Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening 7/25

I hope Jeff's feet don't smell.

I'm still kind of stunned that Michele won PoV. Now we'll know which of Jessie's secret alliances mean the most to him or his game -- Casey or Ronnie. Of course, he could go off the hook and figure some way to put Chima or Kevin on the block.
  • Natalie told Jessie that when Casey goes on the block against Jordan, she's going to vote with the house so people will blame the one Laura vote on Casey. Mind you, this was BEFORE the PoV comp. She assumed Michele would be saved. Interesting, eh?
  • Jessie told Jeff the plan was not for Jordan to go home.
  • Natalie was chosen to host the comp.
  • Casey
  • Kevin, Lydia, and Ronnie didn't play.
  • Jordan still thinks Ronnie will be backdoored.
  • Jeff was so sure that Ronnie is being backdoored that he told Russell and Casey that if they're offered prize bribes, he'll take one. He thinks it doesn't matter who wins because Ronnie will go on the block.
  • The PoV comp had something to do with mud and collecting numbers, the higher the better. (The actual comp was blocked to the feeds.)
  • The house won a margarita party. The Have Nots (Chima, Ronnie, and Michele cannot participate.)
  • Casey has to wear a banana suit.
  • Chima has to wear a unitard.
  • Jessie won $2,500.
  • Chima straightened her hair. I expect her to fuss a lot about a cut on her knee and not being able to go to the margarita party.
  • They have yet to give out the banana suit and red unitard.

    Update 11:25 PM ET --


unpub said...

Interesting...Jessie isn't the brightest tool in the shed if he took prize money - one more reason for people not to like him. Of course, if things keep trending his way for another week or two, there won't be anyone left to not like him.

Personally, I think Ronnie is no threat and Jessie knows it. He was too easily called out for lying (most of which were pointless lies) and he's not the "gamer" he thinks he is. While Ronnie probably deserves to be tossed out for stupidity, I don't think it helps anyone else to do so. Even if Jessie, or anyone else for that matter, can't trust Ronnie, they also (IMHO) don't have to fear him either. His (Ronnie's) credibility is shot for the duration of the game. Who, other than Jordan, would be dumb enough to trust him with an alliance.

Frankly, I think a floater eviction through the back door would best serve Jessie and his group, especially IF he could arrange an agreement with Jeff/Jordan. The floaters in this game are always dangerous because they are wild cards. If Jessie could get a temporary alliance with Jeff/Jordan and oust one of the floaters, he'd have pretty good numbers with Lydia, Natalie, Russell, Ronnie and J/J. If I were any of those 7, I'd like my chances to be the final 7 against the rest of the house. And if I'm J/J, final 7 would be ideal as a place to make a break: you'd only need another couple (Jessie/Lydia, Jessie/Natalie, maybe Russell/Ronnie) to run the house and control things down to the final 3 or 4.

Just my thoughts.

Joe in NY

P.S. My verification word was "bablin"!!!

unpub said...

P.S. I think Natalie might be my favorite. I think she is playing smart and subtle. She is aligned with the power group in the house yet also on friendly terms with the others. She doesn't appear to be dangerous, but is always talking to whomever is in power.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Natalie on her off shower days----->

Yes, Jessie will have to show his hand when Michelle takes herself off the block. I don't want Jordan to go home, but I don't want Casey to either. I need to watch him for the full seven days in the banana costume. Too funny!

TerryinCA said...

something smells about the POV doesnt it?
If Jesse doesnt backdoor someone he is really being a fool. he can get rid of ronnie or chima at least......
my wv is flaters

lynn1 said...

Joe In Ny, I agree with you that one of the floaters would be a good strategic choice for Jessie.
I would like to see either Chima or Kevin go up but I have my doubts that Jessie's thought process is going to think strategically.

PDX Granny said...

I'm always torn between wanting to get rid of those I don't like, because I don't like them. Or keeping them because they'll make for better drama later.

Chima drives me nuts and I'd love to see her go. However, it might be fun to watch her little princess act and see how it affects others ~ both the HG's and viewers. : )

Anonymous said...

LOL, good point bablin.. the ps about Natalie---Big snort. I don't think Jessie's coat tails is a good strategy (her only friend). I think he or his peeps will be up for eviction if any of these playahs can win HOH. If not, this is a replay of the nerd herd season. Big ole boring!!!

Anonymous said...

Casey is dressed as banana man and somehow Lydia (who is sitting next to him) has upstaged him with her do... There is a cartoon kid character that looks like her but I don't remember the name. Her head looks like a toy my dog likes to play with.
gotta do the wv...hortemen..Lydia is hortemen. (shrugs)

Anonymous said...

I think glasses give Russell credibility. Gonna wear them more often.. LOL

PlaidChick said...

It doesn't matter who Jessie re-noms, he has the majority of the house with him, and unless it's anyone but Casey up there next to Jordan, Jordan goes home. Unless someone on the other side can start swaying minds that Jessie had no intention of BDing Ronnie, thus they have been in cohoots err-co-rats the whole time, I don't see things changing. Go on, bitch some more about the sleeping arrangements z-z-z-z.

I like how the others are questioning if Casey is really going up, Jessie has yet to confirm this. Natalie will back him into a corner, and we shall see.

I love how everyone is doing their hair differently and Ronnie is *still* not allowed to do his mohawk.

Monty-- I saw that chop, AWESOME :)

Anonymous said...

Lydia's hair = Statue of Liberty foam visor, Jackie?

PlaidChick said...

Spiked Lydia seems to be getting lit. There is some tension going on between Jessie and Lydia, she's staring at hime while she eats. And then Natalie marches over to the table and asks Jessie "Do you think I should put my name on this plate of food? @@

joy n said...

That is one weird looking banana suit.