Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Into Friday Evening 7/17

Well, the nominations are in. Did Ronnie put up one of the Power Tools? Nope. He put Laura and Jeff on the block. He claims Jeff isn't going home. Jordan's key was pulled first, Russell's last. Here's how things went down:
  • Interesting -- before the noms, Chima told Ronnie she wanted him to put Jeff and Laura on the block.
  • There was another blow-up between Drama Chima and Michele, this time over a bed. Chima had said that a bed was hers, later Michele came along and said that she didn't see her name on it. Meow.
  • In the Have/Have Not comp Natalie won a bathing suit, at least Natalie and Chima won a movie night.
  • Chima thinks that she's going to be portrayed as the troublemaker in the house.
  • Russell asked Jessie if Ronnie made any deal with him for the final two. Jessie told him no.
  • Jordan is concerned with her own safety because Laura is her closest friend in the house. She thinks she's next.
  • Laura claims she's going to remain calm. Yeah, right.
  • Jordan is really irked with the show's twist this season. She doesn't like the high school clique stuff and thinks it would be a different game had Jessie not come in the house with power.
  • She's right.
  • Natalie wants to backdoor Russell this week but Jessie isn't too keen on the idea.
  • Russell claims that Ronnie has played everyone.
  • Russell yelled at Lydia for talking game.
  • He is really scary when he screams.
  • Lydia is upset. She thinks that Russell is abusive. Natalie, Chima, Kevin, and Lydia have been talking about Russell. They're all a bit scared of him and he's too cocky.
  • They all know that Russell has been making deals with everyone for final two.
  • Ronnie said that Laura is dangerous to their alliance, emotions can't be trusted.
  • There are rumblings with Ronnie and others that Russell might be backdoored if Laura comes off the block with the PoV.
  • He thinks that Jeff might be upset with him, but Jeff will not be going home this week.
So, that's where we stand -- Jeff and Laura on the block. Laura is the target. If Laura comes off the block with the PoV, I think Russell might want to watch his back. His backdoor, that is.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Jackie, I havent been able to watch Big brother after dark so I feel like i am missing everything..
If Laura goes home she will just blame it on her boobies
-Jamie Mae-

joy n said...

Wouldn't it be absolutely wonderful to see one of Dumb and Dumber backdoored this week?