Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Evening Sunday 7/12

The bosom body buddies discuss their well-muscled futures. However, the expression on Michele's face below better portrays how I feel about the feeds tonight.

Yep, that's how I feel! Here's what's happened since the POV ceremony in that Big Brother House of High School Nightmares:
  • Jessie wants his own action figure. I have no words to describe how I feel about that.
  • Braden doesn't think they'll stay in cliques very long. He has a point. I'm shocked. I didn't expect it from him.
  • The cliques are messing with the hamsters voting the way they would under normal circumstances.
  • They CAN vote out a member of their own clique, but many have promised not to do so.
  • Braden tried a rather mellow laidback campaign to save himself.
  • Kevin says he's going to vote out Braden because he thinks Braden hasn't approached him as a friend because he's gay.
  • I don't think that's Braden's issue with him.
  • These gals, for the most part, are wearing too much make-up.
  • Eh, they're cooking dinner.
  • They're being boring. They need to quit that.


Sydney said...

yep, it seemed last night they didn't do anything special for the 3 hour live how after dark. In a way, that might be better, because last year it was so obvious that the HG's were just putting on a 3 hour show during those hours, so we rarely got a glimpse of what might be happening on the off hours.

AlbGlinka said...

Okay, I'm checking things out here on my breaks at work, I'm hooked!

Jessie makes my eyes and brain hurt. What clique do I fit into?

Anonymous said...


Laurie said...

Anon, read the live blogging post before this one and you'll get your info. Could you not type in all caps? It looks like you are yelling.

Anonymous said...

It was Lydia and Chima but now it's Chima and Braden on the block due to POV. you don't have to scroll through the last blog.

Nina said...

dang these hgs are really dumb. The one who wins will be the one who realizes that they need to start playing this game from week 2 and on.

Michelle and Casey have potential IMO. Ronnie too I guess if he would shut up more.

monty924 said...

I see the nasty posts have already begun. UGH! Anon 12:34 and 12:36, we don't behave that way here. If you want to pick on folks, you really should choose another forum.


Anonymous said...

i'm rooting for michele or nat.

Anonymous said...

I liked Lydia better when she was on the block. She's a bit slzzzy with Russ after complaining about him earlier today on the feeds.

Jackie said...

Sorry, anons ... posts which don't play nice with others get removed here. Diss the hamsters as much as you wish, but not the commenters.

Anonymous said...

I think Anon 12:17 and Anon 12:35 is the same person... the Anon who keeps leaving annoying one liners that are so obvious. Go somewhere else and troll.

Jayne said...

Well as hard as it was, I let hubby watch BB in one room while I played pool on the computer in another room. Shaow 1 of boycott BB until Jesse leaves has begun. Thank god for Jackie, this blog and all the comments. I get my BB fix that way. My hubby said he finds Chima near as annoying as Jesse. What do others think?

Laurie said...

Thanks Jackie.

Nana in the NW said...

Hmmmmm......seems like the games have begun. FYI--If you are posting as Anon. but don't want to be confused with the "not so nice" anon. just mark Name/URL, a new screen will come up, put in whatever name you want, do the word verification and hit publish your comment. It still doesn't give any personal info about you but also lets us regulars be able to start identifing you with a name.....does that make sense?

I've been gone so haven't had time to read any of the commentary at Joker's; just got caught up thanks to Jackie's highlights. No real favorites yet. A few I'm not fond of....Chima, Jesse, Russell. I have always hated cliques and this is re-enforcing everything I think of them!

Laurie said...

Jayne, from what we've seen of Chima so far, I agree with your husband. We didn't see a lot of her last night but what we did was not pretty. Poor sport princess with a superior attitude ... IMO

Glenn said...

Thanks again Jackie for all of the updates. Who does everyone want to be voted out between Braden and Chima? Chima was a sore loser during the Have Have not competition. I don't know to much about Braden. Have they shown anymore about the athletes and nerds alliance?

Peg said...

Jayne mentioned not liking Chima. Originally, I would agree. However, after I read her background, I'm willing to tolerate her. IMO, some of her reactions to the have/have not comp may be related to her background, as well as her manerisms. Now, Jesse on the other hand, is another story. Get him out of my TV!

Jackie said...

Glenn - The boys and Michelle plan is to backdoor Braden. Most of the rest of the house seem to want Chima gone, but some can't vote her out because they promised her. I think Braden will get the boot, but I doubt it will be unanimous.