Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Brother 11: Live Feeds Into Monday Evening 7/13

Lydia naps in the hammock.

Gee, since the brouhaha earlier today, nothing much is going on. As I post this, Braden and Jeff are playing pool, Lydia is in the hammock, and the rest of the hamsters are gathered in the kitchen all talking at once ... which makes conversation hard to follow! Here's the way skinny skinny on happenings in the house since my last update:
  • Chima likened the Have Not sleeping conditions to waterboarding. She said if she knew she'd be sleeping on metal, she wouldn't have come on the show.
  • I have no sympathy for her. I'd never go on the show because hamsters have to do such stupid things, eat slop, humiliate themselves in public, and be torn apart by snarky bloggers.
  • All of the girls except Natalie dressed up for dinner. She wore her standard sweats.
  • And, that's about it.
  • We need a bigger and better brouhaha!

Jeff seems to have a Jason Bateman thing going on in this screen cap.


Sydney said...

That he does, Jackie. You nailed it (or made it more interesting, as is ALWAYS the case)!


Anonymous said...

Alcohol is served. Partay is on again tonight.

Laurie said...

So, you think the sleeping on metal is the only thing she doesn't like? I'm betting she is sorry she is there for a lot of reasons. Yes, one of those is probably the snarky bloggers tear her apart. She's such a good target!

Jeff did have a Jason Bateman thing going on, and in a good way. Good eye, Jackie!

You know, this high school group thing is running a very close second to the "love match" pairing they did a few seasons back. Not working for me or for most people, I think. Except maybe for the jocks but one of them already said high school was his best 8 years, or something like that.

Petals said...

Yes - I see Jason Bateman! Good call.

I wonder what Lydia would look like without her makeup? She does a great job, but I'd be curious to see her without it, you know?

I think BB is withholding the libations this season. Spent too much of the budget on the scrap-metal bedroom. Makes for a boring crowd.

The only thing they seem to do is that Jessie and Russell
play "chest". My theoryis that they've renamed the terms as follows:
pawn: brawn
rook: hook
bishop: push-up
knight: tight
Queen: lean
King: mean
check: "how much can you bench?"
checkmate: "prove it"

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or do these folks love to touch their bosoms. I like most of the HG but is it ok to touch yourself in public???

PlaidChick said...


PlaidChick said...

I almost think I would rather watch Danielle make cookies, or Natalie paint with finger polish on paper towels

They so need to liven it up!


meb said...

Jackie, not having the feeds, you noted that all the girls dressed for dinner except Natalie... who's doing the cooking?

Becky, I don't have knitting needles, you'll have to bring yours.

Chima has already gotten on my last nerve and I've only seen her once. All of you talking about her has finished her off as far as I'm concerned, and I hope they vote her off.

TerryinCA said...

thinking maybe a good twist would be to kick off a whole team at a time...short season, and spare us this yawner......

Jackie, love the Bateman reference, totally!

Becky said...

Petals, your "chest" moves are hysterical! Give yourself a point.

Anonymous said...

I think Jeff from the side looks a little like Nick Lachey !

I love to look at Russell so I understand why he likes to constantly look in the mirror ! Lol

joy n said...

The more pictures I see of Jeff, the cuter he gets.

The more I hear about Chima, the more I hope she goes this week.

Sydney said...

Petals, they need you in the house to create some excitement.

I think this pic of Lydia sleeping looks a little like == what? A cross between a peroxide Betty Paige (or Betty Boop?) and Jessica Rabbit?