Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Dawn Wednesday 7/29

I apologize for the lack of an update last night after the show. I'm experiencing keyboard issues. You would think I'd be a little more careful with my Coke Zero (my latest addiction).I found out my back-up keyboard likes to type "zzzzzzzz." But I'm all dried out and good to go now. Thankfully, it hasn't been a thrill a minute with earth-shaking developments in the house! Here's the scoop from that Big Brother House of Poop:
  • I mentioned before that Michele has what she calls night terrors in her sleep. Before dawn yesterday, she screamed out NO loudly while sleeping. Scary.
  • In their late-night early-morning talk, Lydia threw Kevin under the bus to Jessie -- telling him that Kevin is scheming against him and trying to turn the vote around. Argh. Here I thought the Lydia/Kevin double agents for good bit was true and she was really disloyal to Jessie.
  • Jessie told Natalie of the Lydia developments. Natalie told Chima.
  • Sigh. I had high hopes of Kevin quietly scheming his way through to the end.
  • Natalie confronted Kevin about working against them. He denied it and asked where she got her information. She didn't tell him Lydia via Jessie.
  • Kevin tried to deflect the blame on Ronnie (who, for once, had nothing to do with anything).
  • Chima and Jessie got ticked at Natalie for talking to Kevin about things.
  • So Natalie talked to Kevin again, petulant little child she is.
  • Kevin told her he's seen Russell and Ronnie scheming as he keeps trying to deflect the attention from himself.
  • Casey told the others that people sleep too long in the house. They don't. What they do do is stay up too late. Unlike drunken stay up lates from previous seasons, these folks stay up until 6 AM their time sober half the time. No wonder they sleep late.
  • Casey campaigned for Russell's vote. Successful? I doubt it. I think Russell will vote the way Jessie wants him to because, as he says: "I gotta do what daddy says." Double-ew! Jessie as a father figure!
  • Casey really worked Russell, concentrating on how he doesn't HAVE to do what Jessie wants. Jessie can't win HOH this coming week and the votes are anonymous in the diary room.
  • Their bond (Casey/Russell) grows. After all, they were never enemies in the house.
  • Casey wants Russell to flip the house.
  • Will it work? I don't think so. I think Russell feels alone in the house -- he personally has no close ally like Jessie or even Natalie does. He only has his clique.
  • Casey thinks he has Kevin and Lydia's vote.
  • Kevin told Russell he's not voting for Casey to stay.
  • Kevin thinks Russell told Jessie and Natalie that he's going after them.
  • No, it was his best bud Lydia.
  • Russell told Kevin that he doesn't pass on information. In a way, he's right. Russell is more of a listener in these cases than a talker. He occasionally runs to Jessie with info, but others do it more often.
  • Natalie told Lydia she won't tell Kevin that she's (Lydia) the one who told her that he's targeting her (Natalie) and Jessie. She said she'd blame it on Casey.
  • Casey told Jordan he's campaigning to stay, but he won't say anything bad about her. He honestly likes her and she likes him. But he so wants a chance to stay and get his game on.
  • There's friction between Natalie and Chima because Chima thinks Natalie stirred up a lot of trouble with the Kevin talks.
  • A minor verbal brouhaha went down as Michele's name got dragged into things as far as spreading rumors.
  • It's all a ball of confusion. No one really trusts anyone in the long run.
  • The votes could technically go either way. But I think we're still going to see a Casey ouster this week.
  • It should have been Ronnie. That little slime is almost invisible with all of the new turmoil within the house. Maybe he IS a good player -- that benefits his game while all the others have new targets for eviction.
  • Casey called out Ronnie as a liar again. But really ... it's nothing that everyone doesn't know already. That they haven't acted on it will be their own downfall. Casey should have taken the PoV comp seriously -- if he had, Ronnie might have been on the block.
  • They got a golf game with Nerf-type balls. Fun, fun in a house of misery and distrust.
  • Russell lied to Jessie and Natalie telling them that Ronnie was throwing them under the bus.
  • For once it's someone lying about Ronnie, not Ronnie lying to the world. Ronnie has not been talking about targeting Jessie and Natalie.
  • Although it's a strategic move, it casts doubt on Russell in his clique more than it does on Ronnie.
  • But maybe ... just maybe ... it casts more of a bad light on Ronnie.
  • These hamsters are driving me up the wall. Alliances, false alliances and mysterious bus accidents, oh my.


Petals said...

G'morning Jackie & everyone!

Missed the party last night, but it was no new news anyway.

Thanks for the update, tho. Coke Zero? Is that different from Diet Coke?

Anonymous said...

Last night was really interesting in the house. My favorite moment was when Russell told Jessie, I think, that Chima was into him but he wasn't that into her. Then Jessie said Russell should hit that, or something to that effect, I wasn't paying that much attnetion, until Russell said "I'm not going to throw myself on that grenade dude." I was ROFL literally.

joy n said...

Same old arguments, same old lies, same old liars.

Even if they are changing up the clique thing, what are the odds that Jeff, Jordan or Kevin will win an HOH? Grodin's changing of that idea now seems like too little, too late to help any of the straggling gg's now. Of course, the gg's have done practically nothing to help themselves throughout this game. Why, oh why, do they keep on believing Jesse and crew?

I guess the only excitement left (after watching the rest of the gg's get picked off) is to watch the nasty ones start to devour each other. I'd love to see Natalie be the one to bring down Jesse. That would make this whole season worth watching, after all.

Jackie said...

Petals - Coke Zero is a diet soda, but it tastes like plain old non-diet Coca Cola (my longtime soda addiction). It tastes nothing like Diet Coke. It's like drinking the real thing.

joy n said...

Also, doesn't dropping the clique format just make it a lot easier to get Jeff out of there? He will no longer have that net where the aths can't nom him.

This season seems slanted all the way around.

Donna in AL said...

Hey Jackie, a friend of mine had to stop drinking the Coke Zero when she noticed a relation to those and her ankles swelling. Wierd huh? But watch out if that is all you drink.

Is the twist going to be no more cliques?

Cathi said...

Jackie, thank God for your recaps!! I try to make sense of other recaps where people are typing what's happening as it's happening, and I get so confused! I just wanted you to know that lots of people appreciate what you do even if we don't comment all the time. :-) As for the house....accckkk...I really didn't like Jesse at ALL last year, and hate that he's back and running things this year. I hold out hope for Jeff or Jordan! Cathi

Chauncey, not Billups said...

This season sucks! I was starting to have a little respect for Lydia but she messed that up by throwing Kevin under the bus. She really thinks that Jessie will save her but he will put her out or let Nat do it. When Jessie or Nat wins(i'm convinced that one of them will win unless something drastic happens) that will be exactly what everyone deserves because they sat back and let them pick everyone off one by one.

sizzie said...

I missed Showtime last night. Which isn't a bad thing. : ) But the night before Nat and Russell both said they didn't vote in the pres election. Neither are into politics, they said. Not important to the game, but I like to hear the non-game talk between hgs.

There is a rumor going around the house that Ronnie has lied. I hope that at some point Jesse says the words, "I should have put Ronnie up in stead of Casey'. Even if J ever thinks it, I don't think he would say it, but it would give me pleasure to hear.

joy n said...

Great post over on TV Squad, Jackie.

lynn1 said...

joy n I agree with you disbanding the cliques will be too little too late. The only impact it will have is that the previous clique members won't be safe if one of their previous clique mates wins HOH.
INMO the pecking order has already been established with Jessie being at the top.
He has become the pied piper of BB. He leads... they follow.
While I don't like Jessie, I have been saying for sometime he actually deserves to win because he has been playing the game. Most of the people I do like are not playing but floating along and seem to be shocked every week when the rug is jerked out from under them. I want to shake them and say wake up fools!
Even though only 2 people have been evicted I fear that the power to win HOH and veto challenges plus the numbers of people professing loyality tend to favor Jessie.
I hope that the unhappy fan base of this year's boring and predictable BB will have some major impact on next years production.

Lucy said...

Even though I am not a fan of Jessie's personality I have to give him credit for playing a good game so far. He keeps his loyal lackies close by and they do all his dirty work. Some Hamsters are not giving their all in the comps and then they wonder why Jessie always has the power. From the time they walk through the front door in the BB house they should be playing the game. BB is NOT a team sport - there is only one winner at the end of the game. If you have to lie, manipulate, and/or use people then so be it. Jessie has this game in the bag if the others do not smarten up and he deserves to win because he is actually playing the game.

unpub said...

Hi Petals,

Consider us engaged for the season (at least), no reason why only Jessie should have a showmance.

I'm still astounded at how well Jessie is playing. I wonder how much of his apparent stupidity last season was a CBS edit. He would win this thing hands down if he could even recognize his own arrogance (fat chance!) and try and control it, but his game play has been remarkably subtle for a big, self-centered lunkhead!

I can't wait to see how this plays out over the next few weeks. I think it is actually a pretty good season - not epic, mind you, but pretty good.

Joe in NY

PlaidChick said...

BBAD was rockin last night. Watching Russell hall it to the HOH room to tell Nessie what he overheard Ronnie tell Lydia and Kevin was pretty good.

Whether or not they believe him, who knows. Ronnie is up to spinning his lies. I liked it better when he was in exile.

Nessie had the HOH key around her neck last night.. I so cannot stand her.

Lydia is wacked. She gets on everyone's case about yelling, and then she starts screaming.

Wouldn't it be too easy that they dismantle the cliques? Would that really flip the house upside down? No one is loyal to their team mate except a few people.

PS: The show last night was sickening. To hear Jessie in the DRs gloating about how he's running things, and Ronnie saying it's his house, ugh.

Witt said...

Plaidchick, I echo your sentiments. Have never liked Jessie (sorry, Petals) because of his personality and arrogance, but at least he's playing the game. Ronnie, saying it's his house? Puh-lease.

Dismantling the cliques won't do too much now. And it won't come in time to save Casey.

And just who does Natalie think she is?

Witt :)

Laurie said...

unpub said: Hi Petals,
Consider us engaged for the season (at least), no reason why only Jessie should have a showmance.

LMAO! At least you admit it's only for a season to start with. Please say you won't add to your harem and pit our dear Petals against another woman!

I was thinking that the "big surprise" might be a realignment of the cliques, like merging them into two. Or, how about the surprise being that Jessie was only temporary and he is out. Or, the truth comes out that Jessie and Casey know each other and the both get the boot!

My wv is dinsitst ... Maybe a dentist is coming in a fixing bad teeth!

Cha Cha said...

to re allign the cliques would be awesome. It would make people think for themselves.
But it would suck if Nessie were still together and with Ron and Chima in their clique.
I am hoping that they have an enduranc and bring someone in...JANEY!!! I think that would be awesome.

meb said...

PlaidChick... Grodner is too dumb to realize that removing the cliques would not turn the house upside down, so if that's the surprise for next episode, bleh!

Maybe instead the cliques will be mixed up... based on pulling a color marble. Your clique would be luck of the draw.

Can't you just see Lydia getting into Jessie's clique and Natty ending up with Ronnie. Oh man, that would be so sweet.

Oh well, wishful thinking. What are some other ideas. We can't do any worse than Grodner.

unpub said...

At the risk of being run out of town on a rail: I don't mind the cliques. No one is particularly loyal to the cliques, they sort of were the first week when they didn't know anyone else in the house, but they've quickly become less relevant. BUT, they do actually create some interesting forced alliances. For example, don't you think Jeff would already be gone if he hadn't been immune 2 out of 3 weeks due to Jessie's being HOH? The whole brain/athelete group (which I know many of you hate) owes its existence, at least in part, to the fact that the brains and the atheletes were two cliques during week 1. Otherwise, do you really think Ronnie and Jessie would have ended up pals?

Again, I've been entertained so far and I think I will continue to be...even if I am occasionally yelling at the TV.

Joe in NY

P.S. I think (despite the "brains") that this must be one of the stupidest group of HGs ever! Ever since Marcellas, everyone on BB has known NEVER to be the pawn and yet this season we've already had Chima, Jordan, Michelle agreeing to BE the pawn. It's like none of them have ever watched the show and I refuse to feel sorry for them if Jessie's Posse boot all of them one by one since they are too stupid to save themselves.

Laurie said...

My issue with the cliques is the immunity it gives them when only one is the HOH. It basically makes them all HOH and with one "seasoned" member at the beginning it gives the clique an unfair advantage.

lynn1 said...

If the cliques are disolved on Thursday I think Michelle, Jeff and Kevin are in deep do do.

If Natalie should win HOH I think Lydia will be gone unless Jessie finds a way to save her.

I don't think anyone sees Jordan as a threat so she will proabbly get to stick around until they actually do need to get rid of her.

I think after all the good guys are gone we should rename the TH the "Donner party" cause they will have to devour each other.

sizzie said...

Every season BB promises something that will 'turn the game upside down'. I don't remember ever even being mildly surprised by the big surprise. Laurie, you have some good ideas...much too creative to make it to AG's game board, unfortnately. If the cliques (teams) had to exist...and I can see some positives in it (my objection was it seemed a superficial thought and not explored deeply enough before putting it into effect in the house)...I think a clique should also just have one vote. If they are immune as one, then they vote as one. That would have ruffled some feathers.

Can't pass up telling you my wv

Laurie said...

Sizzle said If they are immune as one, then they vote as one. That would have ruffled some feathers.

Now THAT would have turned the house upside down!

meb said...

Siz, I like that idea. Can you see Jessie, Russell and Natalie trying to convince Jeff to vote with them.

I admit the clique has kept Jeff safe, but was he really in peril during those two periods of when the Athletes were HOH? I don't recall that he was. Even when Brendan (was that his name) went on the block, had Jeff been nom'd at that time, I don't believe he would have been the one to go home.

It's just a ho-hum season for me so far, but it's because who I think are the GG are in trouble, while the TH IMO have the control. If the GG were in control, I would be loving this year. Happens every year doesn't it.

Cha Cha said...

If there is something that will shake the house this Thursday why haven't there been any leaks.

Before the show begins to air we know who is HOH and how long they are in the house.

Where are the leaks. I don't want to wait till Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Maybe BB just got the drug test results back and Jessie, Natalie, and Russell failed for taking steroids and they are banned and Jordan and Casey don't have to leave this week plus they put Laura and Braden back in the game. That would be OK by me.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Maybe they bring back Laura and automatically make her HOH, now that would turn the house upside down.

Petals said...

I'm sooo excited about my new showmance (xoxox to JoeNY)

And you must ALL know how happy I am to see a softening on the Jessie-bash.

I also loved the Chima/grenade comment - I cracked-up just reading about it! LOL

Jax - will try the Coke Zero. I'm always on the hunt for a new health drink! :)

PlaidChick said...

Cha-Cha: The house shake-up won't happen until tomorrow, when Julie announces it.

I'm thinking instead of groups of 4it would be fun to see them go into 2 groups. I would LMAO if all their fake alliances get broken up. The only two people who haven't ratted eachother out are Jeff and Jordan, which is why I like them so much.

The two teams would be: Ronnie, Russell, Natalie, Jordan, Lydia

Jessie, Jeff, Michele, Chima, Kevin.

When they get to 7, they get to compete for themselves. Now that would shake some serious sh-t up.

And once again there is talk of: I just want to get to the jury house, and tomorrow is definitely an endurance comp, so BFF's Lydia and Natalie make trashbags dresses to protect themselves from the potential elements. It's fine to be a student of the game, but it's a wee too predictable.

Cha Cha said...


I know the surprise wont happen until Julie announces it but its surprising there haven't been any leaks about what it is from the insiders of BB.

There are always leaks pre season and the first few days in the house before anything goes "live".

RJM in SC said...

I think the best surprise and shake up would be for Casey to be brought right back in. Now that would make Jesse and his posse flip out!! Wishfull thinking I know.

sizzie said...

RJM in SC mentioned bringing someone back. As long as we are throwing out "I wish" scenarios, I would say that I wish Jessie enemy from his first season on BB (already forgot who that is !) would come into the house.

I just finished watching last night's show. Casey had the hug from Hell from Ronnie and even talked about how everyone was getting along with him but still didn't see that as a clue. ???

Cha Cha said...

Like that but to make it better would be that he comes back in as HOH!!!
If that happened would be want Ronnie or Jesse out more. I think Jesse

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Cha Cha, i think it would be Jessie but if he couldn't get him i think he would settle for Ronnie or Natalie.

Cha Cha said...

Yeah, i really think it would be Jesse and Ronnie up with Natalie as the backup.

I want Jesse out in WEEK 4.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

I want him gone also in week 4, sounds like Michelle might be the one who has the balls to put him up, no one else even mentions it. Lydia is sooooooo stoooopid.

Loneseven said...

I'm glad someone else (besides me) has acknowledged that Jessie is playing a pretty good game and the majority are just hanging around waiting to see what's gonna happen next. WTG Jessie!!!

ORKmommy said...

Message from Orkmommy

"I haven't been able to watch the show because I have DTV and our local CBS
affiliate has a crappy signal & I can only get CBS if I go on my roof naked and
do a handstand while holding the antenna with the third toe on my left foot!
I'm not very happy about that! Tell everyone I miss them and I would be
watching if the government hadn't decided we needed to upgrade to this wonderful
new DTV technology! :)"

PlaidChick said...

Cha Cha You're right about all the preseason leaks, people seem to clam up as soon as the season starts.

joy n said...

Orkmommy, now that's a pretty picture! Can you watch on your pute? Miss your funny comments.

Hey, Joe in NY, said hi to you way back in some long ago post. If you missed it, hi again! I agree that changing the cliques at this point probably won't help much. Loyalty among these groups has been long lost.

Sydney said...

Anon 8:20 AM -- THX for reporting the grenade comment. Now THAT comment may show he's eligable for the Brains clique.