Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning 7/12

The screen caps included here are ones I took late last night as the hamsters are all sleeping as I get this written up. Before I get into the report itself, I'm going to drone on about other things ... kind of like Jessie. No, I take that back. Jessie drones on mostly about himself. I want to talk hamsters. I'm having trouble warming up to this group. Not only that, but this is a very confusing bunch!

The relationships
1. Jessie and Russell are Body Buddies. They have clicked in their clique. Natalie is in with him, but I can't say for sure whether she's using them and might dump 'em at the drop of a hat. She seems to realize that with them, she's part of a formidable block of power.

2. Jeff and Lydia were initially tight. Not so much now.

3. Lydia and Jordan have hit if off.

4. The majority of the house is leery of Jessie (and, thus Russell). They're friendly to him, but not going out of the way to be buddy-buddy with the Body Buddies. Nor are the fans -- Hamsterwatch noticed something I find hilarious. On the CBS website, Jessie has NO fans!

5. Other than the athlete bunch, I'm really not seeing many close bonds at all. People will like someone one day, not be speaking the next. Casey, Kevin, Jordan, Michele, Braden, Laura, and even Jeff (although he was the center of a brouhaha over both dropping in the HOH comp and throwing the POV) are almost obscured with all the attention the feeds show of Jessie.

6. I really want to see something other than The Jessie Show on the feeds. I didn't like him before, I don't like him now. And, make him put a shirt on. It's either cool in CA or this bunch actually wears clothes. I prefer he wear clothes. He looks like a toy Hulk doll. All he needs is some green paint.

Kevin isn't quite as out there on the feeds as shown in the Diary Room segments on the one episode we've seen. He's actually more quiet, a bit more thoughtful (at least from the bits I see of him). The clothes are still interesting and loud, but when he's not putting on a show for the show, it seems he's a different person.

Heh. Surfer dude Braden and Michele get all gussied up for a night of pool-playing in the backyard. Not showing in this screen cap are her stiletto heels.

Here's what went down in that Little Hamster House of Horrors during the late night hours before they headed to bed:
  • Jeff wants to throw the HOH comp so that a member of the athlete clique can be put on the block.
  • Ronnie is upset that he told Lydia that he didn't trust Russell and she ran to tell Russell.
  • Jordan is also worried that Lydia has crossed to the Dark Side (trusting Jessie and Russell).
  • Jeff thinks that Lydia has become a sell-out buddying up with the Body Buddies.
  • Braden says he's not gay. Um. Okay. Whatever. I don't care. Now, if he claimed he was intelligent, I'd have to argue about that. Pretty is fleeting while dumb is forever.
  • Russell and Jessie still plan to backdoor Braden at this time.
  • Russell thinks that Chima wants all the guys out. He doesn't trust her.
  • Ronnie may or may not be playing Russell big time. He told Russell that he's a debate champ and can read people. He also told Russell that Braden thinks he's safe this week.
  • I forgot to mention this before and just thought of it. Ronnie says he's a ballet dancer. It doesn't fit in right here, but I wanted to mention it.
  • The Body Buddies now don't trust Laura. They think she's confiding in Casey since being a bit alienated from them.
  • Casey goes to bed earlier than the rest and really doesn't stand out as much as I thought he would.
  • Jessie told Chima she needn't worry about going home this week (although that WAS the original plan with the nominations!).
  • Lydia thinks that Chima told her rape story for sympathy.
  • Lydia told Jordan that Russell will use the veto to save Chima. Now, she knows that's not the plan. Russell should be saving her (Lydia) with the veto and Jessie will put Braden on the block for the backdoor.
  • Russell told Casey he's taking Lydia off the block.
  • Casey told Chima he needs a guarantee of four weeks safety to get his vote (or actually, non-vote).
  • Jessie says that Jeff hasn't spoken to him for more than five minutes in the house. Of course, like last season, that's DISRESPECTFUL!
  • Ronnie told Chima he trusts her more than anyone. I think Ronnie is playing everyone, but he hasn't quite perfected it.
  • Natalie says she doesn't really talk to anyone but Jessie. Yes, she does talk with others, but it is superficial. I saw her tell the others that she will vote with the house vote no matter what her particular clique says. She said she doesn't want to be a target for the way she votes.
  • Jessie and crew tried to turn Jordan against Jeff.
  • Chima told Ronnie and Natalie about the four-week safety deal from Casey.
  • Jeff confronted the bunch talking smack about him -- he says he didn't realize Lydia was going on the block, Lydia thinks that he told her not to talk to them, Jessie thinks he's not a part of the group ... and so on.
  • No violence, no particular resolution either.
  • Apparently Natalie and Lydia made peace, though. Natalie kept fearing that Lydia was going to come after and now she doesn't. Okay.
  • Michele apologized to Casey for talking about him. She said that she thought he was like the detective of the house and it was bugging her.
  • Jeff thinks his team can't be repaired. He's right. I blame Jessie. If it were just Russell, Jeff, and Natalie we'd be getting an entirely different vibe.


RBennie said...

Thanks for the update Jackie. It seems like the drama is starting early with this bunch. At this point I am totally confused as to who might be going home. I hope it's not Lydia (she's my pool pick). Are they disrespecting Jesse already? We all know how he feels about that, LOL.

RBennie said...

Oh I almost forgot - whoo hoo - I was first. My WV is basteds - I wonder who they mean

Jackie said...

If the current plan is followed -- Russell uses the veto to save Lydia and Braden goes on the block, it should be Braden going home. However, the POV Meeting isn't until tonight. So things might change.

cha cha said...

Who's to say that Lydia, Kevin, Jeff, Michelle, Casey and Jordon don't still vote to evict Chima after Lydia is taken down and Braden is up. I think that Jesse is just still being a roid head like last year.

I would love to see that happen. That would be like when Michelle(10) went nuts after Jesse was evicted.

Anonymous said...

thats not Laura in the dress its Michelle. I think she is trying to fit in better

Jayne said...

The return of Jesse has ruined this BB season for me. I might just read Jackie's blogs and all the comments until he is evicted before I tune into the show.

PlaidChick said...

I really don't like the first week. I feel like we're missing lots of pieces, and we won't be caught up until Thursday.

The Jessie show is a joke. BB knows we all can't stand him, so let's continue to show him! I've already seen him, I already know his game, don't care, would like to see more of the new hamsters.

I'm still waiting for Jessie to explode and it will when his clique and/or the house doesn't do what he says.

What I would love is for someone's other clique to win next week, and have them go after the Body Buddies/Natalie. Yes that's right, I just threw her under the bus. I was ready to jump floats when she became BFF with Jessie.

Petals said...

Sorry Jackie, I think I remember not hating Jessie last year. And I don't hate him again this season. I did get him in the pool, but I'd NOT hate him anyway. Yeah, he's a muscle-head, but he has a good heart.

Laurie said...

Is tonight's show a live show or is it Thursday when they are live? It's very hot in SoCal this weekend so we should get lots of poolside shots.

Jackie, your updates are wonderful, as always. I still can't picture all the players but some stand out due to their peculiarities, like Lydia the Tattooed Lady and Russel the Muscle and Chima the TV person, and of course, Jessie who has all his muscle and no brain. Maybe the rest will fall into place when I see the show tonight.

I'm off to meet up with TerryInCA and PDXGranny for lunch today. I do love when folks come into town! Ha! My wv is supper ... isn't that lunch in some parts of the country?

Jackie said...

Laurie - Thursday is the live show. Enjoy your lunch and eat some dessert for me!

Petals - I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on Jessie. I never said you hated him. I said *I* don't like him. I don't think "hate" would be the word for it, but I'd prefer he just go away! But your mileage may vary.

joy n said...

I can't stand the pinhead! Counting the nano-seconds until he's outta there.

Remember when he was HOH on his season and all his pix in the HOH room were of himself? And he couldn't walk past a mirror without looking at himself endlessly? Has anyone seen the HOH room with Jesse inside it? Any mirror googling going on?

joy n said...
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Petals said...

Thanks Ms J. I hate agreeing to disagree with you, but I have to defend my lil brawny man.
Plus, there are so many more hateable houseguests, like the gay porno surfer or the lying Latino streetfighter girl.
I like Jeff. And Casey, who seems to be flying waaaayy under the radar so far.
I will be watching season one, too! It'll be so fun to see Chicken George, loveable Eddie and the rest.

Laurie said...

Thanks Jackie. I am on the "get Jessie out of there quickly" team. Actually, getting all the jocks out of there would please me!

Lars Eller said...

Yeah, he's a muscle-head, but he has a good heart.

Your right about Jesse having a good heart,
I recall last years winner making up a heart-felt story so that he could get a hug from Jesse.
Most guys hide their emotions to other guys if they're self-centered.