Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn 7/18

Jessie and Lydia whisper sweet nothings at each other in the wee hours of the morn. Ew. I'm just not getting that showmance at all. With the exception of "favors" from her, I can't get why they're even friends at all. Talk about people just using people!

In other late night house news:
  • The producers won't let Ronnie get his hair done in a Mohawk due to continuity reasons. When has that ever stopped them before? When you watch the show, season after season, you can always catch them using old clips for filler.
  • If Ronnie did get a Mohawk, he'd look even more like PeeWee Herman. Or, at the very least, a bad SNL characterization of PeeWee Herman.
  • Jeff, although reassured he's safe this week, is intent on winning the PoV to save himself.
  • Laura knows she's the target and her only hope to stay is to win the PoV.
  • During late night hanging out, the guys all decided to speak with an Irish (?) accent. Bad Irish (?) accents, too.
  • As Have Nots, Laura and Jordan can't have any booze. They think Russell shouldn't have any booze.
  • Russell, perhaps fueled by booze when he raged at Lydia, seems to be the only one who's really acted up with the alcohol.
  • Ronnie told Jordan (who's very worried) that he won't put her on the block.
  • They all think Dan (BB10) looks different in person. Lydia said he was a weinie.
  • Jordan really has issues with thinking she's dumb. As I watch her on the feeds, she might be lacking some formal educational background, but she can be so spot on when reading people.
  • As it stands now, Laura is the main target of the entire house if the noms remain the same. Jeff should be way safe ... almost to the point of a unanimous vote.
  • If one gets saved, it's likely Russell will be put on the block.
  • Jessie says he won't vote Russell out. Well, duh. That would be like losing his evil clone brother.


Petals said...

G'morning Ms Jackie & E'one!
Jax,I believe your take on Jordan is correct. As I'd stated before, she may be more a brain than anyone suspected.
Ronnie wants a 'hawk? Does he that that will make him "cool"? OMG - they really are regressing to high school: Remember when the nerd would wear too much Polo aftershave? Same effect: as my dad would say, "That dog just don't hunt".

PS - my WV is "refore". I think I will try to use it in a sentence, as it has an Anglo prep sound, doesn't it?

Dave B. said...

Pee Wee Ronnie....
He reminds me of the guy in those "I'm a Mac"..."I'm a PC" commercials.

joy n said...

Why did I EVER think I liked Lydia? I just can't see her form of gameplay win this for her. Maybe she and Jess suit each other. I'm having these icky memories of Gnat and Matt.

Ronnie in a mohawk is not a sight I think I want to see.

I also think that everyone in that house ought to be afraid, very afraid, of Russell imbibing on any alcohol. Don't know if it's pc to say this anymore but he's a prime candidate (IMO) to go postal on them.

I hope Jeff does win the POV and boy, do I hope they do backdoor Russell!

So Lydia thinks Dan is a weinie. Bet she'd say differently if he were playing this season and he was the one being offered her "favors". Except Dan wouldn't likely want them.

sizzie said...

Oh Ronnie, you were offered your 15 minutes of fame and you tripped yourself at 30 seconds. He seems to be rehashing all the former hgs, have we seen his mandana yet? That sounded dirty, but you know what I mean. Don't you?

Thank you Jackie, for listening (to me and to 'them').

I wanted to like Lydia, I thought she would be the wise woman with the off center look. Turns out I was wrong. Once again.

Becky said...

Oh, I think you hit on Ronnie's new name. Pee Wee. I like that better than Lurksalot. I wonder which of the Turd Herd said he should do the hawk. I don't think he has enough brains to come up with any idea on his own.

My thoughts on Jordan. Jordan is from the South. She speaks with a Southern drawl, and talks slower like most of us from the South. Because we speak slower we are sometimes labeled as "dumb", and that can get to be a burr on one's behind. Let's face it..... Jordan is blond, Jordan is beautiful, Jordan speaks slower. Thus the likes of some of these hamsters would tend to think she is dumb. Which goes to show you just how dumb people can be... and I'm not talking about Jordan now.

I think Jordan is also a sensitive soul. When someone was putting one of the odd balls or whatever down she went to bed and cried. She said she didn't know why some people were so cruel.

As for her using her tears to get her way (out of being nominated for instance), better than using her body and doing HJ. That is just MHO.

BTW, we from the South tend to listen slower too. So stop jabbering 90 miles an hour and slow down.

My WV is foryor -- now that sounds like something a Southerner would say! LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

becky said: >>>"BTW, we from the South tend to listen slower too. So stop jabbering 90 miles an hour and slow down"<<<

rotflmbo -jeannemarie

PlaidChick said...

We southern folk do listen slower, but a lot of people don't think Texas is true south.

I don't think I have an accent because I've lived in the D/FW area my whole life. My friends in the NE beg to differ, and laugh at me when I say yall. I love the GA accents.

OK so back to the game. I kind of gave Russell props from taking a time out last night from all the Bully Brigade game BSing and went outside and talked with the others. Of course Natalie went on the attack. I also liked that he put Lydia in her place, she ass-uming he was talking to her and he wasn't. Then she got all scrappy and started crying those fake tears and tore off to the DR. Whatever.

If any of you have the feeds, I do love watching Casey and Jeff et all, interact, Jeff is pretty funny. I still think Casey and Jessie have a silent deal going on.

Natalie prancing around in that gawd awful green bikini yesterday to get Jessie's attention was annoying. @@

I still wish I knew what the wesael plan was, but I don't even think he knows. I cannot wait until it blows up in his face.

Anonymous said...

i also liked Lydia in the beginning, but not now. One night I was watching bb after dark and she said one of the guys made her nervous in a good way..if you know what I mean. I thought she was talking about russell but I guess she is talking about Jesse..who knows. Its gross either way

Susan said...

I liked Lydia in the beginning, then something strange happened: she went over to the dark side with the muscle-heads.

Anonymous said...

hey everyone. i just want to thank you jackie for all the posts. ive seen every season and i love how many bbfans are on here.. as far as this season im not really liking too many people. so far i think jordan is my favorite.. or casey. the rest are rather annoyin. and with the comment that dan looks different in person i do agree. he is from dearborn where i live nd so he does a lot of fundraisers around here. i have had the chance to meet and take pictures with him. and i agree, he does look different.


formerly anon said...

Just to reiterate: I really cannot stand Chima and Natalie. I mean really.

As for the Irish accents, I thought that was funny, when the four (Jeff, Casey, Russell and Jessie) were playing pool and having a good time, finally. The accents were "Pikey" -- Brad Pitt in "Snatch" -- and if you haven't seen it, you should.

Here's a youtube clip that explains/demonstrates:

Dave B.: good call on PeeWee looking like the Mac guy (John Hodgman) although it is a bit of an insult to Hodgman. He's a regular on The Daily Show, btw.

I think someone needs to capitalize on Russell's seeming issue with rage when intoxicated. You know, give him the extra beer. He could possibly be backdoored this week.

Petals said...

K - I have to stand up here. What is sooo wrong about liking healthy, muscled men? So Lydia loses points now b/c she's nice to Jessie? WTF?
We all know I go for the tall tennis-player body, not the bulk of Jessie, but geesh - to just HATE on Lydia b/c she likes to touch those muscles seems...well,
I won't say anything mean to you guys, you're really flipping to now just turn on people you once liked.
My MV is "dedlense"
It seems dedlense to me to hate on Lydia (or anyone) strictly b/c she likes touching & looking at Jessie. Dats all.

Petals said...

Formerly Anon - I agree about Snatch. I saw it before Guy became Ms. Madonna. Hard to follow the accents, but a decent flick.

Becky said...

Petals said: So Lydia loses points now b/c she's nice to Jessie? WTF?

Petals, I don't think it is because she is nice to Jessie. I think a lot of us lost respect and began to dislike her, not when she went to Jessie, but the lengths she went to WITH Jessie to get herself off the block.

I guess I am old fashioned, but when a woman sells herself for money (and doing a HJ is selling yourself) that makes you a prostitute in my books. And she did it hoping to get to the payoff at the end.

I think the BB watchers have always felt like that -- from Allison (who had a boyfriend back home) on down to Natalie when she did Mattie. Girls who sell themselves short don't get respect from those she did it with. And the guys who would use a woman like this have no respect for themselves or they would not take advantage of a situation to "get a little".
That is why I began to dislike Lydia.

I am not picking a fight or calling mean names to any of the posters either. Just giving you the reason I turned on Lydia.

My WV is wormu. I love whoever makes these up! You are too funny.

Petals said...

Becky WOW, thanks for reminding me about Allison. And let's not forget Erica - she had to sleep with Boogie (blech)! I guess Lydia is just plain ol' not as cool as we/I thought she used to be.
And... Becky, remember our correspondences? Are you following me? Are you seeing it? I'm not going there.... {{{Becky}}

PS - JaimeMae - you can still buzz me privately if you need to unload.

Petals said...

Volim strane jezike. Ja sam pristran Istočne Europe, jer su rastu najviše raskošnih ljudi tamo!

meb said...

Petals... your dialect commenter is here. LOL

I agree with Becky as to why some of us don't like Lydia. It doesn't matter to me if she likes Jessie, but she didn't like him until she was on the block, then everything changed for her and she turned on those she had made friends with just to get on Jessie's good side. If she had done it by saying to "her friends at the time" ... 'hey watch me get on Jessie's good side'... it would have been different, but she turned on those who were in the room comforting her when she was crying. That's why I no longer like her... and I wanted to.

I don't dislike Jessie ... he's just so in love with himself, I don't like his actions. Of course now that he has Lydia to enjoy, he doesn't really matter to me at all.

meb said...

Oh... I guess you noticed.

Petals said...

Past HG update:
I saw Hardy on Miami Social. They call him the "mayor" of their lil group, and everyone loves him (just like when he was in the BB house) He has a long-time girlfriend. Still adorable & apparently doing well.

Petals said...

meb - s'all good. I'm a kindler, gentler Petals. Also, it's kind of a relief for me that Jessie is not totally narcisexual. HAHAHA

How are YOU feeling, Ms MEB?

sizzie said...

I have completely lost track of time this month. What news stories do the hgs not know? Were they sequestered before Michael Jackson died? Has anyone heard any clues as to sequester where (in the US?). I heard one of the hgs (Laurie?) say that the evicted ones would be sequestered, but I don't think that is so. Ronnie reminds me of the movie Security Guards, all he needs is a ring of keys and a walkie.

Anonymous said...

Petals is my favorite.

meb said...

I'm doing great Petals... thanks for asking. Still working, still wishing I wasn't, but every time I retire I can't stand it. So, I'll keep this job for a while. Had my 3rd year anniversary Friday and someone had to tell me. I didn't even realize it. I was off for three months, but they didn't count that absence.

Aww anon... that's sweet. We like Petals too.

Anonymous said...

thanks petals, I actually tried yesterday to but for some reason my computer kicks off the internet when I click on the option to contact you..i dont know what i am doing wrong??
-Jamie Mae-

Petals said...

Meb - I thought you'd been off work for soo much longer. It must be hard after time off like that, but I am so glad you're doing better.

JaimeMae -

Petals said...

I just realized the floral avatar theme going now (haha remember the kale?)

Me, of all people, should have a flower or something, but I just can't remove my beloved Roger yet. Still basking in his Wimbledon win.

Maybe it's time..I'll find my tulip, b/c soon I hope to add a pic of Roger winning the US Open (yet again)!!

Witt said...

So Dan's a weinie, huh Lydia? Well, he's a 500-thousand-dollar-weinie-who-won-all-7-votes-in-BB-10-without-selling-his-soul-or-anything-else show some respect!
Loved Dan last year, love him still!

Witt :)

Petals said...

Did it ~ ~ ~ >

And, to use my first WV word today, I add, "this tulip sketch was my avatar REFORE I changed it to Roger." LOL, I kill me.

Petals said...

Witt - Dan the man was my fave last year, too! He was cool from start to finish.

And who said Turd Herd? Becky? That is the term of the day! Love that one!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on the feeds?

Jackie said...

The PoV comp has been going on for hours -- feeds are blocked.

meb said...

And Petals... I decided to go back to my kitty avatar cause my meb doesn't look right without it. But REFORE I get off the subject, I do love your tulip.

And yes Witt... I agree... weinie or not, Dan was second only to Dr. Will in playing this game. I sure hope someone emerges from this group to at least act like they have some semblance of real game play. Doubt it though.

meb said...

Hey Jackie... good to hear from you. Wonder what's taking so long. Must be some kind of POV comp.

Becky said...

And who said Turd Herd? Becky? That is the term of the day! Love that one!

Petals, I wish I could take credit for that one, but it was someone else yesterday. I thought the name was very fitting. Just like I think Pee Wee is fitting for Ronnie. I bet his pee is wee.

My WV is poushif All it needs is a t and it would sound Southern too!

Becky said...

Jackie said... The PoV comp has been going on for hours -- feeds are blocked.

7/18/2009 8:33 PM

Hey, Jackie. Okay, the devil is going to get me.... but..... maybe they have to draw all of tats that Lydia is sporting and can't win until someone gets all of them.

Petals said...

Becky - I'm sure you're right about lil Ronnie's wee pee (wee peewee). Oh well.. this is probably the coolest the has ever felt in his life! Let him live it up, with is Oreos & whatnot. It'll give him a nice memory when he is finally gone.

A question: I do not have feeds, so I wondered, we thought Lyd was favoring Jessie only because he was HOH; has her crush continued? Are they becoming an item, in the feeds? SHe sure doesnt seem like his type.

cha cha said...

feeds back up not sure who won.

Petals said...

and yes, meb isn't meb without that avatar.

cha cha said...

can't see POV hanging on the pics yest and didn't see it on any of the Athletes necks a few frames ago

monty924 said...

Jeff won the veto!

monty924 said...

Turd Herd confirmed in the red room.

cha cha said...

Jeff won POV according to feds

formerly anon said...

So what would happen if Jeff took Laura off? That would take massive stones, but if he did, what would likely happen?

Jackie said...

Cha Cha - he did. I put up a post a while ago.

monty924 said...


They'd vote Jeff out in a heart beat.

PlaidChick said...

ROFLMAO-- Ohhh now what are they going to do... ahahahhahaa

I love this stupid game.

Petals, yep, I lost respect for Miss Lydia when she went in for favors. She's still on him, but they're not doing anything out in the open.

Witt you rawk

PlaidChick said...

Jeff isn't going to take anyone else off except himself..


formerly anon said...

I don't know if Jeff would be voted out. It would depend on who the replacement was.

What would nimRonnie do if Jeff took Laura off?

formerly anon said...

Someone over at Joker's had a great idea, the backyard crew should start telling everyone they saw a banner in the sky saying that it was Ronnie who voted Braden out.

LOL, it's too bad that (I think) the backyard crew haven't seen enough of the show to try something like that!

PlaidChick said...

formerly anon said...
What would nimRonnie do if Jeff took Laura off?
I don't buy that he's going to BD Russell. Even so, he has the votes to stay

I think he'll put Jordan or Casey up if Jeff takes himself off or Laura... if Casey goes up, I think Jessie is going to push hard to keep him over the other two

PlaidChick said...

formerly anon said...
Someone over at Joker's had a great idea, the backyard crew should start telling everyone they saw a banner in the sky saying that it was Ronnie who voted Braden out.
But Ronnie told the Bully Brigade that he did vote Braden out, and Jessie or Russell high fived him. The only person who would pop in his pants would be Ronnie

monty924 said...

I agree. Jeff using the veto on Laura would be akin to a Marcellas. Dick used the veto on Danielle, but that is father/daughter. I don't see jeff doing that for laura.

I also don't think Ronnie will put up Russell.

formerly anon said...

Well, let me restate: if Ronnie is smart like he thinks he is, he would backdoor Russell.

I think the votes would be there. Natalie has already admitted that she's afraid of him. Russell totally alienated Lydia last night. Kevin would vote with Lydia. Chima would see an opportunity to weaken the jock group.

I think everyone but Jesse would be on board with it.

PlaidChick: yes, the banner would be so Ronnie poops his pants

Laurie said...

Hey all, Jackie has a new post that most of us have moved to. Come on over!

TerryinCA said... was thinking MALL COP....but then I like that actor.
Ronnie makes me shake my head....
Jesse wouldnt bother me if he would prove to be more than his muscles...
I love Jordan, and think she is too nice for this game.