Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Into Dawn Friday 7/30

This is going to be rather quick and to the point as I just finished writing up two articles for TV Squad and have to get my butt in gear to face the day --
  • Kevin won the five grand.
  • Jordan won the ability to choose the have or have nots for the week.
  • Russell has said he will keep his word to Jeff.
  • He plans on putting Ronnie and someone else on the block.
  • Russell told them he'll talk to people tomorrow.
  • Russell and Jeff are both in rough shape.
  • Lydia is making a spectacle of herself. She might end up going on the block if she keeps whining about going on the block.
  • Russell said he won't nominate Jessie, Jeff, Jordan, Chima or Natalie.
  • He should take Natalie off that list.
  • It leaves Michele, Kevin, or Lydia on the block with Ronnie. I think it would be one of the girls.
  • Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

There's one thing I really love about BB and that is just how delusional the HG get when they only have their little friends in the house to talk to. On just about every poll I've seen Ronnie is the least liked person in the house and yet they all believe that people adore him. It's kind of amazing when you think about it.

Petals said...

Thanks Ms Jackie,
The endurance comp appears to have been as painful about which to report as it was to endure.

SOOOO creepy & funny that Lydia off'd to take the slop for Jessie. LOVE him for declining. xoxox

Have a great day everyone!

Petals said...

P.S. I still love Jessie!! He is adorable. I know I am the cheese, but he is my cracker and if I stand alone, at least I am standing on a really sexy Trisquit!
Although the term "cracker" certainly applies more to Lydia!
{side note, word of explanation to my date}
Joe - Sorry I slid off our comfy floatie last night without even saying good night. The spinning HGs made me a lil sick and sleepy, and I crashed. But I had a great time! Are we still "on" for Sunday?

Petals said...

from Jessie:
"Lydia-Chalmydia - How can I get rid'o'ya? You watch me while I sleep? That really gives me the creeps! Find your own bed, go back on your meds. You need to get a life, because PETALS is my wife!"

tbc said...

I sure hope America doesn't give the coup d'etat to Jessie!!! (sorry Petals).

tbc said...

I just voted...if you voted before 9:20pm EST time, the votes DIDN'T count. You may want to go back and revote...just a heads up.

Margo said...

Buh bye banana boy. Sorry to see you go.

Chima drama queen – Brent McKee, Delee, DonnaFL
Jeff the hunk – sizzie, dla, Margo
Jordan the ditz – Becky, meb, Lynn1
Where’s Kevin? – Tessa, NanaNW, Laurie
Lydia the Ho – Witt, RBennie, Gaylos
Michele TMI – Sydney, ORKmommy, Susan FL
Natalie the ho wannabe – Caroline, Jennasmom, Plaidchick
Ronnie the Dorkapotamus – Sally, Catonine, nina
Russell has roid rage – TerryCA, Zoetawny, Aunt Leigh
Jessie the Tool – Lars Eller, Feral Cat, Petals

Braden – KarenCA, Monty924, DonnaAL
Laura – nomad, SueGee, Sasha
Casey – PDX Granny, Jackie, Patti in kzoo

Chauncey, not Billups said...

I voted ten times, 5 for Jeff 5 for Jordan. My desperate attempt to help this show.

Delee said...

The stupid voting thing is still messed dot to check for the bottom row...afraid to vote again...anyone else having that problem?

Sharon S said...

Ronnie the Dorkapotumas -- love it!

Anonymous said...

Natalie kept telling everyone that she is going a week with no shower after she found out she is a have not. She must have said it 7 times and Chima said she never showers anyway, lol.

RBennie said...

So who exactly are the have nots? I can't wait to see what kind of HOH Russell will turn out to be. I doubt that he will be putting up Jessie or Natalie, but I think Ronnie is a safe bet. I really wish Jeff would have hung in there though. I hope he wins the coup d'etat.

Cha Cha said...

The have nots are Jesse, Nat, and Kevin. Remember Nat has the slop pass.
Kevin took a chip from Russell last night after have nots started.

Natalie is mad that the have nots started last night. not on friday when the comp usually is.

Jesse is complaining and I think this will be the death of him in the game. Don't really think that Russell trusts him that much.

Connie in Fl. said...

These bozo's--Jesse,Natalie,Ronnie
and Lydia will never accept that
America has them pegged correctly.
They will say that we are wrong.
Their attitude does not need any
adjustment. I wish they would throw Natalie in the shower and pour liquid soap over her head.


RBennie said...

What was with Julie's lame interrogation last night of Lydia, Natalie and Jessie. Talk about beating a dead horse! She wasn't getting a thing out of them, and should have just let it go. Her interview skills are seriously lacking. I do think she looked cute last night though.

meb said...

The same with the Jessie interview Rbennie... when he used the word platonicfor both Nattie and Lydia, she should have picked him up on it as to Lydia.. since when did HJ's count as a platonic relationship?

Then she forgot to mention the graduation gifts available to the players for HOH. She had to call out to them after the comp had started.

But she did look nice.

Do you think Ronnie took a dive so he could get one of the 5 gifts? He was probably hoping for the $5,000.

Sally said...

Does the person who wins the Coup D'Etat get to both remove the people nominated for eviction and name the replacement nominees? Or does the HOH get to name the replacements?

My wv is gypen: The HOH might think the coup d'etat is gypen him.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Best case scenario for me would be Russell gets Ronnie out this week, Jeff or Jordan get the coup d'etat and use it to put up Jessie and Natalie, then Jordan or Jeff win HOH and get the whoever is left between Jessie and Nat out the following week. i can dream

Laurie said...

I like how you dream, Chauncy.

Big fish you have there, too!

meb said...

Chauncey... I love your idea and the reason I responded is because of my wv after reading your post:

fatepig... Believing your thought is the fate of the pig(s) (Jessie and Natalie).

Cha Cha said...

The winner of the CDT gets to veto the nominiees and replace them. The only safe houseguests are the HOH and POV winner and of course the CDT holder(JEFF)...

In other info I just watched inside dish with Ross matthews. Casey was on. I really am going to miss him in the house

Chauncey, not Billups said...

I'm really gonna miss casey also, he was holding it down for the 40yr olds, really wish BB would increase the number of "old Folks" on the show. i understand about the eye candy but older HG have a lot to add to the game.

Laurie said...

I would love to see an equal number of people in their 20s, 30s, 40s and a few in their 50s on the show. Maybe that could be the "gimmick" for next year. Let's watch life experience count as much as fake boobs or big muscles.

Caroline said...

FYI, according to the poll on Jeff has a sizable lead in the "Who are you voting to win the Coup D'Etat". That's good news, but everyone who likes Jeff should keep voting.

Vote Jeff, Vote Often!

Joe in NY said...

I would be willing to wager that both Ronnie and Jessie are still in the house a week from now.

Why? Because Russell sort of has his secret alliance with Ronnie. He'll nominate him, but then he'll look to backdoor someone else (Lydia?) Russell and Jessie seem to get along and I think they will stay aligned for now because Russell will not want to make waves (as most HOH's do not) which makes Michelle a likely back door victim (or front door).

Now, I know all you Jeffies are dying for him to get the CDT and use it to nominate Jessie and either Ronnie/Nat/Lydia. BUT, even if he wins it, he won't use it this week (I say ever) since he and Jordan should be safe due to the deal with Russell and he wouldn't use it to simply target Jessie since that would be strategically dumb and Jeff is smarter than that.

Net result of all that reasoning: Jessie and Ronnie survive the week. (95% chance on Jessie, I'd put Ronnie at more like 75%)

Off-topic: Petals, first you propose to me, now you propose to Jessie. This blomance has barely gotten off the ground and you're already a bigamist! And you can't accuse me of the same with Natalie since I only said she was hot, I didn't propose any official union with her! I'm very sad and hurt... :(

meb said...

Joe, I think you're right. Hate the thought that Ronnie will stay in the house, but even if Russell puts him up, Jessie has enough lackies following him, that he can convince those jerks to vote to evict whoever is on the block with Ronnie.

However, if it's Lydia, Jessie may have second thoughts since who would be available to do his HJ'S? Well, maybe Ronnie.

Anyway, if Russell doesn't nominate Ronnie, Jeff may use his power, but I would think he'd wait until the following week to see who gets HOH and who THEY put up for eviction. It might be him and Jordon so he could use that power to save the both of them that week.

BTW, I noticed that Petals married Jessie... it concerned me because we all knew you and she were a pair here at Jackie's. I'm shocked and appalled!

joy n said...

Why, Petals, you little two-timer, you.

Joe, didn't that wandering eye get you into trouble last time?

Joe in NY said...

joy n said...
Why, Petals, you little two-timer, you.

Joe, didn't that wandering eye get you into trouble last time?

7/31/2009 3:04 PM

I don't recall getting into trouble, but clearly I'm still single!

Anonymous said...

Russell isn't stupid. He just might have to put up either Jessie or Natalie in order to get Ronnie out of the house. I don't think he really likes Ronnie. I think he realizes that if anyone is on the block with Ronnie like Michelle or Kevin, Ronnie has a better chance of staying. I do believe that he doesn't trust Ronnie after hanging outside the door with Casey and eavesdropping on him and Lydia and Kevin talking b.s. about him and Casey. Then again, Russell is really hard to read. He did vote for Casey to stay and he may have just been influenced enough by Casey telling him how Russell is the low man on the totem pole in the Jessie/Nat/Ronnie alliance. I do believe Russ is smart enough not to waste his HOH. I also think Jeff is smart enough not to waste the coup d'etat this week if he wins it.

RBennie said...

My take on Russell is that he voted for Jordan not so much because of his promise to Casey, but more so to show how "honorable" he is to GGs. He knew there was no chance that Casey was staying, so there was no harm in throwing a vote Jordan's way.

Chauncey, not Billups said...

Joe, i did say it was a dream..... and you just had to wake me Jeff and Jordan will probably remain targets the remainder of the time they are in the house unless they win HOH or POV. Breaking up the cliques does nothing but let the athlete nominate Jeff, they will continue marching like lemmings to their demise while Jessie, Nat and Ronnie watch and giggle.

PlaidChick said...

I had to laugh when Russell told Ronnie he was safe, then Russell gave a nod to the cameras. Ronnie couldn't wait to tell Jessie and Nastalie that he was safe. However, he has told several: "Ronnie said his game is lying, so I'll lie to him."

I think Ronnie goes up, and he knows it. He looks very nervous. If he doesn't, Jeff will more than likely use the CDT (if he wins)

I was glad to see Jessie isn't all that delusional when Ronnie was explaining to him how the CDT works to he and Nastalie. Jessie said "All of America hates me." Petals still loves you Jessie :)

formerly anon said...

If Russell is smart, then he'll put up Ronnie and Jessie, let them play for POV, and if Jessie gets taken down, put up Natalie. If Ronnie gets taken down, put up Natalie.

Ronnie is just revolting to watch, he just shuffles around the house with his droopy drawers, thinking he's all that.

wv: unretra

"Ronnie is as unretra as one could possibly get"

Becky said...

I hope Russell puts up two of the TH. Like Natalie and Lydia. If one wins POV, then put Jesse's behind in the chair. But he won't.

WV quisha -- someone is going to quisha Ronnie like a roach under their foot.

formerly anon said...

I was very annoyed with Jordan last night (BBAD). It started with her including Jeff in the HaveNot pick. That was just inexcusable, and I think it's making Jeff think twice. Jordan thinks there was no harm no foul, but there was harm which was Jessie telling Jeff that he now "owes him" one. That just really pissed off Jeff, as it should.

Then Jordan somewhat redeems herself (to me) by trying to explain to Jeff what she was doing with the "Play it out" comments in the yard. She apparently saw what I saw, which was that Russell was struggling very much and was not going to last much longer, and it was her coded way of trying to tell that to Jeff. I almost wish she had just been blunt and TOLD Jeff straight up, especially if he didn't have his contacts in and she knew he couldn't see well.

Then several times Jeff tries to snuggle with Jordan, trying to kiss her, and every time she manages to deflect it! WTF? I just don't get her. I know it's got to be frustrating to Jeff, getting such mixed signals from such a mixed-up person. Every other woman in America would LOVE to be in her shoes (just briefly mind you) and she's barely even conscious.

So, on one hand she's very astute, and on another, she's obliviousness personified.

And what the hell is up with the dirty socks people? Why the hell is the floor in that house so frikken dirty? These pigs continually put their feet on pillows, peoples beds, etc, YUCK!

They are disgusting.

joy n said...

Rbennie, I agree with you. I still don't trust Russell. My long shot hope is that he will backdoor Jesse. THEN I'd have some respect for his gameplay because the Th will then run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get a new plan in gear.

Joe, didn't you have two chicks on the line last go-round?

Delee said...

They got squid and squash, bet that is flipping Jesse's lid...yippee!

formerly anon said...

So there were 5 graduation "gifts"

1 = Jordan slop god
2 = Kevin $5k

what were the other 3?

wv = hervites

Me thinks Jordan outght to take hervites today

formerly anon said...

I didn't even vote on the food thing this week cuz all 3 choices sounded like I'd be ok with them.

Squid? Calamari? HELLO you asswipes on slop, people pay big bucks for that shit, WTF?

And squash? Hell, I could live on that alone too.


vw = Phshe

Jessie, now that his comfort zone has been violated, is showing what a Phshe he really is, and why America hates him (sorry Petals!)

formerly anon said...

Speaking of slop, someone riddle me this:

After the slop designees were determined, I heard Nat say "I wish I could give Jessie my slop pass"

And why pray tell couldn't she? Anyone? Buehler?

She's such a bitch.

And, Kevin is having a hard time on slop, why didn't his BFF Lydia volunteer to do slop for him, like she did for Jessie?

I hope some of them wakie wakie this week.

I think Jessie on slop is going to stir up enough drama in the house this week that things might change

wv = accipt

Jessie should just accipt that he's a punk and be done with it

formerly anon said...

And may I be the first to predict that someone in that house is going to get kinky with the squid.

Not sayin' who, but I see it comin'

wv = mishi

I hope I mishi that

Nana in the NW said...

formally anon.--Nat. couldn't give up her slop pass because she has already eaten.

As for Jordan, I hope her deflecting Jeff's advances is because she doesn't want to do anyhting to upset her family. I would be really dissappointed if she was just using him....

I think if Jeff wins CAT he won't use it this week either since him and Jordan are safe. Knowing he can get Ronnie out next week should be enough for him. Now if Jordan wins she will be sure Ronnie goes(unless she listens to Jeff).

Why haven't we heard what was in the other 3 graduation gifts? What was in Chima, Michele, and Natalie's boxes?

Isn't today the nominations?

Zoetawny said...

Hey guys!

We certainly can say BB isn't boring this season. AG made sure there would be lots of drama when she chose this cast. But, I sure wish I could find someone to root for. I like Jeff but not sure if that's because he's the most "normal" person in the house and it doesn't hurt that he's great looking. ;)

I've really had enough of Russel, Jessie and Natalie. But then you can add Ronnie, Chima and Lydia to the list.

I knew that it would be Casey sent packing last night and was sort of happy that Jordan stayed.

Lydia! Get a clue that Jessie is using you and doesn't give a darn about you. OY!

I think Ronnie forgot that playing video games is not the same as playing a game with REAL live people. He's really cooked his goose and I don't see how he can redeem himself. I can't stand looking at his smirk.


Thanks for staying glued to the feeds to report the new HOH last night. I have to check out your report over at TV Squad. I didn't quite get the deal that Jeff and Russel made or was it a deal? I hope you're doing all right over there. I know how much you must miss Scherzo. ::::sigh:::: I almost forgot, did you ever get the graphic I made of Chima? I think I sent it a couple of weeks ago. Sorry I'm not around to make more graphics for the board. I do enjoy the screen caps you always put up for us.

OT: My Shadow has had some health problems since April and I'm very stressed out about it. I had to take him to the vet again on Monday since he was acting like he was in serious heart wrenching to see. Turns out he has an injured disk in his neck but I have no idea how he could have injured himself. He's an indoor pampered pooch and he's always with us. He's has 4 different medications and it's been exasperating trying to get him to take his meds. OK, that's enough. I could go on and on about my dogs. ;)

Have a great weekend all!

Laurie said...

meb said However, if it's Lydia, Jessie may have second thoughts since who would be available to do his HJ'S? Well, maybe Ronnie.

meb, you hussy! I nearly spit out my diet coke on that one.

Zoetawny, good to read you again. So sorry about your pooch.

Becky, I see you are wearing your "it's this long" avatar again. High Five!

formerly anon said...

Nana, yeah I know, after Nat ate she could not transfer the pass, but what about before? You know, during those moments when Lydia was volunteering to do it for Jessie? Nat couldn't have used the pass then yet since the "formal" announcement hadn't been made until some time later after Jordan consulted in the DR.

She could have done it. She didn't want to do it. Jessie should take note of that.

I bet that Jeff is the only one in the house who even has a figment of a clue as to how to cook squid, and i hope he doesn't bail Jessie out by doing it. Jessie will effectively alienate everyone this week while his muscles atrophy and his body goes into glycemic shock

Yes, I'm going to hell, so?

wv = cespi

These hamsters seem to like living in a cespi

Margo said...


My Pumpkin had that last summer and it really pulled at my heart strings to see her is so much pain. She went on sonme kind of antiinflammitory medicine and a pain killer that made her very sleepy. I was supposed to keep her confined and not let her jump around. Me being the bleeding heart let her sleep in my bed and sit on the couch and watch TV. I finally caved and made her stay in the cage except to go out a potty. Once I did this she was all better in a couple weeks. I took her to a specialist cause she might need surgery and she started to feel better like the day before. She barked and lunged at every dog in the waiting room and the Dr laughed at her and said whatever was wrong is now right and sent us on our way.

I hope your doggy can heal itself like Pumpkin. She has no affects of her injury now. She runs around and barks and jumps on the furniture and beds. SHe is really and idiot but don't tell her she thinks she is the boss of us all.

Good to hear from you.


Dave B. said...

wv = deriasc

Deriasc...what Lydia will do if she goes on the block this week?

Becky said...

OT: My Shadow has had some health problems since April and I'm very stressed out about it. I had to take him to the vet again on Monday since he was acting like he was in serious heart wrenching to see. Turns out he has an injured disk in his neck but I have no idea how he could have injured himself.

Zoetwany, is your Shadow overweight? That is the biggest cause of neck, back and hip problems. Our Pebbles was and it caused major neck problems. Her Daddy let those eyes get to him and would overfeed both girls. We put her on a diet (supplement part of the kibble and wet food with vegetables). Both of my Beagles are pampered pooches who's idea of exercise is running to the kitchen every time someone is in there.

You can use any veggies, but stay away from carrots and other sweet starchy foods. You can use canned vegetables -- just make sure they are unsalted. We use salt free French cut green beans.

We also put a little fat free plain yogurt (about a tablespoon) into their food each night. Pebbles tended to have yucky ears (inside)and they are very clean now.

Good luck with the baby. BTW, a dear friend suggest accupuncture for Pebbles. We have a vet here who does it and it got rid of the pain after two treatments. Better than using steroids that can damage the kidney and liver.

WV decali -- we had to decali our girls diet.

formerly anon said...

Funny-as-hell quote over at JU:

"Lydia and RUss talking about Jordan putting Jeffs name in the hat and she must be playing BB: Jordan Version"

wv = dones

Dones we all want Ronnie gone?

formerly anon said...

Another interesting quote from JU:

"Russ says his sister and brother wrote subliminal messages in his HOH letter and he knows what they are"

I'll have to find those and see if I can decode it. I remember that his sister was using awfully flowery language, lots of big-ass words, I wonder if his clue was in that, or in the part that he didn't read outloud?

wv = noidis

Noidis Jessie as often as I can, not Jeff

formerly anon said...

Ronnie apparently keeps going around the house saying how he is exactly the same at home as he is in BB.

WOW, he's proud of this? Just WOW.

I wish I could be a fly on a wall when he gets back to his world and discovers what America really thought of him!

wv = swory

Ronnie will be vewwy swory when he goes home

formerly anon said...

I really hope that Russell uses his HOH wisely. As Lydia said, getting rid of one of the weirdos who don't win anything (her and Kevin) is just stupid. Even putting one of them (L/K) up with Ronnie is a gamble because the house may decide to get rid of L/K over Ronnie.

Russell needs to have either Jessie or Natalie up with Ronnie. That way, any outcome is a good one.

The best would be to make Ronnie go home this week so that he doesn't go into jury house, and so that he can learn how wrong he has been about his image.

formerly anon said...

We should know the noms soon. If it's the predictable Lydia/Ronnie, then we'll know Russell isn't that great of a player.

A Ronnie/Jessie nom would be ideal, and would secure a possible win for Russell. We'll know soon if he's playin' to win or just place.

Laurie said...

Jackie has a new post up with the happenings in the house today.

Joe in NY said...

Jessie should just accipt that he's a punk and be done with it

7/31/2009 4:48 PM

In my opinion, Casey showed himself to be 10x the punk Jessie is.

Joe in NY said...

OT: My Shadow has had some health problems since April and I'm very stressed out about it. I had to take him to the vet again on Monday since he was acting like he was in serious heart wrenching to see. Turns out he has an injured disk in his neck but I have no idea how he could have injured himself. He's an indoor pampered pooch and he's always with us. He's has 4 different medications and it's been exasperating trying to get him to take his meds. OK, that's enough. I could go on and on about my dogs. ;)

I'm sorry to hear about Shadow. Is he a Dachshund or other long spine dog? They are VERY prone to disk injuries, even if they are pampered indoor dogs. We have a GREAT rehab facility hear that performs miracles on spine injuries.

Having just spent the last 7 weeks half-carrying my 150 pound dog around after $5000 knee surgery, I can sympathize with anyone going through pet issues. When you see them in pain and can't do anything, and they are struggling to be dogs despite the pain, it is heart-breaking. And then, when I thought there was a chance I would lose him forever...I spent many nights just crying over him - I think he thought I was losing my mind.

Fortunately, he's starting to get around GREAT on his own and we are (knock wood) on the downslope of the recovery with only another 2 weeks before he is (hopefully) 100% again.

Light pat on the lower back for Petals, despite her two-timing ways!!!

Petals said...

*peck* to Joe. You know you're my REAL husband. Jessie is just assigned to me in the pool.

Love your dog.