should remember Karma.

I do hope they put the call out on TV. When the show is over let Pee Wee see himself humiliated before his "fans".

My WV tomys. I will let those who know me figure out the thought that came to mind.

BTW I love when people give their WV and tell what they see.

sizzie said...

I agree Laurie, Chima has all the qualities I try to avoid.

I saw a few minutes of Showtime night before last and Nat started to sit down on one of those big coach things with Jesse and he purposely arranged a towel between them. Nat noticed and got up and walked off because he gestured it was to be a barrier between them.

Has stuff like that been going on the whole time? I have missed a lot.

Laurie said...

Sizzle, did you notice that when they were doing the movie comp, she said "I've got junk in MY trunk" to Jesse. She is playing hard to get him. Why??

EileenM said...

Jackie thanks for your postings, they make my morning! Ronnie has got to go first, he needs taken down a peg or two; followed by Chima and then Jessie.

RBennie said...

Thanks for the updates Jackie. I missed Sunday's show and this is my first chance to check here and see what's going on. For such a brain, Ronnie is not playing a very smart game. He's got so many targets on his back that his only possible safety for next week is if someone in his clique wins HOH. I just knew my pick in the pool (Lydia) would turn out to be a big ole slut - sadly I was right.

Anonymous said...

Petals, I agree, I would hate to see either of those girls go. Laura isn't what I was expecting and I have grown to like her.

If they had to send home a woman, I wish it could have been Chima, or as we call her in my house....plastigirl with those carnival candy lips....you know, the ones that double as a kazoo...

I just wish she wasn't apart of Ronnie's clique....bummer


Nina said...

I don't think the House will stay united long enough to get Ronnie out by this time next week. Those ppl talk too much and some of them genuinely hate one another. They are all giving Ronnie way too much credit. This was definitely the worst run HOH in BB history based on the seasons I saw. But honestly, if Ronnie shuts his friggin pie hole, he might stand a chance to say since he will be perceived as exceptionally weak by the next HOH. I feel bad seeing them all badmouth him the way they are. I don't think there's a reason to be cruel; BB is just a game IMO. I would never say the kinds of things about and to Ronnie that these ppl have. Russel even made fun of Ronnie's profession. And they want to keep him awake all night. I think the hamsters are all ridiculous.

PlaidChick said...

As soon as I go to bed, it all hits. So glad for flashbacks.

HOLY MOLY, I think Jessie can convince people to not put up Ronnie before Friday. Russell has turned into ED, following Ronnie around, making his life hell. It's about damn time!!

Casey Jeff or Jordan really need to win HOH. I don't believe the jocks or Lydia and Kevin will put him up, except Russell.

His HOH totally fell apart. What a dumbass

PlaidChick said...

Here's a good recap of what went down last night:




Sasha said...

Well, looks like my (pool)girl will be gone. Too bad, I didn't expect to like her but she's better than I thought.

I have to agree with Nina. I'm not a Ronnie fan but I actually feel badly for how he's being treated now. I think he really is the geeky kid (and adult) who got overexcited and carried away with himself. He'll pay the price in not winning the game. This treatment is cruel. JMHO.

Thanks as always, Jackie! You make BB far better to watch! And the commenters, too...I love reading you guys.

WV is "nonside". I think I'm on the nonside of Ronnie and Russell both :)

Cha Cha said...

i went to the feeds and watched everything go down if you go to the tail end of 12 am then 1 am it is on there.
I don't like ronnie and hope they give him enough hell to have im leave early. Isn't it called DOR?

Nina said...

Russell is evil for sure. It's only a matter of time before the same mob mentality gunning for Ronnie is going to turn itself around and go after Russel. The other hamsters all know he is dangerous.

Cha Cha said...

Russell is dangerous. It is funny i was just watching the feeds and he is following Ronnie to DR like ED used to do.

Jesse and Natalie also think that Russ was in the HOH plotting with Ronnie. He was sleeping outside the door. Low and behold who went in the HOH....JESSE

At least the house is livening up

PlaidChick said...

Ronnie **soo*** deserves the treatment he's getting. Cruel would be calling him every name in the book to his face, and all Russell is doing is sitting out by the HOH room ready to pounce. For him to sit in his HOH room and do nothing, continue with his stories or otherwise is just cowardness. If I were him, I'd be outside right there with them. Him hiding in the HOH is admitting defeat and that he's been caught.

Russell's gameplay is his mouth right now. He's never got in anyone's face. He is far from dangerous and Ronnie being scared of him?? Pullease. Russell isn't going to do a thing to get himself kicked out.

Jessie just told Natalie it is not in their best interest to get rid of Ronnie. Natalie told him it's not in their best interest to trust him. Jessie is still very much aligned with Ronnie, and Natalie is aligned with Jessie. I suspect Jessie will start piping up and take over Ronnie's over game playing roll.

PlaidChick said...

Because Russell is watching Ronnie like a hawk, it's only a matter of time before he sees Jessie and Ronnie talking.

Cha Cha said...

Russell will see Jesse with Ronnie.
What will be funny is when Ronnie starts telling Jesse what to say. Jesse wont remember what, when, how, or why.
I am hoping Jesse goes out Week 4!!! I think he should get the same as last year.

Anonymous said...

Well how cool is that update? Ronnie hiding out? He thinks he is Dan Jr, but Dan never talked as much game as Ronnie does. And Dan was not a weirdo.